If It Happened

Chapter 5


Covered with enough thick clothes, Miku and I left the house. This is what she asked last night so here we go.

Last night, just to mention in a not-so-detailed-way, is just a simple dinner between the two of us- no exchange of talks nor trivial gossips. After we ate the dinner, we rested for a while and went straight to bed. She doesn't sleep instantly so I was just watching her from the mattress as her fingers tapped almost all keys of her laptop. Watching the boring scene, I passed out without my knowledge.

Currently, we are heading to the train station with a high hope that people aren't piled up there since today is Christmas. People usually go to malls or restaurants in the major city to spend their Christmas in wasting money.

Yes, wasting money. I'm not against with the celebration of it but seeing people put up such effort kept me wondering. Why? It is because, no matter how money could be tight nowadays- excluding the people on the highest class, of course- they still spend at least a quarter of the budget just to go out. That is despite the fact you can celebrate in your houses warmly. Hah. I'm describing my family. I know right.

The wind blew hardly, it almost took my beanie away. Miku, seemed not bothered, just held her scarf tightly. It's been a minute that we were walking in a soundless medley and none of us was breaking it.

The weather was generally cold. The cascading wind against me kept me shivering even if I was wrapped in layers. My face was already numb as we walked in pace.

I looked over the queen of mood swing and I pretty admit, it is much better to walk behind her. Her hair was laid down, the black scarf encircled her neck. Over all, she still looked like lamenting. Or maybe she's still.

The road suddenly became brick-covered, an indication that we are approaching the train station. I saw the ticket booth, several meters away and Mr. Tome was there. Even holidays, he won't take breaks! Such a hardworking person!

"Hey Len!" Mr. Tome waved a hand from a distance so I waved back.

"Merry Christmas, Mr. Tome!" I chirped, reaching out his hand to shake. He gave me warm smile of appreciation as he gave our tickets.

"Merry Christmas too, lad! Enjoy your day!" He said.

I went straight inside the train and took a seat beside Miku. The journey has not started yet so we kept quiet. I expect that we have to wait a little more.

We are both spacing out, but hers was peculiar. I was just looking at her through side along glances. Peeping at her void face is no good. If she kept that look, I will not doubt that she is traumatized or what.

The train got crowded. Unnamed beings occupied the free seats. Some stood and gripped on bars. Feet stomped as the train cried its signal to go. Feeling the roughness of the ride against the railway, I closed my eyes. The journey has begun.

I don't want to call it a day. I am spending my Christmas with a friend- no, not a friend. A stranger.

Friendship is a five letter word for us, NEVER.

The murmurs seemed to be a hush sound hunting my ears. Vanish now, disappear, fade, begone- out of the blue, those were the words that became distinct from the commotion. Creepy.

I clasped my hands together, trying to silence my preoccupied mind. Arguments about this stupid gaucherie as I accompany this stranger, won't leave me thinking in peace. In the darkness of loud muttering, I am looking for an escape route. My don't get attached rule works. It works yet complicates everything.

Miku and Rin.

Rin and I.

Miku and I.

All are intertwined with some fate of disappearance. Both Rin and I wished Miku to stay.

Miku was never my friend, which I wished is not.

She was a victim of life. If ever she left, Rin will be a victim too.

If Miku left, I will be a casualty.

A casualty.

The hurricane of thoughts stooped as I felt a pair of cold hands placed on my shoulders. My arguments faded away because of the disturbing touch. I saw a blonde standing in front of me; a pair of blue eyes staring at me.

"N-Neru!?" I startled upon seeing her here.

Neru Akita was Rin and my childhood friend. As we grew older, Rin learned that Neru liked me but I always take it as a joke. However, her behavior towards me during highschool proved it true. She was having a mere crush on me. At first, I thought I liked her back, yet that faded as I mature. I faced the fact that no one has made the act. No one yet.

Despite of the childish crushing, Neru has been a good friend to me.

"Merry Christmas, Len! Where's Rin?"

"A-Ah! She's in Readele, with Ma and dad." The sense of awkwardness overwhelmed me. Crap.

She smiled in return and studied the little space beside me; her warm smile faded as her eyes landed on the girl beside me. And she seemed mad. Does she know Miku?

