Batbot to the Rescue

Bruce had not been in his office at Wayne Enterprises that long when his hand-held bat wave went off in his suit pocket. He jumped slightly in his seat as he felt this little device vibrate furiously, but he quickly took it out and examined it to see what the problem is. The little object pinpointed a spot on the Gotham City map, and a few sentences from the police files appeared next to this map. The text read that the Gotham National Bank had just been blown, or even broken into. The text did not tell who the assailant was though. Bruce guessed that perhaps the Joker is robbing for cash again, but would the clown really go into the same bank he had just been to before? Bruce knew he had no time to sit and think about this, so he quickly dashed out of his office to this bank as... the Batman.

Batman knew the police would arrive in a matter of minutes, but if it was Joker robbing the bank, then the Clown Prince would most likely escape before anyone showed up! For Batman though, he wanted to be the one to bring Joker to justice, and save the missing people. Then again, neither Batman nor the police were having any luck on doing such things, but still, getting early to a bank robbing would be the best thing.

When the Batman did arrive on the scene, he was surprised to see that the police weren't there yet. He knew it would not be long though when they would finally come, so he knew he better figure out the problem before the police would interfere. Batman stepped out of his Batmobile slowly and observed his surroundings, or rather the crime scene. His eyes first caught sight of a good sized hole in the side of the bank. He narrowed his eyes in suspicion. If the bank's wall had been blown by a bomb, then the hole would be much larger, and debris would be everywhere, but in this case, rubble was not all over the place. It appeared that the wall wasn't blown to bits at all.

Batman carefully stepped over the large cement blocks and into the bank to find the criminal who was responsible for what happened. Oddly enough, all was quiet in the Gotham National Bank, and this made Batman even more questionable as to who or why this crime was committed. As he gazed around the interiors of the bank, he realized that nothing, not even the dust on untouched counters, had been disturbed. All that wasn't right was the whole in the wall. "Someone lured me here..." Batman grumbled to himself.

"I was hoping to meet you once again..." Came a sinister voice that sounded somewhat enthused to Batman's presence. Batman recognized that voice almost instantly, for the Dark Knight never forgets who he puts away. He turned around in place and he knew his thoughts to be right: Bane. No one could tell of the expressions Bane had underneath the mask he wears, for his whole leather black suit covers nearly his entire body; even his face! Batman could also see that the muscular criminal still wore, or somehow acquired, the steroid venom that powers him up.

Bane leaned to the side and crossed his arms. "I will never forget your face, for you are the one who defeated me months ago."

Batman smirked, "I can't forget your face either, Bane -- who could? Especially the manner of the way you dress."

Bane growled and clenched both of his fists together, "You may have won the last battle with the aid of your robot, but this time you have no machine to save you!" He snickered softly as he swiftly turned the dial on his hand, and in a matter of moments, the steroid venom began to pump through his body -- through his system -- through his very veins. As he did before, Batman was horrified to see this well-built frame of Bane turn into something even more built beyond belief! Bane's wide frame was barely tearing through his leather, and the very skin on him turned from a pale to a blood red! Batman still couldn't believe his own eyes as to what he saw once more.

Bane let out a deep laugh as he looked over his enormous size. "It is now time for you to die, little man," he growled lowly, and for his first move, he roared as he slammed a closed fist on Batman. Luckily for the Bat, he sidestepped out of the way just as the fist hit the ground. Bane growled more angrily to this. "You cannot avoid my fury forever!" Bane bellowed as he threw out both of his enclosed fists at Batman. Fortunately, Batman managed to dodge the first blow, but the second fist hit him hard, and the poor hero was flung to the other end of the Bank.

Batman grunted painfully as he tried to lift himself off the ground, and he knew he'd be lucky if he didn't suffer any injuries on that attack. He hurt badly, but he couldn't give up that easily; not without a fight.

Bane grinned maliciously as he slowly took booming steps towards Batman. "My purpose here and now, is to crush every bone in your body, and I will not be satisfied until I complete it." He roared once more as he practically stomped his way on over to Batman. Just as Batman got up from the ground though, his eyes grew wide as he saw Bane already standing in front of him. Bane laughed rashly as he took up the fallen Batman in his huge hand. "You are not getting away this time..." Bane snarled lowly.

Batman grunted as he tried as hard as he could to reach the little smoke bombs he had on his utility belt. When Bane started to squeeze Batman like he was some sort of orange, the Dark Knight did not hesitate to throw a couple of smoke bombs in his face. Even though Batman knew those small objects wouldn't hurt Bane, but at least it was a distraction so the big brute would release him.

