The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 23

And yet I arrive at yet another chapter of The Dark Tyrant's eye. This chapter… it's music time. I really want to delve into music since that's what I focus on in and out of school. So please read this chapter and as always, enjoy!

Archer was standing on stage, holding his glinting silver trumpet in the small stage lights. He took a deep breath and said silently, "5... 6... 5 6 7 8." putting the trumpet up to his mouth and began to play.

His fingers flew between the 3 keys as he played the notes. It caused the whole room to go silent. The song title was on a small place card at the top of the stage. It read Spain, by Chick Corea. It was fast and fluttery with short notes.

He moved around the stage slowly as he played, eventually taking a break the bass and set took over to fill in some of the song. He looked at Yuuta and Rikka and winked. They were a bit surprised but then he put his trumpet back up to his mouth.

The song started to slow down from the fast latin feel to a more smooth samba, it was a beautiful song and it seemed almost nobody expected it yet at the same time never wanted it to stop.

It eventually slowed down to where Archer held a note and the set played quiet rhythms until they faded out of the song.

The whole club erupted in clapping as they finished the song. Archer bowed a bit and the set player played a really complex rhythm to say thanks. The bass player nodded around to the people sitting in the club.

Archer bent down and flipped the card of the song, he still had 2 more songs to play. On the card it read The Jive Samba by Nat Adderley. It was similar to Spain but had a smoother feel to it.

Yet just because the silvery notes that flowed into their ears like melted butter. It was a delightful feeling that no one wanted to stop.

Eventually the song ended and Archer came up to the mic, "I would like to first thank all of you for coming out tonight to listen to all the great musicians play. I owe a lot to this place for letting me play and show what I can do and I owe a lot to my girlfriend who is sitting in the front row here who supports me in all my musical endeavors. This last set is a very very smooth piece that I think is one of my favorite pieces of all time. Please enjoy." He smiled and stepped back.

He reached down and flipped the card one last time. Outside was dark yet the air was warm so they left the door open. The street lights casted a slight glow into the windows but most of the ambient lighting came from the pot lights in the ceiling.

The flip card read, The Nearness of You by Hoagy Carmichael. He laughed a bit and breathed in. "You ready?' He looked back at his two accompanists.

They both nodded, "Man, I was born ready to play this." The drummer said, he was definitely American as well. He was actually African-American* The bass player nodded, he also seemed American.

Yuuta leaned over to Kaori, "Are they all American?" He whispered.

She turned to him, she had a nice glow to her face. "Yes, they all went to highschool together and made this group when they graduated. All with the same goal they came here to study from the best Jazz musicians. Sure America has some great ones but Japan can offer more sometimes." She smiled and squirmed a bit.

Finally Archer started to snap the beat, the drummer began to play a light rhythm on the snare as bass player plucked whole notes.

Archer took a deep breath again and put his trumpet up to his mouth, his first note was the beginning of the most beautiful song Yuuta had ever heard. Rikka liked Jazz but preferred piano transcriptions of songs instead.

Yuuta's eyes went wide as Archer's fingers flowed between the keys, almost looking like water while doing so. It seemed almost as if the gods had put him on this earth to play music. He eventually set down his trumpet during a lull in the song.

Archer looked at Kaori and waved her over, he whispered something into her ear and then kissed her. When he pulled back she was blushing, Yuuta couldn't tell what he said but she just sat back down at her table brimming with joy and blush.

Archer put his trumpet back up to his mouth and began to play again. Starting with higher notes he created that smoothness again that not even quicksilver could beat. This music was keeping the entire restaurant quiet.

Just as the song ended the drummer started a solid roll as Archer fluttered lightly between multiple notes to create a tapering off effect. He eventually faded out and put his trumpet down slowly.

The whole restaurant began to clap, all 3 of them bowed and stepped back stage.

After a few minutes Archer came out of the back hallway with his trumpet case in hand. He smiled at Kaori and she held her arms out to give him a hug, "That was a beautiful show as always, oh I love you so much." She smiled and held on for a few moments.

"Thanks guys so much for coming to watch the show." Archer stuck his hand out to Yuuta.

