The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 16

Hello hello everyone and welcome to chapter 16! So this is a day early… I know shocker but I wanted to write so here I am and if I wasn't writing this then I would be starting a novel and that would disrupt this so thank you for reading and as always, enjoy!


Guest - I don't think there was a dishonored reference, at least not intentionally. The night market is actually a famous market in Shanghai that sells illegal goods but cops don't bust it. The Red Light District actually exists in multiple cities and countries not only in Dishonored. It's been awhile since I played it so I don't remember the whole story line, sorry!

"Yuuta… you know where we are right?" Rikka looked at him in the eyes.

"Uhm yes, a hotel so we don't get soaked in the rain." He tried to play it off but wasn't sure.

"Yeah, but it's also a love hotel… I don't know much about relations of the skin but I think I know enough." She started to blush a bit.

Yuuta cupped her face in his hand. "Hey, don't worry about it. I won't do anything you don't want me to and that means we I don't have any expectations." He smiled and kissed her slightly.

She blushed at first then smiled and hugged him. They were really close to the bed and he stumbled a bit back falling onto the bed where she layed on top of him.

Looking at the samll girl laying face first on his chest he laughed a bit, she looked up a bit dazed and pouted. "What's so funny? I just wanted to show my love to you…" She kept pouting.

He smiled, "Nothing is wrong you're just so cute I can't help but laugh or I'll explode." He picked her up slightly and shifted the two of them to lay on the bed properly.

She put her arms around his neck, "Is this okay?" She blushed a bit but he nodded. She leaned in to kiss him and he put his arms around her waist. She was a bit scared but got used to it.

"I love you Rikka, but if you let me go too far I won't know when to stop." He said it lovingly yet seriously.

"You can do anything as long as I don't stop you. Just don't do anything weird Dark Flame Master." She smiled a bit and brought her soft lips to his.

They held their kiss for as long as they could before needing breath and even when they got breath they would go back to kissing. It was warm outside even with the rain and it sounded amazing.

Soothing hits of rain hitting the nearby roofs, and their small porch glass door. The lights were off but there was just enough light from outside for them to see each other.

Yuuta pulled her closer to him and pulled her for a deeper kiss. She started to moan slightly as they could feel each others tongues.

Rikka pulled away for a breath, "Yuuta… are you wearing loose garments?" She asked in between breaths.

"Uhm… I suppose so." He was a bit afraid of why she asked.

Rikka learned back in and began to kiss his neck while reaching down and pulling his shirt off. Looking at his bare chest she blushed a bit. "Do you uhm… mind?" She was a bit hesitant not really knowing what to do.

Yuuta began to unbutton her short sleeved blouse. "You can do anything you want unless I say stop," He smiled a slightly devilishly smile.

She removed her shirt to show her bra being a red base and white lace. She really WILL put lace on anything. But he didn't really care about that, his girlfriend was on top of him with her shirt off.

Yuuta flipped both of them over so he was on top. Slowly kissing from her lips down her neck to her breasts and her stomach shots of euphoria went through her body.

She let out a slight moan to which he smiled a bit and continued. Eventually he was down to his boxers. He slowly removed her skirt. He looked up at her, she was steaming and waiting for his next move is bliss. "You sure you want to do this?" He looked up at her.

"Yes, if it's with you dark flame master then I will be okay. Please don't stop." She let out another moan as he removed her whole skirt. Showing her slightly plump and milky legs.

He began to massage her legs and tease around her underwear as she moaned more.

Suddenly and surprisingly Rikka flipped over him so he was laying down and she was straddling him. Slightly blushing he just gulped while looking at her.

She still had her eyepatch on but was down to her underwear and bra. Red base with a white lace and showing all of her curves. He loved her so much and never wanted anyone else to see her like this.

"Dark Flame Master, I want to make a stronger pact that will make us stay together forever. Are you ready?" She blushed at saying that.

"Yes, for if I can't be with you I will be with no one." We said while bringing his hands up her silk smooth back.

They made their pact stronger that night. Becoming one and for the first time. They fell asleep in eachothers arms that night, knowing that they would never leave each other no matter issue.

