The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 22

Haha hey reader! It looks like you were waiting for this… well congrats, it's finally here! The next chapter of The Dark Tyrant's Eye is being written as I write this! I know crazy… well thanks so much for reading this anyway because now I have started a NEW STORY, well with everything new something old should be removed. I finished a story… I finished my Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun Steam in the Air fanfiction. Well from the end of that story I spawned a new one, it's ½ fanfic ½ vanilla story. I am posting it to wattpad and my name is YamatoTogashi! Thanks for reading, and as always, enjoy!

Yuuta sat in the classroom, it was the middle of class and most people were just working away programming for the big project coming up. Most of the landscapes and settings were done now it was really just the beef of the game.

Yuuta sat there thinking more and more on the story, it was tough because he isn't very good at writing scripts and dialogue so he was stumped. Sitting there and testing out saying the lines in his head one paper by one paper he threw out the scripts.

This class is actually really long compared to the other classes, it runs for about 4 hours because the teacher wants us to really hunker down for the game. The school festival coming up is for all of the high school kids looking to go to college and don't know what classes there are. The teacher wants us to make these games to show just how good this class is.

After being frustrated with the writing Yuuta decided to go back and code for a bit. Putting on a piano covers for anime themes instead of his jazz. Opening up the class website with lots of coding tutorials and cool chunks he gets to work on the games GUI.

Later in class he felt a tap on his shoulder, Kaori was looking at him. He slowly pulled his earbuds out, "Oh, need something?" He said quietly, not wanting to disturb class.

She bobbled her head a bit, "Ah, uhm yes…" She pointed at the rest of the classroom. It was actually empty.

His eyes went wide, "Wait what! Why is the classroom empty! Actually follow up question, why are you the only one here?" He raised an eyebrow.

She was a bit frantic at all the questions, 'Oh uhm well yeah and uhm hold on!" She took a deep breath, "Alright… so class ended a bit ago but you got so into your coding you didn't notice. Also I'm still here because my boyfriend has class tonight as well and he said he would pick me up here when he was done if I could just hang out a bit." She smiled at that.

"Oh… well ok I guess that makes sense. What time is he picking you up?" He looked at the clock across the room.

"Uhm, right about…" She waited for the clock to turn. "Now." She stood up, "You coming? Or are you going to stay here longer? The lights are automatic." She motioned him to get up.

"Ah, haha yeah thanks." He followed her to the door zipping his computer case shut as he walked.

Once the door opened the warm summer night wind came in, "So I suppose your girlfriend is waiting for you to come home?" The wind was blowing her hair slightly.

"Oh, Rikka? Yeah I should be heading home. I don't think she's worried but none the less I should start getting home." He rubbed the back of his neck.

Just as he turned around a tall man with rimless glasses was about to run into him, Yuuta tired to move but the other man did a swift movement perfectly out of the way.

Yuuta stopped at looked around, "Woah, that was close!" He brushed himself off.

"Oh hey dear, how was class?" Kaori said to the man. Yuuta looked back at him, that close call didn't even phase him.

"Hey love, oh sorry about that. But don't worry I've had closer." He smiled at Yuuta. It was a nice smile, he looked American though.

Kaori blushed a bit, "He hates to appreciate his own skills, he can't take a compliment. Oh right, Yuuta this is my boyfriend. His name is Archer Nazarewycz, he's American but came over to Japan to live and study here like I told you." She smiled at him.

"Ah yes, nice to meet you. Yuuta was it? I suppose you have class with Kaori?" He stretched out his hand for a handshake. Yuuta hesitated at first but then remembered he's American.

"Oh uhm yes I just left after she told me everyone else left. She's a nice girl, you are a really lucky guy." He laughed a bit and smiled.

"Thanks, she's my goddess so I think I am the luckiest guy on Earth." He smiled again and Yuuta felt a little bit envious.

"Ready to go?" She looked at Archer, he nodded. As he held her hand and walked down the pathway they stopped. Something or someone was on the other side of them stopping them from walking.

