Morals and Quandaries

Chapter 15

The boat ride across the Atlantic Ocean wasn't very eventful, thankfully. At least, outside of a few instances where Sly and Murray had to deal with Bentley being seasick. Other than that, the ride went pretty smoothly.

Eventually, as the gang stared off into the sunset, with no idea about what to do, they suddenly were met by one of the deckhands, a panda bear that bared a passing resemblance to a certain king Sly remembered quite well. Even Sly was a little taken aback until he noticed the lack of girth on him.

"Hey, you three! You'd better get ready to get going. The captain says we're about to reach port, and he doesn't want to get in trouble for allowing passengers on board a cargo ship."

Although Sly was slightly offended by the way they were being unceremoniously thrown off of the ship, he understood the captain's reasoning behind it.

"Hey, thanks for letting us know. By the way, I'm just curious. What port are we heading into?"

"Long Island, New York. We've got a big shipment of seafood for them down below."

The gang traded looks before focusing back on the deckhand. However, the deckhand had already returned to work, so there was no one occupying the spot he originally was in.

Sighing, Bentley turned around and began heading to the van.

"Come on, you guys. We'd better get to the van. Don't want to keep the captain waiting."

Both Sly and Murray looked at the retreating form of Bentley curiously for a moment before following him to the van.

Once they all got inside and closed the doors behind them, Sly couldn't wait any longer to voice the question he had on his mind.

"So, what do you guys think? Long Island seems like a good place to stick around for a bit."

"Well, to be honest I would feel safer once we get into New York City proper, but I suppose there's nothing wrong with sticking around for a day or so."

"Oh come on, we've got time! It took us a week to get here. I imagine it would probably take Anton roughly around the same time."

Bentley paused as he considered Sly's proposal.

"While that can be true, Sly, it still leaves it up to chance. We don't know if or when he's gotten on a boat over here. Heck, he could be getting here right now!"

"Whoa, calm down Bentley. If it'll make you feel better, we'll just stay the night here and head for the city in the morning."

"Good idea, Sly. It's getting kind of late, anyway."

At that point, the boat finally came to a stop, and the captain came over to meet them. As he signaled for them to head down to land, Murray decided to roll down the window.

"Hey, thanks for the ride!"

The captain didn't answer, choosing instead to simply tip his cap towards them. Satisfied, Murray rolled the window back up, and started heading towards the ramp off of the boat.

Luckily, they were able to get off of the boat and out of the harbor without any real issue. As they headed towards the western end of Long Island, Sly and Bentley were looking for a good place to stop and spend the night.

Eventually, they reached the border into Nassau County, and as they took in the sights around them, Sly knew that he wanted to check this place out.

So, now that he was sure of that point, he turned towards the others.

"How about we stay here? I imagine we shouldn't have too much of an issue getting around here."

Bentley paused as he considered Sly's proposal.

"Well, it does look pretty quaint. I'm gonna check to see what kind of police presence we have here."

Bentley was about to pull open his laptop and check, but Sly spoke up.

"Come on, pal. What makes you think that a little town like this would be on the lookout for us?"

Bentley opened his mouth to argue, but Sly continued on unabated.

"Besides, when was the last time we were in the US?"

"When you and I were getting the missing pages of the Thievius Raccoonus from Muggshot." said Bentley.

"Right, and that was years ago."

Bentley sighed.

"Alright, I don't see why not. If I remember correctly, the closest branch of Interpol is in Washington DC, so I doubt we should have too much of a problem."

Satisfied, Sly nodded before turning towards Murray.

"Let's stop here for the night. There's gotta be a hotel or something around here somewhere."

Murray shrugged before continuing to drive, as the three of them looked around for a place to stay.

Eventually, they managed to find a hotel, which while it was in the middle of the town; it looked to them like it was safe enough to stay.

So, as they pulled into the parking lot and Murray parked in an empty spot, Bentley pulled himself out of his seat and headed towards the back of the van to retrieve the disguises.

However, before he could reach the bag, Sly held out his hand.

"You sure we really need to pull those out?"

