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If It Happened


It's hard to watch people vanish before you, especially when you began loving them.

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1

It is a cloudy morning. Even if the sun doesn't shine, it doesn't ruin my day or what. I faced the mirror and caught my short golden hair in a low ponytail. I know that everything's going fine. Why? Today is the last day in the university and then, it is officially our Christmas vacation. I ran out of my room and ran down stairs, heading to the kitchen. I snatched the pancake on the first plate and quickly dashed to the front door.

"Len! Aren't you going to wait for your sister?" Mom asked as she put pancakes on the other plate, which is for my twin sis, Rin.

"No way, Mom! She's too girly and spends almost two hours to prepare herself! Gonna go. Bye Mom!" I said and put on my shoes and ran out of our house. I got an umbrella hanging on my shoulder because I'm too lazy to put it on my arm or to hold it. I'm thinking if Rin will get mad because I left her. It's not like I'll be late or what, I'm just excited over nothing.

Rin and I were so close before. Although we are twins, 'though we are exactly looking the same, 'though we had opposite genders, we always do random trips together. Just this time, we grow older, the only thing we do together now is to walk together to the University or to walk back home or...to go to the grocery store.

The day is really cloudy. The skies are darkening so I rushed down the bridge to catch the last train trip.

"Good morning, Mr. Tome!" I greeted the officer on the ticket-pass. He's good to Rin and I, as he always did, When we're younger.

"Good morning, Len. Why are you so early?" he asked, giving me a train pass as I hand him my payment.

"I exactly don't know, sir. I'm just excited to have Christmas break, maybe." I giggled as I step on the platform.

"Oh, Len. You're already 18 but still, you act like a kid." he said, laughing while tapping my shoulder.

"Mr. Tome, I told you before! Life's too short and I'll be a kid only once. I have to enjoy my youth." I anwered his little wondering, giving him a wink. He smiled and patted my head saying,

"Here you go again, VERY WISE. C'mon, the train's coming. Take care." and he left.

The train stopped and I quickly went inside. The train was fixed for five minutes before it started to move. I'm feeling more excited to get to the University like how a kid feels when about to go to the carnival. I can't stop thinking how things gonna go. The trip lasted for 15 minutes. I quickly stormed out of the train and ran uphill, heading the university. I don't care if I may look childish. I quickly step inside the university hall-entrance. It is about 200 meters long and after passing thru it, it is roofless. It will lead you to the inner space of the campus. The trees are tall and creepy as they literally cover the open ground with their shades. The leaves rustled with the wind as the sky turned darker than ever. Few students are walking along the open ground. Maybe because it is about vacation?

The nearest building from the university hall was the Engineering department- and I'm in. Rin is on Languages, very far from far. Far from here!

I love serenity. I really do. I felt tiny droplets of water against my skin, as if they are sprinkled over me. It's starting to rain and the students are dashing away. Some ran back to the shielded hall; some continued to walk because they carry umbrellas with them- I'm one of those, some just ran, laughing with their friends enjoying the rainfall. I smiled with the thought. I want to bath under the the rain too but not now. It'll be embarrassing to enter the class with a wet look while carrying your umbrella.

I went down on path leading to he Engineering building. The feeling isn't strange. Well, I'm alone walking towards my department. If there's a punctuality award, I deserve it. In my surprise, a figure quickly passed by my side. A girl rushed to the building, leaving me wondering. While I walked really slow enjoying the orchestra of nature, her long turquoise hair caught in twin pigtails seem to fly as she did her best to reach the building. It is odd to see University students who kept on tying their hair as if they're still in high school. After she reached the shade, she tripped on the last stair and she dropped face down on the ground.

I don't want to act like I was cold-hearted or what, so I swiftly went to her. Thanks long legs! I'm there within seconds. I quickly dropped my umbrella on the corner.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I put my hand on her small waist, my other hand hold her her arm as I pull her up. It's weird since she looks like she didn't know that she dropped on the ground.

"Ah, Thank you." that's what all she said and turned to face me. I never ever thought in my entire life that girls like her still exist. Her face looks so smooth as satin. However, it is pallid. I don't know if she's just sick or what. Her eyes reminded me of the seas I'd seen in my life. I'm not so certain but it looks...emotionless.

She walked away as the rain poured harder. I pick up my umbrella and closed it. I turned to my heel and entered the building but I saw the same teal-haired girl, seated on the couch of the lobby. Her head was resting against the headrest of the couch, her eyes pressed closed. Her feet kept on swinging back and forth. Dumbness struck my head again as the thoughts came entering my head. We are basically alone in the building so it's a good chance to talk with her. Not that I mean anything, I usually can't talk with girls esp. if Gakupo or Kaito is with me...or both of them makes it worst. They may taunt me to forever by just talking to a girl. Not to mention a beautiful one like her.

"Are you sure that you're okay?" I asked, sitting on the parallel seat from her. Surprised, her eyes flew open as she quickly sit straight and give a bow.

"I'm sorry. Yes, I'm fine." she looked up to me, those eyes look at me like they are the pacific ocean packed into two round circles that happened to be her irises. They are so pretty.

"Are you an Engineering student?" I asked. She shook her head no and played with her thumbs. I stood and hand her my umbrella and said,

"Here, take this. You need it more than I." I smiled at her. I'm pretty sure that if either Kaito or Gakupo had seen me smile like this they'll call it 'a smile that makes girls swoon.' Although I can't see it that way...I don't know, just don't know. I never intend girls to swoon, their neurons may die that's bad for them.

She stood and willingly got the umbrella with a brief "Thanks" and left. She went thru the spinning glass door like the wind and carefully walked down stairs.

"Wait!" I exclaimed but my voice just echoed in the lobby while I watched her ran away. I forgot to ask her name. I never had any other friends, a girl one, other than my twin sister, Rin. I don't know if I'm a natural scary-looking guy that can't make a girl to be my friend. Or maybe I'm just afraid that they may not be as good as my twin.

"I'm Len," I mumbled to myself. I just don't want to sound girly or what, but I'll be grateful if I'll be able to know her name. I held the smile to myself and went upstairs. I went to the fifth floor, down to the Hoshine Hall and went straight to the room where my first class will be. I quickly conquered the seat beside the window. Yup, the term is conquered because "I CAME, I SAW, I CONQUERED." Other words, first come-first serve. I brought out my sketchpad that I always have with me even I'm not an architecture student, I love to draw. I started to draw the teal-haired girl, that moment I'd seen her- somewhat sleeping on the lobby. I held my pencil and guided my hand to strokes. I want to produce the image in my head perfectly, exactly how I'd seen her. This will be easy since silence is with me.