"Hey, Hoshine." Neru snapped in front of Miku.

So... Neru knew her.

Miku dumbly looked at her.

"Are you with Len or are you alone?" Neru asked, making Miku glance at me...then back to Neru.

"Can't you see that I'm alone? Who's Len?" Miku answered and looked away! She denied my existence?! She denied my company!?

How dare she-!

Have you ever felt the rage running through your veins?

This is one of these dumping games of girls.


What Len?!

Sorry, I mean...denial. Wow, Len?! Look! Talking to yourself again!

"Good!" Mumbled Neru, "what a rusting head! He's Rin's and you can't recognize him? Hah," she chuckled while removing her hands from me.

"Is there anyone seated between you?" She asked Miku, glaring at my teal haired companion.

"There is. The third state of matter," Miku said frankly and yanked away from me.

Seriously, that was funny. Gas. Perhaps air.

"Flirt as much as you want," she added. Neru's face turned red with Miku's comment. I see, they really know each other. And they got a bad blood.

I never knew that Neru has a sharp tongue and Miku has a smooth attitude towards the blonde.

The blonde ignored Miku's retort as she occupied the space beside me. So, this means that she doesn't want me to sit beside Miku, right?

"Ah, Neru? Where are you going?" I asked, trying to acknowledge her presence. On the contrary, I'm ignoring Miku's presence.

"Oh! To the Madior City. My friends are waiting there. You want to hangout with us?"

"No, thanks. I have my business to run," yeah. Take it cool, Len. you heard Miku sigh when Neru has asked you out.

"Well, anyways. The I.T class of freshmen are working with some program somewhat related to sound engineering. I swear, you'll like it." She excitedly said. And her excitement influenced me too!

"Really? I want to see it!" I said. Their project is really interesting. It is called Vocaloidism. Rumors said that they obtained the idea from some faculty staff from our department.

"Not so soon, Len. So, I'm going off here. Merry Christmas again!"

I was caught off guard when she quickly hugged me. As soon as the train stopped, she hopped off on the Portia station. I was with Miku again, sitting I silence.

Miku looked at me with the same bored expression. Her eyes were half closed.

"So Akita is your girlfriend?" She spoke in an icy tone.

"Huh? What! No? No!-"

"One nois enough. I can understand what it means," I was silenced by her finger placed on my lips. She stood and looked over her shoulders, then brought down her hands at her sides. Her eyes focused on the old woman gripping on the bars.

"Ma'am, please take my seat." Miku politely said and the woman smiled at her, quickly settling down on Miku's seat. I stood too, but Miku brought her hands on my shoulders and weakly pushed me down.

"Go back there." And I did as what I am told. I would not force her to take my seat. I could not pretend being a gentleman at all.

She ignored me, I should do the same to her. The pain of being ignored is a sour feeling.

Ten minutes has passed. We approached the last station, the train slowed down. I joined Miku from standing and as soon as the train stopped, we both stepped on the platform.

Miku and I walked on a regular pace. It was still freezing cold here but the temperature seemed not to bother the children going out for Christmas carols. Albeit my familiarity of the place is to be trusted, I still feel eerie around here.

To show my respect to Miku, I walked behind her. Our neutral moods opposed the jolly melodies beating the silence off. Our boredom killed the high spirits before it may influence us. Sure. Miku might be still mourning with Dr. Hoshine's death.

We passed by the same convenience store where Rin and I stopped before. I kept an eye at the store while tracing my way behind Miku...bethinking how Miku ran to shield herself from the rain. Then, she dashed away. Where had she been that time? As well, she got two umbrellas on the rack but why she ain't using any that time?


I quickly stopped and looked in front- to see Miku carrying a crying child. The girl must be around three or four years old, holding a can of cookies. Miku kept on hushing the child by rocking the kid in her arms.

No use, Miku.

I came closer to them and patted the girl's head. I looked at Miku, she looked back to me, and that was some absolute transparency of emotions that I saw in her eyes. I visualized a young sweet mother at her as she hardly tried to hush the girl.

"I don't know. Help," Miku honestly said. She then looked at the girl on her arms, who was helplessly crying. Miku's thumb wiped away the tears from the child's cheeks. I took the child from her.