"Well, yeah. There's always a chance that someone might recognize us."

Sly wrinkled his nose as he watched Bentley opened the bag.

"Don't you think that they might ask questions with how those smell? I'm pretty sure that we haven't washed those since the last time we wore those."

Bentley sighed.

"Just put these on. All we have to do is get by the front desk. Once we get a room we'll figure out what we can do to get these washed."

Although Sly wasn't too thrilled with having to put the already worn clothes back on again, he decided just to go ahead and deal with it.

So, once the three of them managed to get their disguises on, they hopped out of the van and headed towards the front door.

Whenever they got inside, they were able to take a look around the building to see what it would be like, and to be honest, it wasn't very impressive compared to the outside.

Now, it wasn't really their right to complain about the arrangements, considering their lack of funds, but it looked very old.

So, wanting to avoid setting off the owners of the hotel, the gang kept their mouths shut and headed towards the front desk.

"Can I help you?" asked the front desk clerk, who was a frumpy-looking woman, but Sly couldn't complain considering the last desk clerk they dealt with.

"Can I get a room for the three of us?" asked Bentley.

As the clerk reached over to grab a book she had off to the side, Sly was able to get a good look at her face, and he could see through the fake smile on her face.

He leaned over to whisper into Bentley's ear.

"I think she can smell our clothes."

Bentley shushed him, though, wanting to concentrate on getting through the transaction. As for Sly, he just rolled his eyes before standing up straight just as the woman put the book in front of them, opening it to reveal a sign-in sheet.

She handed a pen to Bentley before speaking.

"Sign your names on the line and I'll get you a room."

Bentley glanced over at Sly, who shook his head. Bentley, meanwhile, signed them in under fake names before pushing the book back towards the woman.

The woman then picked up the book and looked at the names questioningly, which caused the three of them to look on nervously as they wondered whether Bentley put a name in that worked.

Thankfully, the clerk just rolled her eyes, before closing the book and putting it back where it was before. She hopped out of her seat and grabbed one of the keys off of a rack, handing it to Bentley.

"You've got Room 12. Payment's due when you check out."

Bentley was slightly caught off guard, not expecting the clerk to not ask any questions, but he grabbed the key, and the three of them headed off towards their room.

Once they finally reached their room, Bentley opened the door to find that the room surprisingly looked pretty homely.

"You know, this place isn't so bad." said Sly as he sat down on one of the beds and took his disguise off, letting it fall to the ground as he sighed gratefully.

"Yeah, it's pretty nice. Certainly didn't expect much with what the front desk area looked like." said Bentley.

Bentley and Murray removed their disguises as well as they sat down on their beds to rest. However, as if by instinct, Sly reached up to his head to adjust his hat before remembering that he didn't have it anymore.

He was disappointed, but then he just tried to put it in the back of his mind.

Eventually, Sly sat up, wanting to get out and do something.

"Hey guys, do you want to head out for a bit? I kind of want to check things out around this town."

However, instead of eagerly agreeing, Bentley gave him a look.

"Can we do it a little later, Sly? That boat ride took a lot out of me, and I just want to take a nap."

Sly was willing to let Bentley take his nap, but undeterred, he attempted to see if Murray would be willing to go.

"Murray? Are you in?"

"Maybe later. I'm kind of worn out, too. All that driving can really take it out of you sometimes."

Disappointed, Sly considered just going out himself, but since this was technically the first time he's been in the US in years, he didn't want to risk getting lost, even with the town being as small as it was.

So, after sighing in defeat, Sly slumped back down on to his mattress, hoping that there would at least be something to keep him entertained until then.

But unfortunately, there wasn't even a TV to turn on, which Sly admittedly thought was a little strange, considering the building looked decent enough so that they would actually be able to get one.

With nothing else to do, Sly decided to just go ahead and take a nap himself, figuring that there wasn't really any reason not to be as rested as the others.

So, after lying down on the mattress, Sly closed his eyes and fell asleep, thinking that things would eventually become more interesting once they actually get out of the hotel.

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