Time passed quickly without noticing it. My classmates arrived one by one. Good thing, I'm invisible, not seen as usual. With that, nobody disturbed me, I can make it. I'm just finishing the details anyway, scratch a little with the shading. I colored it even, I always bring my color pencils- see how much I love to draw.

"What the fudge is that, Len!?"

I was surprised When Kaito suddenly appeared from behind.

"You're drawing a girl! Congratulations, I thought you're a gay and you got a crush on Gakupo...that's why you care less for girls!" he said, snatching my sketchpad away from me.

"Give it back!" I hissed and stole it from him, quickly putting it in my bag. "I'm not a gay, Kaito. Just- shut up!" I added, a little irritated with his good time over me. This blue haired guy, who happened to be my friend, is deliberately annoying. He loved to piss me with his jokes and pranks and all sort of embarrassment he can do to me.

"Oh, come on. I'm just kidding you, golden boy. You made it good." he said, sounds convincing but I don't want to believe it. He's Kaito Shion after all!

"Hey, it's too early, bro! What are you arguing here?" Gakupo inserted, bringing his bag down on the seat before mine. He sat over his desk, running his hands to his purple fringe.

"Oh... Gakupo, our virgin lady has drawn a girl!" Kaito chirped, laughing his lungs out. I quickly punched him straight to his stomach after calling me virgin lady. I'm not a lady. I'm not a LADY! I heard Gakupo laughed a little; he's not as dull headed as Kaito.

"Really, Len? May I see it? You know that I'm your fan." Gakupo spoke.

"Yeah, sure." I said. He's more trustworthy than Kaito. I brought out my sketchpad and hand it to Gakupo. As he flipped the pages, looking for the newest drawing, Kaito started again.

"He has drawn Rose from Titanic!" This time, I quickly tackle Kaito down on the floor, punching his stomach but he's just laughing. Are my punches that light?

"Wow, Len! Amazing! It's on the lobby right?" asked Gakupo, sitting on the floor, joining me and Kaito. I nodded and felt my cheeks warm up. Why am I feeling like a girl being complimented?

"OH! I thought it was from Len's nasty imagination, hahaha!" said Kaito. If I'm just a dragon, he must be ashes right now. I jumped and sat over his stomach making him yell with all his curses against me. Gakupo and I laughed as he rolled away, holding his stomach while cursing me. He doesn't care even our classmates yelled for him to stop cursing. He mostly said that I'm a "F" or an "A-hole," or natural borne piece of "S." See? He's such a sweet best friend!

"Shut up, Kaito. This is real. I'd seen this girl before." said Gakupo that made me turn my head towards him, lightning speed.

"What!?" Kaito and I screamed in unison. I gave Kaito a glare as he gave me a 'I'm-shocked-too' look.

"Oh. Haha. She's the daughter of our former professor here; She's Mr. Hoshine's daughter." he said that made Kaito crawl against the shining wooden floor.

"Are you kidding me? Isn't she too young to be his daughter, and isn't he too old to be his father?" said Kaito and he was quickly hushed by Gakupo's statement.

"You're fertility won't stop even you're 100 years old, right? " and Gakupo rolled his eyes.

"Hey, have some respect." said I, knowing that Mr. Hoshine had died just a day ago. I suddenly felt bad for the girl. I think I know now why she went to the Engineering building.

"You know her name?" I asked.

"Why would you bother to know? Oh... you're interested huh? You're taking chances because you know that you no longer have to pass Sir Hoshine's examination before getting to know her." said Kaito, poking my cheeks. I set him aside or else I'll kill him, right here, right now.

"Ah... Ms. Hoshine! Hahaha! I honestly don't know. Well, I seldom see her here. Usually after dismissal, she's over staying in the department-library, reading sound-engineering books. Then her dad will come and they'll go home." explained Gakupo, giving my sketchpad back. I never overstayed after dismissal because Rin always waits after her classes at the University entrance.

"Go back to your seat, people." we heard the teacher announced as we quickly go back to our proper seats. The class started without me being ready. My brain is not recovering from Gakupo's info, saying that the girl is Mr. Hoshine's daughter. I thought of what Kaito said Mr. Hoshine is already 60, and the girl might be around 18...but that's possible, right?

"Ms. Megurine, please solve the problem on board."

I went back to reality after hearing the instructor called Luka to answer the problem. I zoned out long. Oh well, I am Len Kagamine and nothing's impossible for me. This is my virtue that's why I always have A and A+ with Kaito and Gakupo. We don't look like smart people at all. Well, Kaito looks like a man-whore, literally girls do chase her. On the other hand, Gakupo's long hair makes him look so masculine. Yaay, like an old world samurai. And I look so mediocre, or that's what I thought?

"Thank you, Ms. Megurine. Take your seat." hearing those words made me face palm. I mentally slapped my face. I spaced out again. Why am I losing concentration, hn? Am I supressed by the pre-vacation syndrome?

" Mr. Kagamine, is there any problem?" Great! Our instructor has noticed my idiocy. Just great.

"N-no, No sir. I j-just...tried to h-hit the fly... on my forehead." I stuttered, sounding stupid like I never did before. The teacher just gave me a skeptic look and continued discussing.

"Ahh... Ms. Hoshine?" said Kaito, his one hand under his chin, winking at me. I rolled my eyes and listened to Mr. Suetake instead.

"Good bye, sir."

Time drifted quickly. This four-hour class was over that fast. It's just half-pass early to have lunch. Gakupo, Kaito and I walked along the hall, planning to go the roof top. Kaito protested against the original plan to go and stay in the library. He said that it's about to have vacation and he doesn't want to become a bookworm like ME. Seriously, he calls me a NERD. That label...

As we passed by the faculty, people there sounded lonely. I overheard that Mr. Hoshine's daughter went solely at her father's funeral, as requested by Mr. Hoshine before he died. I didn't know how much a private person Mr. Hoshine could be. We actually sounded like good friends every class and sometimes he seemed to be a life coach to me, giving tips of success. I wished I was there on his funeral to show respect and gratitude to him.

"Len! Zoning out again?" I heard Kaito yelled. I was left standing in front of the faculty while they are 10 meters away from me. I saw Kaito shrugged as Gakupo hand gestured for me to rush.

Kaito twisted the knob and lead us at the roof top.

"Your idea sucks, Kaito! It is raining!" I yelled and turned away.

"Hey, Len" I turned back and saw Gakupo and Kaito with their umbrellas, standing under the rain.

"Oh." I said and tried to clutch something on my arm. None? On my shoulder? None?

"Crap. I lost my umbrella!" I exclaimed. Gakupo smiled ear to ear as Kaito winced in disappointment.

