If It Happened

Chapter 19

21st of March, beginning of Spring Break;

Months have passed since Miku Hoshine passed away... or so, shut down. Winter was over and unsurprisingly, no snow fell this year.

It has been months since Rin began researching about HVP, frequently asking Len what else he knows about such, doing her best to sound curious and not suspicious. It has been months but still, no traces where to find the database - is her endpoint. She tried stalking Kaito since the self-declared Miku's guardian was Kaito's uncle. However, Kaito, too, is no help.

It has been months since Miku Hatsune has waken. It's been months she's residing in the Honne's household. Dell is tutoring her with college lessons - and as surprised as he is, she is learning fast. Dr. Honne fixed her documents, more likely a transfer of CV01's class records to Miku's account. Because Miku is determined to do something sensible in her life - to not repeat such mistake, to correct the concept of HVP, Dell is doing his job to make her success in entering the College of Engineering in the University of Latria.

The white haired gentleman finally got a break from pushing the wheeled chair because finally, the stubborn teal head reacquired her locomotor movements. Miku got used in putting on her black wig that she began tying it in pigtails - similar with how she fixes her own turquoise locks. Moreover, she was also reunited with her brother - Mikuo, who can't join her to live with the Honnes because he was under the custody of their uncle. Albeit Miku's earnest desires to settle with her brother, the old man Honne just wouldn't let her, giving the same reasoning - it's too dangerous for her. Mikuo's clingy girlfriend is just another reason why the teal head brother can't steady his butt on the Honnes.

So instead, Mikuo promised that he will visit Miku every Sundays. The first time he visited - since they first talked over the phone, Mikuo asked his sister if Miku was married to a blond and if they have a child. Miku was tongue-tied, the question was literally out of the blue. Her brother has no idea that she was sent to sleep all the years she was gone. And so, she told him. Miku explained everything to her brother - eventually making Mikuo loathe the idea that his younger sister has become their father's own guinea pig. It has been like that every Sundays, Mikuo brings something new - food, reading material and any sort of things that will interest his sister. Withal, this Sunday is a different Sunday.

Miku and Mikuo, together with Dell, are going to the former Hatsune's residence in Ardio City. Miku has a little recollection of her middle school years because of being so-called comatose. So here are they, traveling to the capital city just because of a silly question from the older brother;

"Miku, do you still remember him?"


"Don't kid me. Your sweetheart!"

"Don't kid me. I don't have one. Mikuo, stop teasing."

"I'm serious."

"MA!" The twin wailed in unison. Their mom packed their things for the twin's short spring break will be - as their mom decided - spent with their Aunt Lola in Ardio City.

"Ma! It has nothing to do with the childhood videos of ours that you've watched months ago, right?" Rin asked, outraged by the sudden vacation. The blonde was supposed to use her free time researching more to track Miku's database. Oh, how she hates her mom now.

"Actually," the blonde mother spun childishly to face them while carrying one of the luggage. "It has," she smiled brightly. So bright it tormented Len's eyes.

"Go on, your dad is waiting in the car!" Lily pushed her kids out of their lawn, shoving their bags to them. Defeated, the twins entered the car and the long trip began.

It was a silent ride. Rin was still occupied at the thought of her twin - being close to her now, just like the old times. She was thinking how the grown up Len, cold towards people, was now back. And the thought of Miku's database couldn't be pried away in her mind as well - that's her priority. Searching for Miku's database, however, is like looking for an occult. After all, the government turned down all possible web pages that lead to information about HVP - its results and progress.

On the other hand, there is this thing Len keeps on repeating in his head: Forget to remember. What important is the present, he justified to himself as he stared at the scene from the window. He should treasure what today gives him, instead of mourning over and over again, onto something... he simply can't have back.

He also noted to himself that it's fine for a guy to be sentimental as long he keeps it to himself, minus the fact that he broke down in front of Gakupo and Luka.

Five hours passed just like that. It was already high noon when their dad told them that they are near Lola's place. They've been to Azura, Latria and Madior - cities you will pass by if your from the town Clôture (the town where the Kagamines live). Currently, only tall buildings, crowded intersection and blinking stoplights can be watched against the window of the car. A real picture of urban city, huh?


It felt like ages since the twin's last visit here, therefore it surely changed a lot. The gigantic advertising billboards, nonsense bystanders and all sort that builds an urban Ardio - just drop it here.