"Why? Why? Why are you crying?" She asked worriedly.

"I lost. I lost, way. I- mama, dad- huhuwaa!" The child shattered and cried.

"Hush, hush. It's okay. It's okay. Are you alone? Or are you with your mom and dad?" I asked, bending down a little to have a good view of the girl's face.

"I'm with mama and Dada," the child said, a little calm this time. She looked over her shoulders, scanning her surroundings. Definitely looking for her parents.

The child's green eyes were soaked with tears. She turning her heads in every direction, sobbing while hugging the cookie-can close to her. Miku seemed worried as she wept the child's tears away.

"What about a deal? You'll come with us and we'll find them? What do you think?" Miku smiled sweetly, a fancy pinkish color rose from her pale cheeks.

The child stopped from crying and instead, began squirming in my arms. Her sobbing stopped as a smile illuminated her gloomy face.

"Really!?" The girl chirped, excited and hopeful. Miku nodded with the sweetest smile I had ever seen. The child looked back at me with a toothy grin plastered on her face.

"But what's your name, lad?" I asked, drying the traces of tears on her cheeks. Her green eyes stared at me warmly as she began to tell her name.

"My name is Anne," she showed her fingers, folding the little finger down and the adjacent finger too. "And I am three!" She chirped again.

"Aww, that's so cute." I cupped her cheeks. She's so cute and jolly. Who would not like to see such cute being!? I hate to admit but I love kids.

"Okay, Anne. I am Miku and he is Len. Can you tell us how you're lost?" Miku asked, grabbing me by the shoulder and pulling me towards a bench. I brought the girl down on a bench and Miku sat beside her.

I sat by one foot, the other leg on an angle to support me, as I put a hand over Anne's knees, and Miku's. Well, the tealette seemed not to mind me so I remained sitting like a monk here.

"I ran towards a a house and sang a carol. Mama and Dada brought me here to tour me around some mall but I insist to sing like the other kids,

"B-but, a good muman (woman) gave me cookies. I turned back to see no mama and Dada then you found me," Anne swung her chubby legs back and forth.

I can see Miku's eyes wishing me to say something to Anne. However, I'm far too clueless.

"A-ah, t-then," I stuttered when Miku pinched the back of my hand on her knees. "They...must not be far away, right?" I said, quite unsure with whatever I just blurted out.

Anne stood on the bench and ran to Miku's hair, playing the strands in her fingers.

"You're pretty! Mama was pretty too!" Anne smiled and hugged Miku, making my dear friend, oh sarcasm, I love you, surprised. As a result, she unintentionally held my hand on her knees.

"T-thank you?" Muttered Miku when Anne pulled away.

"I bet she's pretty." I smiled at the two girls. Anne smiled innocently while Miku shot me a questioning look.

"Ah...your mom! She's pretty! Look, you're pretty too." I tried to cover up. Shame on me.

"Shall we ...start looking for them?" Miku asked, her grip on my hand choked my veins. Air thickened between us but I don't know why Miku acted like she's nervous while Anne was around.

"Why are you holding his hand?"

"Huh?" I dumbly looked at Anne, the child is still beaming in a sweet smile.

"Why is she holding you hand?" She repeated. Miku quickly stood, and got rid off my hand. I stood too, before I may lose my balance.

"I- I'm not, not holding h-his hand," Miku turned away from me. "Don't you think we need to go now? It's Christmas and Anne shall spend it with her parents," she added, looking at me now. I can feel that she was embarrassed in saying those but I don't care.

"But I saw you did," inserted Anne, drawing our attention back to her. "Is he your husband? Mama holds Dada's hand that way, eh?"

For a second, Miku and I froze from our spots. My face felt so warm and I'm trying to stop a sly smile to draw on my face. Miku, in the other hand was stuttering an unconvincing alibi.

What alibi, Len!? Why did I call it an alibi?

Oh. The issue here is that, she's holding my hand. Not that I'm her husband.

Why did I feel like my heart jumped out of my chest at the thought?

"NO! I mean, no. He's ah, a, my friend. A friend! A very close one, heheh. Why are you having hasty conclusions, Anne? Len, carry her. Let's go to the nearest police station." Miku said the last sentence in monotone. Of course, we are never close friends. I never heard her claim that we are, at least seriously and not a cover up like this.

