The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 15

Well if you liked last episode I get to tell you ALL about their classes and stuff. I am going into high school for the new school year and I kinda want to chat all about my class and what not so look out for some extensive explanation of what their doing! As always ladies and gentlemen, enjoy!

"Yuuta, I completely forgot to ask you!" Rikka poked her head out of their bedroom.

"What?" He had noodles in his mouth so it was muffled.

"What classes are taking? I was interesting earlier but I forgot about it until now." She scooched up to the table.

"Oh, uhm well I signed up for computer engineering. It's really interesting since I can work with computers all day plus there are lots of jobs for the degree open these days so I thought why not, right?" He pointed over to the box labeled Computer and Electronics.

"Hmm, I never knew you were so interested in human witchcraft like that…" She stared at him with her one uncovered eye.

"Yeah well I guess I do. Wait what did you sign up for? I don't think I helped you with it because you said you could do it on your own." He raised an eyebrow surprisingly very curious.

"Ah! Yes I have given devotion to the life of dark arts! Showing how powerful I am to the world once and for all!" She stood up just to add drama and sat back down.

"Alright… I can usually decode that but I'm not to sure. Can you please try to tell me what you clicked on?" He sighed a bit.

"The degree is for Liberal Arts, also known as drawing and general artistry." She smiled at that, she was good at drawing and art so he didn't see it as an issue.

"Well I guess you are good at art… Though please don't submit pieces of me as Dark Flame Master ok?" He nuzzled her head a bit.

"But Dark Flame Master is so cool! The world should know about your pow-" She got cut short with a smack on the head.

"No, if you want to paint me or something fine but do not drag my past into this. It didn't die in High School like I wanted it to and now that we're both young adults it has to." He rubbed her hair again, "Ok?"

She nodded, "Oh, what's for dinner?" her stomach growled a bit.

"Ah yes dinner… seeing that we haven't gone shopping yet and the school's cafeteria isn't open until tomorrow I don't know really. Want to look around for a restaurant and grab Deko and Nibutani on our way?" He sat back on his arms.

"Sure!" She hopped up and got her shoes on. Still having childish wheels in them even though he bought her new ones that looked more mature.

They walked about seven blocks to get to the dorms on the edge of campus. Their dorm is actually co-ed so as long as you had a valid school ID then you could get into the dorm. It was risky but they had separate showers that people respected pretty well. Not that it would affect the two girls...

After walking the long dorm corridors looking for their number they sent through text. "I only got one number, I guess when we pick up one they will take us to the other?" Yuuta read the numbers.

Eventually Rikka pointed out the door, "Oh there it is, room 204!" Going up to the door she knocked lightly, "Morisummer are you in there?" She waited for a second.

The door swung open, "Do not call me that!" She had a slightly embarrassed face and her lips looked like they had fangs.

"Uhm interesting look for your lips…" He snickered a bit.

"Huh?" She looked in the mirror to see the lipstick Deko was wearing made a weird mark on hers. "Ah, dang Deko you got lipstick on me!" She yelled to the other side of the room.

The dorm room had the door in the bottom left corner, closets on the left wall, and in the middle right were two desks back to back that reached to the ceiling with cabinets.

"Wait, no way. Deko is your roommate!?" Yuuta was shocked but at the same time laughed for some reason.

"What's so funny about that!? It just happened that way because I didn't choose, I wanted to be surprised!" She huffed and crossed her arms.

"The magical energy in this room is strong, you two must have countless barriers in here…" Rikka walked in looking around the room.

The room was pretty modern and not large but it held both of them pretty well. They actually decided to use Nibutani's side as more space to do stuff and sleep in the same bed on the other side of the room.

"So you guys ready to go and eat?" Yuuta was still standing in the doorway.

"Oh, yeah sure come on everyone out of the room." Nibutani started to shoo the two Chuni girls.

They walked off campus to see all the nearby restaurants. There was Sushi bars, Thai food, Korean Barbeque, even American Fast Food. They eventually found a restaurant that served European food.

"Welcome to Iwan's." The man behind the front desk said as we entered.

"Hi, I would like a table for four please." Yuuta said.