"Rin," called Len using that unnerving tone that hinted one thing - forlorn. The blond leaned against the window of the car, lips suddenly formed a thin line. What is that call for? The older twin, this blonde, looked at him - a sudden flash of guilt struck her.

The blonde couldn't stand seeing Len as sad as this, without telling him the truth. Should she tell him now? That Miku is a humanoid? That his research was actually Miku Hoshine? That the papers they are working for the past week is actually a modification of Miku's original plans? Her eyes glistened with tears but she held it back. Save it for later. After half an hour of debating whether tell him bluntly or not, the car turned and entered an elegant village.

They are almost on their destination and yet, Len left Rin hanging. He still didn't tell her what was he supposed to say a while ago. That will be rude, really. Rin is just too curious now - or that's how he sees it with her public self-conversation. Right then, the car stopped in front of a gothic three-storey house. Rin's memories flooded back as she jumped down, dragging her twin with her towards the doorbell.

"Len! We're here!"

"I know..." Len pulled his wrist away from her grip as he went back to the car to get their things.

The door opened as a woman, looks around the same age with her dad, stood before the blonde. A sweet smile was tugged the woman's lips as she parted her arms, inviting the blonde to a hug.

"Aunt Lola!" - "Rin."




The blonde pulled away from her aunt as she tried to see where the other two voices came from. A shriek that will hurt any hearer's ears was heard from Rin as she ran inside the house to embrace her cousins - Meiko and Oliver. The brunette and the blond felt like they're going to faint with such tight hug.

"I see this coming," the said aunt sweetly remarked as she opened the door wider, looking for her brother and nephew. "Feel yourself at home. Hangout on the gardens if you please, but don't leave all the luggages to my brother and your twin, Rin. My brother is getting older,"

"Oh, sure. Sorry, aunt Lola." Rin expertly dodged her aunt's fragile antique vases as she ran out to help Len and Leon - basically getting her things from them. Then, she followed where Lola assigned the twin's rooms. Meiko and Oliver watched the four fade after turning to a hallway.

Leon, Lola and Ring are siblings - children of old man Kagamine. Oliver is Lola's son and Meiko is Ring's daughter. After Oliver spent his vacation in Readele, the old man allowed Meiko to spend hers in Ardio. After all, the old man is feeling better and Ring has come back after her business trip.

Oliver can't stop himself from scowling as a bubbly Rin was heard, arguing with her father that she should have a separate room from Len. Well, they are no longer kids now, aren't they? But Rin's behavior? It is as if the blonde has forgotten what happened to Miku - of course, Oliver is clueless how Rin thinks of the tealette almost every day. For the last month, Oliver and Rin are talking to each other more often than usual. And the topic is noticeably always, if not always - most of the times, Miku. It doesn't take a genius to know why he is suddenly interested. Rin can almost guess why. Similarly, Oliver can't stop himself from asking. After the day they learned the truth about Miku, he is suddenly interested. While he is struggling to handle the truth, Meiko takes it easily. Both of them, Meiko and Oliver begged Lola to ask Lily (the twin's mom) to send Len and Rin to them - so they can tell the truth. They just didn't expect that the one devastated after Miku's death is Len while Rin seemed so radiant.

After several minutes, Leon and Lola came out. Leon bid a goodbye to Meiko and Oliver before leaving. Soon, it was the five of them left. Lola asked the twin several questions, mostly asking how they've been. The woman noticed Len's dead mood. So before she moved to the kitchen, Lola decided to say something nice that may alleviate him, despite the lack of knowledge of whatever he's going through.


"Yes, Aunt?"

"If you let go what's bothering you, it will be a relief." The English woman briefly smiled at him then left. The other three frowned after Len just heaved a sigh. They all know that Len could not just let go. Just like that.

"Yaay, yaay! Seems to be the moment of truth," Len glared at Meiko. He hated the fact the he was so vulnerable, readable, transparent - an open book, basically. Ignoring the glare, the brunette dragged the twin with her, and Oliver was following them. In the garden, there will be the truth revealed.

"Okay, let's go to the issue. I want to rub that forlorn look out of Len's butt. And I don't understand why is 'her' best friend here is so jolly, hn? Well, Miku Hoshine is not a human."


Rin froze in horror.

