The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 7

Oh ho ho ho, DO I HAVE A CHAPTER PLANNED FOR YOU! Oh yes, you will love this chapter… :}

"Not the demon fruit!" Rikka was standing in the kitchen as still as a stone.

"It's not for you… baka" Yuuta chopped her on the head lightly.

"Ow?" She made her pain into a question somehow.

"Just sit down so I can make breakfast." He patted her head slightly to which she blushed.

After eating breakfast they left for school taking their regular route on the bridge and a short train ride to their closest station.

"Let's mix it up today!" Yuuta was oddly cheerful for no apparent reason.

"Do you mean releasing the demons from the Underworld so we may take control of this mortal plane!?" She made it sound like she WANTED that to happen.

"No, I mean instead of holding hands to school..." He gripped onto her hand more firmly. "We are walking into school holding hands!"

"Waah!?" She wasn't angry or sad, but more like shocked about.

Yuuta proudly took her hand and strided on towards the school. Everyone knew they were dating, but at the same time everyone knew they moved at a glacier speed. Many people smiled some people gasped at the sight of this. A big day for this schools relationship scene.

"Master! Are you transferring mana to Dark Flame Master through your hand?" Deko was standing near her shoe locker in a wide legged stance.

"Deko stop questioning them!" Nibutani came out of no where and wrapped an arm around Deko's neck. "Fame Summer you are choking me!" Nibutani pulled her hair when she called her 'Fake Summer'.

"RIght, well I think we better get to class before the bell rings. Do we need to watch you two lovebirds?" Yuuta said.

"Hey, don't tell anyone about us! They may think it's weird and then..." She let for of her hair and made the strangle into more of a hug. "I think I might lose her. So don't joke about it!"

"I see that your lovers pact is very strong servant! I must congratulate you with the highest honor!" Rikka didn't care much about them as she did the fact her servant had a pact.

"Thank you master!" Deko tried jumping but hit Nibutani in the chin with a loud *kursh!*

They hurried to their classroom just in time for the bell. After sitting down in their new seats they noticed something. Rikka and Yuuta were sitting next to each other, in the back of the room. The odd thing about their seats is that the class had two more additions over the course of last year so they had to make a new row near the window and thus their current seating situation.

"Hmm, looks like Dark Flame Master has taken academic stronghold near I, the great Wicked Lord Shingan!" Rikka exclaimed.

"That was to elaborate to say you set next to me in class, just say it normally!" He chopped her on the head.

Out of nowhere a wild Nibutani appeared! I didn't mean to make a Pokemon reference, it just ended out that way! :S

"Aww you two lovebirds get to sit next to eachother! Don't try anything weird during class though!" Nibutani sounded a bit too serious.

"What do you think we do!? Better yet what do you do with Deko!" Yuuta was a bit scared of the answer and Rikka blushed when thinking about it.

"Alright class sit down, I hope you enjoyed your summer break!" Nanase-sensei started their lessons for the day.

Class seemed to drag on forever, but all the while Yuuta would look over at Rikka and she would blush before looking back at the teacher.

It was kind of cute to see her blush, and it was one of the many things that he loved about her, he knew just what to do to make her blush as well!

After what felt like an eternity the lunch bell tolled.

"Wooh! I am ready to eat today, class was so boring..." Yuuta was talking while pulling out his bento from under his desk.

"DEMON FRUIT!" Rikka stood up pushing her chair back as she took a defensive pose as her bento.

"Huh? Oh wow look at that! I swapped our bentos, haha sorry about that Rikka!" Yuuta swapped the two bentos and went back to eating.

"Were you trying to use the demon fruit as a way to remove me permanently from this plane of existence?" She was a bit frantic.

He sighed, "No, I just swapped our bentos Rikka, don't over react about it..."

"Hmmph, none the less where is Deko and Nibutani though? They normally join us for lunch." Rikka said.

"I'll go check the school store for them, be right back." He stood up and left the classroom.

After walking around the usual spots to eat lunch and get lunch in the school her almost gave up.

"Wait a minute! People go to the vending machines sometimes to get drinks for lunch, their probably there!" He started walking that way.

When arriving there he could see Deko's hair coming from in between two of the machines.

"Oh, there you-" He froze, they didn't notice him and the best he thought of was freezing.

In between the two vending machines a small blonde girl with long hair was clinging onto a taller brunette. All the while putting her legs around her they were also… k- kissing!?

Eventually Nibutani opened her eyes after a few minutes and she froze. Looking at the paper white and frozen as well Yuuta she gave him a deadly glare.

"I think were good for today Deko, love you but your mana can only max out so far." She was LYING to her just so they could make out during lunch!? That is E - V - I - L with a capital E.

"Roger that! Oh and..." she pointed her toes together. "Sorry for calling you Fake Summer earlier, I forgot that I promised not to call you that." She said.

"Don't worry about." Nibutani bent down and gave her one last kiss before leaving their spot.

Yuuta ran down the hall just before Deko saw him. Coming back to their classroom he sat down with a sigh.

"What's wrong Yuuta? Oh and where are-" Rikka was cut off with Nbutani sitting down with Deko in tail.

"Oh nothing is wrong and look there they are!" He tried to play it off as he sat there in quiet eating while Nibutani gave him a death glance here and there.

Lunch went by fast but science class was up next so the rest of the day wouldn't be extremely boring. Yuuta couldn't stop thinking about Deko and Nibutani though and almost burnt his lab coat. After a quick panic he settled down.

During the last class Yuuta looked over at Rikka one last time. Just then the vending machine scene popped into his head but instead of Deko and Nibutani it was… RIKKA AND HIM!? He blushed and bit and shook it off.

*BONG* The last bell rung. The teacher announced homework and everyone began to pack up. After a few minutes Rikka picked up her bag and they headed down to the shoe lockers.

"So anything interesting happen today?" Rikka looked up at him.

'Did I say something about the vending machines!?' "Huh!? Why do you ask, nothing really you were by my side the whole day!" He tried playing it off but failed. Though she still bought it.

"Alright then, come let's go home!" After getting on their shoes she grabbed his hand to which he jumped a bit but grabbed back.

"Looks like another day in paradise is coming to a close then." Yuuta took a deep breath while walking down the school drive.

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