The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 21

Yay I think this chapter is updated on time! I generally don't write on any day except the publishing date unless I miss the date then I write after that but today I got bored and I started this on Tuesday night! YAY! Well thanks for reading and as always, enjoy!

There was a knock on the door. Yuuta heard it slightly past his headphones, he was listening to some smooth jazz.

He walked up to the door and slowly opened it, "Takanashi Togashi residence, how may I help you?" He opened the door to see who it was.

"Why hello there, mind if I come in?" The woman was standing outside of his door holding a tote bag in front of her.

Yuuta stopped moving as the girl scooted by really carefully, she didn't speak much after that but just put the bag on the kitchen table. "Wow Yuuta, this is a really nice place. Tee Hee!" She smiled at him.

"Oh uhm… thanks I guess. So what exactly are you doing here?" He stared at the girl for a bit, she was in a cross between a chefs outfit and a suit.

"Hehe, I'm just here to visit and cook! I'm here for only one porpoise!" She pointed at the bottom of her socks showing the porpoise on the bottom of her socks.

Yuuta just sighed a bit and the girl looked a bit worried, "I'm sorry I tried that joke out a long time ago and it was ok. I didn't know…" She trudged over to the tote bag.

"No no no it's fine… alright well hi Kumin-senpai, I see you're still living and well. Rikka isn't here right now, she's at class but she should be home soon for dinner." He rested on a nearby part of the wall.

"Well that's good, I can cook dinner for you two." She said while facing away from him and removing various foods both foreign and domestic.

"Uhm, fine sure but I have some work to do. Mind if I leave you alone? Computer engineering and game design class is pretty heavy surprisingly." He laughed a bit scratching the back of his neck.

"Oh don't worry about me, I'm just a cook." She smiled at him and went back to cooking. As Yuuta walked away he saw a glint come off of her finger.

"Uhm, Kumin what's that on your left hand?" He stopped by his office door.

"Oooh… this?" She shyly showed off the ring, "When I was learning to cook abroad in Australia I met this nice guy and we fell in love. He moved here with me." She blushed a bit.

"That's… amazing Kumin! Does he like cats and Chuuni as well?" He was a bit interested.

"Well Australia doesn't really have Chuuni but he wasn't bothered by it, also he likes almost any animal so my pet cats are good for him. He's so nice." She blushed again turning back around to the sink, "Now don't you have work to do?" She said slightly muffled.

He laughed a bit embarrassed and left her to the kitchen, 'God Senpai you just keep making surprises.' He went back to his idea sheet.

Eventually Rikka got home, "Yuuta I'm back!" She said as coming in through the door and stopping at the smell of the cooking. "What smells so good… wait could it be?" She rushed her shoes off, coming into the family room.

"Kumin-Senpai!" She said having a bit of a star in her eye. Kumin just turned around and smiled, "Hello Rikka." waving a bit.

She took a seat at one section of the table, "Did you make all this food for us?" She looked at the pack table. Kumin put a finger up looking like she was pointing at the ceiling, "Well yes and no, I needed to practice and I love cooking for you to." She smiled, it was a bit devious but they didn't mind that much.

"Right, well thank you for the meal!" Yuuta picked up his chopsticks off the table.

Later in dinner

"Oh yeah, Yuuta what are you doing in class?" Rikka looked up from her bowl of food. Kumin just rested her head in her hand and smiled at him.

Yuuta put his bowl down, "Huh I guess I never told you, well it's actually kind of interesting." He sat up straight.

"In class the teacher told us that our whole year is based around creating a video game. If need be you can ask other people to help you with music and art but you have to do the programming. In class right now we are learning how to program and anything with the C++ language that we use but for homework he wants us to work on ideas for the game." He took a breath and a few sips of tea.

"After next week we start programming the basics of our game, the window, environment, and just some other basic stuff with some basic textures. I have most of the game idea down and just started on some concept art today." He let out a sigh of relief. He went back to eating.

"Wow Yuuta that sounds so cool! What is the game about?" Kumin looked a bit star struck. Rikka nodded to the question as well wanting to know what it was about.

"Huh? Oh the game is actually based off of my life when I was infected with Chuunibyo. It's almost as if my delusions were real all along. Just about all the stories I can remember from when I started being weird in middle school until 3rd year of high school with Rikka. It was a cool idea but also the art is going to be easier since I have notebooks filled with sketches… I just don't want to read the stuff I wrote." His face went dark with a sweat drop on his forehead.

