If It Happened

Chapter 4



Meiko and I drove our way to Kagamine's residence. The weather was fair so everything's perfect for a trip! Yaay! You don't know how excited I am to see my cousin again. Oh! Honestly, seeing Rin means seeing Len already but still they are different, right!?

"Come on, Oli. Stop humming, go on and sing a song!" Yelled Meiko as she stopped at an intersection.

"Oh," is all what I said. I'm plucking random chords with my guitar but I'm not singing. You see, our family really loved to sing, to play instruments, to live with music.

"I don't know what to sing Meiko-nee, I'm really a bad singer."

"Who are you kidding Oliver? You, who won the grand champion in your mid school for song composition, are bad in singing? Cut that, brit-boy. And! Stop calling me Meiko-nee. Meiko is enough, okay?" She said. Gee, this woman is really...creepy and bossy.

"Ah-hahah," I nervously laughed. "But I know you love Gumi Megpoid's songs, but I'm not her fan so I don't know if you'll like me to sing,"

"Yeah, yeah. But just sing," Meiko smiled at me before accelerating the car.

The town of Latria will be half an hour away from the place where we are right now. It's my first time to go out of Readele so... I'm nervously excited! Who knew that there's a lot of people living in here!?

"Ah, Meiko? Did Rin give you the spare keys?"

"Ahh, yeah, I think. She mentioned something about her twin going out with someone,"

"SOOMEOONE!? YOU MEAN, A DATE? TODAY? CHRISTMAS!? Wow! Len has grown up to be a man!"

Who would have thought that Len will date girls. It's like he doesn't care about those things before!

"Yeah, haha. That's my exact reaction, oli boy. I never realized that he has grown up already. I want to meet his girlfriend. I assume you want too," said Meiko, a hint of smile in her tone.

"Of course, I want to see his ideal!"

"Why so?"

"So that when time come, I know what to look for," I said proudly.

"He really is your role model?! I see..." Meiko mumbled and suddenly pulled in a car park of some CD store.

I looked on the GPS, we are near from Len's house so...why are we here?

"Come out! There's a sale in that store!" She just said it.

We barged in the music stall and the music instantly rang in our ears. Gumi Megpoid's songs are echoing in all corners, and Meiko is smiling like a maniac after hearing that.

"Dell! What are we doing here? I thought we'll head back to uncle right now?"

I spun around and saw a tall blue haired guy together with a white haired guy. Both of them looked like in late teens or early 20s. The blue haired guy displayed a sour expression while the other illuminates the store with such angelic look. Really!? I sound like a shota right now.

"Uncle Kaito, just wait. This will be quick, I just want to buy a soundtrack of her old friend. I want her to listen at her songs when she woke up," said the white haired guy as they moved towards the cashier.

A sudden tug on my sweater pulled me away from the The Beatles corner. Meiko dragged me towards the stall filled with Gumi's albums. Yikes,

"Why are you spacing out there, kiddo? Stay with me. You don't know this town, and I promise that I won't look for you when you're lost," she picked up and read an album.

Horrible. Is she really my cousin?

"Ah, sorry," I whispered.

"This way? Thank you," the white haired guy's voice echoed together with the footsteps.

"Hey, Dell. Will you stop calling me uncle?"

"Sure, uncle ka- I mean, Kaito. Heh, I won't promise. Technically, you're my uncle. My grandpa is your uncle eh,"

"Gee, we are of same age. I hate to look so old- what!? Gumi's songs?"

The blue haired guy, I assume that he's Kaito, stopped three steps away from the stall, while the white haired guy-who must be Dell, stood beside Meiko, a smile still beaming at his face.

"Yes, uncle- I mean, Kaito. This Gumi is her childhood friend." Dell picked an album.

What!? Gumi? A childhood friend of this unknown person? This Dell and Kaito are...rich kiddos.

"Music is nuisance! It's a noise, Dell. Cut that," said the Kaito guy.

Is it me or is it real that Meiko stopped breathing after hearing that?

"Kaito! Music is life." Dell retorted.

"Gee, what are you? A girl? Come on, the staff were already at the location. We have to be there." Snapped Kaito.

"Don't rush, grandpa's already there. They can carry on. It's just a talk."

"PSH, nuisance. Music is a nuisan-"

And Kaito was punched in the gut by my very own...cousin.


I quickly pulled back Meiko as she glared at this Kaito who was equally pissed off. He clenched his fists and turned to Meiko, Dell was holding him back with a nervous smile.

But Meiko broke away from my grip, so as Kaito from Dell. He collared Meiko, their faces were almost crashing with both agitated looks. Meiko was holding his collar too.

Meanwhile, Dell and I were waiting for any staff to kick us out of the stall.

"Really? You're quite pretty if I may say. You have a different way in getting attention, huh. Poor thing I hate musi-"

Meiko punched him in the stomach and the next thing I knew was that... we were running away from the store back to the car. Dell was waving a hand at me so I returned the farewell.

So amiable. My Christmas is a disaster, thanks to Meiko.

"Do you really have to punch him?" I asked as she pulled out of the drive way. The brakes screeched as we turn away. Drag racer.

"Gee! He's a bastard. How dare he say that," Meiko's lip folded in a straight line. Her short brown hair covered her hair momentarily, hiding a blush.

Ohh... ❤

"Did he say something I haven't heard?"

"A lot, brit-boy. He's a bastard!" She said as I watched the closing distance from our position to the Kagamine's.

"Hey, Meiko. Slow down. We'll crash the neighborhood!"

"I don't care!"

"Meiko Sakine!"


"We're here." Meiko calmly said and stormed out of the car.

How did she park it perfectly? Is she a...

"Oliver? What are you doing? Help me here,"


Forget it. We're here!

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