The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 4

Alright so last chapter I left off when Nibutani & Deko found the couple in the amusement park. More or less you can guess the whole chapter but the words are priceless (well more like worthless unless someone REALLY wants to buy my fanfic…) anyway thanks for reading and, enjoy! Oh and for reference the park is a bit like the one in 'Say "I Love You"' (Just look up 'Land' from Say I Love You | That is the name of the park.)

"I want to know EVERYTHING!" Nibutani was sipping on her soda while staring at Yuuta as if he were on the other side of her sniper scope ready to kill.

They were sitting at one of the various picnic tables in the food area. Rikka and Yuuta were on one side while Nibutani was on the other with Dekomori by her side.

They got the other two occupied with food and a chuni discussion so they could speak like adults acting like teenage girls with good gossip… obviously.

"Where to start… well I guess we can go off of the day after school let out. We are still living together and about to have dinner when Toko shows up from nowhere." He told the story how they got into a small fight and Toko cooked dinner.

"Well there goes a summer vacation alone." Nibutani oddly looked more frustrated than he did.

"That night Toko didn't get a place to stay and slept in Rikka's room…" Yuuta paused for a second.

"So? You guys have three bedroom she slept in-" Her face went red realizing where Rikka and Yuuta slept that night. "NO!" Gasping and covering her mouth.

"Yeah… Rikka hopped into my bed only wearing a long shirt and I had no choice but to sleep next to her. The old room is a storage room now. And then she curled into me and AH" He tried swatting at the memories that weren't physically in front of him anymore.

"WHA!? That is a huge improvement for you! Did Toko plan to do that?" She was still in shock how they slept in the same bed and cuddled.

"Well yeah, the next morning she came in to check on us. But instead it was Kumin-senpai. She saw us like that and just looked at is as cute and nothing more… after that Kumin had gotten us tickets here and Toko pushed us out the door. Literally!" He was still angry over her doing that, but she got EVERYTHING they needed for the day on their person before they left and before they realized it.

"Oh well that's nice of her to visit you but not us!" Nibutani froze for a second realizing she said us.

"Oh right, I never found out. Why are you guys here together?" Yuuta gave a slight death stare knowing something was up, just what?

"Oh well that's not important and phuh ang gu bluh ta!" She was sputtering and going red by the end of the sentence.

"What, are you on some kind of secret DATE with Deko?" He stifled his laugh before she got angry, but she didn't even start. "Wait a minute!" He saw her face was going blushed. "YOU'RE ON A DATE WITH DEKOMORI!" He yelled in her face.

Rikka and Deko turned towards them. "What did you just say?" Rikka looked over a Yuuta being ever so puzzled.

Deko and Nibutani started to blush madly and couldn't look at eachother.

"Well it's hard to explain, but yeah I guess we are on a date..." Nibutani puffed her cheeks and pouted while letting out the truth.

"My servant, all grown up and entering her own contracts! Oh this is a happy day indeed! Since when have you signed it?" Rikka looked very interested.

"I'm not judging but yeah since when? I think it's kind of nice if you ask me." Yuuta was very calm and interested at the relationship.

"Well do you remember when Rikka started dating you?" He nodded. "It was a few months after that, so I want to say when spring started, shortly when you two went to the aquarium." She brought her head up and slowly started to stop blushing.

"But how did you find time to do stuff when you are both really busy?" Yuuta was probably more confused once we remembered they are busy people in school.

"We met during lunch, and on Sundays but it was very slow. I guess that's what I expected of a mortal though..." Deko looked up at Rikka.

'So their contract is similar to mine and Yuuta's because of how we progress slowly compared to others because of embarrassment.' Rikka found that not to be odd. Friends are alike are they not?

"Love you to, baka." She didn't hit her though, to make it fun she leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

"HEY… don't do that, it's embarrassing." She puffed her cheeks up and crossed her arms at Nibutani.

"Right, well if you guys want we can sit here and talk about you two. Or finish our food and go on more rides!" Yuuta looked at the two lovers sitting across from him.

"Sure!" All three of them said in unison.

After a few minutes of catching up and eating they finished their food and started finding more rides. Deko doesn't like the fast rides like Rikka so she stayed down with Yuuta while the other girls rode them.