After a minute, the dead air faded as Len's laughter reiterated. He just completely neglected the heated tension and seriousness with Meiko, Oliver and Rin's faces.

"What are you, Meiko-nee, a clown?" Len smiled. He sighed, that bright smile vanished as soon as it appeared, lifting his head to look up to the tree from behind. The wheel they used as a swing there was gone. How fast time flies...

"How did you know?" Rin's surprisingly low and serious voice made Len snap his head back to his cousins. Is she riding on Meiko's joke? He wondered. 'What's up with these people? Are they trying to cheer me? Ridiculous.'

"Grandpa told us," Oliver answered. "He told us the truth, that day I asked you whether it is impossible for two identical people to have same names."

"So you know it all the time, Rin." Meiko played cool. That's some secrecy she didn't expect.

"... And the Miku I saw that day, is the real Miku." Oliver continued. Rin kept on gaping.

"Hang on. I'm confused. What are you trying to say?" Len interrupted, tugging lightly on the younger blond's sleeve.

"Listen, Len. Miku Hoshine is a humanoid. She is the humanoid from the HVP, the one you are researching. I've been researching about her since the day Dr. Hoshine told us that Miku isn't a human. After I saw how HVP works - sneaking through your laptop, I know that Miku's database is either dead or alive." Rin explained monotonously, eyes glued on the grasses.

"But," she continued. "I have no lead where to find her. There are limited articles. I can't trace. Kaito's uncle denied that Miku isn't a humanoid the day of her fake funeral. But I know that he knows something else, he won't tell me. I'm planning to tell you about this sooner...if I still fail to find Miku's database."

Len kept quiet. Unconvinced, well, that is he. Are they expecting him to bite the bait just like that? It's like hoping to be a Cinderella after feeding a rat?

"In fact, Dr. Honne knows a lot. Granny is a part of government research before. He designed the self-destruct program of the HVP, he created the humanoid's body applying the 'apoptosis plan' as a trial. Granny revealed that the real Miku, the human, the one I ran to, is living in Dr. Honne's custody. She looks beautiful. Sadly beautiful. But there's a complication here," Oliver warily looked at the brunette, wishing her to continue.

"Since you've mentioned that you've researched about it - and so did Len, the explanation will be easy. Dr. Hoshine with the real Miku, six years ago, was caught amidst of a protest. To save the child from military's rage - more like preventing her to end up with the same fate with her killed parents - he was forced to use the daughter of the senator as the beta. So, the real Miku was sent to sleep while the humanoid lived her life. The issue died after three years but the doctor was fond of the humanoid, regarded the HVP as his own daughter. The memories copied from the real Miku was filtered and a little modified, enough to produce a database for self-decision. And, yeah, Miku Hoshine lived an independent life.

"The brain behind the HVP was -"

"Senator Hatsune," Len interrupted Meiko nonchalantly.

"And he is the real Miku's father. By real, what I mean is that, she doesn't remember 'exactly' all the things the humanoid experienced, yet. Since the real Miku received all feedback from the humanoid, it needs to be triggered for her to remember us... and that is still a theory, no guarantee." Continued Meiko.

"Please stop the scifi pranks," Len turned around. Open and shut, annoyed. He won't buy on this. He was pulled back by his twin, he didn't miss how she trembled as she held him firm on his arm.

"We are not playing jokes here!" Rin yelled, a tear fell. It pained him to see his sister... suffering? Trying? Gambling with the possibility of a... whatever is this scientific shit that now he hates because it played lives. His life, his twin's, his cousin's and the so-called real Miku's life.

"Did she ever act normally around you? Even a kid could notice that she is strange! Her eyes lose colors when some of her memories are being corrupted. She only wears long sleeved clothes to hide those scar-looking lines on her arms - those lines look like the ones seen on a CPU! - And I'm hoping to find her database because Miku lives there, perhaps..."

"I don't care about that..." Len's cold response made Rin free his arms, tears falling ceaselessly. And if it was possible to be brokenhearted twice, Rin Kagamine is a living proof.

"I don't care anymore. If the three of you are expecting me to swallow whatever you just told me and digest them, well, you see, I don't. I won't. I'm not acting like this because of that woman - oh wait, ah yes, I forgot. Yes, woman. Because if I called her a humanoid, that means I cared. But I don't." Len took steps backward, distancing himself from what he'll call... believers*.

