The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 3

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"Yawn… let's see wh-" Yuuta tried sitting up in bed but was stopped. He looked down to see a small girl holding onto him.

"Aah! Oh wait it's just you..." He blushed a bit and laid back down. Poking her face, "Rikka wake up." Poking her cheek again.

"It's so early though..." She managed to mumble while putting her face on his chest.

"Ehm, Rikka you know your head is on my chest… I mean I'm not STOPPING you but just saying." He whispered in his ear a bit.

She opened her eyes slightly. "Well I don't really have a problem with it, so I'll just carry on." She nuzzled back into her human pillow.

"Right… well I guess it is Sunday so we can sleep in..." He crashed back onto his bed and snuggled up to Rikka.

A few hours later all he heard was a whisper of a door opening before *TWANG* a large metal ladle hit the wood above his window causing it to splinter.

Yuuta shot up from bed. "Toko don't do tha-" He was stopped mid sentence. It wasn't Toko who threw it, she would have hit him straight on the head.

"I'm not Toko, but she has been teaching my to throw a ladle. Ever since she hit me in the park I was star struck and needed to be like her!" It was Kumin-senpai. Even though she graduated she was going to the nearby college to be a teacher.

"Kumin? Wait how did you get in to my apartment!?" Yuuta was freaking out a bit.

"Need to know, I see you and Rikka are doing ok." She gave off a slightly perverted smile.

"Huh?" His face went red after he remembered where and whom he laid with. "AHH! Right well I mean uhm yeah I guess ahh!" He screamed and mumbled so much Rikka was woken up.

"What's wrong Yuuta?" She was rubbing her eyes from her tiredness.

He just pointed behind her. She slowly looked over her back at the person standing in the doorway.

"Ah Kumin-senpai! What are you doing here!?" She also blushed at someone seeing them like this.

"Oh I was just passing through the neighborhood and thought to see my favorite couple! Is that an issue?" She gave them a stranger and questioning look.

"Well NO but this is a bit embarrassing... " Yuuta and Rikka said at the same time while looking down and blushing.

"Aw you're so cute sometimes you know that right? Anyway come on sleep heads time to get up." Kumin walked over a ripped off the sheets. Underneath their legs were slightly entwined.

"Ah so cold on my legs, fine I'll get up!" Rikka felt the cold first and stood up to try and warm them up.

Kumin just smiled and backed out of the room.

"They seem to be doing good Toko-chan!" Kumin was still smiling at Toko.

"Yeah I guess they are. I still have to get them out on more damn dates… neither of them will do anything if someone doesn't PUSH them to the date." Toko just smiled, laughed, and looked down at her feet.

"Mmm! If that is all I have to go. Oh and thank you for the ladle skills!" She just skipped out of the house holding her new ladle like a present.

"Rikka what do you want to do today? I'm bored and I finished all my summer work. Have any ideas?" Yuuta was getting on a shirt but the whole time forced to look down so he wouldn't see Rikka getting changed.

"You can look now. But no not really, I mean there is the-" Rikka was cut half way when someone came into the room.

"Need somewhere for a date? I got just the place. Here take them go, now." Toko put a ticket in each of their hands, picked them up and put them out the door. Right when they realized what happened she locked the door behind them.

"Toko I don't have my-" Yuuta felt something in his pocket. Pulling it out he found she put his phone, wallet, and I.D. in there. "Never mind I have it..." He shoved them back in his pocket. Somehow she put both of their shoes on in the process.

"She even put all the stuff I need in my purse. I left it empty last night on my desk, the priestess must be a mind reading demon!" She looked at Yuuta with great revelation in her eyes.

*thunk* he hit her on the head. "Toko is not a mind reading demon… well not a demon at the least." Yuuta remembered Toko put tickets in her hand. "Eh!? Toko gave us full all day passes to the amusement park in the next town. It is HUGE!" Yuuta looked at the ticket in shock.

"Well it seems the priestess has put up a very strong barrier on the base so we cannot re enter. Then we must travel to the next town by train and go to this amusement park." She paused for a second and blushed before saying. "Just you and me..."

"Come on it won't be that bad, we can have lots of fun." He patted her head and grabbed her hand. She still blushed a bit at that but didn't mind it really anymore.