Yuuta was a bit confused but then realized what he wanted, he shook his hand, "No it was our pleasure. I've always loved jazz but I can't play any instruments so I'll never perform." He laughed.

"Well that's good that you like it, hey if you ever want to try piano, drums, bass, guitar, trumpet, violin, or trombone just ask me. I can teach you or get someone awesome to teach you." He smiled.

"Oh no no no it's quite alright, I would rather listen to you play amazingly then try to outplay you someday." Yuuta bowed.

"Well again thank you for coming and I'll see you in class Yuuta." Kaori was still glowing and still a bit of blush was on her face.

"Yeah I'll see you in class, have a nice night." Yuuta bowed.

Rikka moved closer to Archer, "That really was amazing, I hope I can listen to you again! Your aura is so strong I can't defy the beauty of it. You have strong magic skills. I will see you again." Rikka took a defensive position bowed slightly and turned heel to walk out with Yuuta.

"Sorry." He laughed a bit but Archer didn't care.

"Oh don't worry, I have a good friend who's infected with Chuuni. It's nice to know some still act that way." He smiled as they walked out.

The street was cool that night. No bugs in the air, and the street lights weren't obnoxiously bright in their eyes. Yuuta reached for Rikka's hand and intertwined his fingers with hers.

"That was nice, I hope to see them again soon. I liked the music he played." She smiled as she looked around the lightly populated street.

They walked home hand in hand as the nightlife of Tokyo just began. Eventually they got back to their apartment.

Walking up the stairs Yuuta saw a note on the door. He walked a bit faster and plucked it off.

Dear and ,

I hope you had a good night tonight, I have hear play before and he is a very talented musician. On a side note, when December rolls around please contact me about what you plan to do. I have a request depending on your plans, and also depending on your plans I may be able to do you a favor that has no need to be paid back. Though please do remember that it is not urgent or necessary but if you happen to do something please tell me. Thank you and carry on loving.


Landlord Bain

Rikka looked at the note, "Wow, that man knows everything." She pursed her lips a bit.

"Well I oddly don't mind it. It's not like he threatens us, I'll try to remember to tell him what our plans are when December rolls around… well come on I'm a bit tired." He opened their door and flicked on a light.

Walking into their office and plugging in his laptop and putting his bag on his chair he came back into the main room.

Rikka was making tea in the kitchen. She put them into cups and brought them into the bedroom. Setting them down on the small table that also had a TV on it Yuuta began to get changed.

After they both changed they drank their tea, brushed their teeth and laid down. Rikka snuggled up to Yuuta, "What do you think he told her?" she whispered to him.

"Mmm, I was thinking about that. I don't know, it seemed very personal and as much as I want to know I should leave it alone. It'd be like me saying I wanted to… well go further again in my video game. It would be hidden only for you to find yet I wouldn't like it if others knew. You know what I mean?" He rubbed her hand slowly.

"I understand, well hopefully they stay together for a long time. I like them." She snuggled into him as they fell asleep. Rikka was happy.

Kaori and Archer just got home and as he opened their door she turned him around, "You know their wondering what you said to me." She pushed him into the house.

"What's the harm in wondering? Even if they do know what's the harm, they are in the same position as us." He smiled and kissed.

"Oh you perverted dog, put your trumpet away I'll be in the bedroom." She blushed a bit but smiled as she walked past him.

After Archer put his trumpet down in his sound booth he walked into the bedroom, Kaori was laying on their American style bed. It was relatively big, about a queen size.

"You know I had to really think about saying that." He cuddled up to her and kissed her neck as he wrapped his arms around her. "I gave you a treat tonight, so when we get home I get my own treat." he whispered into her ear.

She blushed a bit, "Well you treat me so much I have to repay you sometimes." She laughed a bit as he began to move down her body.

Eeeh that was fun, thanks for reading this chapter. The music was fun to tell you about and in the future I hope to do a bit more with the video game creation aspect. In programming I am better than most of the other class in terms of making programs from scratch and making them work the best. So I thank you all for reading, I will see you next chapter, and as always, enjoy!

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