"Come here." said Kaito as he let me share with his umbrella. He kept on pulling my bangs saying how bad he feels for me because I'm such a failure.

"Why did you leave your umbrella!? You heard it on the weather news right? Don't be such naive, Len. We're not here for you forever." Kaito ranted like a parent with his speech.

"Don't be so dramatic, Kaito. It's just an umbrella." defended Gakupo.

"That's it! You're spoiling our brat!" expalined Kaito as they started to exchange insults with each other. Gakupo said that Kaito rants like his mom. Kaito yelled that he'll kick Gakupo's nigga out. Gakupo said that Kaito isa spoiled brat. Kaito spoiled Gakupo's first kiss and so on. Before the two could go below the belt talks, I shunned them by pushing their faces away, saying;

"Excuse me; I knew that I brought it. I just can't remember where I put- " I cut myself and cursed beneath my breath, remembering what happened to my umbrella.

"Where you what?" they asked in unison. I felt my face warmed in horror.

"Hey, your face is red. Are you sick?" Kaito asked and I just face palm.

"I gave it to Ms. Hoshine," I said in regret.

"What! So you actually had seen her earlier?" he asked again, all impossible disappointment seen in his eyes... I just nodded, hoping he'll not push the talk further.

"Of course, he had seen her. If he hadn't, he will haven't drawn her" Gakupo told Kaito with a 'duh' tone. They began cursing again. I just heard their immorality until we reached a small shed and settled there.

"Shut up! The way you licked my ass is no compare with what you want to do with Luka!" yelled Gakupo followed by a laughter.

"Wait, WHAT!" I exclaimed, giving a pause in opening my bento. I'd seen Kaito's face flush with pink as he was left speechless.

"He's dating Luka?" I asked while Gakupo almost cried as he laughed.

"Nope, Lenny brat. He's just dreaming that Luka will be his girlfriend, but that's not what Luka wants." said he and gave Kaito a pathetic look. I patted Kaito's back to show we don't need girls. Kidding, I'm serious. But Gakupo laughed again and said that Kaito was never in-love that way. These two were actually childhood best friends. No wonder why they always spill each other's secrets.

"Yeah, I was never like this before." said Kaito quietly as we start having our lunch peacefully. We are quiet all the time as we eat our lunch. I watched the rain till it kissed the ground. Serenity again. I love it. I suddenly felt bad for Kaito. He was not this quiet or sad at all, maybe that's what infatuation do to guys.

"Don't worry," Gakupo said, breaking the silence. Kaito and I looked at him; waiting what will he say next.

"Just try to confess your feelings to her. You'll be as good as gold if you release that sick love of yours," he continued.

"Just...!" he added.

"Don't expect her to accept you, bro. You know girls, they love dumping." he added, having a gulp of his drink. I looked over Kaito; Gakupo sounds sincere and I don't know what to say. I don't know because I never felt the same thing. I'm in-love with my studies and I think girls are distraction- just like when Rin says a lot of girly stuffs to Mom.

"Yeah, thanks bro. And I hate you for spilling it to Len, you piece of-" I didn't listen to Kaito's curse.

"WHY NOT? Len's a best friend too. You're just too secretive when it comes to girls, haha!" yelled Gakupo, combing his purple hair with his fingers.

"Len will not understand. Let's see. What can you advice Len?" Kaito turned to me. I just sighed and nodded.

"I didn't know. I never knew what you are feeling." I answered as the rain poured harder harder than earlier.

"They didn't say that Christmas will be stormy. Let's go back." Gakupo said as we trailed our way back inside the building.

We head to our next class even it's an hour more before it'll start. I, again, sat beside tbe window. Gakupo occupied the seat in front mine and Kaito claimed the seat on my right.

"So guys, what's your plan for Christmas?" asked Gakupo, facing the two of us. Kaito instantly shrugged as he said that they'll spend Christmas over one side of the family. I think that sounds cool- to move out of this sleepless town and spend vacation somewhere peaceful.

"You?" asked Gakupo, turning to me.

"I..well, it will be a normal dinner with family. I guess?" I said with boredom.

"Oh... I'm heading out of town, too. Enjoy your vacation then, Len." said Gakupo and smiled. The two talked more while I was drowning in my own thoughts. I ducked over my desk with several things on going in my head. I hope that the Fates will lead us to meet again, so she could bring my umbrella back.

I slowly felt my eyes so heavy. I didn't fight the feeling and I drifted to a dreamless sleep.


My eyes flew open as I quickly sat from my seat. The instructor has come and Gakupo called me back to reality. Why am I slacking too often today? The attack of pre-vacation syndrome again!? Yaay.

The instructor quickly does brief discussion. This will be our last class today. Yeah, every Friday we only have two subject. The first one was a four-hour class in the morning; and this one, four-hour class after lunch. Since it's almost vacation, half of the class hour was a formal discussion, half was about vacation talks.

Mr. Tomoya asked several of our classmates what are they gonna do and he turned to call Luka. She is that noticeable, ah? Both Gakupo and I shifted our gaze from Luka to Kaito, an evil smirk spreading on our faces. Kaito mouthed his curses to us and we just laughed with his reaction.

"Well, sir. My family planned to have some reunion in some city." she said as we wiggled our eye brows to Kaito.

"Ask what city. Who knows, you might happen to come in similar places." Gakupo whispered loudly that made Kaito throw his notes to him. They looked so funny by just taunting and annoying each other.

"Steal her first kiss under the mistletoe," added Gakupo that made Kaito's bag tackle his face. Kaito's face turned as red as a tomato. Is that what love can do? Yueck. It's like a chronic disease then. Well, in my case, I love numbers.

The class gets to ask Sir's plans for vacation. The last two hours lasted, consumed by random things. When the class dismissed, I looked over the window and noticed that ceaseless rain. It's not getting better. I put on my bag and went out of the room. The guys are waiting for me, they'll walk me to the University hall, knowing that my sis will be there. We all walk out in silence. I bothered to take a last look around since I'm gonna miss it here because of the vacation. We are about to reach the Entrance when I saw Rin standing there, holding her orange umbrella. As we approach, I clearly had seen her raising her eyebrow seeing me sharing my friend's umbrella.

"Hi, Rin!" Gakupo and Kaito said in unison as a light shade of pink appeared on Rin's cheek.

"Hello. My twin is such an idiot to leave his belongings. Come, now. Len." said Rin with that same sarcastic face.