"Remember the HVP-28 sign on the forbidden path? There lies the humanoid. If you saw her... she's nothing but a robot." Meiko insisted.

"Damn. So, what am I suppose to then? Be head over heels to... an... abiotic sh- robot?" And at that moment, Len was finally honest. Because he cares. He really does.

"Len! Let's find the real -"

"No. No, Rin! We can't! She isn't the Miku we used to know. She isn't the Miku who played with you - isn't the Miku who plays violin, isn't the Miku I held hands with. I'll pretend like she didn't exist. Do the same. I'll be fine, you'll be fine." Len hissed and averted gazes from them.

Tears gushed down from Rin's eyes, in more volume this time. These tears of longing and hoping that she held back all the times she was searching for any bit of helpful information, was spilled. And just like that - will her effort, perseverance in finding the forsaken ending of their story, be gone? Be gone just like that?

"I miss Miku so much - now, who are you to tell that? I've known her longer than you do, so can't you understand why am I like this?" Rin argued, her fists clenched against her sides. How can - of all people, Len say such insensitive words? Where was the sibling bond they used to have. They said the twins are connected - their souls are like carbon copy of each's - but why is Len saying this? Can't Len feel her devastation? How can he say it as if it's as easy as that?

How can you possibly forget someone, pretend that someone never existed, when they become real? Even forgotten dreams can be recollected... So is forgetting really the last choice?

Rin knew the answer.

And Len knew enough. Of course, he already knew the answer. He just wouldn't admit it.

"If she is the humanoid's memory source, then she built Miku Hoshine to be like her! If the robot sends all feedback from her interaction, then that made her, somewhat, a part of Miku we know! How can they be different individuals, Len? It was like playing a game and the real Miku is the controller of the character-Miku.

"I endured all longing, this empty feeling... I don't care if will take longer to remind her who I used to be in her life, if that means that I'm with her, it doesn't matter. She is my best friend." The blonde helplessly cried, her twin's back facing her. That's it.

She misses her best friend and she knows that there is a way, there will always be, a way to have her back.

"Do what you want," Len's icy tone made Rin ache more. "It's not like she will remember what she told me through the song." He whispered to himself. Because he is hopeless.

'Hopelessly in love.'

"Rin?" A voice from the opposite side of the road called, making the four turn their heads from the intruder. It was Gumi Megpoid along with two guys. Her bright green hair shone like the leaf blades while the guys with her - a white haired and brunette - deadpanned.

Meiko examined the guys - she fairly knew Gumi, if she wasn't controlling herself she could have fan girl-ed right on. The white-haired guy perfectly fits the title, "Ice prince". Generally, he gives off that androgynous aura. Those lazy stare he is giving them makes Meiko invite him in a one on one fisticuffs. The brunette guy is, well, a hallmark of let's-get-out-of-here-now-I-hate-seeing-people stuff. Misanthrope, might be.

"Gumi," Rin wiped her tears and ran to embrace her friend. The pop star chuckled and hugged the blonde back, patting her comfortably.

"It's a surprise to see you around," said Gumi when Rin pulled away.

"Just - sniff - spending the break here - sniff - in my Aunt's place - sniff - oh, here's my twin, Len. - sniff - and my cousins, Meiko and Oliver." Rin introduced as she and her friend walked back to their lawn.

"Oh! You have a twin?! That's super cool! Here are my friends, the ones I mentioned before - Piko Utatane and Shintaro Kirisagi."

Piko's I'm-an-ice-prince-facade fell as he smiled amiably to them - Meiko took back her judgement a little earlier - and the antisocial guy nodded at them.

"I thought there were four of you? Where's the other one?" Rin asked. Her question wiped the smiles on Gumi and Piko's face, whilst Shintaro remained the same - though he stooped a little.

"Ah, ha-ha... about that Rin, well -"

"Eh?! Shintaro!?" A voice cut Gumi's supposed-to-be-explanation. The two groups of people looked at the end of street, only to see another white haired guy and a teal haired tall guys - the teal head was waving a hand. They instantly remembered Miku from the teal head.

"Shin, isn't that..." Gumi's voice trailed off as she gaped in amusement, watching the guys walk towards them.

"Mikuo? Is that you?" Piko asked when the teal head stood in between the Kagamines and the pop stars allies.

