If It Happened

Chapter 16

"Dr. Hoshine? Why do I have to sleep?" She asked as she laid down on a hospital bed being pushed forward. Fluorescent lights passed by her, one after another. She has seen this in television drama before, it was when the character is rushed to an emergency room.

Dr. Hoshine thinned his lips, forming a little smile, as he patted the child's head. The girl slowly felt her eyes so heavy. As a result, the last words she was able to comprehend from the fellow doctor was, "To save you from people's rage, Miku."

Her eyes flew open suddenly. For the first time, it may sound exaggerated but this is how she really felt, she finally realized that she is breathing. The air flowed in and out of her lungs, that in every exhale, the air she breathes out forms a fog against the oxygen mask she is wearing.

Intubation, ventilation, administration of intravenous fluids or blood and other supportive care surrounded her. She blinked and focused on the ceiling, wondering why the tapestry is not the same of her own room. She tried to move but failed. There are various equipment- life sustaining equipment pinning her down. She inhaled as her hands fumblingly reached on the oxygen mask and slowly and weakly pulled it over her head, disconnecting herself from the ventilator. Instantly, the mask dropped on the bed side as she sharply took the air, familiarizing herself with it.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

"That sound," she thought. "That is a sound from a machine that monitors vital signs, isn't it?" Her mind was absolutely confused why is she in a place like this. Lifting her head to the right side of the bed, she saw fluctuating lines and flashing numbers displayed on a monitor- she's not mistaken.

This time, she tried to sit but something pulled her down again, the oxygen mask. That breathing apparatus was tangled with the wirings stuck on her forehead. Due to these electron cephalography (a test to detect abnormalities in the brain's activities), she was annoyed. Annoyance materialized in her, for goodness sake. Why is there a ton of things connected to her? She only knew that she slept and now that she woke, she felt like she was treated like a comatose person.

Her quivering fingers pulled away the wires and dozens of she-doesn't-know-what-are-they-called, causing several equipment to fall out of their respective places. The monitors crashed against the floor, as another monitor crashed against the crashed monitor (what the heck is this?). These maybe expensive but she doesn't care. It annoyed her and that's it. Her weak arms pushed her up to sit as she quickly learned against the wall. Panting. Since when did sitting become an exhausting act to do?

She glanced across the simple room, she wouldn't miss the touch of masculine with the design. It's black and white, with abstract paintings hanging on the wall. The wardrobe was in front her, but something is missing in this weird room. . . her toys.

"Mh-" her lips parted to call for her mother but no voice came out- no, that's wrong. She stopped. She stopped because she couldn't talk. Sounds stupid but she has forgotten how. The feeling if hopelessness and helplessness escalated quickly, making her tremble to the slightest. It is ridiculously stupid to forget how to talk. She can't forget how to talk! Without thinking, she pulled out the tubes taped on her hands; the dextrose and other vegetation, albeit it made her bleed she never cared. The rack where the dextrose was hanging fell on the ground. The sound of metal clattered together with other equipment that crashed with it.

The door opened and a tall white haired guy came in. His eyes widen in horror as he saw how devastated the room was, nothing was touched in here since the past years. But what surprised him most was the sight of that teal lass awake. He didn't expect that she will wake so soon. Thus, his face brighten upon seeing (finally) how she looked like when awake.

"Wait, okay? I'll call him to check you, calm down." He chirped and ran out. She wanted to call him back but she realized three things: one, she doesn't know him; second, she cannot talk; lastly, she is tired.

"I don't know what is going on but why does it feel bad? I have to go back to school and make it up with my untouched major examination," she thought, refraining herself to move further. Every inch she takes makes her feel drained. "Mrs. Cortez will get mad if I won't come back with a valid excuse,"

The door opened again, gently this time, as an old man entered. His hair was gray and a thick frame spectacle laid peacefully on his nose bridge. He was a bit worn out, what to expect from old people, anyway? He sat on the couch near her bed and sighed heavily. The younger version of the old man- the white haired guy from earlier, started to fix the mess she made.

She never noticed the warm sunlight pouring from the window. It was a bright morning all the while but she never took notice of that because she woke from a really weird dream. So weird, she can't remember. The old man cleared his throat to catch her attention.

"Do you remember me, Miku?" He asked, surprising her.

"Remember you? Do I know you? How do you know my name? Where am I?" If only she could voice out all her inquiries to the old man... If she only knows how to say it, this will be a lot easier.

Noticing her anxiety, the old man rose from the couch and sat at the corner of her bed. The warm sun rays came in contact with the old man's frail skin, revealing more wrinkles. Her irises narrowed as the light seemingly illuminated the old man's polo.

"Dr. Honne?" Her mouth opened but what she actually voiced was nothing but a stutter as, "D...da...d..hn.."

"I see," the old man rubbed his palm against his forehead. "You're dysarthric. You'll get over it soon. Dell, get her a glass of water and get my things. I need to check her up." After saying his orders, Dell, the white haired guy, left. Soon, he came back with a tray containing a glass if water and the old man's medical supplies. Miku remained still on her seat, letting Dr. Honne to check her pulse, breathing and her responses in light.