"He didn't-" - "Yeah, I did. I mean, I think I lost it in the train earlier." I cut Kaito's mouth of a machine gun before he rants about Ms. Hoshine. I don't want Rin to know a thing about that. She will not cease in taunting me if ever she learnt about it. Ever since, I wasn't reported to be interested with girls. I'm not saying that I'm interested with Ms. Hoshine either, just don't get me wrong. I just don't want to sound like I do, err.

"Yeah!" Kaito exclaimed, faking a laugh afterwards. I waved a goodbye to the guys as Rin and I walked down to the train station. It's another quiet walk we shared, like what we always do in going to University, going home or going to grocery. Maybe... we are not that close, unlike before when we are younger.

We are already on the platform, waiting for the train to come. Well, the thing I thought that will never be broken has been broken now - silence.

"Len," Rin called.

"Oh?" was all what I said, trying to sound informal so she could continue.

"You knew that you're my only best friend, don't you?" she asked. I smiled a little knowing that she still considers me as her best friend even we rarely spoke to each other since 12. I nodded as a response.

"Well, I...I already got a new one. So there are two of you. I just became best friends with her lately, at the beginning of the year. She's cool, though...I'm sad for her." she added. She never looked as lonely as she is right now. She's too serious as she zone out after ending her statement. The train is approaching; I heard the railways shaking in fear.

"That's good because you have new friends, but the last part? Don't worry. Everything will be fine." I said and smiled, trying to sound like an angel to ease her lonely aura. I don't feel jealous about her new friend. I feel happy for her. Who would not? She's my twin after all. We are just identical, physically and somewhat genetically but we never had the same thinking and feeling.

"I am happy, yes, I am. But also sad for her." I heard her let out of sigh after saying those words. Well, I didn't push the topic further since she sounds secretive. The train came and again, we sat in an unbreakable silence until we reached home.

The house was warm and I can smell what mom cooks from the door stand. There is really no place like home.

"Mom, we're home! What's up for the dinner?" Rin yelled joyfully, contradicting her serious mood a while ago. I just shrugged and walked upstairs, leaving Rin's lightning of a mood swing. Girls, whoa. I went straight to my room and went to a warm bath. After several minutes of peace with the warm water, I put on my black jogging pants and white sweater. The rain and the fall season made it in making me shiver with the coldness, aye? I brushed my hair to dry it. My hair isn't as long as Gakupo's (probably) waist long. My hair, well, might be just an inch before my shoulder that if I'll let it hanging down as is, just put on a white bow on my head; I'll look as girly as Rin. I caught it in a low pony and I stared at my bright icy blue eyes on my own reflection. Alluring, that's how Rin calls her eyes. We have the same eyes but is it as alluring as hers? It was never warm like hers...sometimes I hate maturity because it kills the child in me.

"Banana guy, dinner's ready." Rin knocked on my door. I put the towel on my chair and went down to have dinner.

What Mom made is perfect. It is a warm and delicious soup. There are few fried dish as well. I got bananas for dessert, Rin got oranges, and our parents got strawberries. We just have a quiet dinner but as we are about to finish, dad spoke.

"Rin, Len. Your Mom and I decided to go to my father and spend Christmas 'til 30th with him. Since last year Len was with us , you Rin, will come with us. We'll call your cousins, Meiko and Oliver to stay with you, Len." he said with his same 'it's-over-don't-argue-anymore' tone. I don't wanna argue no matter how much I want to. They said that we'll just spent a simple dinner here but then, they'll leave me alone, ha?

But Dad's authority got no effect on Rin.

"What!? No, dad. I can't go! It's not a perfect timing to ...just move out suddenly. Let Len come with you, I don' wanna go." Rin protested. She never argued any mom or dad's decision at all... but she's like being not herself? How much changes did I miss with my twin?

"No, Rin. You can't. My father was sick, he wanted to see you." Dad explained, loneliness won't leave my twin's face.

"But dad..."

"Why are you acting that way, Rin?" Mom's motherly voice said, trying to understand why Rin seems to be vulnerable. I was just quiet, observing them as I peel the banana and took a a bite.

"I want to spend Christmas with my best friend; I promised her that I will." Rin answered her head low.

"Oh, the girl..." Mom mumbled as I realize that Rin is open about her social life with mom. When was the last time I talked to Ma about those things?

"You can ask her to come with us," said dad, willing to let Rin's best friend to come with them just to make Rin come with them.

"No, she can't come. She's sick. Badly." said Rin, giving an Rin emphasis on the last word. She stood and went upstairs, right after I finished eating the fruit. I heard her slam the door of her room. Very weird of Rin. The girl must be her very true friend. I went upstairs and locked in my room. I looked over the calendar on my table. Today is Friday so... Christmas will be in Thursday. Oh! It's a long wait. I don't know if I'll be happy that they'll b gone too long. I opened my door and screamed,

"Mom! When will Oliver and Meiko be here?"

"By 23rd, sweetie." she yelled and I laid down on my bed. I stretched my arm to get the remote from the bedside table. Success! I swiftly turned the T.V on. The first thing I saw was a news flash about Sir Hoshine's funeral. I never imagined that he's known all over the country. I mean, the news says that Sir Hoshine that he once worked as a respected government scientist. Now, that's cool. I rose and sat over my bed, getting more curious than ever. The news flashed a video recorded earlier this day, during Mr. Hoshine's funeral. Nobody was in the funeral except "his daughter" as what the reporter said. She's standing before his grave, flowers in her hands. A guy, might be the same ages with Mr. Hoshine, was standing behind her, sharing the shield that he black umbrella can give against the rain.

"Perhaps, aloof." I mumbled as the news ended. I got my phone and started to text the guys about the news. I quickly received a reply from Kaito.

"LOL, men...had seen it. She's pretty." he said.

"Don't be a maniac, Kai! I feel bad for her." I replied.

"What? You're in-love?" replied Kaito. Can't he say anything nice other than taunting?

"STFU." I briefly replied, not wanting to further discuss anything.

"Aww, Kagamine-boy. I feel bad for her too. I'll feel miserable if I'm on her foot." Gakupo said on the other message. I just nodded and put my phone aside. I laid back down and resume watching but a knock startled my musing.

"Len, can I enter?"

It was Rin. She never talked to me, may be once in a while but she sounds deeply hurt. That has been Rin since 12. She only turns to me when she can't on anyone anymore.

"Yeah," I said. She entered, her eyes are red and swollen. She might have cried a lot. I motioned her to sit on one the couch alongside of my bed. She's quiet for the first minute and the sound from the movie I'm watching was echoing in my room.

"Len, don't you feel bad as I do?" she asked and that simple inquiry made me look at her with questioning eyes. I shook my head-no, but I didn't expect what she do next. She started to cry. As if by chance, the movie on the T.V (A Walk To Remember) started to play the scene where the protagonist sang "Only Hope." As lonely as the melody, Rin became furious and yelled,


I quickly got the remote and pressed the off button. She's like a mad dog every time she goes angry. As my room ws in complete silence, she continued.

