The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 18

More class explanations! Sorry if it's a bit boring but I'm having fun with it so have fun with me! Thanks for reading and as always, enjoy!

Response | Guest - Not gonna lie the girl I described is more of my dream girl who loves music, video games, art, and is kind of shy… I don't think she'll flirt with him but who knows who might.

Deko walked casually down the basement stairs to find her classroom. Upon reaching what seemed to be her classroom she opened the door. A gush of warm air hit her face, confused she blinked.

The room was small, not small like a broom closet but about the size two dorm rooms maybe a bit less. It was FILLED with plants and water tubes running all over the already small classroom. Being even more confused the desks were hand carved and made of wood with no desk space but there was a white board on a swing arm that was a decent size.

"Ah there is our final student! I am so glad to have you attend here!" The teacher was a middle aged woman who looked like an American hippy.

"Huh? There's only 5 people and including me makes 6… am I really the last person in the class?" She looked at her other classmates just settling down from talking and looked over at her. They all looked at her with a slight smile or something welcoming.

"Ah well while we may be small but we never waste time!" She gave a wink and motioned her to sit down. Upon sitting down Deko found the seats to be very comfortable, 'what kind of wood are these made of?' She made a face of delight.

"Ah yes, I see you found out the seats are comfy? Yeah using a new material we spliced cushy fabrics with wood and made these chairs, look cool and feel good." The guy sitting next to her said.

Everyone looked older than here, they probably were saying she is technically the same as a college 3rd year…

The teacher cleared her throat, "Welcome everyone to Physics 307!" She smiled at all of them. "This is a four year course that is also one of the longest courses on the campus but also the most rewarding. We are a small class of 2nd years but this year I am glad to introduce Ms. Sanae Dekomori. She is a early acceptance student by one year and was permitted by state to leave high school early and attend college!" She was filled with joy.

The sky was a dark purple, an empty field flat as paper covered the land until the curve of the Earth and more. A dark cloud was coming over top of two people on this large field, yet it wasn't a cloud it was a giant crystalline structure.

"Do you think you defeat me with powers that weak?" One of the figures said, holding what looked like to be a long staff.

"Don't underestimate me, for I will claim him to be mine and you can do nothing about it." The other figure held what seemed to be a wand.

"I will never let you have him, if you do I will be dead by then. Do you accept?" The crystalline structure moved away from them, slowly the two figures faces revealed themselves.

One of the girls was holding a purple and pink umbrella that morphed into a long black curved staff. She also had an eyepatch on. She wore what seemed to be a school uniform and one arm was wrapped with a cloth.

The other girl had a long waving scarf that covered most of her neck and wielded what seemed to be a magical girl wand. A marking of a heart on her face slightly glowed a crimson red.

"Let us to battle then, for I will destroy you and your pact with Dark Flame Master and claim the pact for myself! For I am Sophia Ring SP Saturn VII and your greatest rival." She began to charge at the other girl across the endless plain firing large blue bolts of electricity.

The other girl raised her twisted staff to block the incoming bolt. "I am the all powerful Wicked Lord Shingan and I hold the ultimate pact with the Dark Flame Master that even includes contact of the flesh." She blushed a bit, "But you can never destroy that no matter how hard you try, you can never break it." She ripped off her arm band and a summoning star glew as bright as a star.

Next she reached to her face and began to chant, "Reality be rent, Synapse break, Banishment this world!" Taking off her eyepatch a glowing yellow eye revealed itself, her other eye blue making a great difference.

They lunged at each other with high speed and created a huge explosion on impact.

Rikka woke up in a cold sweat, breathing in slowly. She looked around and found out she fell asleep in her art classroom. Remembering when she got there she found out that the class had been moved to an hour later. Sitting there waiting for class to begin she thinks about her dream she just had.

The classroom was very artsy. It was actually mostly wooden and had small warm light lanterns hanging around with the windows actually being paper. There were also bushes that lined each window bottom to give a natural feel to it.

Each student space had an easel and a tray to keep various things on, it also had a spot to keep your laptop, sketchbooks, etc.

Rikka left the classroom for a minute to take a quick walk around the arts and music section of the campus. After a short walk she went back to the classroom.

Upon entering she saw the teacher showed up and was setting up some stuff for the class orientation. She looked up at Rikka, "Oh! You're the first person here for class, who might you be?" She was an older woman with medium-short pepper hair and was pretty thin, she was of Italian-Japanese descent.

"Ah, uhm yes I'm Rikka Takanashi, Freshman class." She was a bit shy but still managed to get out the words.

"Well very nice to meet you, uhm ?" She looked at her with an inquisitive look.

"Oh yes, that's fine." She smiled and was a bit surprised she didn't bring up her eyepatch.

"Before class begins would you mind helping me pass out these papers? Their the required items list that I didn't want to hand out until today just in case of questions or I need to explain something." She smiled a bit holding up the small pile.

"Oh, yes of course please let me help you." She walked across the classroom to take the papers from her. While passing them out they had a conversation.

