The Dark Tyrant's Eye

Chapter 9

And so what was your thoughts on the previous chapter!? I thought it was so sweet (in a cute kind of way not 90's sweet as in cool slang… oh god the 90's) But other than that this chapter will mark off the rest of the fan fiction so have fun and as always, enjoy!

"It's that time of year again. The 3rd years are all stuck doing nothing but tests upon tests and submitting forms that dictate the rest of their learning experience..." Yuuta sighed while plopping on the desk.

It was about ¾ through their third year and their school started prepping them for college entrance exams. It was going really well for them considering all things. Every night they would study for about an hour then maybe goof around with Yuuta's old stuff. It all seemed perfect except for one issue… Rikka still had no clue where she wanted to go to college.

"Togashi-kun!" Nibutani planted her hands on Yuuta's desk making him jump a bit.

"Since we have testing and stuff for the rest of the year do you want to go downtown today?"

He sighed, "Eh I still have to to find a college for Rikka and I to apply to… I don't think I can today. Maybe this Sunday?"

"Oh you're so selfless… oh well, I guess it'll just be Deko and I then. See ya!" She ran out of the classroom door where Deko was standing and waiting.

"Hey, don't do anything weird okay?" He smiled to that remark.

At the same time they both blushed so did he remembering that he had shared his first kiss with Rikka not to long ago. They hadn't kissed since but that's what made it all the more special.

"Something wrong?" Rikka bent down and really close to Yuuta's face.

He jumped back a bit, "Huh!? Oh uhm nothing is wrong! Yeah, why would you think that!" He grabbed his bag and started walking out of the classroom.

"Wait for me!" Rikka rushed back to her desk and grabbed her stuff. All the while thinking of what was wrong with Yuuta.

After walking home they crashed on the couch. "You know we never found somewhere that was suitable for the both of us..."

"There was one place but the mage's society protected it with a spell that requires extreme amounts of MP to break through." She sighed.

"You mean the tuition was through the roof? You know you should have just said that." He tapped her on top of the head lightly.

*Ding Dong* "Eh? I wasn't expecting anyone… and Kuzuha moved back to Jakarta since she finished with middle school." He got up to answer the door.

When he opened the door no one was there he checked up the stairs and down but nothing at all. When walking back in his foot struck a package. When I mean a package I mean this looks like the entire days worth of New York times delivery. Bringing it inside he plopped it on the table with a loud *thud*

"What the heck is this package!" He looked for a label but it seemed to be hand delivered.

Taking a pair of scissors from the kitchen he cut the string holding it then the brown paper surrounding it. After removing one side of the parchment a landslide of pamphlets came falling out of the package.

"What are all these?" Rikka picked one up and started to read it. Then picked another up. Then went rummaging through the pile of pamphlets. "These are college pamphlets from all over the country and not one of these are a duplicate!" She stared at all of them.

A few hours later they were still sitting at the kitchen table with a big waste bucket next to them. Throwing any pamphlets away that were on the other end of the county and ones that were not suitable for Chuuni students. After coming down to 10 pamphlets they let out a loud sigh.

"Ok Toko so sent these… this has to be at least 500 pamphlets and each one is different. I don't even want to know where she found all these!" Yuuta stared at the remaining papers.

"Priestess has attempting to lure us into a trap by visiting one of these institutes!" Rikka jumped back a bit.

"No" He chopped her head. "She is trying to find somewhere we can both attend and I can help you get through college, that's what is happening!" He then rubbed her head a bit hoping to make it feel better.

"I know… but it's just so hard to pick one! I don't feel ready to be doing this it's just so much work." She pouted a bit.

"Why don't we sleep on it? Pack a few in your bag and read them during study hall tomorrow? I'll do the same and when we eat lunch we can talk about them, ok?" Yuuta was using a soft voice knowing this was tough for her.

She nodded and reached for their dirty dinner plates. He grabbed her hand lightly.

"Don't worry about it, I'll clean up dinner tonight. Go get ready for bed and I'll be right there." He got up from his seat and gave her a hug. Kissing her forehead as they sperated.

She smiled and slowly moved to his room to get changed. After cleaning the dishes he climbed into bed with her while letting her wrap her arms around him.

He whispered in her ear, "I love you..." As they fell asleep.

"HERE!" Rikka slammed a pamphlet down on his desk. They split the 10 in half so they read 5 each. Yuuta was down to two and Rikka got down to one school.

He picked up the pamphlet, "Tokyo University. The most diverse school in Japan." He read through the rest of the pamphlet. After that he set it down.

"I'm not saying no, but no points for creativity. Though if you really want to try for this school I am willing to help you." He said while pulling both their bentos out of his bag.

"I will do everything in my evil eye's power to get me into this institution of higher learning!" She put her hands on her hips and looked up in pride.

"Alright alright. Just sit down and eat before you starve." He laughed a little bit before continuing to open his bento,

After lunch rolled over the class resumed to test taking. They didn't take them in the morning but after lunch they started the age old process. The great part about taking the tests during school is that they don't have to come in on weekends to take the tests. Also they don't have to pay for the tests like other countries do. So for the most part they were fortunate if you think about it.

Luckily for them they had to submit their colleges to their homeroom teacher so that all their test scores could be sent to their respective admissions offices this Saturday. Today was Friday and they just handed in the paper work during lunch. Another huge load off their back.

Now the only thing Yuuta had to worry about was getting Rikka to study so that passing the tests were actually possible. He dropped his pencil.

"Togashi-kun!" Nibutani slammed her hands on his desk again. It was Saturday afternoon and school just ended.

"Yes I'll go downtown with you and Deko. I'll ask Rikka as well and no I don't think we should treat it as a double date. Just marry me ok?" He answered all her questions and more with that one sentence.

"Uhm… just marry me?" Nibutani was confused by that statement.

"Huh? Oh… it was something I saw in an American TV show and that's how they got someone to leave them alone. or was I watching a romance movie with Rikka and I just proposed to you." Yuuta started to slowly turn red as he found out what he just said.

"I'll pretend nothing happened and go wait for you!" She said with a smile on her face.

"Oh uh yeah good plan! Just give me a minute!" Yuuta grabbed his bag and grabbed Rikka as they all headed downtown to blow off some steam after college exams.

Alright so nothing really happened that chapter in terms of romance but I really wanted to progress the story so I solved it with this lack-luster chapter with more cluster fucks than StarCraft II and X-Com Enemy Unknown combined. So let me know what you thought of this and how it read but next chapter we will have some fun with this 'not a double date' date! Thanks for reading and as always, enjoy!

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