"Right away sir, if you please just follow me." The man had a slight accent that Yuuta didn't know, possibly European itself.

When the waiter showed them their table and gave them menus they all sat down. The food was very odd, the names weren't in Japanese so they had to read the descriptions to figure out what they were.

"Perogies, Holoptsi, and… something called Bor-sh-ch?" She looked at the menu slightly confused.

Eventually the waiter came over to their table to get their orders. Yuuta decided to eat the Crab filled perogies, while Nibutani decided to have Veal raviolis with a vodka sauce on top. Lastly Deko and Rikka decided to split a large place of Holoptsi.

The food was excellent and they didn't know that European food tasted so good. It was slightly stuffing but nothing that would make them feel horrible. They took a walk around downtown Tokyo for a bit.

All the small shops and other places around made it feel so magical and amazing. Sure their town wasn't small but it wasn't as big as Tokyo was that's for sure.

Shops with dresses, food, knicknacks, and about every single thing you can THINK of was there. Eventually they even found the beginning of the night market, and infamous place surprisingly close to center city that sold cheap, pirated, and counterfeit goods. They didn't go in but if they need something for some reason they know where to find it now.

After a while Rikka and Yuuta split from the other two to go home. Not exactly sure where they were they wandered a bit in the direction some locals told them to go.

About 10 blocks later they ran into an issue, to get home the locals said to go that way and they found that to be true but if they were to go that way there had to pass through… the red light district of Tokyo.

They didn't think they were that close but they were in fact. On the left and right were sex hotels with flashy signs saying their cheap rooms and new *ahem* equipment available.

"Look at that place, they say they sell stuff for dark deeds! That must mean black magic." Rikka pointed at an adult toy store.

"Uhm… Rikka that isn't a black magic store… well, wait no just please don't go near there." He sighed a bit as he guided her through the streets. Men slightly drunk going into bars and clubs, some scantily clad women on the corners of the streets.

Eventually Yuuta felt something wet hit his face. He looked up and was hit again in the face with… rain. It started to pour shortly after those few drops. Yuuta and Rikka ran under a nearby canopy.

"Ah, this wasn't in the forecast for today!" He looked around at everyone scattering to get under cover.

"If we can't make it home why not stay in a hotel?" Rikka said looking at the building they were standing at.

"Huh, what no! We can't stay in a place like this!" He looked at it, it was actually really nice for what it was. There was a display screen on the glass showing the review section of the hotel and they actually tended to get 4 to 5 stars.

He sighed, like really loud and that's not doing justice for it really. "Alright you know what, Rikka please just stay quiet and stay behind me." He opened the door to the hotel.

The lobby was actually pretty nice as well, some might say a 5-star lobby. There was a young woman behind the desk in a blouse and black skirt.

"Welcome to the Black Cat Hotel, how may I help you two." She smiled a bit and it was very warming.

"Oh, uhm… I would like to book a room just for tonight." He scratched the back of his neck.

"Alright, so is this your first time coming to a 'hotel'?" She used her fingers to quote the world hotel.

"Huh? Oh… yeah but we are only here to get out of the rain for the night. She blushed a bit.

"That's fine, but don't worry this is really closer to a real hotel than most of the stuff in the district. And sorry for assuming you were a couple." She laughed a bit and handed them their key.

"Wha- Oh well I mean we are a couple but, we just didn't expect to be here that's all." He said quietly.

"Oh, well sorry about that as well then. If you need anything I'll be here. Enjoy your stay lovebirds." She smiled as they walked to find their room upstairs.

They were on the top 3rd floor. And actually the woman was right, the room was closer to a nice hotel room than a real sex hotel. He sighed a bit since the worst it got was a small contraceptive dispenser on the wall.

"Come on Rikka let's go to bed, we have to unpack stuff tomorrow and we have orientation." He looked behind her and saw her at the door still with a bit of blush.

"Yuuta… you know where we are right?" She looked at him in the eyes.

Hahaha classic cliffhanger, It's really late right now so didn't want to finish the chapter with half assed writing. Next week we will continue this 2 part chapter and get back to their new college life. But what is going to happen in this love hotel?

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