Batman looked up at the obscured Bane through the smoke and realized that barely any of his gadgets would hurt Bane. Batman needed his Batbot in order to defeat Bane. Batman had no other choice: he had to activate his Batwave for Alfred to see. Batman dearly needs someone's help with the Batbot at this crucial moment.

"Check it out, Ed!" Xack called out excitedly to her brother. Eddie looked up and his mouth was left a gap as he saw his sister toying around -- or rather, toying inside, what appeared to be a very large robot that resembled a bat. Xack's smile widened when she figured out how her movements could make the robot's move in the very same manner. "Isn't this some awesome robot? Wow! No wonder all the villains want to beat up Batman!"

Eddie sighed a little worriedly as he continued to look over at all the weird construction of the Batcave, and couldn't help but wonder what each and object did. Then the young boy slowly walked over to the computer console that seemed to be the main feature of the whole room. Just as he was about to fiddle around on the computer, both children jumped in their shoes as they heard someone come down another private elevator to where they are!

Eddie gave out a fearful yelp and started to run around in circles. Xack watched her brother do this and couldn't help but roll her eyes at him. "We're gonna die! We're gonna die! We're doomed! Doomed!"

"Shut-up, Ed! We're not gonna die!" Xack called out to him angrily, and suddenly, both children were silent as they saw the elevator reach their level. Is it Bruce that was about to find out about this? The children's minds kept wondering as to what Bruce would do if he found out that they knew his secret, but no; it was not Bruce that had exited the elevator. As soon as Alfred had stepped out of the elevator, all the color in his face nearly drained when he saw Xack sitting in the Batbot, and Eddie hovering over the computer terminal. Alfred was so shocked to see the two down in the Batcave that he couldn't find the right words to say to them.

Eddie was the first to speak, "Xack did it! Xack did it! Her idea to come down here!" He spoke so quickly that both Alfred and Xack could barely make out what he was saying.

After a few moments went by, Alfred was still silent. Xack scoffed and rolled her eyes at the butler. "Oh come on! Don't look so surprised. Both of us were bond to find out Mr. Wayne's secret! I always figured he was the Batman anyways." She smiled proudly as she started to control the Batbot's movements again. Eddie stood still as a statue as he continued to look at Alfred.

Alfred tried to relax himself a little as he exhaled deeply, and then he crossed his arms and glared at both children. "Discovering this place or not, you two children should not be down here! This is no playground; you young Hathaway's can seriously injure yourselves!" He approached Xack in the Batbot, and waited for her to give an answer. "Did you not hear me?" He asked impatiently.

Xack grunted and leaned back in the pilot's seat. "Yes, I've heard you Alfred -- God! Do you grown-ups always have to ruin the fun?" She now crossed her arms and pouted childishly.

Even though Alfred was getting very irritated by Xack's behavior, and let alone that she was not getting out of the Batbot, he still struggled to remain as calm as possible. "Ah, so I see that you have finally decided to stop calling me 'butler,'" Spoke Alfred, who sounded slightly amused by that fact. "What matter persuaded you to change your mind?"

Xack grinned with glee, "Since the moment I found out who the Batman was! Oooooh... you just don't know how happy I am right now to know this!" She squealed and pressed a button inside the Batbot. The girl gasped as the opening to the robot had suddenly closed on her; even Alfred and Eddie were astonished to see this happen. "Hey!" Both Alfred and Eddie heard Xack pounding her fists against the inside of the Batbot. "How do I get out of here?" Because of the Batbot's interior, her voice sounded more wrapped, and even made it difficult to translate.

Alfred cracked a small smile on his face. "If you have gotten yourself trapped in there, then you should know how to get out as well." He leaned in more to look over the Batbot, but he shook his head. "I am sorry, Miss Hathaway, but it seems that there is no button to release you from within. You will have to find your own way out of there."

Xack groaned, "Stupid... robot thing..."

Eddie now walked himself over to the Batbot and examined around it as well. "It really cool looking..." He breathed out, and he gently ran his hand over the android.

"Ugh... I can barely hear in this thing..." Grumbled Xack as she crossed her arms and slumped in the seat. "And I can't find the stupid button to get out! Come on! Help me!"

Alfred sighed and began to examine all around the Batbot. "There must be a way for you to get out of the Batbot. Master Bruce will surely be angered to see you inside." Just as Eddie was about to join in the search to get Xack out, everyone's spines tingled as they heard the Batwave blare through the cave, and even Batman's signal was blinking across the computer monitor.

"Hey! What's going on here? Is the Batcave on fire or something?" Xack catechized a little sarcastically, and by the tone of her voice, it seemed she didn't give a care in the world if something happened in the cave or not.