"Please, Len. I don't want to go. I want to stay 'til the New year's eve. I want to stay with my best friend." she said. I'd never seen her feel so bad and pleading like that- just because of her BEST FRIEND. Are girls really possessive like this? In terms of friendship and love? Yaay. Might be. If Kaito heard my inquiries, he must say,

"Experience is the best teacher, so be a gay for you to know." - The Kaito teachings. I cut my thoughts. Sound serious, Len. Your sis is crying. Don't waste the time she gave to talk with you. Hello, boy? Your twin sis needs a comrade, duh?

"C-calm ddd-down, Rin. Well, ahh...why did you want to stay for that girl?" I stuttered a little, not sure what to ask, or say, keeping my words in safe zone. We never talked so personal like this...I'm not used to it anymore. I have no idea what's going in her mind. As much as I can, I wanna understand her and let her feel that I'm with her. I'll always be by her side even many things has changed.

"She's...she's going away," she quietly said between her sobs.

"I thought she's sick!?" I asked and I regretted saying it, eventually.

"FUDGE. PLEASE, just deal with what I am saying. She may be both." she yelled, lifting her head to look at me. Those eyes similar with mine are like the river of diamond tears. Not to be admired because of beauty, but you'll feel the disdain and the pain as you watch those tears stream down. I sound stupid. I really did! Look, Len? You made her cry more. I'm talking to myself, blaming myself with all I've done for the past minute but I haven't thought of one thing- to think what I'm gonna say. I am an idiot.

"But leaving and being sick is far too- what!? You mean..." I suddenly got the point. I knew already why she cries a lot. I felt a breakdown in my chest. My sis is being paranoid with her so much mood swing. She's being like this because of her best friend. I feel pity for her. That pain of separation she might be going thru is the same thing I am avoiding... because of emotional attachment.

"I tried to please Ma and dad a while ago before going here, but they are tough. Len...help me." she begged, blinking her wet eyelashes. I don't know why, but the way she pleases me to help her sounds...creepy.

"Lay your hair down and immitate me 'til 23rd,"

"Hell no!" I screamed, my face fuming in anger, my chest felt so tight. She sat there, crying more than ever.

"Just do it, please!" she yelled.

"No way. There's no way on Earth that I'll do that. I don't wanna play this. I never wanted to be a girl, and I never wanted to be deviant, disobeying Ma and dad and grandpa. So please, BRUSH THAT SILLY THOUGHT OUT OF YOUR HEAD, Rin!" I yelled, turning the T.V on, simply telling her that I don't wanna talk to her. Not now. Not now that she's not thinking proper. It's just a best friend. Just a friend!

"So, if you don't want, just accompany me to her house by Sunday, let her spend Christmas and New year's eve here with you and our cousins. I'll tell Ma." she said, sniffs are heard clearly heard from her.

"Do what you want," I said, a little annoyed. I don't mind 'til she left my room.

Just imagine how unfortunate I am. Today is Sunday, still rainy. Ma and Dad just chirped the magic word "YES" with Rin's consequences! Now, I'm gonna spend the entire vacation with my cousins and a complete-stranger. How lucky am I.

"She badly needs company, if you just agreed with my earlier demand, you're not pouting as ugly as you do now." Rin's voice rang in my head. Oh gosh, now I'm spending my vacation the most miserable way possible. Now, I'm standing outside a mini-store while waiting for Rin to come out. She said that she's going to buy something for her friend. I didn't enter the store. It's pretty chilly out here, I can't withstand an air con anymore.

We crossed the town. It's really far from ours, seems like I travelled the same distance from our house to the University.

"Brrr..." A girl suddenly stood beside me. Her waist-long aquamarine hair has perfectly laid against her back. She's hugging herself, might be feeling the same shivering atmosphere we share. She reminds me of Mr. Hoshine's daughter. She pulled he hood on, brushing her hair over her side. She opened a black umbrella and ran away.

"Len, shall we go? Or you want a coffee? There's a ven-"

"No. Let's go to finish this joke." I rudely interrupt her. Well, she magically popped beside me, ain't that amazing? Yes! It is disgusting. It's easy to startle me and I hate being surprised. We walked from one street to another, I felt like we are lost. I don't know the place so...trust your sis, Len. You're not the genius right now.

Maybe, she just shrugged my rudeness away- that is very evident with a little smile across her face as she walked under her orange umbrella. Contradicting her aura, I walked in disgust. Other than the fact that we're like walking to forever, my thoughts are constantly bugging me. What if her best friend is one of those girls that yells annoyingly when I go over Rin's department? Or what if a student from the Engineering department that goes crazy When Kaito, Gakupo and I walk along the cafeteria? Or the girl from the Science department- Rin have classes there... oh holy crap.

"Len! Over here!" I turned out to see Rin standing before a pretty huge house of black and white. Well, I flew several blocks away. I'm zoning out again. I ran to Rin's side, entering the spacious yard of Rin's best friend. The soft-looking grasses are greener as the rain is perfectly falling on them. She pressed the doorbell. I looked around, scanning the french door before us, examinng the umbrella rack on the corner with two umbrellas there; one yellow, the other is black. I don't know why, but the thought of having a black umbrella made me think that Rin's best friend is a Goth or an emo?

Just when the doorbell faded, I heard a high-soprano voice coming from the house, saying, "I'm coming, I'm coming. Hang-on."

It doesn't sound so happy or what- just plain. The door opened as the same girl standing beside me (back to the mini-store), came out.

"Rin." she softly said. Both their faces brighten with a smile. The only difference is that... the girl's smile seemed to be painful. My twin quickly pulled me in front of the lady, right after as they pulled away from the hug.

"He's my twin that I've told you, Miku. He's Len." Rin introduced me, giving me hints that she has mentioned me in their talk- maybe.

"Hi. It's nice to formally know you." Miku, as what Rin called, said. She what? Nice? Meeting me? Formally? As if reading the uncertainty with my face, she let us enter her house. All I do was to drop jaws in awe. She asked us to take a sit on the couch. It looks expensive. She sat on the parallel couch as I secretly made glances on her somewhat-emotionless face. She divided her hair into two. Then, she pulled them up, holding each as if it's in twin pigtails, and she looked at me. She's Mr. Hoshine's daughter!

She might have seen the surprised expression written all over my face so she laid her hair down again. Well, everything in this house is worth jaw dropping. What to expect? She's the only daughter of a former government scientist who happened to be one of the best professor in the University.

