If It Happened

Chapter 13

"Dr. Hoshine! I'm glad that you made it here!" Dr. Honne shook hands with the newly arrived scientist who panted heavily. The scientist looked around to see everyone in white laboratory gown (this is a lab, what to expect). Everyone was busy in doing their assigned works because today, is the grand day. The said laboratory was hidden in the peaceful town of Readele, away from the Central Country- the Ardio City.

Dr. Hoshine rushed down a hall and saw a seemingly sleeping girl inside a clear capsule. Her white sleeveless dress made her arms bare, revealing weird details of accurate lines. The lines looked like scars from a distance but it were actually part of her programming system that runs her.

"You finalized it! Great! How did you-"

"Mr. Kagamine submitted a proposal to find a perfect coating similar to human skin. He used waxes but he rearranged its molecular structure like of sponges, making it semipermeable like a cell membrane," interrupted Dr. Honne, practically bragging about the thing since the inventor who will receive Dr. Hoshine's praise was from his research department. The researchers behind the thick glass wall before Dr. Hoshine and Dr. Honne continuously fixed the capsule where the girl was lying. Thick electric wires were being connected to the capsule, and the scene made the two scientists mesmerized for a moment.

"Who is Mr. Kagamine?" Asked Dr. Hoshine while keeping an eye on the procedures being done inside the laboratory.

"Mr. Kagamine is a government researcher who believe that AI can beat down the limits of the machine's capabilities in deciding. He said that an android or humanoid can be fully developed to a human sapient as a product of human intelligence." Explained Dr. Honne while running his fingers into his gray hair. The way he said those were remarkable with pride and brag. Again, the said Mr. Kagamine is a part of his research team.

He looked over to the quiet Dr. Hoshine, who patiently tapped his index finger on his chin. His narrowing eyes filled with curiosity stared at the sleeping humanoid in the capsule.

"I see," muttered Dr. Hoshine. "Is he the one who supported my research with that, huh? If so," he turned to face Dr. Honne. "If her skin was molecularly alike with the sponge we use in dish washing, won't it damage her system? Water is way too dangerous for circuits, you know that, doctor. That's a basic knowledge." The superior scientist was rather stunned when Dr. Honne grinned like an idiot, because he knew that this will come.

"That is in line with your original program, Dr. Hoshine. Her contact with water after dominating self decision will initiate the apoptosis program," Dr. Hoshine flinched after being reminded by his own idea of self destruction- the apoptosis program.

Apoptosis is a biological term that refers to the programmed cell death. Likewise, the lizard sheds its tail to trick its predator. However, in this humanoid project, it is a self destruct sequence that will begin when the AI began to think separately, and actively in contract with the database. It is triggered by the molecules that will destroy the operating unit of AI before an intellectual dilemma may begin. (AI* Artificial intelligence)

The clouding thoughts of Dr. Hoshine vanished as the lab workers before them connected another set of cables along the capsule and put a somewhat helmet with various thin wirings on her head.

"Shall we begin the programming?" Asked Dr. Honne, resting a hand over Dr. Hoshine's shoulder to summon him back to reality. Dr. Hoshine pushed his thick-framed spectacles upward and took a last glance at the humanoid being tuned up.

"I want to talk first with Mr. Kagamine. Don't begin the programming without my word, Dr. Honne." Dr. Hoshine walked to where the said researcher was. They went down several hallways with people as busy as everyone. After all, a laboratory working out the first ever self-deciding humanoid must be really busy. Too sad, it received not a warm welcome from the mass.

A door flew open and led the two scientists in a landfill-looking office packed with researchers. On the corner of the spacious room, there was seated this pale blond man, his face and body built obviously approaching aging.

"Mr. Kagamine. Good to see you around," greeted Dr. Honne as the said researcher stood, noticing the presence of the two superior scientists. Mr. Kagamine recognized Dr. Hoshine, whose hair is as bizarre as the Brownian movement itself. The blond shook their hands and Dr. Honne left them to talk.

"Mr. Kagamine. I'm here to seek your opinion with the on-going project, humanoid." The scientist said frankly, taking a seat without invitation. He has been tired driving all the way from Ardio to Lavania, escaping the military protest, and to Readele. He and Miku arrived earlier after they fled from the Central country.

"I am honored to give my point of view, sir." Surprise and gratitude glittered in Mr. Kagamine's eyes.

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