Alfred hurried over to the terminal to see what's the matter. "Oh dear... Master Bruce is in trouble..."

"Bruce..." Eddie now stood right next to Alfred and starred up at him with a most innocent, and worried expression on his face. "What wrong with him?"

Alfred quickly pressed a few keys on the keyboard. His eyes widened on what appeared on the screen. "It seems that... Master Bruce requests the Batbot to aid him immediately..." He gazed back at the robot and his face looked solemn. "This matter does seem grave indeed, does it not?"

"What?" Xack could hardly hear what Alfred was saying. "You say something about Mr. Wayne?" She pressed her ears up against the metal interior to hear him better.

Alfred slowly walked over to the Batbot and sighed somewhat mournfully, "Master Bruce... needs the Batbot, Miss Hathaway..." He took a step back as he heard Xack squeal with glee from within.

"Really? If I'm stuck in here, then that means I'm the one who can save Batman! Wow -- me! Saving the Batman, instead of him saving me!" Eddie giggled under his breath as he heard his sister squeal some more.

Alfred wanted to panic at this point: a girl who finds out Bruce's secret, now wants to go save him while in the Batbot? Bruce would flip if he knew she was in there the first place, let alone that she knows he's the Batman. "Miss Hathaway, you cannot be serious?" He protested sternly. "Master Bruce would be furious to know you children have violated his secrets, but let alone to discover that you -- Miss Hathaway, are in his machines."

Xack was speechless for a minute before she spoke again. "Look... Alfred: I'm stuck inside this robot thing, and if I don't go now to save Batman... he can die..."

Alfred gazed around the Batcave; realizing that whatever he was thinking could be risking lives, but there really wasn't any other choice. "Very well..." He murmured ever so quietly. "Please do be very careful, and take the utmost caution using Master Bruce's inventions."

"What?" Xack rasped out for she couldn't hear the butler, "Oh whatever, I'm going now." Even the girl thought she already learned how to control the Batbot, but she couldn't; she didn't really master on how to work the robot's legs, or even the other gadgets in there. "As soon as I find my way out, I'll go save Batman... hopefully I'll make it in time."

"Batman!" Bellowed Bane as his steps pounded into the ground, and looking for where the Batman went or where he had hidden. "Come out and face me like the pathetic man you are!"

Batman was kneeling against some large debris, trying to hide from the gargantuan beast that Bane is. Batman knew he couldn't keep hiding from this criminal forever; he would have to face Bane, even if the Batbot didn't come for him. "Where is it?..." Batman whispered to himself. As if in some TV show -- right on cue, Batman and Bane felt the earth rumble beneath them. Looking around to see what was causing such a commotion, both men saw a large outline in the distance; running rather clumsily down the road.

"Man... controlling this thing is hard! Good thing he got a tracking device on him, or finding the dude would be even harder for me!" Xack complained as she was having a difficult time making the Batbot move its legs. "Why the heck Batman need this thing anyways? Especially since it's the Joker -- I mean... I don't want to hurt the clown..." She bit her lip nervously to this.

When Xack was nearing the bank, with both Batman and Bane there, the girl's eyes widened as to who Batman's nemesis was. "Oh crap! I thought it was the Joker!" She suddenly halted the robot's movements, which caused the machine to jerk forward slightly.

The Batman risen to his feet and eyed the Batbot oddly. "Alfred?" Batman wondered, thinking that his loyal butler was the one inside the Batbot. "Does he... even know how to control it?"

Xack started to panic, and her breathing became rapid as she was staring face-to-face with Bane. "Miss Hathaway..." The girl looked all around herself as she heard Alfred's voice. "You cannot let Master Bruce know you're in there. Please, do be careful..." Xack reassured him that she'll be okay, but by the tone of her voice, anyone could tell that she was frightened right now.

Bane shifted his eyes from Batman and then back to the Batbot. "So, I see you do not need to be inside this damned machine of yours to control it. I'll have the pleasure of crushing you and this robot!" Batman stood his ground as Bane growled and charged towards him.

Xack gasped quietly and had a determined expression on her face. "No way dude," she whispered rashly, and she thrust the controls on the Batbot for it to run forward after Bane. Just as the giant creature was about to throw his fists down on Batman, Bane grunted as the Batbot lifted him off the ground and threw him into the bank's walls.

As the commotion kept going on between Bane and the Batbot, Detective Bennett arrived on the scene, and as he got out of his car, he couldn't believe his eyes at what he was seeing. "Bennett... Bennett!" Detective Bennett grabbed his walkie-talkie that he heard Detective Yin's voice from. "Bennett, what's going on at the Gotham National Bank? Should I send for backup?" He was silent for a moment; thinking. "I'm investigating a few places that are rumored Joker robbed, but not much evidence -- Bennett, you're still not answering. What's going on down there?"