"Sorry, sorry, excuse me." A girls voice was there as she scooted around them. The pathway right outside of the lab was small because it's not a high traffic area.

Eventually the girl got past them, "Yuuta!" She smiled and ran into him giving him a hug.

"Uh! Rikka, what are you doing here? I thought you were at home?" Yuuta hugged her back but then grabbed her shoulders a bit confused.

Kaori turned around, "Oh, Yuuta is that your girlfriend?" They looked at Rikka. Yuuta turned her around and hugged her from behind, "Ah haha yeah I didn't think she would be here but yes. This is Rikka Takanashi my girlfriend, Rikka this is Kaori and her boyfriend Naz… Nazaraevige?" Yuuta was bit embarrassed.

"Don't worry about it, it's Ukrainian. Nazarewycz is my last name. I'm from America, you can just call me Archer." He laughed a bit and smiled yet again.

'Wow that guy really likes to smile.' Yuuta moved his arm from Rikka letting her move around.

"Hey, why are you here?" Yuuta looked at her.

"Ah yeah, I took a walk after I finished a sketch and when I saw the time I noticed you would be getting out of class soon so I was going to swing by and pick you up. I'm glad you didn't leave yet." She smiled. Yuuta felt a slight jump in his heart.

Archer spoke up, "Well hey, since you are both here why don't you join us? I have a show tonight at jazz cafe nearby so why don't you join Kaori and listen? It's a uh… pretty nice show I like to think." He was holding a case with one of his hands, it had leather accents and most of it was a nice white and cream thread. The feet and corners were gold or gold plated with the leather handle as well. On one side of the case (what seemed to be the top) was a large XO in fancy english letters.

"Oh really? I mean Rikka are you ok with it?" He looked at her, she was standing next to him. She nodded and made a cheerful noise.

"Alright then, just follow us it's not that far off of campus. It's a good place to go at night and it's safe." Kaori motioned them to follow her with head since her hand had a bag and Archer's hand was holding the other one.

Rikka grabbed Yuuta's hand and they walked through the long campus to the South gate. Eventually coming on a larger street with shops lining it on one of the corners there was a stairwell leading down into what seemed to be the basement of a music store.

"Wow that looks cool, but isn't it kind of redundant to have a music store upstairs? I mean most people would probably want to listen to the music downstairs rather than buying new stuff upstairs, right?" Yuuta followed him down the steps that had a nice canopy over it.

"Well no, the club is only open during the evening so during the day the music store gets good business. Then at 8:00 when the owner closes one store he opens the next right below him." He laughed a bit as the door opened to the club. It was calm and had a decent amount of people in it.

The stage was across the room with a nice velvet backdrop curtain to it and a drum set already there. The curtains ruffled a bit and a woman holding a large upright bass came out to set up on a nearby stool.

"Take a seat anywhere you like. You can order something from the bar but I'll be starting soon so don't wait around to long. Seats can fill up pretty fast around here, you'd be surprised."

He gave Kaori a quick kiss on the cheek and walked through a backdoor, most likely for the performers and back rooms.

Kaori took a seat at a small table in front and Yuuta and Rikka took the other 2 of the 4 seats.

Within a few minutes Archer came out from the behind the curtain holding a pristine looking silver trumpet. He was wearing a button down shirt untucked and the sleeves rolled up with black slacks and dress shoes. He looked like he was built to play jazz.

The music is just about to start, the room lights dim and everyone pays raises the trumpet up to his mouth taking in a deep breath.

And cut! Yes I know… it's a cliffhanger but I really want to devote a good chunk of the chapter to this performance so please hold. Thank you so much for reading and as always, enjoy!

Guest - Alright so I saw your review, thank you for it first of all. Second, he's not really hitting on Rikka anymore because his mother (the teacher) told him about how far they have gotten and what special of a bond they have. He might still drop a compliment here or there but he doesn't pose a threat to their relationship. Thanks for worrying though! I always love when people love the character so much they get emotional, it means I am writing that well. :)

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