If It Happened

Chapter 17

Cerulean eyes blinked then stared at the reflection. It is six in the morning, too early for her to rise since her class will be later afternoon. She forgot that her schedule today begins after lunch. That's a lame excuse, honestly. Rin Kagamine waking up because she forgot her schedule? She'd rather stay on her bed slacking than to rise. Well, if you were threatened to open your eyes because of a nightmare, would you exit the dreamland or not?

It was considered as a dream. For Rin, it was a dream - Miku Hoshine showed up, playing pranks with her, talking with her like the old times... and most importantly, telling her the secret of life.

"Nah - it's weird. She's not real and I'm still clueless where is her database. If I only know where is the source of her -"

"Rin?" a knock interrupted her thoughts as an identical face entered the view of her reflection. Rin turned around and faced her twin - who, similarly, has just gotten out of his bed. Len went straight to her computer set and settled himself there. He still has morning drool at the corner of his mouth.

''Why so early, Len?" Rin walked away from her wall mirror and sat at the corner of her bed, sitting at Len's right side.

"Ah, I don't know. Just woke so I decided to check if you're up too. Come on, I'm going to continue watching Miku's email." answered the groggy male he turned on the unit. Rin stirred with what he just said.

Oh, yeah. The email, she almost has forgotten that.

Rin ran to the bathroom to tidy up a little, splashing the cold water against her face. The train of thoughts about Miku's database resumed. She is not giving up the possibility that the source can make a way to keep Miku 'working.' Pulling the towel from the rail, she went out of the bathroom drying her face.

A video of Oliver, Len and Meiko singing was playing on the computer screen as a caption below flashed, "Last one. Here it goes." Rin curiously sat near Len and glued her eyes on her cousins and brother singing. They will surely get paid by just singing one day, she mentally noted.

Then black out.

"What happened?!" Len exclaimed, suddenly waken with the abrupt ending.

"Drop it Len. Let's just move on and liv-"

The sound of chords being plucked suddenly interrupted Rin's litany and that simply attracted her to look back at the screen. Miku was seated on a chair, a guitar on her lap, playing a strange yet beautiful melody.

"I made this song for you Rin and Len," Miku said and continued to repeat the plucking, fingers pressing D to A to B minor to G, then her pale lips parted once again. . . and the twins' hearts shattered the moment she began singing.

A smile was perfectly painted on Miku's lips as she began to sing. A wonderful pained voice was trying to say her last message. . . through a song.

If I can somehow be reborn again

Rin gasped.

Then I'll follow the signs until I'm right by your side.

'Though the thread of red around our fingers is worn thin,

Deep within I am certain, it will stay tied.

Rin failed to hold back her tears as she listened and watched. A hand clasped over her mouth wouldn't stop her from streaming tears as well. Meanwhile, Len has a control over his emotions so lip-biting proved that he can still hold back the tears. His glistening eyes prove his self-control wrong.

Candy on display, on summer days gone by;

Rainbows that went for miles after the rain...

Several chords played.

Then pause.

Miku winced, her voice shaky.

Even if I fall apart, feeling your memories escape my heart,

And it's hard to see the light because the world without you is dark.

Since that thread of us still wrapped tight, I know that everything will be alright;

There will come a day in time, that you and I will unite again,

My friend.

Miku lifted her head from watching her fingers as she played the guitar. Although she continued the plucking, her sniffling is audible and the next words came too shaky, making Rin cry harder.

If we both could have grown up in the end, you would be the hero prepared to defend.

Emotions are conquering the so-thought cold Miku that Len knew. Her voice was trembling and the one of her rare smiles - that is exotic to Len, that she put on earlier was replaced by a frown of frustration.

I'd be strong enough...

The chords stopped playing as she lifted her hand to wipe her tears.

To wipe her tears.

I'd be strong enough to save the people whom I loved

And not even afraid of monsters under the bed.

I think honestly, it's too scary for me.

You see, I want to stay safe here with you...

Miku went back playing the guitar, tears fell endlessly from her eyes. Rin was sobbing behind Len, she could rip his shirt anytime, while Len was doing the same thing - in a manly way though.

Miku wiped her tears. Miku wiped her tears. He repeated in his head twice, or maybe thrice? She did wipe her tears. And here was Len, remembering what Miku told him the last time he saw her, "It's nothing Len. Just remember that when I wipe my tears, the next words are for you."

Wait until tomorrow night,

When the moon is shining high up in the sky,

And we'll find a secret base where only the two of us can hide.

Do you wanna meet the next morning?

So together we can go exploring?

All the happy days when we have played

Were supposed to last forever...

I'm sure.

Miku stopped playing the guitar and asked a question, facing the camera as if she's talking to the twins for real. With a hoarse voice, a question was voiced out that crashed Rin and Len's heart.

"Hey, Rin? Len? Do you believe in being born again?" Then silence. Miku was just smiling as if she was waiting for an answer.

"I do, if that means to be with my best friend again. I do," Rin whispered in between her sobs.