"Deko come to bed already." Nibutani was in her sleepwear waiting for Deko to get in bed.

Deko was always up late writing papers or doing homework and Nibutani was always a bit annoyed by it.

"You're supposed to be a genius and you aren't smart enough to get enough sleep..." She grabbed the rolly chair and turned Deko around.

Straddling the blonde girl in the chair she closed the laptop and when getting off hooked her arms under Dekos.

Lifting her into bed Deko laughed and sighed. "Alright alright I get it, I'll go to bed." She laid down with Nibutani and kissed her goodnight.

They slept soundly waiting for what college would bring them. Knowing stress, pain, love, and fun would come they waited together to face those challenges together.

Yuuta woke up in their bed. But the bed didn't feel the same, he opened his eyes. Looking around the room he realized they were still in the hotel… and that Rikka was laying naked next to him.

Not wanting to catch a cold he got back under the blankets with her. He kissed her on the forehead. Her eyes blinked slightly, seeing him she smiled then remembered the night before and blushed.

Rikka sat up covering her chest with the blanket, Yuuta got up and put on some underwear. Picking up Rikka's underwear and bra in the process handing them to her.

"Oh… uhm thank you." She said shyly while putting them on still under the blanket. After that she crawled across the bed kissed Yuuta on the cheek and got her stuff from the floor as well.

After they were completely dressed they headed down to the lobby, the young girl who was there last night was still there behind the desk.

Their hair was slightly disheveled, "I hope you two enjoyed you stay." She said while winking at them. They both blushed a bit, "Haha, yeah I guess we did. Thank you for the service." He scratched the back of his neck.

"Oh, no problem at all. Come back anytime." She waved at them as they exited the building. Smiling to herself, "Another happy customer another good day of business." She hummed while going upstairs to take care of their room.

Yuuta and Rikka eventually found their way home and went to open their door to find a note from Bain on it.

Dear Mr. Togashi, and Miss. Takanashi,

I heard you were in the red light district last night. Did you get lost or did you enjoy yourselves? Well I hope you had fun either way, oh and a friend might stop by later so don't be alarmed if you see a few guys in masks. (But don't worry even they don't get to see my face, so don't feel left out.)


Landlord Bain

P.S. Will I be hosting a Mr. and Mrs. Togashi soon?

Yuuta blushed a bit and passed the note to Rikka. She was a bit confused but still got some of it. Once they got in Yuuta wrote him a note sticking it on his door. About a minute later he heard the door open to take the note.

After Rikka went shopping for food and getting the exact stuff they needed instead of buying all her junk (save the new hair ribbon) they made dinner.

Just as Yuuta put the fresh plates of food on their table they heard the screech of a van outside. Looking out on the balcony they could see four men getting out the back and loading bags into the back of the van. All of them were wearing clown masks.

The only one that was black saw them and put a finger up to his mouth to which Yuuta just closed the door and went to sit back down with Rikka.

"What's going on outside?" She asked pretty curious.

"Oh nothing, just a moving company grabbing some stuff from downstairs." He sighed internally knowing that those bags were probably illegal but he didn't want to risk getting killed so her finished his dinner.

While Rikka washed the dishes he wrote Bain a letter.

Dear Bain,

Thank you for warning me about the van coming by later. I don't want any harm to come to me or Rikka so I think I won't say anything about this… event. None the less I thank you for your housing and hope we can live here for a while.


Settling down for the night and putting the note on the door he brushed his teeth and crawled into bed with Rikka. Snuggling into her wrapping his arms around her waist she made a happy noise and they fell asleep for yet another night.

Alright well that was actually really fun to write but… what do you think about them having sex? I mean I like the progression and the fact they were forced into the hotel yet they chose to do it instead of someone telling them. I still have to think about how and who he will tell also the first day of class starts soon and I'm kinda excited about that since Yuuta is an engineer and Rikka is doing arts. Two of my choices for college in only 4 years away (But I want to do Nuclear Engineering not Computer - At least not now that is)

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