If It Happened

Chapter 12

Kaito dumped his bag on the couch and jumped on his bed. He won't forget what happened today.

"I...reached you!"

Her sweet voice thanking Gakupo; her sweet smiles to Gakupo, her eyes on Gakupo- all for Gakupo! He can't believe that Luka is actually talking to his best friend. Since when did they become close to each other? If he's not mistaken, Luka has few guy friends who are not from the College of Engineering.

"Ah, fudge. How...? Why...? Argh!" His face crashed on a pillow. "At least she said hi," he grumbled against a pillow while dialing Gakupo's phone number. Maybe his best friend can help him to confess for her. But his thoughts were back firing, telling him the answers needed not to be spoken at all. '

At least, don't expect her to accept you. You know girls, they loved to dump,' How can Kaito ever forget that? That advice from the purple head is always a reminder that for every time he sees her, there is always a little chance.

"Hey, Kami."

"Hey, Kaito. Ah, you see, about earlier... I... I'm not expecting Luka would call me, not at all. I swear. So, I'm ... I'm sorry abou-"

"Yo, shun you big guy. I'm not blaming you or anything. I'm not saying that I'm mad, either. You know... I just," Kaito paused, feeling slightly embarrassed. "I just want to ask for help. I want to be friends with Luka."

"Oh! That can be arranged. That's easy, I guess?" Gakupo's answer was cheerful enough to relieve Kaito's worries. A sly grin was painted on Kaito's lips.

"Thanks. Thanks bro," and the call ended. Kaito laid back down, staring into nothingness yet drowning in the deep thoughts of his only "life".

Gakupo stared on his phone before he let out a deep sigh. Did he just ask me to help him get closer to Luka? Or I'm just fooling myself around? He thought to himself and gazed down from his window. Luka was surprisingly living in the same village with him. Never in his wildest dreams that their families share the same hometown, the same current city...and life? Perhaps. To be befriended with Kaito's-ever-so-loved-girl was never imagined by Gakupo. But now that he was already befriended with her, he felt an eerie throb beneath his chest every time Luka calls out his name, or she comes near.

"No, this is a big trouble. Stupid heart, stupid heart," he muttered and leaned against the window sill. The darkness of the night succumb the village as street posts began to lit up. The laughter of the children coming home vanished quickly. He was standing against serenity but his mind was never serene.

'Kaito will kill me if my suspicion over this feeling is true. Geez,' his fingers clutched the cloth against his chest. His thoughts made him wary as he looked at his phone. The first thing noticed was its wallpaper- the picture taken last Christmas. It was a photo of him and Luka, during their duet that evening of Christmas. They were both sharing warm smiles as green and red lights scattered around. This was his most beautiful memory, so far. He can't shake it off of his mind, even though Kaito liked Luka first. Albeit it sounded ill that you are liking your best friend's crush, Gakupo can't give up his petty childish feelings. Petty.

The lights blinked. He received a message.

"Luka?" He swiftly sat on his bed and read her message.

"Hi, Gakupo! It's me, Luka. I'm just thinking if you can help me? I'm waiting for a reply."

A sweet smile stretched the corners of his lips as he tapped his reply right away. Sure, why not? How can he ever turn her down?

"No problem," he replied.

"Ah! Great! Ahm. It's embarrassing. I want to be friends with Kaito. You see, he nudges a cold shoulder and I'm not glad with that. Look, we are both cool to each other. I don't know why Kaito and I can be like us?"

Gakupo's heart broke instantly. He inferred one thing. Did she imply that she likes Kaito? Please say No. His thoughts started to battle against each other. As if the murky skies merged in his room, he sent Kaito a message with the words that he may describe himself if he captured Luka's heart instead.

"Bro. I'm so proud of you. You're so great. You have no idea how lucky you are,"

Then, Gakupo forwarded Kaito's number to Luka so she can talk to him instead. To be their bridge? What is he? A numb? He will clearly hurt himself, not to think twice. He sent via phone number politely, disguised with a smiling emoticon. The girl began thanking him with no idea that it was painful for the purple-haired guy who never had a puppy love other than her. He smiled to himself, realizing how naïve he is for thinking that Luka would even like him.

"No hopes! Don't expect people to accept you, Gakupo." He sang to himself as he went out of his room for dinner.

The dinner was done. Rin was currently seated in front of her monitor. It was the only light in her room; illuminating the entire gloomy place with a faint streak as she stares at her mailbox.

One unread message.

File attachment: Video

Sender: Miku Hoshine

Her hand was resting over the palm rest as the mouse pointer was stationary over the hyperlink. She was still nervous in clicking the message open. Is she ready to face her best friend's last message? Rin always wished she was.

"Rin?" Her door opened and Len barged in. He stood behind his twin and set his eyes on the same space where Rin was staring. His mood changed as he read to whom the message was from. Miku Hoshine. That name? It's not just nostalgic. It triggered mood swings to the twin.

Rin looked up to see his eyes reflecting hurt and pain. She pulled him to sit on her bed and have a good view of the screen. Her eyes locked with his, quite hesitant about their plan. It is obvious. The word she said earlier about opening the email was not convincing enough for her. But she gave her word. And Len was decided. He nodded, placing his hand over hers, then they clicked on the message and the video played.