"Even if I die, just wait. I'll be reborn again and I'll find you. Let's see each other again when I come back, okay? I promise." Miku resumed plucking the guitar and singing, while the twins are crying ceaselessly.

They knew that she will not come back anymore, stop that joke.

I'm the villain who's running from the truth,

And I couldn't even face you...

Maybe it's too late but i have to say that I am to blame.

Quietly you lie in a bed of white, with a sigh as you close your eyes.

Looking so content, pure and innocent, almost as if

... you're sleeping.

Even if I fall apart, feeling your memories escape my heart

And your voice and smiling face are disappearing without a trace.

Since that thread of us is still wrapped tight, I know that everything will be alright,

There will come a day in time when you and I will unite again,

My friend...

The screen turned black once again. This time, it is the video's end. Both of the Kagamines were crying, until Len calmed himself.

"Stop now, Rin. That is a peaceful goodbye, isn't it?" he asked. His twin winced helplessly and buried her face on a pillow. He was about to comfort his older twin but his mom called out for him downstairs.

"Len! A phone call for you!"

Wiping his tears away and convincing himself, Len left Rin's room despite he couldn't possibly just leave her devastated. Len answered the call from Luka. He doesn't feel like in the mood to talk about the project however, today is the submission. Definitely today is the worst timing to watch that video... but again, it's Miku.

The call ended and he as expecting an audio file from Luka minutes from now.

"Len! Call Rin for breakf- oh. Why are your eyes swollen dear?" his mom abandoned her apron and walked to him.

"Ah, I just...woke up? Not enough sleep, I guess." Len shrugged.

"That should give you the panda look, hehe - oops, sorry, not swollen teary eyes. Have you cried? Did some girl turn you down? Who-"

Before his mom could ask more unrelated queries, Len bolted upstairs to call for Rin.

Meanwhile, Miku Hatsune and Dell Honne, after the accident, are now seated in the back seat of the car with Dell's grandfather. They are on their way to Readele. Why? Because Dr. Honne will finally tell Miku the truth - not that the teens knew what's on the doctor's head.

They entered the quiet town of Readele and turned in a path concealed by the trees, just on the road-side.

"Are we going to hunt?" Miku asked while putting on her black wig. Sometimes she wonders why does she have to keep this disguise when they are completely unexposed from media six years ago.

Dell chuckled as he said no, predicting that they are going somewhere involving business. The car finally stopped in front of an abandoned unit with metal crisscross wires as fences. Dell carried Miku out of the car and settled her down on her wheeled chair.

"It looks like it was once a military hub, Dell." the tealette remarked as Dell pushed her so that they are right behind the old man Honne. The two watched the old man to unlock the gates and motioned them to follow after him.

It is awfully quiet since they are in the middle of nowhere, isolated from people. Miku never felt uncomfortable, she is used to such - being alone, isolated, so what's new? When she was young, only her brother, Mikuo, was her playmate. No playmates, or at least that's the lucid thing she can recall when she's on her early childhood.

"We are here," announced the older Honne as the lights flickered to open. It's a laboratory, no other descriptions, that's it. They followed the old man Honne from one hall to another and stopped in front of a not-so-unique white door (because every other door is just like that). What makes it special is the clear capsule connected to various cables. Whatever lies inside the clear capsule, that is the reason why Miku is gaping.

Miku shot the old man with a questioning glare as he sat down on a chair beside the capsule.

"You know, when people are dreaming, the brainwaves are almost the same of an awake person. Your brain was kept active for six long years of sleeping through a wireless brain interface. This was developed by your father. That nice senator dreamed to be a scientist, funny." The old man chuckled shortly as he began again.

"He always thinks of a way how to share his memories so that his friends may visualize it the way it plays in his memory. The wireless interface adapts your brainwaves to provide CV01 a database for her decision making.

"You see, in a neuron, a memory is like a glowing dot. Some fade out so new memories can be stored. Thus, we really do have to forget to remember. Before some of those memory vanish, the interface collects, interprets and saves it as CV01's raw memory. For the entire six years... you are dreaming. Well, not a dream actually. I think that's quite not right to call it a dream either. While you are, say, asleep, the CV01 lived a life of her own. Dr. Hoshine filtered her memory - deleting and modifying some to build a different yet similar person as you are. And while CV01 makes new memory, all her acquired memories, intelligence and emotions are sent back to you. Your brain interpreted the signals as if you really experienced those things.

"However, you will vaguely remember a thing about the exact people she met, the exact places she had been, and the exact emotion she had felt. Chances are small for you to remember it because everything seemed to appear as dreams to you. You know what happens to dreams once we've waken? Short lived, then forgotten. Everything else will be remembered by your subconscious, so reoccurring deja vu's are expected. But the acquired information are way easier to be recollected, it is as if you had studied her lessons and had taken her exams, and that is because it deals with your brain parts involving thinking, not feeling." Dr. Honne sighed heavily. That's one heck of an explanation done simple so Miku and Dell could understand. Yet, he is not done.

"Where is she now? Is she that girl inside? Why does she look exactly like me?" Miku eagerly asked, but the old man gave a weird, inappropriate answer.