Detective Bennett gazed at the bank and watched Bane fight off the Batbot, while Batman was trying to find a way to help out. Detective Bennett cracked a sly smile on the edge of his lips and answered back to Detective Yin, "No, cancel backup. Everything's all cool here."

Detective Yin sighed tiredly, "The Batman's there, isn't he?" Detective Bennett didn't answer, and neither did she for a few seconds. "Bennett... I don't want the Chief breathing down your neck again! I'll give Batman just five more minutes of this, and no less than that; and Bennett..." Detective Bennett listened carefully now. "I'm doing that favor for you, and not for Batman..." Then she was heard no more.

"Thanks Yin..." Detective Bennett said gratefully, and he sounded very relieved to hear this.

Meanwhile, Xack was having a hard time trying to fight off and defend herself against Bane's might, even in the Batbot, Bane is such a difficult opponent to face. Batman knew he had to think of something to bring Bane down, but what could it be? Bane grunted as he punched the Batbot hard in the torso area, and even Xack felt the blow from within. "Doesn't this dude ever get tired?" She thought breathlessly, and she quickly used the robot to catch one of Bane's fists before it hit the machine.

"Give up..." Bane growled lowly to the Batbot. "I don't know if there is a human inside this machine, but I'll be happy to find that out..." Xack gave out a yelp when he ruthlessly ripped off one of the Batbot's arms. Now the girl knew she was in trouble.

"Bane!" Batman cried out for his attention. Bane slowly turned around in place and eyed the Batman irritably. Batman smirked as he threw a bunch of small objects to the ground, and right when they hit the surface, they exploded with smoke upon impact. Bane began to hack badly to this thick smoke, but his coughs slowly merged into laughs of triumph. "You stupid Bat!" He wheezed from the smoke. "Smoke is not going to stop me from destroying you and your machine!"

"This isn't smoke," Batman retorted, and Bane looked puzzled to see the most unusual, little device in Batman's mouth. "This is sleeping gas, and the amount I threw is powerful enough to take down an elephant." Batman slowly took a couple steps forward to Bane. "Feeling sleepy yet?"

Batman and Xack watched Bane as he started to rock back and forth in place, and soon this rocking became clumsy staggering. "I... am... not... defeated... and will not... until I..." Before Bane realized what was happening, and he was even having a hard time seeing straight since his vision was now becoming blurred, the Batbot came around and landed a powerful uppercut under his face. Bane groaned exhaustedly as his body collapsed to the ground.

For a few minutes, both Batman and the Batbot just stood there and gazed down at the unconscious Bane. Batman looked around himself and then up at his machine. "We should leave our separate ways. I'll meet you back at the cave..." Batman stated, still thinking he was talking to Alfred inside the Batbot. The Batbot gave him the thumbs up and started to take off down the street quickly. Batman just stood there with a perplexed expression on his face. "It has to be Alfred inside there..." he whispered inside his mind. "No one else would know about this..."

Alfred stood in the parking garage of the Batcave, and waited for his master to return from his 'night duties.' Sure enough, the butler straightened himself as he saw Batman's Batmobile pull in to the area and stopped next to Alfred. "How was your evening, Sir?" Alfred asked politely.

Batman scoffed as he got out of the car. "for the exception of Bane, I haven't heard any new reports of Joker's doings." Alfred briefly smiled, and then turned around to walk away. Just then, Batman stopped him, "Alfred... I meant to ask: how did you know to control the Batbot? When I sent that transmission, I thought it was preprogrammed to come to me all by itself."

Alfred still kept on walking away and headed towards the Batbot that stood close to the computer terminal. "Speaking of which, Master Bruce, there is something that you need to know..." Batman cocked his head and seemed a bit confused by this.

"What is it?" Batman wondered, and was a little worried himself as to what Alfred had to say.

As Alfred kept on walking towards the robot, he replied, "It is a matter with the Batbot, Sir..." When he reached the thing, he stopped and waited for Batman to catch up. "I cannot get the robot to open for me..."

Batman now stood next to Alfred and looked the Batbot over. "What do you mean? How did you get into the Batbot before?..."

Alfred sighed, "I was never in the Batbot, Master Bruce."

Batman pressed a few buttons on the side of the robot and asked once again, "Then... how?" Before Alfred would reply, Batman could see clearly that the answer was already in front of him. Just as the Batbot opened up, Batman felt a very cold chill run through him as he saw Xack sitting in the cockpit with a small smile on her face.

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