The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 5

So what did you think of the last chapter? I really loved the whole ferris wheel ride and them moving just slightly closer… but closer to what? Well holding hands, putting heads into each other, and sleeping in the same bed while cuddling? Well I won't ruin anything but it will be nice, might take a while because of her chunni but you will like it in the end… trust me and, enjoy! :3

*Sniff* "Mmmmm what is that?" Yuuta was slowly getting out of bed. Remembering that Toko was still here so that means… "Huh? Where is Rikka? I thought she fell asleep here again. Ah whatever." He hopped out of bed and opened his door.

"Morning Dark Flame Master you are just in time for the mana replenishment time!" Rikka looked at him from the stove and smiled.

"Uhm, you cooked? Sorry but I might be a bit sceptic of eating that..." He had a face of dread right now.

"Don't worry I cooked it I just wanted to see how you would react if she said she did… well now even your boyfriend says your a bad cook, It's official." Toko was sitting on the couch watching the news.

"Hey! I never said she was a bad cook I just said I am a bit sceptic of her food. It's the ingredients not the execution for her!" He tried defending her just so she wouldn't be sad.

"See I knew he liked my cooking… wait your saying I don't have good taste then!" Rikka puffed her cheeks and slumped in a kitchen chair.

"Eh, well uhm- Ok yeah I guess so sorry Rikka." He looked a bit sad at that for some reason like he let himself down.

"Anyway, just sit down and I'll serve you two." Toko moved swiftly into the kitchen while Yuuta sat down.

"Thank you for cooking!" Yuuta thanked her but didn't get the response he was looking for.

"This meal is free, just don't break Rikka's heart and everything will be ok..." She looked a bit too sincere while saying that, the threat was still there it seemed.

"Priestess I will not let you harm Dark Flame Master!" She put out her lips in protest.

*TWANG* She hit Rikka with the ladle on the head. "Just eat already..." She said with a sigh.

After breakfast they decided to talk a walk along the river side like they usually do.

"So Yuuta." Rikka was balancing herself on the concrete between the path and the grass.

"So Rikka." He said right back not really thinking, what could go wrong by saying that right?

"Oh uhm..." She was stumped for some reason. 'Oh god something could go wrong, was this a joke and she wanted me to say the right thing!?'

"W-" He was cut off by her starting her sentence again.

"Well I was thinking about Toko recently." She looked down at her feet. "She is thinking on moving to Italy forever, she found a nice guy who can speak some Japanese but… mostly she won't be coming back except for Christmas and New Years." She was sad but at the same time she blushed.

"Oh wow, I guess she told you this before I woke up for breakfast?" He was a bit worried about her.

"Yeah… she really seems to like it there so I shall let her leave contract binding with me until a final decision where she makes a stronger contract with someone else." She was starting to look up at him. "But at the same time that means you will be taking care of me without Toko being there. Through college and life and as long as our contract holds to it's full mana." She was now staring him in the eyes.

"Of course I will take care of you, and I am glad you want to go off to University. By the way, did you find any that you like? It is our senior year..." He looked a bit sad but still happy for her. Let's not forget he is blushing thinking about Toko not snooping in on their business anymore.

"You're thinking impure thoughts Dark Flame Master. You must tell me them or our contract is breached!" She pulled out her 'weapon' and put it under his chin.

"Alright alright, I was just thinking about how you and I won't have Toko around… it will just be the two of us living together from then on..." He flinched a bit waiting for her to strike him for that but it never came.

She was blushing a bit and put away her weapon. "I must not lie that I was thinking some impure thoughts myself but I have overcome them. It is nice to know that we have a strong mana connection though." She took a deep breath before continuing to walk.

They took the rest of their walk in silent, looking at the water and going under their bridge. Yuuta ran up behind her and hugged her once to that she squirmed out of then let him hug her properly. They were only gone for about an hour or so but the it felt so much shorter than that.

"We're back!" Yuuta threw his keys in a small bowl next to the door and phone. He looked around for the light switch. "Why is it so-" *click*

"SURPRISE!" Nibutani, Dekomori, Kumin, and Toko all yelled (well not really Toko she just stood there and kind of smiled...kind of we emphasize.)

"AAH!" Rikka clung to Yuuta and hid behind him, Though he was equally shocked.

"What are you all doing in our house!?" He said before even finding out the whole list of people sitting in his house right now.

"Wait a minute, 'our' house? I mean we are here for a reason but who is the other pers-" Nibutani just smiled.

"Huh!? Oh… well she has been living here so long I say she lives here. Even the school makes this her address now." Yuuta kinda shrugged it off.