"So I see you are infected with what they call, Chuunibyou?" The teacher said pointing to her own eye.

"Huh!? Oh… yes the all powerful Wicked Lord Shingan manifests within me and grants me great power. I use dark magic to fuel my endeavors in life as I live on this mortal plane alongside Dark Flame Master of whom I share an Ultimate lover's pact with…" She felt a bit embarrassed but lived this way so she shouldn't be.

"I used to have your same issue, ah yes it lasted until I graduated high school. But an ultimate lover's pact you say? That's pretty saucy even if your a college student now… Might I ask when you elevated your pact strength?" The teacher blushed a bit on her own but kept placing papers on the few desks there were.

"Really? I don't think I'll ever be able to leave Wicked Lord Shingan with the great powers he has given me. But uhm to answer your other question… it was two nights ago when we were trapped in the rain on the streets and went to… AAAH!" She was a bit to open about it and realized it hiding in between the desks.

"Oh don't worry, if you don't want to tell you don't have to! I'm just an ex-chuuni interested in what my old culture is up to these days. The Japanese youth get crazier everyday. But I trust your boyfriend treats you well?" She sat back down at her desk.

"Oh very much, he is really Dark Flame Master but his mortal name is Yuuta Togashi. We made our pact during our 2nd year of high school. We have been through so much together we may never break our pact and hopefully strengthen it again one day." She blushed some more and sat down in her desk.

"Well I won't ask anymore question for fear of breaking you and fear of bringing out my past Chuunibyou so please take a seat. The other students should be here soon! Oh and I like your hair, the hair is still flowing yet you clipped a section to give it depth. Your boyfriend is very lucky to have a beautiful girlfriend such as you." She smiled again as Rikka took a seat.

As they waited in silence more and more students came in to the classroom. A mix of ages and races and cultures.

After a bit all of the (few) 15 seats filled up and the teacher stood up again from her desk in the far left.

"Well thank you all for being here, this is the Modern Art and Design course we offer here at Tokyo University Central Campus. While you might think we only do modern art we normally let you choose your medium and style so don't really base the class off of the name." She could feel some people get happier by that comment.

"So if you take a look at your table next to your easel you will find a paper. This is your list of required materials. And you can see as well that it is only half a sheet of paper, and that the list is really short. One pencil of choosing, can be mechanical, wooden, metal, all I ask is that you choose what you like most. Next is a sketch book that is about the size of a full page of xerox paper. Following with the sketch book I recommend you buy a small notebook you can carry anywhere whether it has lines or not is up to you but I want you to use it to take in your surroundings. Lastly I want you to buy a camera, not your cellphone cameras but a real camera with at least 1280 x 720 picture capturing quality." She put the paper aside.

Someone raised their hand in the back, "Yes young man in the back." he stood up, "When are we to have these materials?" He was a young, Japanese man with a smooth face and fairly built.

"Ah yes, uhm I want you to buy them before next week which is the club recruitment day and you might want to take pictures that day so please do." She gave a smile to him and he sat back down.

"Any more questions? If not, please take the rest of class to get to know your classmates!" She clapped once and sat back down at her desk.

Rikka sat in her seat looking around the room, until she noticed that the boy who raised his hand earlier came up to her.

"Hey I saw you were the only one still sitting, a bit shy?" He put his hand out for a shake, "The name is Ayako Murutabe, my friends call me Ayo." Rikka slowly brought her hand up for a shake.

"Uhm yeah… I'm Rikka Takanashi, freshmen here." She slowly brought her hand back down.

"I'm surprised a cute girl like you is this shy I mean come on you have gorgeous… eye, and you have a very slender figure." He smiled at her.

The teacher came up behind Ayako, "Are you hitting on the freshmen again. I told you not to do that scumbag." She leaned in, "Plus she also hit home plate with her boyfriend so I would back off or you could be a very miserable man." She smiled an evil smile while moving away.

"Oh come on mom, what's the issue I mean sure… about that… but really it's harmless." He scratched the back of his neck.

"Yeah yeah, well just watch out for him he can be real annoying sometimes. But other than that he's enjoyable company… if he doesn't starting hitting on girls again." She gave off a death glare at him and he shivered a bit.

"Oh, no it was ok I didn't really notice that much even…" She blushed from embarrassment and looked down.

"Well that aside if you ever need help or anything I'm willing to so just ask me if you see me around. I'm a Junior here and have been an art major all 3 years so far." He smiled while taking his leave and Rikka nodding yes.

Alright I'm sorry I had to make him flirt with her, and then I thought… HIS MOM IS THE TEACHER! YES! When I say I write my chapters on the fly I really mean I write my chapters on the fly and don't have a clue past the basic idea I might have come up with earlier that day or even week. Well I hope you enjoy and if you can't tell I love nature themed rooms and atmospheres so imagine every room has a warm feel to it and cool knick knacks on shelves and stuff. Well you get the idea, thanks for reading and as always, enjoy!

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