The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 19

Wow, so I started high school on Monday! (September 31st) I'm in my school's Jazz & Wind Ensemble (Tryout only) and all my teachers are fun and awesome. I also took up Programming with C++ since my CAD class is only 1st period and that is taken by Jazz & Wind. So since I told you about me let me tell you about the next exciting chapter of Rikka and Yuuta!

It was roughly and hour since class had let out and some of the students in various classes had plans to go out partying to celebrate. Yuuta strolled the bush lined paths as he walked back to the main building.

From a distance he could see a head of beautiful black hair tied with a bow in the back. She was waving to him.

She eventually met him, "Well hello there, haven't seen you in a while." He hugged her but she blushed a bit. "Are you really embarrassed by a hug? We've done… more than that." He blushed as well.

"Well it's not that I don't like hugging you it's just that it's embarrassing in public." She made a tee-hee noise and walked with him.

"Oh, I suppose you aren't the best with people. Though other than that, how was your first class?" He smiled at her hoping it was good.

She looked really hyped up, "It was actually pretty cool! The teacher there used to have mystical powers but she had to forfeit them up to work here because the Bureau forbade them." She smiled though showing she liked the class.

"Well that's actually good, someone else to talk to you about your crazy delusions. So did you meet any new people while you were in the class?" He just wanted to hear her talk since his class was fun but might bore her.

"Oh, well I did meet this one boy. He's actually the son of the teacher and tried to…" She paused for a second, "I think the teacher called it being 'hit on' but I told her about." She stopped talking for a bit.

"You told her about two nights ago. Ah I see, well she probably asked you about stuff and it just came up. Yeah… I guess I don't mind you telling people but just try not to tell too many people." He chuckled a little bit.

"Well I got there an hour early because the class was shortened for some reason. But the teacher came in and we started to chat and I said I had a boyfriend and she asked how far we had gotten and… one thing led to another but I eventually told her about it. Yeah sorry about that." She pushed her hair back showing her ears.

He just smiled, "Well it's nice to bond with your teacher. I didn't get to talk with my teacher but one of my classmates is nice. She's a bit shy but she is cool." He nodded while still walking.

She looked up at him with her one blue eye, "I guess that's nice, oh do you know where Nibutani and Deko are or did you not see them yet?" She looked up into the city sky taking a breath in.

"Hmm, I know they have classes close to each other but I haven't seen them since the cafeteria. I'm guessing you haven't either right?" He looked down at her with his chocolate brown eyes.

A small girl with long blonde hair was running across the courtyard, most people turned to see what the commotion was. On the other side of the courtyard a girl much taller than her had her lips in a kissing position.

"Well I think I found them." He laughed seeing Nibutani trying to capture her girlfriend. Eventually they walked over to Deko to see what would happen.

Once they got close enough for her to notice them Deko jumped at Rikka, "Master help! This demon is trying to corrupt me with the public view in presence!" She was pretty freaked out but it was funny.

"Calm down my servant, let me talk to this evil demon." She forced Deko off of her and went over to Nibutani.

"Holder of the pact between my servant, I condemn you from committing lewd actions in the public view under the law of the Wicked Law." She held a hand out in front of her with a signal of halt.

"Aww, but I just missed her that was all, it's been a while since we've been apart for such a long time that I wanted to hug her… or something." She dropped her shoulders a bit.

Rikka lowered her hand, thinking about how her and Yuuta hug in public she was about to speak again and just walked back to Yuuta.

"Master, do you think she understands now?" Deko asked still behind Yuuta.

"I think she does, she should be safe to approach. You do not want to damage you contract with her no?" She lifted her eye patch as a scare tactic.

Oddly it worked and Deko shuffled back over to Nibutani, upon being in touching distance Nibutani grabbed her for a hug. Deko try to squirm couldn't but eased up after a bit.

They all walked back to the cafeteria to pick up some lunch since they had a light breakfast. After grabbing some noodles, and tea they found a table.

Yuuta started some conversation, "So how was everyone's first day?" He said before slurping noodles.

Nibutani spoke first, "It was ok, I like the classroom and the teacher seems… cool but other than that nothing special, what about you?" She pointed her chopsticks at him.

"Me? Oh… well we have to develop a game for the upcoming clubs & activities fair to attract incoming students to take the computer engineering class. After that we spend a bit focussing on computers themselves then back to programming." He shrugged thinking it not to be to special.

Deko sat up, 'Interesting Dark Flame Master, but while you dawdle in the human dimension I learned about just what this dimension is made of and how it really exists. The room is filled with botanical life and is very warm but has an atmosphere that cannot be trumped." She put her hands on her hips in triumphance.

Nibutani laughed, "I know what course you're taking but talking in Chuunibyou just makes you so cute!" She hugged her around her neck.

"Gah! Strangling me!" She coughed out before Nibutani let go and apologize.

"Well now that we know what we're doing why don't we take a walk around campus? It's really nice when I was running through it at my max speed…" I didn't know someone could so that sarcastic.

"Mm!" They all nodded at him as they threw out their food on the trays.

The campus was really beautiful, almost all of the paths were lined with full bushes and trees were in exact intervals of space between each other. Every fourth tree was a cherry blossom tree to add new colour and feel when spring hit.

It was still warm out, since the school year started in the middle of the summer season most of the trees were great for shade.

Every so often if they looked out where buildings were there would be a courtyard with benches, or sometimes lawns with a statue, or even a fountain.

They finally reached the North gate of the school and started to head back South where their dorms and house was.

It was fun for them to be in college and they couldn't wait for more experiences to happen, whether it be pain or joy everything has to happen eventually and why not now? All of them are together and happy so what can stop these four from being Gods?

Gah… it's 1:21 AM which during the summer is still an early night for me. But I started going to bed around 10:00 PM on school nights. It's a day off tomorrow (Beside from a 4 PM to 9 PM football game because I'm in marching band) and I stay up later, plus I got my laptop 6 days before the rest of my grade because I'm in programming so… privileged. Anyway, thanks so much for reading and as always, enjoy!

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