"Right well none the less let's tell you what the surprise is for!" Kumin was happily hugging a star shaped pillow. "I bought a pillow just for the occasion!" She squeezed it a bit tighter.

"So we heard that you two would be living ALONE alone soon because Toko is officially moving to Italy. Which by the way I want all of the details on him..." She shot a quick but sharp look Toko's way. "But none the less we wanted to get the club back together and Kumin is still on break for a bit longer so we pulled her here to!" Nibutani gave off a killer smile.

"I see it now… you stalked us before knew it would take an hour for us to walk our path and you got everyone here while cooking the food during breakfast and told them already but left me to RIkka. Ugh fine I can deal with that." He looked down and nodded a bit.

"Well then Priestess… I mean Toko, it seems that we have found a place in our long contract that it shall be broken for a longer amount of time than your usual. I wish you great luck near the greatest capital of the magical Administration as well as your culinary goals..." She broke her chuuni role for a second. "Thank you Toko for everything you have done so far." She ran and hugged her sister. Everyone just watched in a wonderful awe.

"Now that that's done let's get this party started!" Dekomori held up a microphone that was attached to the TV. "I brought karaoke!" She looked so happy.

"Hey don't forget about me hero!" A voice called from behind all the other girls.

"Shichimiya what are you doing here!" Rikka was a bit shocked to Yuuta's old companion but never contract holder (as it should be) Shichimiya Satone.

"Well we knew she lived upstairs and you guys know each other decently so I invited her down… you really didn't have to climb down like Rikka does though, it is dangerous and stupid." Toko looked angry and whacked Satone on the head with her ladle. *Twang* "Good, now Yuuta come with me, everyone else have fun!" She threw them a bottle of soda.

Yuuta followed Toko into Rikka's bedroom. She shut the door and jammed it shut so no one could come in after them. He was a bit scared but could kind of guess the subject matter.

"I already know what this is about, and don't w-" He was cut off by a sighing Toko. He was so shocked, he had never seen her depressed, sad, or really anything but deadpan before! "Wait, what is wrong?"

Toko plopped on the bed. "Well you both know you are seniors and this year will be tough while getting into universities and colleges. I am just worried, you're her boyfriend and pretty good at that job. But after I leave for my new fiance I have no control of the poor girl." She sighed again.

"I think I understand..." He tried to piece together what she just said.

"So in short terms I want you to help both of you get in the same college. Help her study, I don't really care what you do romantically anymore because of your glacial speed*. I am just being her sister I guess but I am counting on you, please do this for your girlfriend and my sister." She bowed a bit and didn't look up.

"Haha, oh you don't have to bow! But in all honesty I will help Rikka get into college and mature. Whether or not she outgrows her chuuni I don't care. To be honest that is one of her many cute flaws." He started to smile, then came back on subject. "But really I will take care of her." He grabbed Toko's should to which she flinched up and looked at him being sincere.

"Thank you Yuuta, thank you..." She sniffed a bit then stood up. But instead of heading towards the door she leaned over to him and hugged him. "Be good to her, don't break her heart, and pick out a nice ring. You know what she likes." She gave off a smirk.

"Heh!? Oh uhm yeah sure right oh uh huh!" He was stumbling but she had already left the room.

The night went on peacefully. Deko and Nibutani were in a constant singing competition while trying to squeeze as much info on Toko's new Italian fiance in the making. Kumin mostly slept but when she was awake she was talking with Rikka. Deko sometimes called Rikka in for backup on the singing where it needed a duet. Nibutani still doesn't know why she chose duets if she possibly wouldn't help… crazy girl. But the night was good, they all chatted, and ate, and played till they were tired. Yuuta went to sleep after everyone left and Toko was cleaning up insisting she leave it to her. After 10 minutes though he left something touch. Rikka had curled up to him and whispered. "Good night Dark Flame Master… I love you." She nestled more into his back. To that they fell asleep as if on cloud 9.

Ok well that was kind of a filler chapter not going to lie. But I liked it right? If you want to see more please do, and I came up with Toko leaving and living in Italy ON THE SPOT. That's really how I write all of my stories… but none the less I love writing it that way and outlines don't exist for me because I just sit and type till 4 to 5 pages pop up form my fingers of 90 WPM. Thanks for reading and as always, enjoy!

*-This refers to my IRL girlfriend. At first we were a lot like Rikka and Yuuta to where it took me several months to hold her hand. At one point my history teacher pissed me off by making fun of us and I said. "Don't push it, we move at glacial speed." To which he laughed and forgot about but I have not!

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