The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 20

Here we are again, yet another week of writing and yet another chapter comes out of my magic fingers. :)

IC0 - Thank you so much for the long length review to my story. I have been writing this for a while but I never got something so thought out as you have. I am hoping to really change all the issues you found in my story (especially Rikka because she is a massive main character) Oh and an extra thank you for saying that this is th script to season 3! The reason I wrote this is because I couldn't find just what I wanted to read from the other writers.

Now after that thank you all for taking time and reading the next chapter of The Dark Tyrant's Eye. Thanks for reading, and as always, enjoy!

It was a partly cloudy day today. The middle of summer and school has only been going for about a week now. Yuuta sat up on their futon and took in deep breath. He had a weird class schedule so today it was a night class versus an afternoon class. Well he didn't complain it was more time for him to do stuff.

He gave Rikka a kiss on the cheek to wake up and all he got was a cute moan from her. After waiting a second he gave her a light kiss on the lips. She slowly started to open her eyes seeing Yuuta on top of her.

"Yuuta what are you doing?" She began to move a bit but didn't want to bang heads with Yuuta.

"I'm just trying to wake you up princess. Or is there something wrong with my way of waking you up?" He chuckled a bit and got out of bed so she could get up properly.

"Well no… but please don't always do that it's a bit embarrassing." She blushed a bit and threw the cover off. They normally don't sleep with the covers on but today was a bit cooler than the rest and they like to leave their door open with the screen closed to let the air circulate and it gets cool.

"Alright alright, well you have class later today so you need to get up anyway. I have class but that is later tonight. I think I'll after we have dinner. Sound good?" He peeked in from their living room.

"I can hear yoou… but I can't underSTAND you. Just give me a minute please." She stumbled around for a bit without her eyepatch.

'She looks so cute without it, but at the same time I don't think she would be the same if she wasn't the Wicked Lord Shingan.' He chuckled a bit watching her trudge to their tea maker.

After a few minutes they sat across from each other with Rikka's feet resting in Yuuta's lap. "You can repeat yourself now." She had more consciousness now.

"Right, well as I was saying. You have class later this afternoon and I had class tonight. I'm eating dinner here but I have to head out afterwards. Do you need me to do anything before dinner?" He took a sip of tea.

"Mmm, I might need to borrow you for a summoning ritual. Yeah I need you for that." Her hair didn't have it's bow in the back but she looked cute with her hair let out anyway. Ever since they graduated high school she's been growing out her hair for some reason.

"A REAL reason you need me. Also, Rikka I just noticed. You look really cute with longer hair, why did you grow it out?" Yuuta reached across the table and put a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"Huh?" She blushed a bit at his feathery touch. "Oh… well Nibutani really wanted me to try growing my hair out since she knew you liked her once and that might make me look better.

He frowned cursing Nibutani but thanking her and the same time so trying to smile, "Oh… well I think you look beautiful so please keep growing your hair out." He smiled at her and she blushed a bit yet he just chuckled.

They finished their morning tea in silence with Rikka poking Yuuta in the stomach sometimes for fun and he almost spit his tea out once. It was a good morning for the couple and they just waited as the clock moved and events happened until their own events happened.

Yuuta looked at the clock on his computer desktop, he was writing a PDF for his game idea. 2:15 PM showed in white in the bottom right of his monitor. "Ah, Rikka you have to go or you're going to late!" He swiveled his chair out of the second bedroom they set up as an office and art studio.

"Huh? Oh thank you!" She was in the bedroom getting ready. Tying her hair with a purple and white bow to finish her look she walked out to see Yuuta standing there holding something out.

"You're class runs into your normal lunch time. I made you a bento earlier." He dropped it into her hands and nodded to the table they set up at door that had their class stuff on it.

"Oh, thank you!" She walked over and picked up her sketchbook and pencil case.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Yuuta said before she walked out of the door.

Rikka stood there and thought for a second, she had her sketchbook, her pencil case, her lunch… what could she be forgetting.

Yuuta walked over to the door and rested an arm on the door frame. "This." He leaned in and kissed her on the lips before smiling as he withdrew.

She blushed, "Yuuta!" all he could do was smile at the cheap trick he used to kiss his girlfriend.

"Alright have a good class, I'll see you when you get home. Dinner is a surprise!" He said as he nudged her down the stairs.

Yuuta smiled and closed the door behind him still smiling back to his computer.

Before he sat down there was a knock at the door, he was a bit confused. 'Did Rikka really forget something?' He walked back over to the door. When he opened it no one was there, except when he looked to his left he saw a sticky note on the door. 'Ah, Mr. Landlord Bain again.' He plucked the note off of the door.

Dear Mr. Togashi and Miss. Takanashi,

Thank you for being such outstanding tenants recently. In payment back I have lowered your rent from ¥55,000 to ¥35,000. Also I saw what you did there before your girlfriend left the apartment. Sly dog Mr. Togashi, sly dog. Anyway on the same note I have a set of tickets to a jazz cafe & restaurant downtown, one of my clients… won't be needing them anymore and I am offering them to you and Miss. Takanashi if you accept. Free of charge just something to thank you for not being loud, dirty, or using lots of your utilities. Well heck I could make your rent free thanks to… woops writing too much! Thanks again and hope to chat again soon!


Landlord Bain

You know, if Kanji didn't say so much in so little and Mr. Bain couldn't write so small that sticky note would cut off half through the message. Yuuta quickly wrote a reply message to accept the tickets and stuck it on his door with a knock.

As he went back up the stairs he heard his door open and take the sticky note. That man is so mysterious yet so kind. He sure is one odd landlord.

Rikka sat down at a station in her art classroom. Looking around there were a few people there already. The teacher and her son were there already as well.

Within a few minutes everyone was there and the teacher stood up to open the class. It was a very informal class, she asks you about your week and continues to give a weird fact about art then let them choose something to work on that day. Sometimes she does give projects that last a few days but she really wants the class to explore our own medium.

Rikka opened her laptop and started to look up various poses and reference images to start her new sketch. She prefered using pencil and solid based coloring where you don't blend the colors but really just add solid chunks of color, in video games they call this cell shading.

She started with a good face shape and slowly got ideas from the * one of the biggest art sharing websites on the planet. It's cool because language doesn't really affect you looking at the art since most of it is wordless.

She ran across an interesting abnormal, it depicted a harsh looking landscape and yet in the middle was a bright and glowing person. They held what seemed to be a staff yet they also seemed dark in a sense. All around them you could see small almost shadow like creature waiting to pounce on this light source. It was an amazing sight to see. The next one she clicked was a In Love fan art that someone did. She like romance manga but sometimes people just can't draw.

She returned to her easel with an idea in her head and her hand began to move. Line after line each of her strokes held the emotions of the picture that she wanted created. And thus it became reality. Rikka spent the whole class in silence focusing on her drawing while others listened to music and other side activities. Yet she was a silent artist with her muse being her mind, nothing was more powerful than the Wicked Long Shingan in the world, let alone the universe.

And that's a wrap on this chapter! Thank you so much for reading this chapter and I hope you enjoyed! I really wanted to give focus time on each of the characters (a whole chapter) and I think I kind of like it. So again, thank you so much for reading and come back next Wednesday for more me, and as always, enjoy!

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