Created in 2007. What does Joker want with one of Arkham's patients? Can Batman save her before Joker causes anymore harm to her and many others? Only time may tell...

Thriller / Drama
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The Object Of Obsession

Doctor Hugo Strange sighed as he leaned back in his leather chair; looking past the knick-knacks he had on his desk, and onto his dark, lone patient who sat silently in her own chair. The female patient sat in an odd, proper manner, as to which one of royalty would sit, with her hands folded neatly in her lap and her ankles crossed. Doctor Strange rearranged his glasses on his face so they fit more comfortably on his nose and such.

"How are you feeling today, Miss Hathaway?" The Doctor asked his patient in a calm, but slightly in a mysterious way.

The female patient slouched in her chair and bowed her head so that her brown hair covered her face. "Better...I guess," she replied softly in a somewhat disturbed tone. She looked into the doctor's face, and her green eyes seemed to glow brightly in the moonlight from the windows in the room. "My name is Xack...did you forget?"

Doctor Hugo scuffed and a smile began to crack on the edge of his mouth. "Sorry, I get used to addressing my patients that way. Forgive me, but at times I do forget at how the people here want to be identified as." His expression turned to be a bit more serious now. "Now to discuss at why I have wanted to talk with you today. You seemed a bit more...content yesterday, but now in your former state of mind..." Xack's gaze slowly trailed away from her doctor's face. "Does it have something to do with the Joker crying in the night?"

Xack bowed her head once more, but only this time she covered her face with her hands. "He said he...had a plan on escaping this place; he can always escape from here somehow..." A single tear slowly rolled down her cheeks. "He wanted me to come with him...but I-I told him no, after all..." She gazed back at Doctor Strange, "I am to be released tomorrow. At least...that is what you have told me..."

Doctor Strange nodded, "Yes of course, as long as you mantain mental stability...otherwise, tomorrow evening, you will be stamped as cured and will leave for home along with your brother, Adam--"

"Eddie!" Xack snapped rather rudely, but then cleared her throat and folded her hands into her lap again. "He does not like his real name, but his other name you know..."

"Yes, 'Eddie'...my mistake," Doctor Strange mumbled. Then he folded his hands and leaned forward in his chair slightly. "For the sake of your sanity, along for the safety and sake for your brother, it would be wise to avoid and not talk with your friend Joker anymore..."

Xack sighed oddly, but nodded. "I know...and Doctor Strange..." The Doctor furrowed his eyebrows at his female patient. "The Joker...is not my friend anymore...and never will be. I am over him, and want to be over him..."

"However, by the tone of your voice, it does not seem like you want to forget about Joker that easily... Now tell me: how do you really feel about him?" Xack could see that her doctor had the strangest of smiles on his face, as if he really wanted to know what sort of feelings she had for her clown friend.

Xack slowly got up from her seat and narrowed her eyes at the doctor; annoyed by his personal question. "I'm sorry, but I don't want to talk about him anymore. Doctor Strange, I just want to go back -- to my cell. That is all..."

Doctor Strange raised an eyebrow, but slowly nodded his head. He was slightly disappointed that he could not know the odd attraction between a dark, severely depressed child to the happy, psychotic clown. "Very well, you may go back. The nurse will escort you to your cell..." He gestured to the nurse who stood in the doorway of his office. Xack turned around to see a pleasant-faced nurse with blonde hair tied up in a bun. She smiled sweetly at Xack.

The young nurse held out her hand, and spoke in a soft voice, "Please, take my hand, miss...I will accompany you back to your room."

Xack sighed and groaned quietly as she took the hand of the nurse, and then the two of them left Doctor Strange's office. Xack hated to be escorted like this to and from rooms of Arkham Asylum, but the workers here were forewarned about this, since the doctors have stated that Xack can suddenly breakdown or go into one of her delusional status'. None of this has happened recently, but the people are just being cautious about it.

Xack's mind at the moment was all a mess, trying to decide on how her life and her brother's will be when they go back home. She felt rather embarrased that she didn't really know how to be a sister to Eddie ever since their parents died. It made her wonder if her older brother, Shaun is ready to take care of the boy. She shook these thoughts out of her head for now, for all she cared about was returning to her home state. New York was not even close to her original home. As a few minutes had passed by, Xack snapped back to reality as she and the nurse almost strode by a familiar cell with the number '223' in brass. When Xack had gone by, her spine chilled when she heard a voice from within echo off the walls and out the small window of the cell door.

"Hello...Xack..." The voice from cell 223 spoke. The voice was mirthful, but at the same time, it had a hint of darkness to it; almost wicked. Xack stopped in her tracks and slightly turned her head so she could see the shadowy outline in the cell next to herself. She became fearful when the figure's eyes were upon her; large and red, with tiny, piercing yellow pupils.

Xack cleared her throat and the words she spoke were a bit scratchy, as if she had suddenly come down with a cold. She wished that would come true at the moment, but it didn't. "Hello...Joker...," she barely rasped from her mouth. Xack wanted to leave and go back to her cell, but something inside her -- a feeling she had, told her to stay and hear what the Joker had to say. Even though Hugo Strange had informed her not to speak with Joker anymore, Xack did not want to listen to it.

The Joker cackled lightly and shifted around in the straight jacket he was in, "A little birdie came by and told me that you went and saw the 'Crazy Doctor'..." Xack slowly nodded to his statement. "Did you happen to talk about me today?"

Xack sighed and began to speak in an uncaring, monotone voice, "There are no birds here Joker, only doctors and such... It must of been an Orderly that has told you about me; and no, Joker...I didn't want to talk about you anymore..."

The Joker growled under his breath, but soon faded into one of his menacing smiles. "You were so much more fun to chatter with when you had first come here. How does one change so fast?..."

The nurse who stood next to Xack nudged her arm a little, "Miss...it is time you have gone back to your cell now..."

Xack briefly glanced at the nurse but then back to Joker's cell. "I'm letting go of this Joker, how about you?"

Joker's eyes narrowed and he whispered in a rash tone, "I never let go..."

Xack sighed and began to walk with the nurse down the cold, damp hallways of the asylum. "I'm going home Joker, with my brother tomorrow. There is nothing that's going to stop us from leaving this place..." Xack didn't speak another word as she slowly trailed back to her room with the nurse at her side.

The Joker started to squeal and cry out, as Xack had mentioned to Doctor Strange that he did in a previous night, but the clown villain lessened his noisy complaints and clenched his teeth as he said, "We'll see about that..."

As the two young women approached Xack's cell, the nurse kindly opened the door and showed the girl in. "If you need anything, just remember to hit the buzzer on the side of the door..." The nurse smiled and gently closed the cell door behind her.

Xack's cell (including her brother's, who is next door) is much different than the regular patients here at Arkham. The walls were of regular wood, painted with a soft blue. The floor was tiled, but still nicely done. Because of Xack and her brother's parents, they had 'nice rooms' at the asylum. The walls, floors, and even the beds were all a whole lot nicer than what Joker, or any other patient would have. The doctors and nurses still kept tabs on the two children, but not as much attention as the older sister, since Xack was the more depressed one.

Xack yawned softly and sat on her bed, and beside it, was a nightstand with a large sketchbook and some other drawings around. People would think she would draw such demented and frightening things, but she doesn't. She loves to draw fairies, and make up her own fashions for her drawings to wear. In her sketchbook though, she had other drawings that she doesn't want her doctors or anyone else to see...

"I'm going home tomorrow..." Xack said quietly to herself, and she rested upon her back. "There is nothing that's going to stop me from doing it."

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