If It Happened

Chapter 7

Oliver ran across the living room with his guitar. He jumped up and down before sitting on the couch beside Miku. Miku was wearing the same clothes she wore earlier today. Seeing her back in the house felt like a thorn was pulled out of my heart.

"Eh, Miku! I have this song with me. Do a favor, please? Sing it with me! You told me that like to sing too, didn't you? That's great so take this," Oliver said nonchalantly and shoved several music sheet to her.

Miku forced a smile and examined the papers. Her eyes narrowed and began to clear her throat. My cousin smiled widely and strummed on the strings of his guitar. Watching them like this kills me; I can't understand why she has to act so kind around him when she roughly treats me that way. So here am I, seated on a separate couch and all that was left for me to do is watch her. Observe her. Admire her.

"H-hey, w-wait! I'm not sure if I get it right. Teach me first," Miku shyly asked as she brought down the papers gently in her lap.

I laughed in my thoughts. She's acting differently around Oliver, maybe because she's still not used with him. At least, she's not being avoidant and aloof even Rin was not around. Since I cannot stand the dreamy air around the living room while Oliver sings it for Miku, I walked upstairs and locked myself in my room.

The sunset was a good view from the window. The sky has the slightest tint of azure as the flaming orange hue swallowed the rest. The clean clouds were stained with the scattering colors as they piled up on certain spots. A flock of birds forming 'V' flew away with their cries. The children's laughter died down.

"It's time for lullaby," I sat before the piano as a sweet melody filled my room. Feed me a reason to stop sulking, piano. This music keeps me on track of being ...

If I subtract every memory...

My fingers froze on the keys when I heard that soft voice singing. I quickly ran out of my room because that voice, that melody, fed me the reason of staying happy.

Meiko, Miku and Oliver are having a good time there in the couch. I hide behind the wall before they may see me. My heart is pounding madly for this is the first time I heard Miku to sing.

"No. No. Repeat it, Miku. You failed here, this is supposed to be a little lower," instructed Meiko, pointing out something on the paper.

Miku nodded lightly, a small smile tugged her pale lips. My cousin smiled at her, then Oliver played the chords again. Oliver's lips opened as if he sings too, as Miku began.

If I subtract every memory,

Every word, feeling these longing days

What would be...left of me without you?

Some things are best left...unknown.

Miku paused long before saying the word 'unknown'. No wonder why, she noticed me standing by the base of the stairs while singing the third line. Whoa, I felt like she's talking to me rather than she's singing it to my cousins. Am I so much for a distraction or there's something with that lyrics that made her... Well, space out while singing?

"Yo? Any problem with Len, Miku?" Oliver asked the tealette as he ran and dragged me to them. I was pushed down on my seat earlier as Oliver strummed again.

"Let's begin again," said he and the notes bombarded the whole living room. The orange lights from the setting sun refracted inside as Miku began to sing. For some occasion, she stuttered at some lines because she was confuse on how she will sing it. Since Meiko was unexpectedly fond of her, she coached Miku all through the song. When Miku was lost, Meiko will continue it and then, Oliver will begin again.

No. This is wrong. I stood and left them with no excuse and went back to my base. It's not a good sign at all. I laid on my bed to free my thoughts. It has gotten worse. I am attached to her...just within three days. I will not talk to her again. I shall not. I will not. I must not.

Miku's voice was in background and that made it harder to battle against my thoughts. This time, she sang the entire song successfully. I presume that it was just a minute long; maybe it's not the entire song yet.

"Miku! Not again!?"

While they are busy with their singing lessons, I am send to the dreamland. Relax. Sleep. With a last glance of the orange skies, I drifted into a sleep.

If I subtract every memory,

Every word, feeling these longing days

What would be left of me without you?

Some things are best left unknown.

The night is here and you're by my side

The cold ground under my feet

Let the night air surround me

We're standing here

Words are irrelevant

This starlit night is bright and brilliant

Maybe we are...

You lead me by the hand through the night

It's illuminated by your smile

With you, all of my fears disappear

Under the gentle moonlight

Our reality blends into this night

The cold ground under my feet

Let the night air surround me

We're standing here

Words are irrelevant

This starlit night is bright and brilliant

Maybe we are...