"CV01 is named Miku Hoshine,"

"Ah, great. Named after me too,"

"Let me continue," the old man interrupted before Miku could ask again. "Miku Hoshine had undergone apoptosis due to data conflict and contact with rain water. Her shut down signalled the interface to send your RAS signals gushing and triggering acetylcholine to wake you up.

"Miku Hoshine lived a life like of a real person, having no idea that she is a machine. Until Dr. Hoshine got sick and he told her the truth. He planned to wake you just after the issue of your father's invention died out but he felt bad to just shut down CV01 because he treated her like his own child. So he decided to tell her the truth instead." Dr. Honne looked at the girl lying inside the capsule. Her configuration lines don't glow anymore, unlike the days when she was still operating. Nothing can fix the humanoid, now that she was self-destroyed.

"How did she manage her shut down without people knowing she isn't a human?" Miku's question rolled on her tongue with anger, brows knitting in disapproval the thought of the people the humanoid has left behind.

"She told her friends that she has a severe disease and won't last anymore."

"Give me a break," excused Miku, slowly standing from her seat. Her knees and legs might be weak yet her angered enabled her to stand.

"Don't force yourself!" Dell caught her just before she fell on the ground. Oh how she wished she can walk already. She was brought back to her wheeled chair as she stared angrily at the capsule before her. Miku was still mad that she appeared to be an experiment specimen, or she really is?

Dr. Honne excused himself and said that he will visit an old friend in the town, and will meet the two of them in that hub. When the scientist was out, Miku threw tantrums and slammed the fiber glass shielding her identical image, as hard as she could.

"My six years? Wasted. Wasted to carry out an experiment... wasted." She cried and slammed her fist on the unbreakable glass once more.

"True. So don't waste another second of your life feeling disgusted and annoyed. Lets's get ou of here, it's so lonely and gloomy in this place." Dell pushed her out of the laboratory and out of that mini-forest. What Dell said completely makes sense to her. And yet, it is her life they are dealing her and she can practically say it was stolen from her. Six years was stolen from her. Now, she finally understood why people hated her father.

When they reached the road, few houses came in view. Some children were running from a distance. Miku stared at them, reminiscing how she was deprived to enjoy her adolescent days. Dell's phone suddenly rang so he excused himself from Miku to answer the call. The tealette took the opportunity to roll away when he turned his back. She succeeded to get away from him, still carried away with the revelation today and decided that she needed some time on her own. Not until -

"Watch out!"


Miku dropped on the grassy ground, her legs felt a little pained. Her wheeled chair flipped suddenly - or someone actually crushed on her? She pushed herself up, a part of her wig trapped beneath her palms. When she sat straight, her wig was completely pulled down, revealing her long teal silky hair cascading down from her shoulders.

"Miku?" She spun her head around and saw a blond boy with his bike over his legs, around three meters away from her. Startled because she couldn't remember any meeting with this person, she hurriedly tried to stand - and remembered she can't walk yet. Oh, Fates. She turned away from the boy. The boy quickly pushed his bike away and sat in front her and pinched her face to check if she is real and not an illusion. Then pinched himself to clarify he isn't dreaming.

"It is really you, Miku!" He beamed and tackled the confused tealette in a bear hug. "I thought you died! They should have believed me when I said you aren't dead!" he chirped against her hair.

"Who are you?" Miku pushed him away and tried to reach her wheeled chair.

"What are you - it's me, Oliver! Len and Rin's cousin!"

Oliver? Len and Rin? Nostalgic, that's what Miku felt hearing those names. Nostalgic. And somewhat familiar, but still...

"I don't know you, I'm sorry. Neither the Len nor Rin,"

"Come on, I'll help you." Oliver chose to ignore her as he pulled up her wheeled chair. "Are you involved in an accident that day then? I can't think any reason why you're using this," he pushed the thing towards her.

"Did your car crash on your way home after Christmas?" the blond carried her to her chair, mentally asking if all girls are this heavy.

"Thanks," she mumbled. 'Too many questions though,' Miku rolled her eyes. "Helping me still won't change my answer, I don't know you."

Oliver tried to remind her who he is through retelling his whole post-Christmas vacation with Len and Meiko. Little did he know that he is talking to the real Miku - Miku Hatsune not CV01.

"Miku!" Dell called as he instantly worried seeing Miku out of her disguise while talking to a blond. "What happened?" he asked, picking up her wig on the grass.

"See? You're Miku! Stop denying you don't know me!" Oliver blabbed but the tealette hated how pushy and bubbly this kid.

"I'm sorry but I am not, probably not the Miku you knew. I am Miku Hatsune, you must be referring to some Miku what's-her-surname," she said coldly. As if on cue, Dell and Miku left Oliver. The blond gawked at what has happened then, pulling out his phone and composed a group message for Meiko, Rin and Len.

"Cous, is it possible to meet people who are identical and having same names?"

The twins instantly replied a 'no' while Meiko said, 'my groceries first.'

"Well, I just Miku." Oliver sent and ran to his bike.

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