The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 17

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I'm back! Alright so since they uhm… did stuff and the van and people I know what to write and where to go off of! I hope you enjoy!

"First day of school is today…" Nibutani woke up and stretched while walking to breakfast with a tired Deko holding her hand.

There was a PA system in the dorms, with a crackle everyone could hear the main Administration.

"Welcome and good morning everyone! This is your President Makoto Gonokami here today. Being the first day of school please attend your respective orientations! President Gonokami signing out, my assistant is a 30 year old virgin, and two of my students just had sex last night in the red light district." Another crackle signaled he was done.

"Well he seems like a nice guy." Deko tried not to remember that last sentence he said.

Eventually they got to the breakfast hall to find it was decently filled. In one corner they saw an oddly familiar girl who instead of having one pigtail has all her hair tied behind her head for a more mature look.

"Well I see you two beat us here… and you live off campus." She sat down with her tray of eggs, italian noodles, french toast, and syrup.

"I see you like American breakfast foods." Yuuta said with the tiredness of his voice still showing.

"How did you two get here before us though?" Deko was chewing on a sausage.

"Huh? Oh well we get the times mixed up and came here early. But we just grabbed drinks until the food was done." Yuuta gnawed on a pancake.

"The tea here is amazing, MP and HP at max levels for the day right now!" Rikka motioned towards her empty tea cup.

"Ahh, you can never give up Chuuni can you?" He rubbed Rikka's hair a little bit.

"Why would I? Wicked Lord Shingan and I are one." She lifted her eyepatch to show her coloured contact.

"Yes yes, alright well let's get to class. I'll see you all later, I have class in the engineering building which is… a far way away. Gotta run!" Yuuta ran out the doors of the cafeteria to get to his class.

The reason the engineering building is so far away is because they have a Nuclear reactor on campus and while it's safe they don't want it close to the rest of the school buildings.

Rikka's class is close to the main building so she could leave later and still get to her class in time. Her building was a modern free standing structure on top of a hill on campus. With a large garden the arts teachers care for it's a great place to be.

Deko has class in the basement actually since she is taking a Physics class they need bigger rooms sometimes and lecture halls that aren't around the rest of the campus so they put them underground.

Nibutani is pursuing to be a Medical Doctor because always found herself taking care of Deko when she was sad, injured or sick. She found she also had a knack for taking care of people and wanted to do it even more.

The nursing building was actually the upper levels of the Universities hospital and served as an invaluable resource for the school. The whole school actually has a subterranean transit system for students going across campus. Nibutani just has to walk underneath the campus and get into an elevator underneath the hospital and ride all the way up to her classroom.

Classes started early but they had long breaks between them so it wasn't that tiring.

Yuuta plopped down in a seat at the back of the room hoping to not call much attention to himself.

The Computer Engineering was an interesting course teaching you how to code and other useful job related courses. Yuuta always liked playing video games wanted to create them now.

The Professor of the class stood at his podium. "Alright welcome class. Today is your first day of school, for some of you it's your first day of college, and others this may be a day like any other and not be special at all. But without further ado let me explain this course." He cleared his throat to start the lecture.

"As all of us know this course is all about computer programming and engineering. Though what some of you may not know is that this is also a course about creativity." He got some weird looks from the people around the classroom.

"Yes, creativity is the bloodline of humanity. Someone out there had to be creative enough to create the computer so now we have because of that creative person." He took a deep breath.

"At Tokyo University we will not only test your ability to code programs and solve technical solutions but also as an end of the year test you will create a video game that will be tested by the whole of campus and choose a winner." A few people looked a bit shocked but Yuuta was enthralled with this, he knew he could use these skills to create a game but didn't know it was a project!

"So I hope to get to know all of you soon and hopefully you payed attention to your supplies list and bought a computer to handle the games you're going to be creating. Thank you for enrolling at Tokyo University Main Campus and let's play with computers!" He did a light stage bow.

The whole class slowly started to clap at this, they all wondered why a laptop with that much beef to it was needed for this class. Yuuta actually already owned a laptop that was better than that so he didn't need to spend more money to get the required one.