"Ehem. Len, your mouth, ehem." Rin coughed falsely reminding me to be...well mannered. Yeah, manners.

"Oh- H-hi! I- I dd-didn't...didn't recog-nize y-you, so.. Hi." I'm stuttering again! You are putting yourself in shame, Len! Arghh!

She stood, completely ignoring my greeting- how sweet- as she walked over to the kitchen counter.

"You want anything to eat?" she asked but my sister stormed to her side, touching the top of her head. Aye? Why?

"Wet. Where have you been, Miku?" Rin asked, a little annoyance is notable in her eyes.

"I went over some mini-store, downtown." Miku's answer confirmed the agony in my head, she's the girl at the mini-store a while ago. But how come she hadn't seen Rin inside?

"Why did you go thru the rain!?" my twin yelled to her. I don't want to bug with the girls' talk but I admit, I'd never seen Rin as furious as she is right now.

"My end has been set, starting from the day- on Papa's funeral. I went to the University under the rain, that damaged me enough. I'll shut down on 31st." Miku answered bluntly as if it's just a normal thing- or maybe it is, I honestly don't get why she talks about death with a weird term. In addition, she doesn't seem to be afraid of death. Rin told me that she's sick and leaving. However, right now, I can't feel thing call empathy towards Miku, as if I'm very sure that she'll not pass away.

"Miku!" - "Rin, calm down. It will go alright." Miku interrupted my twin, but that statement didn't hush ranting Rin.

"NO! NO! IT. WILL. NOT. GO THAT WAY! Think of me!" Rin said, her voice slightly trembling. She's back to her emotional self. I don't know why Rin cries a bunch while Mr. Hoshine's daughter is just CALM. Are they really best friends? Miku seemed to be so cold, or maybe she's like that because I'm watching them?

Miku didn't say a word but I'm sure with one thing. I'm not mistaken with what I saw, tears are forming on Miku's 's holding it back.

"Come. You'll come to stay in my house, beginning 23rd 'til 31st." said Rin, keeping a tight grip on Miku's arm. Miku stood taller than Rin, making her a head smaller than me. She looks like a doll with her figure, simply perfect.

"I thought you'll be out of town with your family?" Miku asked as they walked back to the couch. Rin sat beside her, never letting her hands go away from Miku's hand, as if, if she ever let it go, she'll never have Miku back. I just watched them, not intending to pry, but I really can't stop my earlobes to catch sound waves, can I? No. No. Selective hearing won't work with me. I developed myself to be observant, zoning out is a side effect.

"Yes, but Len will be left. Two of my cousins will come with him in the house." Rin said and landed her gaze on me, the same look she had When she begged me for a favor. I felt guilty for a moment. My sister's lonely expression stabs my heart to death. I can't withstand to see her sad, neither to disobey my parents nor fool grandpa. I wish we're triplets, you know?

"You have to promise me that you'll stay with him 'til 31st, until I get back. He'll make sure that you'll not do anything again- such as harming thyself." she added. I'm in a confused state. If Rin is saying it that way that means Miku is a self-harm person. Does she cut? Is that the reason why, for the second time I'd seen her, she is wearing long-sleeved clothing. Is she depressed? Has it something to deal with her statements about death? Can they answer me if ever I ask? I don't think so. I'd rather hold back my questions. I am a babysitter of my twin's best friend who mostly talks about death. With that, I have no right to know a thing, yeah?

"With your twin brother? I don't think that we can arrange that. I didn't know him. Perhaps, at the way he stares at us may indicate that he's thinking that I am a freak or weird or-" she paused, maybe she ran out of labels she may think. But she just said all the point as-a-matter-of-fact. She reasoned out all the things I told Rin while objecting with her consequence of her best friend staying with me. But of course, that's before I'd learnt that it was Mr. Hoshine's daughter.

"He's my twin. I knew him, and I trusted him, and I'll always trust him. And I trust you to him. I want someone to watch over you before you and to stop you to shut yourself forever." Rin explained that almost made my heart jump out if my chest due to bliss. I couldn't believe that Rin still trusts me, as if I'm the last one to be trusted; as if I'm the safest person to be with her loved best friend. However, I didn't know if those are mere symbolisms using computer terms. But that confuses a bunch of my neurons as it get wild with the word SHUT.

At first, Miku looked doubtful with Rin's oh-so-genius idea because I really seemed to look like a babysitter. But then, after Rin said that Miku has promised it before, so the teal-haired girl sighed in defeat. With no words and no reasons to argue, she just nodded lightly. I saw Rin cheer a little as she brought out something short bought from the mini-store. Leeks? Miku pushed it away, her face scowled upon the sight of the food. What made my head upside-down was her statement; "We both know that I can barely live without that."

What on Earth is this set up, aye!? We literally spent most ot the hours in Hoshine's residence and I almost sunk in the couch as I watch them chat-chat away. Boring is my life. Boring is my life. Boring. Rin goes on a roller coaster of emotion, I wonder if she's bipolar or what because she goes emotional over a minute then happy then sad again. Now, what's that? On the other side of penny, Miku just talked coldly to her. There's a lot of 'almost-smiles' from her but I think she really prohibits it. Why on Earth people stop their burst of emotion? There's nothing wrong with being happy, neither in smiling nor crying... so it's a riddle for me to see her that way.

It's about noon when we left. Rain is still ceaseless. Funny it is, but I hope it'll not stop to rain. That avoids the noise from the neighborhood before they could throw up a party. We're already on the train when I forgot to ask Miku about my umbrella. I just love it's color- reminds me of bananas, so I won't last forever if my umbrella won't be by my side. She's my baby 'lello-umbrella.'

I didn't go back to her house. If she's a genius, she'll bring it on 23rd.

"Rin?" I called after finding a seat in the train.

"What?" she hissed, not annoyed, maybe I disturbed her. I guess so.

"May I borrow your phone? I'm just going to search a word on your dictionary?" I half-lied actually. Well, honestly I din't have a dictionary in my phone. Rin got one in her phone, she also got translator there- she's a language student, what to expect? Half lie because... I'm not gonna search a word. I'm going to get Miku's number. Well, I can't search for a word that I don't even know. I just want to give her a quick message to remind her to bring my umbrella back. Haven't I told myself to just wait for her to bring it? Who knows if she's as forgetful as Ma? Hey, I'm not tempting fate, I really love my umbrella; I just can't give it away. She's my life. LOL, a love towards an inanimate object is heaven. No pain of rejection.

"Yeah, sure." said my twin and gave me my phone, no stains of suspicion. I quickly scanned her contacts. Seeing the caller ID "Bestie Miku," I professionally forward the number to me. (So Rin was in name calling huh? Bestie..pfft. Push that girly thought away, Len!

