The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 6

So I think this chapter is the Toko moves out and they start to know eachother better. Erm I will have this chapter before they go back to school then I don't know the rest of the plan. If you know anything about my writing style is that I never plan it and I don't look back. Type it once and post, no regrets and see how it goes. As always though, enjoy!

"You two are really alright?" Toko was standing halfway out the door.

"Toko, we are both ok. We can take care of ourselves and if we need anything we have friends around that can help." Yuuta was a bit sad of her leaving forever but wanted to reassure her they were in good standings.

"Priestess, you mustn't be lethargic on our well being and mana levels. We are strong and independent. If you require us you can use a personal communication device, correct?" She was so sad she was pulling every thesaurus word from her mind that she could think of.

"Well I suppose you are right… I guess this will be a while till I see you, just remember you two. I love you like my own children and we guard you as so." She pulled them both in for one last hug.

"Good luck in Italy priestess." Rikka bowed a bit. As she closed the door she took a deep breath.

"I know it's hard to let her go but-" He was cut off by the Chuuni grabbing him.

She brought him in for an unexpected hug but it wasn't unwelcomed. He gave a nice hug back to comfort her.

"Thank you..." She was nestling her head into his chest while saying this.

They just stood there and hugged for a while. Not caring about anything but this, it was perfect.

*knock* *knock* That was all they heard before the door opened.

"Don't care if I'm interrupting something, as long as you're not making a baby I'm coming in." It was… Kumin-senpai!?

"Eh!?" Rikka and Yuuta look at their friend in the door.

"Hey love birds!" She was standing there with a pillow in her arms and that cheesy half asleep smile.

"Well it's not like we didn't want to see you, but what are you doing here!?" Yuuta slightly separated from Rikka but she clung to his arm a bit.

"Oh, well I was in the neighborhood and thought to drop by." She sounded like she was done. "Oh and find what you two are doing that's nasty since Toko has left." She gave off that same damn smile.

"What do you mean? Other than some mana replenishing we don't do much around here. And that isn't nasty really..." Rikka couldn't think straight with her Chuuni processing the word nasty.

"Kumin! Like we would do such things!" He was a bit shocked. "I mean unless Rikka wants to..." He started to fade his voice.

"Right well it doesn't matter what you do but it does what I do for you!" She barged in and put her pillow on the couch.

"Do please come in Kumin." Yuuta said with his utmost sarcastic voice. Which by the way is HARD to do in japanese.

"What are you doing here exactly?" Rikka started to uncling from Yuuta. She was very curious to why she was here though.

"Oh, well I know Toko left and I am still in town for a few more days so I thought to drop by, she how you two are doing and make some snacks!" She almost thought that coming into someones house randomly and baking for them was commonplace.

"Uhm right, well I guess we should leave you to that… We will be right back." Yuuta nodded and pulled Rikka into his room.

After closing the door he plopped on his bed. "Ugh, I mean I like Kumin coming over but wow, warnings are nice as well." He wasn't really angry but more interested in why she came here in the first place.

"Well as long as she does not interfere with our contract I am ok with her presence on the compound." She sounded more military than Chuuni but no one really cared.

"I guess your right… wait you think people will try to interfere with our contract like Schimiya!?" He was a bit scared right now because Rikka was touching some very old memories he didn't love that much.

Kumin said she was making snacks but really made about… a three course meal with leftovers. The meal was full of Italian, and French food. Chicken parmesan, crepes, you name it she somehow made it within their small kitchen.

"Kumin-senpai! You made SO MUCH FOOD!" Rikka was just staring wide eyed at the food.

"Well I have been taking classes recently and I just wanted to test my cooking skills. What do you think, dig in! Oh and don't worry I stayed away from tomatoes!" She just smiled, and they just ate. It was wonderful.

About ten plates later…

"Alright, I'm stuffed Kumin that was good, but oh my god I can't eat anymore. I don't like eating a lot but for the sake of trying one of EVERYTHING I just had to eat that much more..." He was taking some deep breaths in his chair.

"That was amazing, but what are you going to do with the rest of the food?" Rikka wanted to try one of everything but didn't because she… wanted to look good for Yuuta!? She blushed a bit when thinking this.

"Do with it? Oh never thought of that. Well how about you guys keep it? I mean most of it should last long because I cooked in wines and stuff that should last for a while." She really didn't want this food, you should have seen her fridge at home. Europe was pouring out of her fridge!

"Reallly!? Thank you so much!" Yuuta would have bowed but couldn't stand up to with such a full stomach. He was going to regret this later and he knew it.

"Yuuta, do you mind taking a walk with me? I need to think..." Rikka for some reason went… not sad but not normal.

"Oh um, Kumin do you need help with the dishes?" He was worried about Rikka but didn't want to be rude.

"Oh, it's not a problem! I will even pack the food for you and everything. Go take a walk with her!" She was so cheerful about washing copious amounts of dishes…

He willingly walked out the door with a slightly troubled girlfriend ahead of him. He couldn't tell if her Chunni was hurting or helping in this situation, he was very worried.

After a few minutes of silent walking he decided to break the silence.

"Rikka you have to tell me what wrong or I can't help..." Yuuta was confused and worried at the same time, why did this happen so suddenly?

She sighed then turned around to face him. "I'm not sad over the priestess moving base of operations outside of the country, nor am I sad because of Kumin not being around as much." She sighed again.

"Then what are you sad about?" He went over to the river side and leaned on the railing.

"I'm sad because I remembered that Kumin is at college, and that she isn't here that much anymore… then I thought what happens when we graduate? Will we have the same fate of not being near each other anymore? Our pact may not stay strong any longer..." She looked down into the water with her rippled reflection.

"No." That was all he said. Rikka being surprised looked up at him wide eyed.

"What do you mean by no?" She had an idea but wasn't sure.

"No means no, we won't leave eachothers side. I will help you apply to colleges and essays and everything. We can apply to the same places and attend the one that we both get accepted to. It's that easy..." He looked determined. He didn't want to lose Rikka like he almost did that one summer. Not again… not like that.

"Yuuta!" That's all she said before jumping into him and wrapping her arms around him tightly.

She was tearing up but not really crying. "I'm glad, thank you..." She nestled into his arms chest.

"Don't worry about it, we can figure it out together." He whispered to her, he stroked her head. Her hair was amazingly soft and he could stand like that forever with her.

"My work here is done." Kumin was watching from a tree nearby. She was sent here by Toko to make sure they solver something about their college applications. She was worried about her and now she had no need to worry. She just walked away and to the nearest train station back to her town. All she could do was smile.

Hmmm, so that wasn't my best chapter but I don't mark it as bad! I hope anyone reading this will like it and I hope you REVIEW it! Next chapter they head back to school and I will have a LOT more dialogue than this chapter because of characters at my disposal. I hope you had fun and as always, enjoy!

P.S. - To get back into their personalities I am rewatching the series so I can get a better grasp of Rikka's speech mannerisms.

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