Sometimes, liers are more realistic than truth.

And I wish what she said was real.

"Let's go, Anne." I smiled and leaned to the bench, then sat Anne on my shoulders. Her can of cookies settled at the top of my head. We followed Miku, doing my very best to catch up her speed. Although I was little nervous to run, given that Anne was on my shoulders, Anne just chuckled from bouncing as I ran.

"That's fun, Len!? Run again! Run again! Miku's there!" She cheered as she squirmed, and here was I, afraid that she may fall. I caught sight of the Miku's hair against the crowd so I continued to follow her.

"Len, I'm really sure that your face became red when Miku's hand is on you. Do people have secret colors on their faces?" Perhaps, that was the funniest question asked to me. Why is it like this child asks me a lot of things? A lot of things that a child may find uninteresting?

Probably, we reached the town center because the crowd's volume was unnaturally big. Everyone's on their trench coats and scarfs for even the weather was reported fair, it's still freaking cold.

The sky is gray and dull, so as my life. I mean, today is Christmas, my birthday is near, and what ever you call thus trip- it is irrelevant. Somehow, we are sharing the Christmas spirit by helping the kid, but I don't know. Something is missing.

"Miku, wait!" I yelled, afraid to lost her in the crowd. Rin will surely kill me if I lost her. And I'll kill myself if I lost her. As if I will. Come on, look. She's Miku Hoshine, a hopeless, a negative thinker, moody daughter of Mr. Hoshine. She is Rin's best friend. And she's my...

Miku turned to our direction. She stopped under a street lamp, looking wane. Her hand instantly gripped around around the post , quickly sinking down to sit on the ground. Without another thought, I put Anne down, held her hand and we ran together towards my damsel in distress.

Oh, shoot. Why sound so cheesy Len? Doesn't fit you. I know, I'm slowly fa-

When we are near, I let go of Anne's hand and put my arms around Miku. Anne stood in front of us and watched us innocently.

"Are you alright?" I pulled her towards me, trying to help her balance herself. She didn't speak a word; she didn't nod in response. She just stiffened there, slowly raising her head to see Anne watching us. Miku's eyes landed on me, showed some shade of gray- maybe, just a reflection of the sky? It's not impossible for irises to fade, is it?

"I want to talk to Rin." She weakly mumbled, grasping my coat. Miku tried to stand upright, but then, she fumbly stumbled towards me and I caught her luckily. Her arms tried to push me away, doing her best not to look like begging for help, but she's too weak that I wasn't moved at all.

Miku quickly burried her head on my shoulder and muttered her request against my coat.

"Rin. Rin. Rin." Her voice appeared like a muffled ringtone. She curled her fists against my shoulder but she dropped it beside her. This she completely collapsed on me. I endured her weight against me. Quickly, I brought her into a front cradle and told Anne to follow me. Seeing the nearest bench, I sat Miku there. I instructed Anne to stay with Miku before I ran around the town center.

There must be a standby ambulance or first aid station around here. There must be...

I kept on running around while trying to contact Rin. My heart was pounding against my chest. A thing called fear made my heart beat fast. A person named Miku drove me panic-stricken.

"Rin!" My twin finally picked up the call.

"Hey, Len! MerryChristmas! Mom-"

"Rin! I'm in Miku's place! I'm looking for medics around. She fainted! Any suggestion how too handle girls who fain-"

"What! No! Where's she? Just stay with her? She'll wake up soon!"

"Huh!? What!? Don't you have any brighter idea than that? Are you serious, Rin?"

"I know more about her Len, you're not the expert at the moment."

"Okay? So, shall I let my patient just be that way? Is that the care you show Miku?"

"Shut up. you're not as worried as I do, and to tell you, your idea is worst if it concerns Miku. That won't work,"

"I thought you're-"


A tug stopped me on my track. It was from Miku, Anne on a piggy back ride with her. Miku was panting, her grip on my hand never left me.

"I'm fine," she breathed out and put Anne down. Her hand still held mine, but this time I returned the grip by holding it tighter. She sat down with Anne, the two I of them smiling gracefully at me.

"You see! He's a horse! He runs too fast!" Miku exclaimed jokingly, rumbling the child's hair and that received a giggle from the little girl.