When you are with me

Simple things became miracles

Our many small treasures,

The cold ground under my feet

Let the night air surround me

We're standing here

Words are irrelevant

This starlit night is bright and brilliant

Maybe we are...


Maybe we are.

It was dark. I woke up in the middle if the night, feeling hungry. Rin was sleeping soundly on the bed next to me, tugging the bunny in her arms. It was a tiring day after all. I went out of the room to look for something to eat when the faint lights from the living room casted shadows across the hallway. There was Ma and dad seated on the sofa, rgir eyes glued on the television.

"Ma? Dad? What is it?"

"Len? Come here. Why are you still up?" Ma called me to her arms. Even I am taller than the sink now, she still treats me like I'm a baby. I am eight and already a big boy. Her gentle hands patted my head while I joined them watching the late news.

"For tonight's headline; Senate minority leader, Senator Hatsune teams with the Ministry of Science and Research for a new technology to be developed by the government. For more details, here is Mikey,

'Yes, Bill. Senate minority leader, Senator Hatsune...'" The reporter kept on narrating her entire report and heaven-knows, I don't understand a thing about such scientific breakthroughs. Well, all I know in Science is how to classify living things and non-living things,plants and animals alike.

"That is so much technology, don't you think hon?" Dad asked Ma, sipping from his cup of coffee. Ma brought me down on the space between her and dad before standing from her seat.

"Indeed, Leon. But it seems not humane, dear. Do you find it that way?" She asked and smile at me. I just scowled and told her that I am hungry, that's my very purpose of being, so Ma went straight to the kitchen.

All that was left was my dad and I, quietly sitting on this couch. I am expecting a real man talk with him, you know, I am already a big boy. But with the circumstances right now, if he will begin the talk, the topic might be the incident earlier. And I don't want to talk about how much a crybaby I became when I was lost in the carnival. So let me initiate it.

"Ah...dad? What was the news about?" Who knows that man-to-man talks were awkwardly begun.

"Oh. It was about developing a new generation artificial intelligence. I fear that we will be outnumbered by computers and robots in the future, haha-" Dad scratched the back of his head.

"Artificial intelligence? How come it has become artificial? Is that similar to a plant nurtured under artificial light?"

"Ah, erm... Ah?" Dad looked at me curiously. "I don't know how to explain it, dear. You may not understand."

"But you said it's artificial?" That drugged smile came to plaster my face.

"What was the talk about? Hm? What are you telling to our baby, Leon?" Ma came with a tray in her hand, which holds a bowl of cereal and cookies on the separate saucer.

"I'm not a baby," I retorted with a smug scowl. Dad rushed not only to help my mother carry the tray, but also to snatch a cookie. Well, epic fail for him, Ma slapped his hand away.

"Leon." Ma warned. "That is for Len."

"Lily! I am hungry too!"

"The fridge is overwhelmed with leftovers. Go and satisfy yourself, you blonde." Ma stole the tray from him as he marched to the kitchen. The next thing I knew was that I was eating like a cookie monster.

"Ma?" I crawled next to her when I finished my food.

"Yes, dear?"

"I asked dad what is art-"

"Mom?" I was interrupted by a soft voice from the hall. Rin stepped out of the shadow and caught sight of the empty bowl on the coffee table. "I want to eat too..." Ma chuckled as she picked up Rin before she stumbles asleep on the ground.

"Wait a moment, darling." Rin and I sat side by side, the light from the television flicked against us. When dad sat with us, his yawn made my twin chuckle wholeheartedly.

"You sleepy daddy?" Asked Rin as she curled beside our father.

"Yes, honey bee. It's been a tiring day. It's because our big boy there wandered too much that he was almost lost, hm? Hahaha-"

"I did not!" I protested even I'm half asleep. This very thing I am avoiding came without a notice. The room got blurred and dark and quiet.


A soft soprano voice rung in my ears. There were cold lines being drawn into circles on my cheek and forehead. Then, there was a tap on the tip of my nose. Since when lines felt cold?

"Hmm...hmm..." The voice hummed adorably, calming my soul with such serene melody. The voice and the melody pierced through my heart, hitting the delicate spot. I could have cried, smiled and loved anytime, as long as this voice and melody was around. The darkness that wrapped me in this void was no longer lonely. My arms tried to grab the invisible cartoonist, who ceaselessly drawn circles on my cheeks. These soft, cold hands brought me back to reality.