I removed what I did in the history of her phone and key in the dictionary. With my brain cells malfunctioning, I typed the word KISMET. I know what it means, you know. I REALLY CAN'T THINK OF A WORD THAT I DON'T KNOW. I CAN'T. Ignoring what the dictionary stated and faking a curious look, I gave the phone back to my twin. As soon as I did, she tilted her head towards me and whispered;

"Since When are you interested with DESTINY, huh?"

"Huuh? J-just when I heard it over a movie, lol." I said. I'm little nervous because I'm not used with lying. I'm not a good liar. We head home silently as usual and then I quickly went down to my bed as soon as we arrived.

"Hey guys! Guess where I've been today? Rin's bff." I sent a text to the guys which was followed by a anothet message from me, "How's your early out of town?"

Gakupo: So how's Rin's best friend? Well, it's a lil' boring. It's been a rainy day. We haven't reached Aunt's home yet.

Me: Mr. Hoshine's daughter was Rin's bff. Well, yeah. Enjoy, bro! I love the rain, don't get disgusted with it!

Kaito: How's the visit? Is she cute? Aww. I'm trapped here. My cousin's are forcing me to strike a pose with their selfie. It's like the hundredth time!

Me: Lol.

Gakupo: What a small world :)

I smiled with Gaku's reply. Ohh..my nick name sucks. Haha. I dropped my phone on a side but got it back, remembering that I need to text Miku Hoshine. With my fingers trembling, I composed a message for her.

To: Hoshine-san, M.

Hi, Miku Hoshine.


I was tongue-tied! Is it really hard to text a girl? It's even harder than calculus, seriously? I'm not exaggerated! Don't judge me. I honestly don't have a wit to text girls other than Mom and Rin, including some cousins, and several girl classmates (When it comes to homework). I mean, come on. I don't know what will I say. I'm shaking in fear right now, I never felt dragons in my stomach. I think I want to puke~

My phone vibrated, I received a text from Miku. Heavenly heaven Len,

A cold and fierce message from Miku will be like, "Do I know you?"

I sighed. The dragon left my stomach, maybe he's already digested. Heck, yeah, you knew me. Blah blah. Trying my very best to sound nice, I replied, "Oh, I'm not quite sure, but I think you do. Well, it's Rin's twin."

"I see. You didn't stutter in a SMS. That's good to know. Is it about your umbrella?" she replied quickly as if she's holding her phone all the time.

"LOL. I think so, yeah my banini-umbie." I sent.

"Gross, is that how you call your yellow umbrella? No worries, I'll bring it back. It's just I'd forgotten to return it...Rin talked a lot and I enjoyed." she said. Enjoyed? Really? Why does it seem like she ignored her instead? AND...how dare she say GROSS with my banini-umbie!?

"Thank you, :)" I replied, deciding to set my phone aside. I quickly drifted to a dreamless sleep as the marching sound of pouring rain seems to vanish in my subconscious mind.

The cold air brushed against my neck and face. The hair at the back of my neck seemed to stand because I was shivering with the feeling. I quickly sat and rubbed my hands on the sleeves of my sweater. It is a mystery to me, on how my room has become a fridge in coldness. My eyes roamed around the room to see the air conditioner on. Who did turn that on?

I checked my surroundings, looking for traces if someone barged in my room. The bed side table is still there, the study table is still beside it. The piano was untouched, still attached right down the window. The bookshelf was perpendicular with the piano, all books from academic to fiction are untouched too. The educational magazine are neatly arranged above the shelf. I turned to my left, the black couch was still there, kissing the wall. But nothing around me answered my question: why is the aircon on?

Since the machine won't turn off itself when I asked to, I stood and turned it off. My gaze shifted to the view from the window. The neighborhood was bathing under the ceaseless rain. The way how the rain seemed to be a child's feet that ran over the roof is relaxing my nerves, blowing all my anxiety away. The way it creates a blur impression around the environment is like a living artwork. Who would not love this scene? I can stare with this all day, as if the downpour will take all my regrets away.

It is Monday morning, and I'm seated on the chair before my piano. I was peacefully watching the rain, drifting everything with it's cold touch. Suddenly, a knock stopped my fantasy.

"Len, can I come in?" Rin asked. I recognized her voice quickly. I moved and opened the door. Rin just shoved a memory card to my chest and I grasped to it before it may fall.

"What's this?" I asked, scrutinizing the small chip between my fingers.

"Miku and I have photos and videos together. Please spend the day to study who Miku is, and stop giving her looks as if she doesn't deserve to be my friend because she's cold to me. I'm not that-idiot not to understand the way you look at her yesterday. If we left, please record a video of you and Miku doing things occasionally. Cheer her up, please, Len." Rin said and walked away. She seemed not to be lonely as she did before, but...her words are clues that she is.

I inserted the memory card in my phone and began to scan the files. I'd never seen Rin looking silly like this! The first photo I've encountered was Rin's selfie with Miku. My twin was sticking her tongue out while Miku was somewhat feeling gross with the view of Rin's tongue. The next photo was Miku standing in the middle of the Language's Hall, saluting like a soldier as a yellow haired lady passed by her side. The next picture was Rin pouting like a duck while Miku was smiling sweetly behind her. They had a lot of picture together, mostly Rin's LOL-faces and Miku's sweet smile. Miku smiled with all her might, and she looked pretty with her lips curved into a smile, and her eyes almost closed. A very different Miku I met yesterday. A warm-looking Miku in the photos, but a cold and emotionless woman I saw yesterday. Since I'm getting tired to look with this more or less, 200 photos, I just scrolled down, gazing at the thumbnails. I stopped and looked at a picture of Miku. She's standing at the library with an awkward smile. I smiled too, upon seeing the shy look on her face. I just moved to the next folder, my thumbs are getting bored with this frozen images. I clicked the folder named, 'videos.' I was extremely curious on what they might have recorded so I clicked on the very first video.

It was a self recorded video of Rin, using the front camera. This might be in the Language's Hall.

"Hi, guys! Look who's with me. Miku, my best friend! Miku come here! Talk, very quick." said Rin pulling Miku towards her. Her hair was caught in the usual pig tails as she just smiled at the camera. Miku smiled at the camera hesitantly and raised a brow.

"Rin is crazy, isn't she? She got a crush on-" Miku said, giggled and ran away, leaving Rin gaping. I watched the entire video. I finished some but it's more like a recorded video whenever one of them is abashed. I watched more and I saw a very interesting one. Rin was narrating while sneaking upstairs. Seeing the place quite looking familiar, I'm sure that this is the Hoshine's house. From the lustrous wooden floor and cream painted walls, I'm pretty sure it is there.