"He's so worried about you," said Anne. Her statement wiped the smile from Miku's face, her hand left my hand in the cold.

"I'm sorry, Rin. You're right, she's fine. Yeah...sure...sorry again...bye. Merry Christmas." I said while maintaining the eye contact with Miku. Her stare looked so hurt. I hope I didn't say anything that may have hurt her. I slid my phone back in my pocket and smiled at them.

"You know, Anne. A doctor must be worried for his patient. I'm sick so I'm his patient." Explained Miku to Anne albeit sarcasm was overwhelming. The little girl seemed to believe the tell-tale as she asked the Miku if I'm a real doctor.

"No... Technically, he's not. But he's nursing me so, maybe he's a nurse!" Miku finally stood and looked at me. Her eyes were back from being numb and cold.

"Pick me up, nurse Len! Pick me up!" Anne grinned widely as I carried her again. I was about to leave but I stopped when I saw Miku zoning out again.

I don't know why but I was saddened by seeing her absent minded. Whatever she was thinking, I don't care. My right hand found her left and held it tight. At first, I was dragging her but after some second, she's willingly walking with me.

We walked hand in hand. No protests from her. Just comfortable silence.

Once we got in the police station, we reported what happened to Anne. I insisted that we wouldn't abandon Anne in the police station so instead, I left my number there to contact me if ever her parents come.

The three of us left with satisfaction. Anne was seated on my shoulders, her can of cookies was resting at the top of my head. My hand was still clasped with Miku's, none of us is tearing it apart.

For some reason, my heart is fluttering.

For some reason, I have no idea where to go.

"Seriously, where are we going?" Miku finally broke her silence. I nervously laughed at her question while securing that Anne wouldn't fall from me.

"Aha-hah? Don't know." I grinned. "Where do you want to go, sweetie?" I asked Anne, tapping her stride as we shoved against the crowd.

"Carnival!" The child chirped and I laughed. She could be naughty at sometimes. But that's cute. If a teenager would do that, well, that's stupid.

"Is there any carnival here Miku?" This is not my place so let Miku be the navigator. But my dear is spacing out again, her eyes were piercing against the murmuring crowd around us.

Her fingers that filled the gaps of my hand seemed to loosen. But I don't want her to let go. My hand held her tightly, forcing a small smile on my face.

"Sorry. What is it?" Miku spun to look at me, she must be really confused.

"Is there any carnival here?" Giving her a weird look, she sighed and nodded rather weakly.

"Anne wants to go there,"

"You can't be serious," she half laughed. "No, we can't go there. People there are surely packed like sardines. It's a holiday today, Len."

I quickly squeezed her hand; an acknowledgement that her pragmatism was rude for Anne to hear.

"Why!?" Yelled Anne from my top, pressing the aluminum can against my head. Miku held my hand tenaciously as she murmured a low "fine,".

"Yehey!" The girl cheered as she wobbled. I, instantly let go of Miku to bring Anne to my shoulders, her movements are scarring me.

"Hey!? Don't move so widely!" I chuckled. Ron's reminder of taking pictures flashed back in my head so I quickly gave my phone to Miku to snap a photo of Anne and I. So she did.

When I found a bench, I brought Anne down. Miku and I sat there for some moment while Anne wandered around. With no warning, I pulled Miku towards me and raised the phone to capture a picture of us.

It was just by surprise that she's smiling with me, T_T

"Anne! Come here!" I called, the kid instantly jumped on Miku's lap.

"Ouch! Be careful, dear." Miku scolded sweetly, which in return, received a cute: "yesh, I'm sowwy." from Anne.

"Okay, look at the camera! Smile!" I exclaimed and captured a beautiful photo. A picture is worth of thousand words, but let me summarize.

Miku is beautiful here, as always, if she smiles.

Anne is so cute.

And I looked like the happiest person alive.

I'm lucky to freeze this moment.

"Nurse Len! Nurse Len!? The carnival!?" Anne yanked down and tugged at my jeans.

"Aha-ha, hang on there." I stood, then my phone rang. I mouthed a wait to my girls- how dare am I to claim them mine? Well, I felt like we are a real family at the moment- "Wait,"

I answered the call blankly as I watched Miku to chase the hyper kid in running around. The speaker continued to tell his business while I was just focused on Miku.