Len looked at the teal head. Sure thing, looks like Miku. Len's heart almost jumped out of his chest, imagining how the real Miku looks like... slowly believing Rin's idea: that the real Miku is there and maybe, maybe means probably, she will remember them.

Or her message through the song.

"MIKUO!" Shintaro gave the teal head - Mikuo as what they called - a bro-hug. That was the first word they heard from Shintaro. Believe it or not, the antisocial brunette smiled.

He looked less creepier, Len thought as he watched them carefully. A smile still fixes broken expressions, huh? The blond mused. He watched Mikuo introduce the white-haired fellow to Rin's friend's friends. 'Dell Honne,' Len repeated in is head. Not necessary to be remembe- wait, Honne? Is he related to one of the developers of HVP?

Len was about to voice out his question, only to be interrupted by Oliver. His cousin seriously said;

"I've met you before,"

Gumi smiled, remembering that Rin has company out there too. Just then, Mikuo and Dell turned around and stared at them. Dell recognized Oliver but he tried to pretend he didn't. It would be complicated to acknowledge the blond because that is similar with blurting out Miku's identity.

So Dell gave an apologetic smile and said, "I have no recollection." Sounds like Miku anyhow.

"Ah, Mikuo and Dell. This is my friend and classmate, Rin Kagamine - her twin and cousins." Introduced Gumi as both parties their pleasure meeting each other.

Piko kept an eye on Shintaro's growing silence, perhaps, Mikuo's sudden appearance relieved the brunette. But then, Piko realized a sadder conclusion: Shintaro is still longing and possibly, the feeling is stronger by now. 'It's like looking at Miku already,' thought Piko as he stared on the laughing turquoise-haired fellow. Swiftly, Mikuo turned back to them and what he said terrified all of them. When everyone reacted, it was Mikuo who was terrified.


"MIKU!?" Everyone, aside Mikuo himself and Dell, chorused. Mikuo froze, confused with what is happening. Howbeit, Dell has seen this coming.

"How did you know Miku?" Gumi and Piko asked in unison - question directed to Team Kagamine.

Len got to hold himself before he become irrational, again. But hearing it from Mikuo - Miku's twin or older brother, a hope was blazing in his chest. Not until he noticed the Shintaro-guy to walk away from them, hurriedly.

"I see," interrupted Dell. "Lets's all go together and meet Miku." - A toothy grin. His suggestion received no objections so they all walked together, except the three ahead of them; Dell, Mikuo and Shintaro. But as how Len sees it, the brunette was clueless why they're going to meet Miku.

"So, can you tell us how did you meet Miku?" asked Rin to Gumi, the rest waited for the pop star's reaction. Just in time, Oliver just remembered that Gumi is Meiko,s id-

"Meiko? Hankies aren't edible." Oliver said, watching the older brunette munching her handkerchief.

"Sorry, don't talk to me. I need to get hold of myself. I need to control the fan girl in me..."

"Oh, that's why you are quiet." Oliver turned back to Gumi.

"Miku, Shintaro, Piko and I were childhood friends. Remember what I failed to tell you? That I know how you feel? That's because when we're 12, Miku vanished - no traces where she had gone, together with her family. It was rumored that the Hatsune kids were also killed by an ambush, the way how their parents got killed. The guy there was her older brother, anyway.

"That's saddening, really. You know, Mr. and Mrs. Hatsune seemed to be perfect parents. It was due to Mr. Hatsune's work that they ended that way," Gumi smiled sadly. "So, why are you crying that day, Rin?"

"Ah, well. Miku's death." Rin hesitantly answered. For a moment, silence aired. Their audible footsteps roared as they went through an unfamiliar elegant houses.

"That's how everyone sees it." That cool voice said, from Piko who was walking beside Gumi. His hands kept in his pockets. A calm image he is, despite they're seeing Miku. "Everyone began to think that Miku is dead - and so the rest of them. That was no fun, she left with no goodbye. Every night I wished she will show as a ghost and bid proper goodbye, but none taken. So I believe she's still alive. Especially, Shintaro."

For some reason, Rin was doubtful seeing the real Miku. It's like a restarted game.

Because of the hints that this Piko is trying to nail, Len feared that his conveyed message is or is not true.

Meiko is expecting this.

Oliver couldn't careless other than seeing Miku, again.