"That's amazing, so Dark Flame Master and the all powerful Wicked Lord Shingan and Mjolnir Hammer and Morisummer will be in it!" Rikka put her hands on the table.

Yuuta laughed and so did Kumin, "Pretty much, I actually set it around current day so there is an element of stealth so normal people don't see you. There are pockets of cities that have the *'Pawa' in it and then pockets without them. They mingle with commoners but they see the world differently. I want to add player run server multiplayer so players can have fun with their friends when not playing the main Singleplayer campaign." He nodded, then went back to eating dinner.

They had some side chat during the rest of dinner but didn't talk about anything long so it was a pretty nice dinner. "Alright well I have to get to class." He stood up from the table and went into their office for his laptop bag and other stuff. When he came out of the room Rikka was standing there and Kumin was out of site.

"Did Kumin leave?" Yuuta looked down at Rikka, she just nodded. "Oh wow, without saying goodbye. Ok I guess." He started to move but Rikka blocked him, "Something wrong Rikka?" He was a bit worried what was going to happen.

Rikka pushed up on the balls of her feet, within a few seconds they locked lips and Yuuta was a bit shocked. Coming back down she smiled, "Thank you for making the game around my favorite part of you." She blushed and scooched behind him and closed the door to not let him see her blush. He froze for a second then smiled, "Your welcome love." He walked out the door saying goodbye to her through the closed office door.

Yuuta plopped down in his seat and pulled out his laptop. There were a few people missing but most of the class was there. Just as the teacher reached his podium Kaori bust through the door and saw the open seat next to Yuuta in the back of the classroom. She approached him, "Uhm mind if I sit here?" She looked at him her glasses slightly crooked.

"Huh, oh sure no problem, and nice timing Sensei was just about to start." He pulled the chair out for her and she sat down huffing. "I live off campus with my boyfriend and I just had dinner…" She fixed her glasses and pulled out her laptop.

"Oh wow, that's literally what I was doing before getting here." He looked at her. They both went quiet as class started.

"Alright welcome everyone back to another day… well night I should say of class. Seeing that your all living I just want to give you a brief announcement before I let you hooligans free to code. This monday we are starting the enviroment portion of our game. I will teach you to code the basic looks of your game and the world that it will take place in. Saying that it's Friday and we won't have class until Monday then start preparing a basic skin with Blender™. Alright you're free to work on your projects, I've taught you everything you need to know until Monday." Sensei walked over to his desk and started to eat a snack bar while putting on his headphones.

"Wait, Yuuta you have a girlfriend? I didn't know." Kaori said while loading up Visual Studios™ on her laptop.

"Huh? Oh… yeah I guess I didn't have a reason to say I did but yeah we live together off campus in the old part of town. Nice place really, quiet, looks cute and cool. Though I didn't know you have a boyfriend." Yuuta raised an eyebrow causing her to sweat a little bit.

"Well uhm I don't really talk about my life. He's an american exchange student who is here for the art program we met when he came over for a manga workshop and vacation alone, he's nice… really weird… oh he plays the trumpet, when he's not drawing he'll be at a jazz bar downtown playing something. Yeah he's nice." She smiled a bit, she's never really talked or bragged about her boyfriend and it was kind of nice to.

"Wow he sounds like a real good guy. Lucky you, Rikka is cute. She had Chuunibyo but I think that's something that makes her cute." He laughed a bit.

Kaori's eyes went big, "Wow she had 8th grader illness even though she's in college? That's the first time I've heard of it lasting that long." She shook her hand and turned back to her computer, "So how long have you been dating?" She tried to say it quickly not wanting to sound rude.

"Oh, uhm I think since 1st year of high school. Yeah sounds about right, I asked her- oh wait she beat me to it. Yeah she asked me out around the school festival." He laughed and blushed remembering back to under the bridge. So much stuff happened for them there.

"Well that's amazing, no offense but we need to do our work. I hope you two stay together forever though, she sounds perfect." She smiled a light smile at him but it didn't last long. She was pretty shy but once she knows someone she talks a lot.

Yuuta smiled back and loaded up Visual Studios™ to see if his window and basic color phases still worked. He went back and did more art and random small code tidbits. The class was pretty productive getting lots of coding done.

Alright guys and there it is! This chapter is about 4 ¼ pages so it's a tad longer than most chapters. I have had a lot of fun with it though and I just starting programming in my own class so I feel like Yuuta's and Rikka's chapters are going to be really in depth since I do art and programming. My sister is a pre-med student but I don't know any Advanced Physics students in my life :D Thanks for reading, and as always, enjoy!

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