'I need to create a video game… that can be fun, wonder what I should do.' The orientation from here was just getting to know your classmates.

"Hey, you seem to be all alone, what's your deal?" A girl with grey medium length hair came over to him. She was wearing a plaid shirt with a plain undershirt and a long multi coloured skirt. Her face was accented by completely rimless glasses and a pair of wireless headphones around her neck, her eyes looked to be red… 'Is she wearing contact?' They were a crimson color.

"Huh? Oh uhm well I was just thinking that was all." He wasn't really sure how to answer the sudden question.

"Thinking about what your game is going to be about? I kinda already have an idea." She smiled at him. She looked a bit shy but didn't want to be left out so went to find someone who also looked shy.

"Hmm oh yeah I guess, haha. By the way I'm Togashi Yuuta, nice to meet you… uhm?" He left the end asking her name.

"Ah yes sorry, my name is Suntara Kaori." She bowed slightly.

"Oh no it's fine…" There was an awkward silence between them before he spoke. "So I guess you like music?" Looking at her headphones.

"Huh?" She remembered she was wearing them, "Oh! Haha… yeah I do I make my own music sometimes so it's fun, also I do my own art. I've tried to make animation but I can't do that…" She looked down a bit.

"Oh that's cool, mind if I hear some of your music sometime?" He was actually kind of interested in hearing her music.

"Really? I mean it's not that good but… I guess if you want to." She smiled and gave off a brilliant glow to her.

He felt his soul lifted so much when seeing that smile. Smiling back they chatted more about what they were here for and where their from.

Earlier that day

Nibutani was riding the elevator up 20 floors to the classroom levels of the hospital from the underground network the school got permission to build since it was safer at night and you need student ID to access it.

Eventually the elevator slid to a stop, the doors slid open to reveal the floor. It was clean but not sterile white like other parts of hospitals.

She walked to the room at the end, it was at the end because when she opened the door she had to check to see if this was the hospital or not.

The room was a decent size but actually took up more than one floor. There were 3 splits in the floor going lower and lower till it reached a platform with skeletons and tables and whatnot for class.

From the top split across over top of the teacher was a small loft that held bookshelves, it seemed the Professor got permission to have a personal medical library of past cases and other books useful for projects and studying.

All the seats weren't seats and were really cushy pads instead with desks that moved on a socket joint. She took a seat next to the large floor to ceiling windows. (3 story windows) She waited a few minutes till orientation started.

"Alright class, I'm going to guess everyone is here?" The Doctor was an older man but had lots of enthusiasm and looked fun.

"Cool, well you all signed up for this class so you should know what this is. Unless your parents signed you up…" He looked around the class expecting someone to make a face.

"Well well good job seems none of you did that. So I guess I can start instead of poking fun at you." He laughed a bit and some people gave off a nervous laugh.

"This is the nursing course that main campus of Tokyo University offers, it is a fun course, a hard course, but in the end REALLY EXPENSIVE, oh and rewarding did I mention that?" He got some laughs out of that one.

"Well it seems some of you have a working humor. Others are here because you want to be the next serial killer doctor? Yes, no, maybe so. Doesn't really make a difference to me, just try not to harm me in the process. Good?" That one got some more laughs.

"Alright well this year is actually special in this course not only will you spend the next four years learning all about humans, how they work, how to cure them, and other medical related topics but you will also get to do something new." He ran behind his white board wall to pull out a cart of some sort.

"The Biomechanical Engineering department across campus has given us a new toy to play with!" The cart he rolled out looked right off the set of the next blockbuster sci-fi movie or a video game.

"This… is the next step in Biomechanical health giving the Western world's Million Dollar Man a run for their money. This is truly the next step in medical sciences. So this is what we will focus around this year and the years following. I thank you all for attending this course and I hope to know you all better." He smiled a round of applause sounded in the modern classroom.

Nibutani stretched her legs and looked around. A whole new place for whole new learning, wonder what life will throw at me now.

And cut! This is actually really fun to write and I hope you enjoy it as well. In the beginning of next chapter she will meet a classmate then I still have Deko and Rikka to do so I hope you all enjoyed and I have lots of other needs to do. See you again next week, please Review, and as always, enjoy!

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