The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 will be them on a date I guess. I am typing this when I should be studying but I wanted to get my feelings out first. (Watching CLANNAD when not writing or studying.) So as always, enjoy! (Before writing past this point I took a break to study, XD don't worry about me, homework is done!)

"Yuuta what is for dinner!" Rikka was laying on the couch reading while her stomach groaned.

"Hmm how does rice, pork cutlets and diced-" He took a pause and smiled at the last ingredient.

"DIced what?" She started to look over the couch at Yuuta. He was standing right in front of her with a mini tomato. *gulp* "Can I pray it is diced cheese?'

"You've got another try coming!" He held the tomato a little bit closer to her face as she grew paler.

"NOT TOMATOES! ANYTHING BUT!" Rikka got up from the couch grabbed the tomato out of his hand and since it was summer the balcony door was open. She flung the tomato as hard as she could and you could hear a nice *splat* on the pavement on the ground.

"Oh great, someone is going to slip and die on that tomorrow..." Yuuta facepalmed a bit.

"Fine I'll go run and get some cheese I'll be right back, don't eat anything!" Yuuta said as he got his coat on.

"Hai Commander!" She saluted him and he just rubbed her hair. She blushed a bit at the act.

"Be right back!" He shut the door behind him and as he did Rikka flopped on her back.

She laid on the sofa while staring at the white ceiling.

'Yuuta, why can't we just be a normal couple? Like on TV when they hold hands on long walks, kiss at the sunset, and sleep in the same bed just for the comfort of the other… the only issue is that we CAN do that but what about college? We may be separated if I can't find a solution fast...'

"Alright I'm back!" Yuuta came through the door.

"That was fast, where did you but that cheese from pocket dimension that is on the corner and has a cheese shop there in it's dimension?" She looked so intrigued and confused at the same time.

"No Toko saw me running down and asking what I was doing I said I was getting cheese and turned out she already bought some so yeah!" Yuuta said all of that without breaking the scentence.

"Oh well that makes- Toko is here!?" Rikka stared at him so hard he eye patch fell off.

"Oh right, yeah by the way Toko is-" *twang!* Yuuta got hit in the head with a large ladle.

"You should LEAD with Toko is here next time you baka!" Toko picked up the ladle and dropped off the bag on the table.

"What are you doing here!?" RIkka stood up and took a battle stance before reaching for her umbrella. Though it wasn't there because Yuuta took it away because she kept opening it in doors while doing homework.

"My school is on a field trip to France but since I have already been there my teacher paid for me to come visit you. So here I am." She just kind of shrugged off the visit like she could come to Japan from Italy any time she wanted.

"Anyway, so how have you two lovebirds been? What has it been a year and you're still holding pinkies?" She laughed a bit but was happy that it was going slow so Rikka wasn't overwhelmed and they didn't implode on each other.

"Hey! Ok well we didn't KISS or anything, but we do hold hands now… for us that is a really big step up ok?" He blushed a bit and couldn't keep eye contact with her.

"Alright fine, but don't mind me I'm going to cook some dinner. Oh and I guess the splattered tomato outside is you?" She laughed a bit while walking over to the kitchen.

"They are evil! I had to rid them of this base of operations!" She jumped from the couch while looking for more.

Yuuta just laughed, no words just laughed.

After Toko made dinner she turned on the night news and kept kind of quiet. At around 9:00 she stopped the tv and stretched.

"Alright well I'm going to bed, talk to you two tomorrow." She walked into Rikka's room and crashed on the bed.

"Toko! You can-" *TWANG* The ladle strikes again. He was too busy caring for his forehead that he didn't notice RIkka starting to blush.

"Uhm Yuuta, what should we do about sleeping then?" Rikka was not looking at him and mumbled a bit.

"Hmm? Oh well we turned my sister bedroom into a storage room for anything left of your apartment and the sofa is too small for either of us… ehm Rikka I have an idea but you might not like it." He looked at her with a bit of worry.

"Do we leave this mortal plane and sleep in where only spirits of the dead live? That would be bad because then we would be dead but it would be infinite slumber!" *thunk* He hit her on the head even after she looked at him with so much hope and anticipation.

"Ow, Yuuta don't do that!" She just pouted a bit, she was used to this.

"Then don't say stupid things like that. I like you Chuni sometimes but not at night." He smiled a bit and rubbed her head.

"You mentioned an idea though right?" Rikka looked back up at him while fixing her hair.

"Oh right… well I was thinking" he rubbed the back of his neck. "I DO have a bed and it CAN fit both of us but only if-" He was cut off by a very quick response.

"YES, well I mean only if you are ok with it that is..." She wanted to rest with Yuuta at least once before making their bond eternal even though it already was. Now she had the chance and she was taking it.

"Heh? That was a bit quick but ok… go get changed I will be getting the bed ready." He looked at her with a bit of suspicion.

"Don't worry Yuuta I will just wear one of your shirts!" She was happy to do that since she already owns his orange one.

"Eh alright… but just don't wear one I might need some day. I'll wait out here." He spoke like a gentleman.

"Mm! I will be done momentarily!" She opened his door and ducked in. After about ten seconds she came out with a pile of neatly folded school clothes and wearing one of his blue shirts that didn't even fit him yet.

"Wow that was quick, alright come on let's hop into bed, I'm tired." He yawned a bit and trudged into his room.

After a few minutes he had the bed spread out and good enough for two people to enjoy. Though it was a twin size it would fit two people tonight, and that it did.

When they first fell asleep they were facing back to back but whether they were awake or not they began to change positions.

"Yuuuuta" Rikka was saying in her sleep almost like a ghostly moan.

She turned around and grabbed his hand with her smaller one. After that she moved and conformed to Yuuta's sleeping form.

He is the world to me.

He is what I need to make it on in this plane of existence.

No human knows what the future holds but as long as I

am with him I have no fear of the future.

They fell asleep soundly and Toko was leaning on the door frame smiling. She knew it was a good idea to take Rikka's bed.

Chapter 2 complete! So there it was for chapter 2, Toko popped in for a visit and they slept together! Not sexually of course… now do remember that this is a T rated fanfic, really for safety but I will plan on making their relationship become something more in the future, hang on and as always, enjoy!

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