Lights faded. Miku was in a familiar room- Len's room. She was wearing a turtle neck gray jacket. Rin knows why the teal-haired girl was always with such fashion. The room was lit up by some fluorescent lighting. It was night time. Miku was nibbling on her lower lip, staring blankly at the camera (maybe, definitely). There was a vague singing noise overheard from the video.

'Rin, Len. I'm glad you are watching this. I just want to greet you a merry Christmas. I don't know if I greeted you already. My memory has become poor lately, you know. Files are being corrupted. So, Rin. I'm working out a song! I hope we can sing it but...as for the lyrics? It was intended to be sung by yours truly. You fit to be an audience, sorry. So as Len,' Miku stuck her tongue out. She chuckled shortly.

Rin laughed at this while Len smiled. He smiled seeing Miku chuckle and Rin laugh.

'Anyways, Len and your cousins are singing down there. I badly want to join but I'll shrug it off. So, this video will be short. Rin, I'm going to call you on phone right at this time. Bye, heheh." Miku laughed sweetly as the video was replaced by Rin and Miku's photos, Len and Miku's baking sessions during the Christmas eve and short videos of Miku either with Len or Rin.

Rin was smiling as she watched the snapshots fade in and out of the screen. Their videos of silliness played too. The blonde smiled almost crying. "Seems like a happy video. What do you think, Len? She's having an easy goodbye." She looked at her twin briefly.

"Len!" Rin yelled when a video of her twin, Miku and some strange child was with them.

The three was seated on a bench as he talks with Miku who keeps on pushing him away while convincing her to look at the camera.

'Len!' The little girl chirped, snatching the phone away from Len and the whole screen was focuses on the girl's cute face.

'Mama and Len are arguing! They need lollipops to calm down!' Said the child as the video goes to all sides before they heard Miku called out 'Anne!'

"Who is this child, Len!?" Flabbergasted. That's Rin. Len held the same expression as what Rin, as he gaped towards the monitor.

"How did Miku get a copy of that!" Len yelled in amusement. He is certain that he never let Miku hold his phone after she got back hers.

"Just answer me. Len!" Argued the older twin to her brother. Meanwhile, Len was tongue tied seeing himself, Miku and Anne almost killing each other while chasing each one. He can't think of her death right now. The video was too lively to believe that she was gone. Likewise, he never believed that she was gone.

"Len!" How many times did Rin call him? She snapped before his face. "Earth to Len? ... What now?" This time, Rin paused the video and sat beside him to extract some explanation over the matter. She was about to punch Len's arm when the door swung open and their mom, Lily, entered. Seeing her kids side by side like two seeds in a pod, she smiled and switched on the lights. But then, she saw the image on the monitor and the mother transformed into a fan girl. A squeaky fan girl.

"When was this taken?" Their mom asked.

"Ah... Last Christmas?" Len said softly. He could feel his cheeks burn in shame by just answering a simple inquiry, and at the same time, he could feel the warm tears swarming in his eyes. Lily looked at him. She knew that her kid doesn't want to talk about this. Not at all. The wonderful girl died and her kids were attached to such cheerful lady.

"Come down. I made some sweets, don't let the food wait." Lily smiled motherly and heard Rin's giggle,

"The last part reminds me of someone," Rin ran to her mother, flashing a warm smile. A smile that tells her mom that she will recover soon.

"Definitely reminds me of Meiko," inserted Len as he walked pass by the two and went straight to the kitchen.

Kaito scanned his phone after hearing it buzz for the zillionth time. His fingers tapped lazily on the screen as it read the latest message. A simple "Hi" from an unknown sender. It might be a schoolmate of his who do telephone pranks so he decided not to reply. He tried to get back to sleep but the phone rang ceaselessly. Now, it's a call.

A stalker or a prankster? He cursed beneath his breath for this phone call destroyed his sleeping moment.

"What?" That was not a polite way of answering, but what do you expect from Kaito? From an agitated Kaito?

"A-ah? H-hi? Is this... Kaito Shion?"

"I am. Who are you?"

"Luka Megurine," the answer was concise. It was very accurate that Kaito remained for several seconds. Luka checked her phone to see if she's still on call, and yes, she is.

"Sure? Are you sure?" Kaito asked, sounding like a stupid barking cat... If a cat barks! That's it. He brought his palm to his face after realizing how silly his question was.

"Uh, yeah?" Luka was beginning to feel uncomfortable with the talk, she never thought that it was hard to talk with the best friend of her... of her... Friend? She will be lying to herself if she only sees Gakupo as a friend. The logic was simple, she wanted to get along with Gakupo's friends so she will know him without being obvious.

"I... I just called to ask if... If... If we have a quiz at Professor Avadonia's class tomorrow? I can't recall if he announced or what, hehe~" Of course, Luka knows this already. What a lame alibi.

"You can't rely on me about those things, but I know he announced. Why don't you ask Gakupo? He listens well. Besides, you too are close, you know." His answer came sternly, stubborn mostly. That made her preoccupied for a second before saying a logical reply.

"I am too shy. I might be bothering him enough so... I ask you instead."

The blue-haired guy sighed and went silent. That was before he realized that the call was ended already. He expected it, anyway. Drowning in his own thoughts, the whiteness of the ceiling was very interesting all of a sudden.

"I'm not comatose. I'm not subconscious. I'm not unconscious. I can feel that... She will push me away."

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