The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 8

Remember last chapters little escapade between the vending machines? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah (It's gonna be good!)

*Knock* "Yuuta..." Rikka's voice was weak and quiet.

Yuuta's sister had already gone to sleep and she was trying to be quiet.

"Yeah?" Yuuta whispered from his desk, he was reading before going to bed.

It was dark in the hallway and Rikka was wearing his shirt, for some reason it was so long that she refused to wear the baggy pants anymore. He didn't care but it was a bit weird.

She opened the door. "I require stronger mana regeneration this evening." She had her eyepatch and contact lens off, looking so cute.

"So you want to sleep in the same bed again?" He knew what she wanted but knew she was to shy. He wasn't against it but… he just blushed a bit.

She started to blush a bit as well "Uhm… well I need HP and Mana-". He cut her off.

"Sure, just don't kick me or anything." He walked over to her and patted her on the head while smiling.

He put his book down and moved over to the bed. After putting a second pillow down he pulled up the sheet so she could go first. Sometimes she would roll around in her sleep so he didn't want her to fall off bed. She climbed into the bed and curled up like a cat. Yuuta shut off the light and just laughed a bit. After laying down next to her within a second Rikka flipped around the nestled into Yuuta.

"Night Rikka..." He smiled at dug into his pillow.

"Good night dark flame master." She yawned and fell asleep pretty fast.

The next couple of days went pretty fast and Saturday was now here. Toko called to check up once and then Kumin came over to cook dinner again last night. Other than that I never saw Nibutani and Deko… kissing again but I did see them leave the vending machine area a few times slightly flustered.

Rikka woke up slowly and stretched, looking out his window though it was still almost dark.

"Why did I wake up so early? Wait, where is Yuuta?" She said in a waking voice.

Yuuta was not in the bed still, she always wondered why she couldn't tell when he got up even though she sleeps on his chest, she walked into the kitchen and Yuuta was sitting on the couch watching the news.

"Uhm, Yuuta it is Saturday right? I mean we have school right?" She looked over at the table to see two bentos and their bags packed in the seats. She was already changed but didn't know where her breakfast was.

"Oh yeah I know, everything is packed but since we have some time. Grab your bag come with me." Yuuta turned off the TV and hopped up. He grabbed his bag and started walking out.

"Where are we going!?" As she scrambled to get her bag. She chased out the door after him.

They stopped by the convenience store (Alright let's be honest, it IS a 7-11) and bought her favorite snack. Apparently packed fried chicken is her favorite.

After that they walked our usual way onto the bridge but just as they reached the end Yuuta pulled Rikka off onto the path that leads to the underside of the bridge where everything happened.

"Yuuta what's wrong?" She was confused but still walked with him.

"Do you know why I wanted to bring you here so early?" He finally reached the water side and looked over the railing. After that he just pointed.

Her eyes went into awe. Where the river fell off the world the sky was in the middle of burning itself awake. It was a beautiful sight that could only be witnessed at an early time in the morning and on the verge of the evening.

"You see. I brought you here because I knew that this happened about a half an hour before we got onto the bridge. It's not the beginning of the sunrise but-" He was cut short by Rikka.

She turned him around and hugged him. Not like most times where she would go back to back with him or even when she would put her head on his back. She full frontal hugged him.

"Dark Flame Master, I love you..." She didn't blush, but at the same time she was very sincere.

"Wicked Lord Shingan, I love you too." He tilted her head up so they were facing eachother.

At first her was going to make a move but she beat him to it. In one swift motion she closed her eyes on the sunrise and met with him. It was pure bliss, they didn't hold pinkies anymore, they didn't hug with them facing the same way anymore. Now they even got past kissing cheeks.

For the first time in their relationship, they didn't need help from their friends, family or anyone all they did was wait. That was their reward for dating a whole year, a long and savory kiss just the two of them in their special place with an amazing sunrise.

After a minute or so they broke. Slightly blushing on both of them.

"Thank you for being here" They said at the same time.

After that they lingered in the hug for a moment longer then walking to school together. For the rest of the day Yuuta would look across the classroom at Rikka and if she saw him she would blush and look away.