After two train stops and a transfer they arrived to the next town. It was slightly larger than theirs but not by much. They could see the ferris wheel from where they stood right outside the train station.

They walked only a few blocks before finding the entrance to the park. They handed over their tickets and got lanyards. The lady over the desk said, "These will get you anywhere you can go in the park. There are some rides exclusive for full passes, look out for them! And if you show this at any food store not including moving carts then you get 10% your final payment!" She said with a cheerful voice.

"Wow there are a lot of people here... " Rikka looked around and could barely see past the wall of people. She gripped Yuuta's hand a bit tighter.

"Come on it'll be fine just don't let go! What do you want to do first? Up to you really." Yuuta looked down at his amazed girlfriend. 'Hehe it's been a year and I can really only say she's my girlfriend in my head. Oh god I am a ditz.'

"That one!" Rikka just pointed, and she pointed high up. It was one of the parks tallest roller coasters with it's screams being heard all over the park.

"Really? Alright..." Yuuta started walking towards the coaster with Rikki beside him. When they got to the line they saw a sign saying "All full access passes can use the VIP line on select rides. This is one of those!". "Wow the full access passes are good, how much did they cost…?" A feeling of dread and wallet pains hit Yuuta.

They went through the VIP line which only had a few people in it. The regular line wasn't that packed either but this was quicker. The coaster pulled up to the docking station and they got in. There were headrests on the seats, the only thing that meant was it went FAST and those are to prevent whiplash.

"Ready?" Yuuta sheepishly smiled at her while panicking a bit on the inside.

"Yes, I love fast fast and faster roller coasters!" She looked really excited and turns out she does love this stuff.

"Well I learn something new about you everyday." The PA system started a countdown.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2. Yuuta leaned over and kissed Rikka on the cheek. 1!

*PHOOM* The roller coaster shot out of the station. Going over 100 km/h the whole read was screaming. Rikka on the other hand was screaming with excitement.

"WOOH THIS IS AWESOME!" She had her hands up until they came to the first climb.

"...wooooOOOOOW!" Yuuta wasn't aware at how fast the roller coaster was going and he didn't expect the next drop to be there already.

There were loops, drops, drops more drops. An almost vertical drop, there was a part where everyone got misted because the wheels hit a small lake area at the bottom of one drops. At one point they went into a tunnel and there was a corkscrew there. Once the ride finished everyone was… refreshed.

"Zat wus fun..." Yuuta was a bit dizzy and slurred his words. He shook his head and looked around.

"Yuuta want to get something to eat then go on a few more paced rides?" She looked up at him like she wasn't affected by the ride at all.

"Oh uh sure only if I don't vomit on the way there!" Yuuta was a bit too enthusiastic with that saying but he did manage to make it to the food court.

"So what do you want? I'm paying." Yuuta stood with his hands on his hips while looking around.

"Oh I want-" She was cut off by a familiar voice yelling her name.

"RIKKA, YUUTA WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?" It was none other than Nibutani. Though she wasn't alone… Dekomori was with her?

"Nibutani what are you doing here is more like it? Toko pushed us out of the house to go on a… date here." He slowly went quieter with the end of the sentence.

"Oh, well I am kind of here on a date too… long story on my end. I'll tell you later. Hey you getting food?" She saw them looking at the stand earlier.

"Hm? oh yeah. Wait hold on let me break these two knuckle heads up." Yuuta moved over to Rikka and Dekomori. He hit them both on the head and sat them down at a table. "Don't play in public and decide what you want to eat, ok?" He squatted a bit as if talking to a child. Well in a sense he was.

"Yes sir..." Rikka and Dekomori pouted a bit and looked back at the stores.

He walked back over to Nibutani. "Anyway you were saying? Oh right, yeah were getting food want to join us?" Yuuta asked casually. At the same time it was a trap for her to tell him what she was doing here.

"Sure!" She just fell into his trap.

Going to end chapter 3 there but I hope you enjoyed it! I want to make this theme park section last about two chapters and I think it will about reach that. Most of the stuff I will talk about but not describe in detail. Ex| Rides, Food, Attractions. I will just keep it dialogue (except for a few rides I want some good dialogue for.)

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