"Uggh, Miku?" Albeit my eyes were heavy lidded, I will never fail to recognize this teal haired damsel in distress. The dim ambiance devoured the room in darkness but still, it's clear that she was seated beside me on this bed. Her aqua eyes were stabbing me helplessly, stained with surprise and...tears.


Her hands that were held by mine was hair breadth away from my face. My warm breathe touches her cold skin, who cares if it was a significant description. That long turquoise hair of hers was out of usual pigtails, some strands pushed behind her, some almost covered her face. Her fringe was a little messy, but that's not enough to conceal the glistening tears in her eyes. She squirmed out of my grip instantly, however I am much stronger so I pulled her down to me. My free arm wrapped around her waist so she could not go anywhere. Our nose bridges collided; with that collision, she closed her eyes.

"What are you doing!?" Her hoarse voice yelled but it has no effect on me. I sighed and closed my eyes too. I hope she doesn't feel my heart beating unbelievably fast. She tried to stand by pushing me more against the bed, well I'm still not getting up after being waken from my sleep. Why? I loved how to feel her face so close to mine and yet, my mind is not going to picture out any perverted thoughts. Instead, it showed all the things that were achievable in my dreams. Just in dreams.

Her smile and laughter, that's all I'm wishing for.

"I'm trying to determine whether this a dream or reality," I opened my eyes to see her eyes still shut, her chin against my chest. Those long lashes became more noticeable, it was as if they touched her cheeks. She remained motionless atop of me, the air between us is thickening.

"It's a dream," she whispered and opened her eyes dramatically slow. But when those aqua eyes finally showed, the tears she failed to hold back, rolled down, streamed down to her cheeks. Her beautiful aqua eyes; how can I forget that it was always grieving? I quickly wiped those tears a way and pushed her up so we can sit properly. It's breaking my neck to stare at her at such awkward and uncomfortable position.

She broke down, sobbed and buried her face deep into her sweater's wrists. I was just quietly watching her. Useless at the moment. Why is it crushing my heart? Why is my heart shattering by just watching her cry? I never wished to see those captivating eyes to cry like Niagra; I never wanted to see those lonely and tear-soaked. There's no lightning to make her cry like this, so why is she crying like this? It's hard to comfort people when you have no idea why they are sulking. I'd rather shut up, then.

"H-hey. Come on. You can tell me what-" I stopped.

Why? First, haven't I said that I'll shut up? Second, I am supposed to ignore her before it's too late.

"It's nothing, Len. Just remember: when I wipe my tears, the next words are for you," her voice was shaking but she was able to say it clearly. She stood before I can even ask what she exactly meant by that. My thoughts were clouded as she turned her back and took a deep breath. She stopped sobbing and returned to her old, cold self.

"Dinner's ready. Meiko has been calling you for almost half an hour so I came here," I watched her walked out of my room. Groping the bed side table, I grabbed my phone and sent Gakupo a message before I may over think about what she just said.

"Len Kagamine! Haven't I told you for a thousand time or more, don't let the food wait!" Meiko screamed as she glided away from the kitchen sink. Those were the first words I heard when I entered the dining room. The supper was set on the table beautifully. Judging by the looks, they are surely delicious! Oliver was seated on dad's usual seat, and it was unlikely ungraceful for me to see someone else other than dad to occupy the seat. Perpendicular from Oliver, there was Miku seated. Nodding and smiling momentarily at Oliver's rant, Miku gives me quick glances that I can see in my peripheral vision. Meiko motioned me to sit, so I did. But when it was the brunette who sat, dead air engulfed us into a deafening silence.

"Oliver," called Meiko coldly.


"Pray. Now."

Silence aired before Oliver started. The air eventually lit up with gratitude as his heartfelt prayer ended with a word said in chorus, "Amen." We picked our food casually and talked minimally. Meiko was eating quietly. Miku's low appetite was pretty obvious. Was it because about earlier? Whatever this thought bugging her, it has put her in her limits.

"Miku? Do you really eat this few? Do you have allergies or-"

"No, no. I'm sorry, Meiko. I really don't feel eat today. I'm sorry." She took a bite from her bread. Exactly, she's having a bread for her dinner. A frown materialized on the brunette's lips as she gazed briefly at the teal haired damsel in distress. Pass. She understood Miku's low spirits. On the other hand, Oliver was halfway done with his dinner.