"So you don't like fast rides?" Yuuta was watching the rides while talking with her.

"Well their not my favorite really... " She was touching her toes together in embarrassment.

"Is that why you are taking your relationship as slow as ours? I wouldn't blame you. I just don't like things happening to where I can't control them." He himself was starting to redden.

"Yuuta, I really like Nibutani and she likes me with my mystical powers. But do you think she would like me more if I didn't have them and acted… normal?" She looked up a Yuuta with a sad face but at the same time she looked serious about it.

"Eh!? Well I mean I think she likes you because of your chuni really. I mean Rikka just has that simple ounce more of cuteness to her that I love because she has that chuni. Guys go nuts when their girlfriends are a bit insecure and shy away from things. Like that umbrella, I remembered pulling it away from her the night I… I confessed to her, I loved the feeling when she hid behind it because I wanted to help her get rid of that scaredness. It was adorable in a sense." He kept calm the whole time, his mouth was just flooding words but Deko followed him.

"So you're saying some people love the fact their partner in contract has fear in some things?" She was misunderstanding a bit but she got it more or less.

"I guess, oh here they come!" Yuuta pointed at Rikka and Nibutani coming down from the rollercoaster.

"Ugh we need a slower ride..." Nibutani was starting to tilt to one side. Deko grabbed her and pushed her straight up.

"Well we only have an hour before the park closes, why don't we go on the ferris wheel? This one is one of the biggest in the country!" Rikka perked up from her phaze.

"I like the idea, votes?" Everyone put their hand up in the air.

"Yatah!" Dekomori fist pumped the air and led the charge to the ferris wheel. Well more like a walk charge but you get the point.

As the group moved towards the ferris wheel the sun began to set and someone came onto the speaker. "The park will soon be closing, all roller coasters are shut down, the water park is shut down, only smaller and more relaxed rides like the Merry Go Round, Tunnel of Love, Haunted House, and Ferris Wheel are open."

"Wow just in time!" Yuuta said as coming up on the ferris wheel line.

"Come on let's get on before they close down." Nibutani nudged him a bit.

As the group came up on the line there was no one there and they got right into a cabin.

Just before the four person cabin came up Rikka and Yuuta got into one but Nibutani grabbed Deko and made a heart with her fingers to the man. To that he just laughed and nodded.

As the door closed on them "Wait guys!" Yuuta just sighed and looked over at Rikka. "They so planned this..." Then blushed a bit.

Back on the ground Nibutani and Deko got into their own cabin. "You know by leaving them alone we also made ourselves alone." She looked at Deko and blushed a bit while smiling.

"Don't think dirty thoughts stupid mortal!" Deko tried using her hair balls (filled with candy btw, they confirmed it on OVA's) but the limited cabin room prevented that.

"Oh baka!" She smiled again but chopped her on the head with her hand. "Come over here, and enjoy the ride."

"Hmph fine!" The little blonde slowly moved over to Nibutani. "You're the only fake magician I can handle..." She puffed up her cheeks but then Nibutani pulled her in for a hug.

"I love you..." She rested her head on the small blondes and just smiled.

Back over in the other cabin Yuuta and Rikka were sitting on the same side at least.

"You know I think we have become closer in the last week than ever before." He blushed a bit but had the courage to look at her.

"Heh!? Oh well I mean I guess you're right..." She blushed a lot but also had the courage to keep looking at him.

"I just want you to know, no matter what happens to you or to me I will always be there. This is one of the strongest lovers contracts I have ever seen." He bent over and kissed her on the cheek.

"As to you Dark Flame Master… you are the strongest mage I have yet to meet but I am still stronger." Before he could say anything he just smiled and she kissed him on the cheek.

"Let's just enjoy the ride." He moved closer to her and grabbed her hand while intertwining their fingers. She didn't mind it and they sat there similar to Nibutani and Deko with heads as if puzzle pieces fitting into one another's necks.

"I love you Yuuta." She spoke softly that he could just hear it as the ferris wheel hit the top and her eyes went full with the beautiful colors of the burning sky.

Well there is to chapter 4, thank you so much for reading and I loved the ending! The whole eyes looking at the beautiful sunset is kind of when she saw the unseen horizon mixed with the roof scene. I will publish the next chapter soon but that's all for now folks, enjoy!

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