*RING* "YUUTA!" A voice from the hall was calling him.

"Did someone call my name?" Yuuta looked around and only saw a kid with a buzz cut being dragged by a teacher down the hall.

He shrugged, "Oh well, I guess it was nothing..." As he packed his bag.

"Ready to go?" Rikka popped up behind him.

"Oh, yeah I'm ready, do we have club today?" Yuuta grabbed his bag.

"Yes! Wicked Lord Shingan declares it so." She looked a bit too excited.

Eventually when they got to the end of the school hall and was in earshot of the club room it was stranged.

"Uhm, do you hear anything? Normally nibutani and deko are fighting… wait-" He put a finger on his lips to tell her to be quiet.

He slowly snuck up on the door with his school slippers on and the door was slightly open. Right before he took a peek inside he heard something. 'Was that a moan?' He peeked in. To what he could so someone pulled… the kotatsu out!? He couldn't see anyone because he was crouched but someone had to be in there to put the kotatsu there.

He stood up slowly and was met with a nice *KLONK* on the head from Rikka's chin.

"Ow!" He whispered, "What were you doing above me!?" He said but didn't get a response.

"..." It took a minute longer for him to find out why she wasn't speaking. She could see over the kotatsu and to the other side.

He stood where she was and looked in. "Oh, well that explains why you are like that." He looked over the kotatsu to see Nibutani and Dekomori sleeping in eachothers arms and very warmly at that. "Yeah, this isn't the worst of it. Don't get to worked up over it."

"B- b- but I thought they were enemies!" She was a bit shocked

"Were you not with me when we… oh wait you weren't. Ok this explains a lot. Come with me." He grabbed her hand and led her to the roof. Luckily the wooden struts were still there so they could walk on them. "Oh and don't worry I won't let go of you." He smiled at her causing her to blush a bit.

They sat down and talked for almost an hour about what happened between the two girls. After a while she lowered her Chunibyo levels and let in the truth. The fact that Nibutani and Dekomori have entered their own love pact between them because they found each other to be perfect even with the fighting.

"So what about 'Fake Summer' and whatnot?" Rikka looked up at Yuuta.

"Well she said she would try to stop but here and there she might slip up." He was being honest to what Nibutani told her.

"Oh… well then I guess if they both wanted it then I don't mind it either. My servant is already making her own pacts!" She squealed a bit just thinking about it.

"Well I think it's our time to leave, the sun is almost set." He looked out over the horizon at the beautiful sunset.

Leaning in he whispered in her ear, "It's almost as beautiful as you..." leaving the you part linger on her ear.

She looked back blushing a bit, but before he could see her completely kissed him on the lips really quickly and ran back to the door.

"Rikka, wait for me!" He yelled before getting up himself.

He chased after her the entire way home, he knew she was embarrassed but still continued to follow her. After a while they got home settling down and their sister cooked dinner for them.

"The lovers special!" She said when placing down the dish on the table. It was a curry stir fry with flowers lining the pan. In the center was a large heart made of shrimp. "Oh and don't worry, I already ate out with Kumin!" She said as she skipped into her room.

"Uhm… alright then-" He turned back over to Rikka. "I guess we should eat?" He motioned to the spoon next to the pot.

"Oh! Yes we must replenish our mana tonight with the lov- lov- lovers special!" She managed to spit out then immediately diving into the pot.

He laughed and just sat back to watch her be embarrassed.

After a while of talking and laughing and looking like tomatoes they finished dinner. Now it being a casual thing Rikka went into Yuuta's bedroom quickly got changed and hopped in bed. He never really thought about it but Rikka never wore pants to bed, he knew not to try anything but at the same time just wearing a long shirt couldn't be safe for her. He thought about this while laying in bed next to Rikka silently. He threw it off for now and fell asleep.

So what did you THINK! I thought that was a well written and well timed kiss for them! I wanted it to be in their special place and I thought… well night is always interrupted for them so why not try the sunRISE? So I did and I think I liked it. Thank you for reading PLEASE REVIEW THIS STORY but as always, enjoy!

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