"Hey, Miku! You can finish it tonight?! Let's record it tonight, aye?" Oliver chirped and gulped a glass of water. Miku nodded weakly and excused herself before leaving the table. When she was out of our vicinity, Meiko spilled her thoughts about Miku.

"Hey, Len? What happened up there? Did you argue or what?"


"Is she lonesome, naturally?"

"I can't tell. Originally, she is Rin's best friend not mine. Given that, only Rin can answer that question." I answered, disappointed that I cannot answer the question by myself; disappointed that I haven't uncovered her true self.

"Really? It was surprising to see you together like you knew each other for a decade already," Meiko picked a fruit from the tray.

"Maybe... She thinks of me as Rin, rather than a stranger," I said softly, stealing a banana from the tray.

"Legit," Oliver approved, nodding like a convinced judge in a court trial.

After the dinner hour, Oliver and Miku took charge of cleaning the dishes and table. The two merrily did their job while Meiko enjoyed the solitude in watching the television alone. I moved to the patio after making a call from Gakupo.

Me: Hello, Gack? Sorry if I bothered you.

Gakupo: No, it's fine. It's just thirty minutes pass eight. What about the announcement?

Me: Kaito sent a message saying that our professor in a major subject posted a group project on our online group. He said we are assigned into partners?

Gakupo: Oh that, worry not. Luka is your partner, she told me earlier.

Me: Ah great, this will be easy then. How about you?

Gakupo: Well, I'm with Kaito, who else? This is fated.

Me: Oh, shut up.

Gakupo: Haha! How's your Christmas, fellow?

Me: It's just another day, in my disgust. Didn't turn out too well. My cousins poofed out of the thin air and tadaaaa! They are here.

Gakupo: That's great!

Me: Great? Yeah. Safe food around,

Gakupo: Hey, Lenny. Need to go. Uncle Al called me for dinner. Bye,

Me: Bye.

The cold breeze brushed against my skin as I remained standing out here. The darkness of the sky made the stars to stand out. Seeing this pretty sight, an idea popped in my head. There's something left before Christmas day goes off! I rushed indoors and pulled out a picnic cloth from the kitchen cabinet. I asked Meiko and the lads to come with me. On a perfect spot on the lawn, I laid the cloth down. Oliver followed me with his guitar and we laid under the starry sky.

"This is a good idea, Len! Stargazing!" Oliver insisted for the third time and began singing. Meiko came out together with some snacks. Even though we just finished dinner, having snacks with us is the best, especially our stomachs were cradle of dragons. I saw the main door swung open a little, Miku was snatching a glance, but the door closed again. I won't force her if she won't come with us.

Various constellations were being named by me. The stars sparked and twinkled and glowed upon there. Some bright, some dim, some were small, others were big. Nevertheless, I loved all of them.

"Len! Play a song for me?!" Oliver shoved his guitar to my stomach. Heck, it hurts. I accepted his little request, playing his favorite: Somebody that I used to know. I have no idea why he liked this so much, it's such a lonely break up song. As my fingers played the strings of guitar, Oliver sang out loud. Meiko made a wonderful duet, filling the entire garden with notes. Right then, Meiko borrowed the guitar so she can play her own choice of melodies and I looked back on our house. My room's window was lit up.

"Hey, gonna check Miku." I tapped Oliver's shoulder before leaving. I quietly walked upstairs and carefully opened my door. Miku was seated in my bed, typing something in her laptop. Then I just noticed that she's crying again.

"Rin," her voice was trembling. "Sorry... Yes... They told me about it... No... I never told anyone other than you... I hate to move now..." She cried again. This time I barged in, she quickly wiped her tears away and sniffed like a baby.

"Len's here...bye..." She pressed something in her phone and disconnected her earphones. The laptop was closed as she displayed her poker face. Her tear stained eyes pierced through me. I can't stand it.

"Why are you crying?" My question came colder than expected.

"Nothing. Don't mind. This is not real." She stormed out of my room, slamming the door behind. I turned off the lights and stood beside the window. Miku ran towards Meiko and Oliver, exchanging warm smiles and laughter. She sat down with them and I heard a good lullaby.

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