"Oh. Okay sir. No problem," I said and ended the call. The two girls were playing around, but Miku was rather left behind. When Anne closed the distance between us, I trapped her in my arms and lifted her up; the child beamed with a whole hearted laughter.

"Gotcha! You little bunny! Look at what you did to Miku!" I exaggerated as I ran to Miku, holding her by the waist. Miku was, well, catching her breath.

"I'm sowwwwwy!" Anne apologized and Miku showed a thumbs up.

"Well, time to go home. Your parents are waiting in the station," I said and walked all of us back to the station. It's just a minute or less when we reached the station. Just our luck, Anne's parents went out again to search for the kid so...well, the three of us waited outside the station.

"I'm so unlucky that I've not been in a carnival mama!" Exclaimed Anne.

Miku looked at the child beside me, confused what the child was talking about. I was confused too. Who knows if Anne has imaginary friends?

"Who are you calling mama, Anne?" I asked and winked at Miku. The tealette shrugged and turned away, unmindful of the trivial talk.

"Miku! Miku is mama!" Cheered the child, freezing Miku on her seat.

"This is horrible," mumbled Miku as she punched my arm. She's constantly moody for both Anne and I. If I were in her place, I'll just go on with it. It's Christmas and u won't kill the mood for this lad.

"Aww, mama Miku." I teased and pinched Miku's cheek. She slapped my hand away, glaring at me for several seconds.

"Stop calling me that way. I'm not your maternal unit."

"Haha! Maternal unit? What are you? A robot?" I laughed and watched her walk away. She doesn't enjoy jokes at all. Anne and I followed her; we followed her aimless stroll.

It's about 10 in the morning and the crowd grew thicker. We're about 50 meters away from the station- going back there after some random kiddie ride we provided Anne- when a couple bumped against Miku.

She fell down, losing her balance. But before she may even crash on the ground, the guy who brushed her off pulled her back. Miku was irritated, evident from the way she regained her composure. But that annoyance quickly vanished when her eyes met the guy's eyes.

The guy looked down on Miku, surprise can't be hidden despite of his black sports cap that casted a shadow on his face.

"Miku?" Inquired the guy, a head taller than Miku. Wow! So, she is famous? And I feel rather intimated by seeing this scene. A sore in the eye. The girl with the guy wrapped her arms on the guy's arm, showed much of a jealousy I can handle.

"Sorry. Do I know you?" With Miku's question, I claimed Miku's side, and placed an arm on her shoulder. No, heck. This us shameful. Why am I letting myself to do things without thinking?

"You okay, mama?" And that made the scenario worse. Anne ran in front of Miku and glanced at the guy. I removed my arm around Miku as I picked Anne with a sigh. I winced at Anne, saying that her choice of words was wrong but she seemed not to get it at all.

"What! Is she your daughter!?" The guy chirped surprisingly. The girl with him tried to pull him away but the guy has no intentions in moving away.

"Mikuo! Let's go!? Stop prying other people's life!" Said the girl.

"IA, hang on. Please?" He said, smiling at his girl.

"I'm pretty sure that I don't know you," Miku cut in their lovey dovey moment. "I have to go, sorry. Let's go, Len." She ordered and left the couple there. I gave them a last glance, the guy removed his cap... His messy hair of the same color with Miku, his eyes like Miku's, his face has a resemblance of Miku's, were revealed.

"Miku! Miku! Is it you? It's me Mikuo! Your br-"

"Mikuo! Stop it!" Said the girl, this time she succeeded in dragging him away.

Meanwhile, Miku stormed in the police station, unmindful of the small scene earlier. What will she do if she ever saw the looks of the guy? Will she talk to him?

"Mama! Dada!" Yelled Anne as she ran towards a brunette couple seated in the lobby. Both of Anne's parents looked like in late 20s. The next thing I know was that... Miku and I were watching a dramatic union.

"Thank you so much for taking care of Anne,"

"No problem, anyone will do it." I said and we bid farewell. Miku left me talking to Anne's parents so now, I have to run to where Miku have hidden.

And she was there, throwing pebbles on the fountain. When she saw me, she sighed and walked by my side.