Dr. Honne turned off the flashlight and sighed. "You are truly awake now, little Hatsune." He said as Dell let her sip through the straw. She pushed away teal locks of her hair that has become a hindrance on her sight. Her jade green eyes blinked then asked for a notebook. The men left the room with a goodbye, saying that Dr. Honne will come back to talk with her later. She was left alone in silence, still clueless what's going on.

"Miku Hatsune?" She turned her head towards the caller. There stood the white haired guy, holding a notebook and a pen. "Here. By the way, I am Dell Honne. Dr. Honne's grandson. Nice to meet you," he smiled. With that smile alone, Miku knew that he is trustworthy.

"Nice to meet you too. Can you send a message to my teacher explaining why I am not in school?" Although she felt so weak, she was able to write that. "... And please tell me where is Dr. Hoshine? I haven't talked to my mother since we arrived at Latria,"

His eyes narrowed at her note. He frowned, anxiety flickered in his wary eyes. "You see, let's talk about that when you can speak again," he patted her head and left.

Once again, she laid, thinking how long will it take for her to recover her speech again.

A month later...×××

"Hey, Miku! Come on! Hold on me, let's have a stroll." Said Dell as he pulled her up, then carried her to the wheeled chair. It's just five in the morning and the sky is a little tinted with the yellow glow. He gently brought her down then she pushed herself towards the mirror.

Miku tied her long silky teal hair in a bun as she put on her ebony black wig that Dr. Honne has given a month ago. She let the seemingly real hair to fall down by her shoulders, cascading until her waist. She never looked like herself at all whenever she puts it on, just the way Dr. Honne wanted. The old man never wanted people to recognize her, albeit the fact that people really have no idea how the Hatsune kids looked like, aside from the teal hair of course.

It has been a month already, she can speak obviously, but her questions are still unanswered. Dell could have answered but as long as there is no permission from the old man, Dell couldn't let an information slip.

"I still don't get why you have to bring me out. My legs are still weak and probably, I'll be able to walk maybe few weeks from now, so why not wait till I am able to stand on my own?" She asked. It only took her a week after she woke before her speech came back and that surprised Dell because she was recovering quite fast.

"She was never comatose at all. She was barely sleeping, " he thought and looked down at the pale girl he is pushing out of the lawn.

"Of course, you still need fresh air. It won't hurt, okay?" A genuine smile plastered against his face as he pushed her around the waken street. Birds flew above them. Dell found a bench and stopped so they could enjoy the cold fresh morning air.

"Will I be. . . really able to walk again, Dell?" Miku asked as she stared blankly at the empty highway before them. Her attention snapped to a purple haired guy who crossed the street. She also noticed the pink haired girl, mentally noting that the girl is pretty, on the other end if pedestrian as the girl stared at her phone, as she slowly crosses the intersection. Miku heard a noise, her eyes widen as she saw a 16-wheeler truck from a distance.

"I'm positive you will-"

"The girl, Dell! She'll get hit by the truck! Run!" Miku exclaimed as she tried to stand. If she could only run, she would have done it on her own. But reality hit, she stumbled back on her chair as Dell dashed towards the pink haired girl.

Twenty meters is no joke to run, especially to Dell who loathes his physical education a lot. Just in time, he reached her the moment the truck blowed its horn. He quickly pulled the girl back, wrapping an arm on her head as they fell on the hard ground. The wind made by the truck's momentum whipped his face as they plopped on the ground.

"Holy Athena. The movies lied about the impact," he muttered and looked up at the spinning sky. The screeching tire brakes were gone but instead, replaced by cool male voice shouting, "Luka!" Thinking of that name as the girl's name, Dell let go of his protective arm on the girl.

Miku, from a distance, was staring at the dramatic event she witnessed. She hated to admit it but, her heart was racing and pounding as if any moment it would come out of her chest. Her poker face was still on despite the fact that she really is worried. Who knows if Dell is conscious or not while lying there? The purple haired guy hugged the pink haired one, but still Dell was unseen. Seriously? They should overlook at him! Getting furious about how uncaring the two seemed, she was about to push herself to the site but the pink haired girl finally laid an eye on her savior! Miku stilled, they're helping him.

They helped Dell to walk back to her and as they closed the distance, Dell was smiling at her.

"Don't smile at me, silly." She thought, irritated by his wit. Miku's eyes raked at the pink haired being, she is truly beautiful. Then, she looked at the purple haired one. . . she must have seen him somewhere, before? She's unsure. Soon, Dell left with her as if nothing happened.

"How's my heroic exploit?"

"Good enough for a five year old hero," coldness was evident with Miku's retort.

"You're already 18, little miss. Stop acting like you're 12,"

"I can't. I don't know how, I'm sorry. I am 12 when I was sent to sleep, so I was stuck in that era. Can you blame me? I still don't have the answers why I was sent to sleep for six years," Miku shrugged.

"That's your problem. You need maturity. Anyways,"

'He's changing the topic again,' Miku mentally sighed. She's getting impatient in getting the truth from the Honnes.

"How is your dreams? Still weird?"

"Yes, Dell. Last night, I've heard a voice calling me. It's warmly waking me up."

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