"So at least by now, we can light up an incense for her. Perhaps, Mikuo brought her ashes," Piko continued, both he and Gumi looked poignant than ever. However, Oliver's laughter broke the trance, clutching his stomach in place - so funny, he could roll on the ground.

"Fools! What are you saying? Ashes? Ashes my bird James! She isn't ashes! She is - "

"Here we are! Come in!" Mikuo's yell interrupted Oliver but the blond kept on laughing. But Meiko wanted to hear what he said again, his accent... it's distinguishable.

Their way towards the door was far, given that the Hatsune's garden was extremely large. Mikuo was pleased to see it maintained for six long years. Six years has been so long. After the perpetual walking, they all entered the house. It's totally grand. Oliver was gaping as he looked from frame to frame, studying carefully all pictures hanging and displayed in there. Rin and Len looked around as well.

"Hilarious. They look exactly the same." Rin mumbled and Len silently nodded. The male twin joined the slouching Meiko on the couch. Anxiety began fiddling in his mind. What if the real Miku is not like the one he knew? What if she won't remember at all? What if she -

"Oh, Mikuo. I found a note on the fridge. Miku said she's out for a stroll. Dell came out from a hallway, raising a small piece of paper with him.

"Out for a stroll?" Exclaimed Piko and Gumi, making Oliver laugh again. Dell sighed in defeat as he sat with these people and Mikuo left to prepare for snacks.

Dell began explaining what happened to Miku during her absence. She was sleeping for six years and a humanoid replaced her life for that six years. He explained how the wireless interface works - the Kagamines seemed bored because they knew it too well; he also told them how she woke and how the humanoid shut down. Since Miku's sleep resembles comatose, he informed them how was her recovery and it was lately that she learned how to walk again. But, the problem is her memory.

"Here, we have Miku's old friends," Dell continued. "And here, we have her new ones..."

"I don't know how will she be able to handle it well. Because, here is the past she vaguely remembers and the present she subconsciously experienced. Both needed a retrieval of memory,"

Before Dell may give further insights, Shintaro stood quietly and walked out silently. Mikuo saw him walking out so he tried calling him back. However, the brunette's lonely voice told them he is unstoppable.

"I'm going to look for her and have some private talk." Then he left. Mikuo smiled as he served his guests their snacks. Dell finally understood it, muttering to Mikuo;

"So he's the guy."

The group silently ate, but like Shintaro, he stood and told them that he will look for her too. A hand stopped him from leaving and Len looked at the hand on his arm. Piko looked worried, he clearly knew why. It maybe something Len developed to the CV01.

"I think you should gave this time to them. Miku means a lot ... to Shin." Piko closed his eyes, a depressed sigh escaped his lips. Gumi smiled at the confused people around them. It is important, yes. For Shintaro, seeing her again is really important.

"Shintaro, after the rumor about Miku's death, locked himself in his room. For two years. They are what you call childhood sweethearts," Piko looked at Len again, never freeing his arm.

'And what am I called? Hopeless romantic?' Len retorted mentally.

"All figurative language you can think of that will explain their beautiful treatment to each other. Shin confessed his feelings to her and Miku disappeared the day she was supposed to answer him," Gumi continued. "An open ended story it is."

Meiko wasn't as surprised as Rin, she read the Shintaro-guy quite accurate. Dell was smiling against his cup of tea while Len was walking away.

"She's my friend,'' Len's words echoed inside the living room - the words he was unsure. He just fed people with an unclear information. All eyes on the silhouette walking away. Rin knew it.

"I - I guess, we will come back some time." Rin smiled and stood with her cousins. Before they left, Rin ran to Miku's tower tall brother and gave him CV01's diary that she has been keeping in her bag.

"Please give it to her." And with that, they left.

Shintaro has no idea where he should start looking for her. He was mentally scolding himself as he walked in a familiar path. Towards the river, the river where he and the guys used to go. It has been years since he went there. After letting himself believe the rumor that she died, he never went to places that reminded her. So he locked himself in his room, not noticing that being alone gave him more time to think of her.

He occupied a seat under a tree's shade as he quietly listened to the rustling winds. His mesmerism towards the scenery was cut by the sound of stones plopping to the river. About 20 meters from him, someone's throwing pebbles to the river. Annoyed of the sound, he walked over to confront this person for Shin's serenity was destroyed.

"Hey, umm. Mind to stop - "

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