We walked in silence again, my hands in my pocket were longing to hold her. Seriously!? Impossible. I scowled at how hurtful the cold wind is, seemed like a sharp knife against my nostrils. Miku's hands were buried in her pockets too, walking in the still of silence. I'm sneaking a secret glimpses on her, not that it does matter if she caught me. As the hours we spent together slowly augments, I'm drowning in the thought that I can't avoid the fact that I'm getting attached to her.

Is this the life Rin has since she befriended with Miku? It is exciting. It is saddening.

I hate to say that I enjoy her company. She'll leave me, remember?

"Stay," Miku pushed me back before we exit the empty street. She crept at the end of the wall, and looked carefully at the edge as if she's a spy. I stood behind her and sneaked a glance too. When she realized that I'm behind her, she pushed me back, hissed, and looked at her house at the end of the street.

Miku looked back at me, "You go back to your house now."

"No. I'll company you to your house. I promised Rin that I'll never avert my eyes over you. What if those people standing on your lawn were bad ones? And they had a good choice of black suits," I laughed but stopped quickly when she glared at me.

"After me? You're kidding, aren't you? What would they want? Please? I can take care of myself. If they are bad and I got killed, it's useless. You matter more than my existence so go back now." Oh sorry, she never had a sweet bone at all.

I'm nervous.

My palms are sweating.

I'm shaking in fear.

What if they kidnap her? They looked like professional kidnappers! What if they kill her as a compensation from Mr. Hoshine's businesses? But Mr. Hoshine was never involved in deviant works. He would never do such thing, huh.

A realization lit up in my head as I pulled Miku back. I'll never let my thoughts happen.

"What are you doing!?" She screamed.

"If you won't go back with me, then I won't. If I'll go back, you'll be with me." I said plainly. Honestly, if those people were professional killers then they have to pass over my dead body before getting Miku.

"Look. It'll be more dangerous if they see me with you. If they are the really after me, or let's say, papa, then let it be. My conscience won't take it if they'll hunt down you. You and your family. You. And Rin." She turned away, leaving me gaping.

"Back off, Len," she said and turned at the end of the street. But I can't let her go! I promised Rin to-

Miku reached her lawn, and I was hiding behind the street post. Five men in black suits gathered around her and talked casually, my curiosity is killing me what is it about. Whatever those people are saying, all of them received nod and wince from Miku. Sooner, she pointed at her house and they paced away.

My phone vibrated, a SMS from Miku was received.

Go home now. Stop hiding behind the post.

So, I walked away. Just that simple. Her message is telling me she is fine, isn't it? Yes. No. Maybe. Argh. My goodness. I won't forgive myself if something happened to her. My phone vibrated in my pocket, I pulled it out.

A call from Gakupo. A good distraction from worrying too much for Miku.


"How's Christmas going so far, Lenny?"

"Erm, quite good, I think. Merry Christmas!"

" It's a bit chilly here. Ya, guess what? I saw Megurine in the town!"

"Really!? I bet Kaito would love to switch places with you right now! Which place?"

"Yeah! Yeah, I know that. The farthest, Len. Lavania."

"Aw! How on earth that you'll be in same town with the Ms. Beauty and Brain? Aye?"

"Dunno. Luck's with me!? Hahahaah?! People here are amiable?! Let me rant, kiddo. They all loved to sing! And- oh?! I heard Luka sing!? She has a great voice, no! Scratch that! It's a golden voice, Len?! I was asked to sing with her last night, and it went well!"

"Slow down, Kami!? You're bragging your fanboy moments, hahahahaha! Remember that Kaito has a huge crush at that goddess. Dont steal her," I said. Kaito will be jealous if he'll hear about this. Luka has a single definition in Kaito's mind.

Luka- n. Life

"Oh!? I have no intention in stealing her away from him. That's if he owned her."

"That's an understatement, Kami."

"That's what you're thinking."

"That's possible,"

"It's your fantasy,"

"It's yours, not mine."

"Okay, stop." Gakupo claimed his defeat. "I have no intention in doing anything against Luka, okay?" He said, enough to convince me. Not actually, haha.

It's not easy to tell if he's being secretive or what, but I won't involve myself in further argument.

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