The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 25

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Rikka was sitting in the back of a limo stretched out and laying on the sofa that ran along the side of the driver's right wall.

Yuuta watched her as she slept on the couch with such a peaceful face. He couldn't help but smile at the face she was so tired from waiting for him to get home. He reached across the aisle and stroked her hair a few times.

She moved a bit but didn't wake. She muttered, "Yuuta… Love me till we die…" To which Yuuta smiled and whispered into her ear, "I always will."

The car ride was pretty nice actually, by the time they reached the airport they didn't have to go through customs or anything there was a private entrance for them on a medium sized jet. It wasn't private but not many people were on it and it was very nice.

The captain came on the onboard radio, "Welcome everyone, thank you so much for flying this group private charter. I am your Captain Johannes Steele. I've been flying private planes since I was 23, I'm 32 now! So please sit back and have a nice ride." A click sounded to him stop talking.

As he stopped talking the sound of the engines slowly started up could be heard from inside the cabin. Rikka looked out the window as they slowly sped up with the prop cone which had black and white swirls sped up to make solid circle on it.

Yuuta smiled a her having so much fun. He leaned over and stroked her head a few times. "Come sit down, we're taking off soon." He said as he lounged back in his chair.

The flight was quite long but luckily each seat was almost like a bed. Yuuta took a quick nap but nothing much since he didn't want serious jet lag.

A few hours later

The plane sailed through the clouds as they arrive near the great mountain. The seatbelt light blinked on. The pilot came over the radio, "Welcome everyone to Niseko private airport. When you exit a private bus will be here to pick you up and deliver you to the resort. We thank you for flying this private charter and hope you enjoy your stay. Remember, bundle up and keep warm!" There was a click as the pilot completed the landing with minimum turbulence.

Yuuta poked Rikka in the cheek, "Oi, we're here. Ready to go?" She slowly stirred and looked at him. "Oh, we are here… yes I'm ready." She nodded and began to sit up.

Once off the airplane the cool mountain air was in their lungs. Yuuta stretched his arms in the air and coming back down grabbed their suitcases to walk off the tarmac with.

A bus was waiting there to take them from the airport to the resort that was a bit away. They got on the small luxury bus and sat down waiting for the trip to really start.

The bus ride was very short. Most of the time they were passing through light snow as the sky slowly darkened. They landed around 6:00 and the bus ride was about an hour so they knew it would begin to get dark since it was winter.

The air had a certain texture to it, almost as if you could say the air was smooth. Like a good slice of fish you didn't have to try to breathe it in, it just slid down your throat.

When they had arrived at the resort it was elegant. A three floor large cabin was in front of them. In the main entrance there was a small desk for reception with two people there.

"Hmm the occult must have built this. It is very nice for what it is!" She looked around in amaze and wary.

"Uh-huh, come on let's go check into our room. It must be nice if not nicer than this." He walked over to the table to collect the room key.

The hallways were lined with a soft red carpet and the walls were an amazing soft brown with red accent around the doors. It was almost as if it were a luxury mansion.

Yuuta finally put the magnetic keycard into the door and opened the door. The lights were off and the curtains drawn so he couldn't really see the room that well.

"Hey Rikka can you get the blinds? Wow it's really warm in here… dang I can't find the switch." He said as he fumbled on the wall for the switch.

Rikka went over to the semi-lit blinds and grabbed them with both hands. Pulling them apart a subtle yet bright light filled the room. Rikka turned around to see how the room lit up.

With certain light sensors and the outside lights of the amazing moon the room was extremely romantic. Moon beams shot through into various reflective items and slowly showed the whole room was visible now.

A large four poster bed was centered on one wall with tables on either side of it. On the other side of the bed was a seating area with two chairs and a table large enough to eat on. On the same wall was a bar that had fresh roses in a vase.

The bed actually also had roses all over it, and when Yuuta found a switch instead of lighting electric lights he heard a *click* *click* *click* to several candles around the room light up. Such a warm atmosphere was created.

On the bed was a small notes folded like a tent. Yuuta picked it up and read it.

Dear Mr Togashi and Miss Takanashi,

Yeah… it would be really nice if you could get married so I can just write Mr and Mrs Togashi… or maybe Mr and Mrs Takanashi, up to you I guess. Well thank you for taking me up on my offer. I have a…. surplus of money and I don't use it very often. So I thank you for I like doing good things but I don't have the chance very often. Please, enjoy your trip. Oh, and it's on me so, have fun!


Landlord Bain

Yuuta laughed a bit, "Wow we just got the best landlord in the world didn't we? I… feel a bit worried about the money but hopefully it is all in good interest. Now… what to do about this very nice room here." Yuuta looked around a bit more.

He spotted a familiar box on the table. Picking it up and walking back to the bed where Rikka was standing he opened the box.

Not letting Rikka see what was inside he pulled something out of it. He put a finger up to her lips and slowly lifted it off as he dragged it along her soft lips. He put the piece of chocolate just a bit in her lips so it didn't fall out but there was still excess.

"Hmm yes I know what to do." He smiled a picked her up. Princess style he laid her on the bed. Removing her shoes for her slowly and making sure the piece of chocolate stayed in her lips he slowly worked up the bed.

Now being on top of her he leaned in. Taking a bit out of the chocolate he slowly inched closer. Eventually the chocolate was divided between them and their lips met. Running his hand slowly on her legs he came up the side of her body back to the chocolate box.

Taking another heart shaped chocolate and this time putting it in his mouth he leaned in prompting Rikka to eat it out of his mouth.

She blushed at first but then slowly moved up to meet his lips. Hesitating at first she eventually ate the candy and met his lips again.

They did this a few more times under the candle light while Yuuta slowly removed both of their clothes. All they were wearing now was her underwear and bra, and his underwear.

"I was removing an article of clothing for every piece of chocolate that we ate. And judging by the box having some left we don't wear much clothes do we?" He smirked a bit and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Right now, I don't think any amount of chocolate or dark magic can stop me from this." She said without saying what 'this' was.

Though before long Yuuta was pulled down and on his back as Rikka was on top of him straddling his waist. He could feel his member becoming more stiff as she moved slightly over top of it.

She began to moan a bit as she moved on top of his waist. Yuuta could feel his pants becoming moist and he could only take a guess why. He grabbed her hips and began to speed up her process.

"Yuuuuuta… please…" She looked away from him yet came back for glances. "Can you… well you know… do the thing?" She blushed really hard since she had to ask him to do it.

"I've been waiting all night for you to ask." He sat up and whispered into her ear. After putting her onto the bed and slowly unclipping her bra he felt what layed underneath and smiled, "Their growing aren't they?" To that she blushed and then nodded.

Slowly removing both of their underwear he leaned in, "You ready to feel the pleasure all over again?" He whispered seductively in her ear.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, "I would never come this far to miss those feelings again." She pulled him in and let out a deep moan when he joined with her.

The walls were a decent material and thickness so you couldn't hear them but some could guess possibly what they spent all night doing.

Little do they know this is going to be one of the best vacations of their life.

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