The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 24

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The seasons passed quickly, with more classes and more people they also quickly passed. It was winter now, it wasn't snowing yet but that might change. Will there be a white Christmas this year?

Yuuta hit F9 on his laptop. "This has to be it!" he sat back as he launched the game from Visual Studio©.

Slowly the code flew before his face in the console showing all of the different methods, integers, and just about anything else in the code.

His screen was filled with black and slowly a wisp of purple light went around the screen. It started slowly but eventually started to move faster and faster and faster until it exploded revealing the title of the game in a brilliant dark to light gradation purple with gold border. The Tyrant's World it read. Next it displayed his name at the bottom of the screen with some slow symphonic music in the background.

He hit enter and the game launched to the title screen, there was Start, Options, and Exit there. Yuuta yet again hit enter and started the game.

Nibutani did the voice acting for the narrator and used her old Morisummer voice. It actually worked quite well.

"Not many people believe what they say. Thinking… that they are crazy, or maybe it was just a prank." There was a pause as a monster appeared off of the pure white background. It looked like a constantly shifting blob of ink.

"Monsters from another dimension, known as the "Ethereal Horizon" by the ones who know of these monsters existence. Living alongside humans as if they were one of us." The blob slowly shifted into a japanese girl.

"You cannot trust anyone now, please help protect the world Master." the voice faded away and the screen began to fuzz. Eventually it blinked off like an old TV and a cursor was in the middle of the screen.

"| " was all that was there until it began to type.

The new text read, "Convergence point 003, Evening, Spring". It clicked and rolled down the black screen showing off an apartment courtyard. The moonlight and light breeze spreaded the cherry blossoms over the grass.

On one side there was a girl wearing a corset that had a black skirt. The narrator voice came back on.

"Mmmm, I don't like the looks of that monster." She said as the camera panned to show off a gorilla that was being held up by 3 meter long spider legs.

"Alright, here's what we'll do… bring out your weapon but do not activate it. Try to sneak around the trees until you are almost underneath of him and attack his underside. Make sure he doesn't notice you and activate your weapon right before you strike." She whispered to the player.

Then instructions on how to move came up on the screen. W(te), A(sa), S(to), D(shi) to move around and use the mouse to look around while using left to attack and right to block.

Yuuta moved the girl that looked like Rikka around the trees until he positioned her under the monster.

"Alright good, now press R(su) to draw your weapon. Prepare to perform a quick takedown." She said as Yuuta pressed R(su) and drew the umbrella from her inner thigh after pressing the button on it grew to a full length club like weapon.

"NOW!" Morisummer shouted as Yuuta pressed the Spacebar to jump causing an action sequence to take place as the club sliced up the demon monster causing it to leak giant streaks of black light with a white border to it.

After she landed with a swish and the monster exploded into light she retracted the ridiculously sized club to an umbrella and put it back in her thigh.

"Congratulations Wicked Lord Shingan, another demon down another night to rest easy. Thank you for your service." Morisummer said as the girl on screen bowed and jumped into the sky landing on the apartment building.

The screen had an overlay of TUTORIAL LEVEL COMPLETE as Yuuta sat up and stretched. "Another good day in school." He smiled as he looked out the window of the computer engineering building. He sighed, "Still not snowing.".

To his left he heard a voice, "Well I don't think you can control the weather. If you can I would love to ask you for a favor." Kaori was sitting next to him.

"Haha no I can't control the weather, but yeah I guess you're right. But we have to turn in our projects tomorrow morning and with the shortened class we are on break from there on." He closed the program to package it.

"Yes, I forgot that tomorrow is break. I can't wait, I planned a few things with Archer. Oh by the way he's playing a Christmas Jazz concert at a local really big restaurant. It's his first really big gig. If you and your girlfriend aren't doing anything please stop by." She smiled as she handed him a card with the times and place.

"Well we don't have anything planned… so yeah we'll try to swing by unless something happens!" He smiled and she nodded.

Class ended and Yuuta wrapped up, it was cold outside yet the feel that snow might come soon made him warm. He smiled the whole way back to the apartment. Before he got to the top of the steps he saw the sticky note on the door. It was in the center of the wreath they hung.

He plucked it off the door and it read,

Dear & ,

Would you mind getting married so I can just write one surname? Well I don't want to rush young love. Ahhh well speaking of love I recently gained a favor from an old friend that owns a very nice resort in Niseko. If you would kindly accept I can give you a room that is normally 200 USD a night but I am giving it to you for free… so please do accept. Well I hope you two have a nice Christmas! (Enclosed are the tickets and any needed slips for the trip. The limousine will be outside tomorrow morning.)


Landlord Bain

Yuuta sighed, "He's… to kind." He opened the door and walked in. "Rikka I'm back, how was your day?" He walked into the main room to see Rikka sleeping under the kotatsu they placed there. He smiled and placed his bag next to the table, sitting down next to Rikka he snuggled under to join her in relaxing.

He began to stroke her head slightly and her eyes slowly opened. "Oh… Yuuta welcome home, how was class?" She slowly raised her head.

"It was good, thank you for asking. I have a surprise for you." He smiled again waiting for her to wake up properly.

"Really? What is it?" She was pretty conscious now once she heard surprise.

"Well I just got home and found yet another note on our door from our ever so generous landlord, he has given us a free trip to the mountains of Niseko for Christmas." He slid the tickets over the table.

The whole house had a nice glow to it, they hung Christmas lights on the ceiling all over the house. Sitting under the soft white light Rikka looked at the tickets "These are… very appreciated." Rikka said, seeing all the fees that are pre-paid.

"I would say I don't know where he gets the money but I can take a very excellent guess." He blew air out of his nose in a witty kind of way.

"Well are we going?" Rikka looked up at him with a slight want in her eye. Yuuta was a bit surprised.

"Oh well… yes. I just have to turn in my game tomorrow morning for the big show at school but the limo is coming to pick us up in the morning as well. But I can't wait." He leaned in giving her a kiss.

She wasn't shocked but didn't expect it. After a second she gave in returning the kiss. After they drew back she smiled a bit, "I'll go pack the bags. I can't wait to go." She scooted from under the table and moved into their bedroom.

Yuuta laid on his back, "I guess I have to turn down Kaori's offer then… but spending some more intimate time with Rikka would be really nice." He said to himself.

"Done!" Rikka came out of the room with two packed suitcases.

Yuuta jumped up, "That was fast! Are you sure you even have the proper stuff in there?" He looked at the suitcases.

"I am very sure. My dark senses told me that this would happen and I packed these bags ahead of time." She put her hands on her hips.

"So you read the note but left it there for me to find and wanted to act surprised so I'd be happier?" He looked at her with a bit of disappointment.

"Well… uhm… yes... " She hung her head a bit.

Yuuta moved over to her, "Well I guess I don't mind it though, as long as you're happy I couldn't be any happier." He lifted her head as she was surprised this time and gave her a kiss. She automatically returned it.

"Now let's get some sleep Wicked Lord Shingan, we need it for the trip tomorrow. Oh I also forgot to mention since it's… well 1,000 miles away at the top of Japan there are also plane tickets included. Did you know that?" He looked down at her.

"No! I actually didn't!" She looked really surprised for that. 'Huh she really didn't see them with the other tickets…' He smiled at her.

"I love it when you happy." He smiled again as he closed the door to their bedroom behind him slightly tapping her butt making her jump.

'Yes, tomorrow will be a really happy day.' Rikka smiled to himself.

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