"Check this out, people. A diamond in the rough." said Rin as I clearly heard a violin being played. A door was left open and the video showed Miku playing a violin very professionally. I knew the song she's playing, "River flows in you" by Yiruma. I love that piece, but it's not my favorite. I never thought that she's a musical genius. The way she glides the bow against the strings are so captivating. She gracefully made the fiddle-stick dance along the strings of the fiddle. The music she made together with the fiddle playfully reiterates in my head, perhaps, telling me that I'll never get over of this video.

There are a lot more videos showing Rin and Miku play together. It seemed to be that in those video where they play together, all the cuteness on Earth was poured down to them. Ironic as it seems, but When they are already grown-ups, it is like this is the only time they enjoyed playing. Several videos are from their class performance, and this one I'm currently watching was Rin, standing in front of the class. Based on what she was saying, she was reporting.

"Look at Rin. The way she plays with her hair while reporting in front of us is a proof that she imagines that Sir Shion from the Engineering was her student." it was clearly Miku's voice who said that. She chuckled quietly but Rin looked at her direction and gave her a death glare. Really? Why is Kaito Shion, my idiot lad, involved here?

The next video showed both Miku and Rin. The camera must have been on a stand because it has perfectly recorded a fixed and clear video of the two. They are seated over a stripped picnic cloth against the vibrant green grasses. Seeing several people around them, this might be in the Freedom Ground. Rin was wearing a cute floral dress that reminded me of Kaito's fantasy. Kaito drools over someone who wears that cute dress. On the other hand, Miku was simply on a jacket and jeans. The two was staring somewhere as if they were watching something beyond the camera's reach. Suddenly, Rin's lips curved to a frown and brought out a cup cake from a basket. She intentionally brushed the cup cake's chocolate toppings against Miku's cheek that made Miku push Rin away.

"Rin!" she screamed wiping away the chocolate while Rin laughed like there's no tomorrow. The more I watch any video recording, the more I doubt with my masculinity. Kidding aside, I mean, everything here is too girlish and all can be summarized with a statement: "Miku is pretty when she smiles."

No, Len. Take that back. Rin said, know WHO Miku is, and not HOW or WHAT she looks.

Dearest self, I'm just kidding. It's obvious that Miku used to be nice. She's nice, kind, jolly and silly and everything else you can describe her. She can be a Power Puff Girl because it seemed like she was made out of sugar and spice, and everything nice! But she is seriously breath-taking. Don't deny that you hadn't noticed that she's beautiful? You're lying to yourself.

Wow, that's nice. I'm talking to myself now. I already believed that hearsay that 'one's self is the greatest opponent.'

I sighed and scrolled down. A lot more videos were here, I can't imagine how did they stand each other's trip without getting tired. I was so bored to watch another so I looked over some folders. I checked the sound clips, to find a bunch more of voice recording, labeled with different titles. Is this what Rin meant when she said the understatement, "I don't want to be forgetful?"

Recording everything electronically won't save everything. The moments or the entire scene might be recollected, but are the exact feelings recovered with these too? I can't answer my own question. I never had a friend with such intimacy as Rin and Miku have, so how will I know? I never record memorable moments in my life; not with a diary, a video, a picture or voice recording. Well, you see, there's a lot of memory I had, not only the precious ones, but also the bad ones. No matter how much I want to forget the bad one, it lingers longer; and no matter how much I want to keep the good one, it gives me more reasons to regret what happened to me now. Again, imagine how good Rin and I when we are younger, but we seemed to grow apart now. And to keep an eye over her best friend is just a pacifier that can shush my regrets.

My neurons are forcing me to play the recording entitled, Darkness. What did Rin do to have this title? As if my fingers have their own thinking, I plugged the earphones and started to listen with the clip. At first, there is silence then the noise began When someone sat over a bed...probably a bed. Recognizing the voices, the conversation has begun.


Miku: I DID NOT! I asked you to give me a company and you said YES!


(Rin must be really pissed off to screech like this. What's with our department anyway? Is it the reason why she only waits at the University's entrance When we will go home?)

Mr. Hoshine: Miku? Rin? Is everything alright there?

Miku: Yes, Papa!- I honestly don't get why you're getting mad with that? You said your brother was in Engineering department. Papa was there too. That's why I asked you if you can come with me. I don't get the point why you are so furious right now. Are you on your period week? Is that a common phenomena When girls have that?

(Laughter escaped my mouth upon hearing Miku's question. She seemed to be ignorant about the thing or maybe she's faking it?)

Rin: You, Miku stop-

Miku: It is easy to admit that you re just afraid to see Kaito Shion, am I right? Rin likes Kaito. Rin likes Kaito?! She wants to be Mrs. Rin Shion...

I never thought that Rin got the slightest crush on Kaito when she seemed not to look at Kaito when I go over to her with him. I heard Miku's laughter as Rin somewhat tickled her as a revenge. I heard a loud noise as if they are smashing each other with pillows. The voice clip was finished so I looked over for something interesting when a sudden knock made me startle and click randomly. Rin opened the door and looked at me, scrutinizing my facial expression.

"Are you done?" she asked me. I can't talk because something is playing in my ears. I just shook my head-no and Rin left. I'm completely lost in the middle of the marching rain as this melodious voice whispers the harmony of real friendship. Her voice made me sunk from my seat, wishing for this voice not to stop playing. It is as if my ears are destined to listen with her voice. It is as if her voice can make me forget my name; can make me forget that I'm sitting and not floating. Her high-pitched soprano voice was just perfect like perfectness itself as it clearly delivers the message.

A piano was played, producing an easy to follow melody. The soft music and slow rhythm tickles my ears and wishes me to sleep, as her voice tell me the words:

I just went over a high hill,

I never imagined that

I can make it up here.

I gazed down on the town

and wondered where is the good one.

Hair is golden like gold bar.

Eyes are blue feels like in a cold war,

But so warm like the sun.

She smiled so bright that

I instantly knew now,

*She's a fairy in disguise

She's an angel from paradise

She's a friend I loved million times.

My heart feels so jolly

with you by my side

A best friend found in your place

All happiness are traces

You made for me to follow,

Like a treasure hunter.

*She's a fairy in disguise

She's an angel from paradise

She's a friend I loved million times.

She's Rin Kagamine,

She's someone you knew,

She is you.

I love her a lot and I love you.

The piano stopped singing on its own as Miku said, "Did you like it Rin? I made this song for you. I hope you'll hear it as soon as I send it via MMS. Happy birthday, Rin!"

With that, the voice recording ended.

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