Morals and Quandaries

Chapter 18

"Am I dead?"

Everything was completely black all around him. Sly wasn't able to see his own hands in front of him, which made him question exactly what was going on.

"Hello? Is anyone here?"

Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light. Sly barely had time to cover his eyes before it reached him.

After blinking a few times to clear his vision, Sly looked over and saw a doorway filled with white light. Although he was admittedly surprised by the cliché way that this sequence of events was playing out, he decided it was probably best just to go towards it and see what happened.

So, as he began making his way over to the doorway, he couldn't help but notice that it didn't seem to be getting closer. Of course, he couldn't tell if he was even moving forward considering he couldn't see his own body, which made it kind of annoying for him to notice.

Sly broke into a run, which seemed to have done the trick, as the doorway grew larger. Unfortunately, with the speed that he was going, he had no time to stop and test the doorway out, so he ended up barreling right through it.

Sly opened his eyes once more, only to be assaulted by a barrage of white. For a moment, he thought that there was some kind of extra room through that doorway, but when his vision finally came into focus, he soon realized that he was in fact awake and inside a hospital room.

Confused, he shot up out of his bed, regretting it instantly as a sharp pain went through his chest. His hand immediately went to where the pain was as he gritted his teeth.

When the pain finally went away, Sly finally got a chance to look around. It was essentially what you'd expect to see from a hospital room, which didn't really come as a surprise to Sly.

"How in the hell did I get here?" he asked to himself as he took in the room around him.

Unfortunately, he didn't really have any time to consider it, as the lack of background noise enabled him to hear voices coming from outside his room.

"Excuse me, doctor?"

"Yes, what do you need?"

"I'm Detective Pearce from the US branch of Interpol. Me and my partner heard that you have Sly Cooper under your care."

"Sly Cooper? The master thief? I didn't realize that it was him!"

"Yes, it is. I'm sure you're already aware of his numerous counts of larceny, but we have reason to believe that he might be involved with the death of former Interpol agent Anton Sobolev."

Sly's mind immediately went blank once he heard that last sentence.

"I'm wanted for murder now?"

He knew full well that Anton's death was in self-defense, but he knew that it was going to be difficult to convince Interpol that was the case, so he knew that he had to make his escape.

Pulling himself out of his bed, Sly ripped the IV out of his arm and headed towards the window. Before he made it there, though, he passed by a mirror, and he couldn't help but notice the reflection in front of him.

Obviously, he was in one of those hospital gowns that most patients are in when being taken care of, but outside of that, it wasn't a very pretty sight. There were a large number of bandages covering a good portion of his body, which made him wonder exactly how much damage he took during his fight.

He couldn't really think of it for long, though, since he still had to make his escape. He quickly looked around the room and found the torn-up shirt that he was wearing.

Removing the gown, he threw the shirt on, wincing as it rubbed against the bandages around his chest.

Sly knew that he couldn't waste any more time, so he took one more quick look around the room before heading over to the window and pulling it open. Thankfully, Sly's room was on the second story, so he didn't have a huge distance to climb down.

Doing his best to ignore the pain going through his body, he quickly climbed down the two stories to the ground, wanting to be on the ground before the agents reached his room so that he wouldn't need to run and risk reopening a wound.

Thankfully, when he reached the ground and looked up, there was no sign of the agents looking out of the window down at him, so he took the opportunity he was given and began walking, heading as far away from the hospital as he could.

Unfortunately for Sly, considering the fact that he had no idea where he was, he ended up quickly getting lost.

"Where in the hell am I? Am I even still in New York City?" he said to himself.

At the moment, he was in a large area of countryside, but when he looked off into the distance, he saw the beginnings of buildings.

"God, I hope that's New York City. I really need to get back to that building and get my cane back."

Although he was disappointed that he was unable to get his other supplies due to them most likely being locked away, he knew that he could just simply replace them. The cane, on the other hand, was irreplaceable, so he knew that he had to get it back.

Sighing, he prepared to make his way towards the city, only for a large vehicle to come streaking into view, parking next to Sly.

Although somewhat curious, Sly decided to ignore it, knowing that getting his cane back was more important. Before he could begin walking, though, he was suddenly grabbed from behind and dragged backwards towards the van.

After roughly landing inside the van, Sly gritted his teeth as pain shot through his back. He was about to try and fight back as best as he could against his would-be kidnappers, but the tense feeling in his chest immediately released when he heard a voice he recognized.

"Sorry, Sly. Didn't mean to be so rough."

As he felt the van start to move, Sly slowly managed to pick himself up off of the metal floor, and his jaw nearly dropped when he found out who was in front of him.


Both Bentley and Murray were there in the van with them, Bentley giving Sly a worried look.

"You doing alright, Sly? You don't look too good."

"I'll be alright. By the way, how did you guys find me? Last thing I remember was passing out at the top of that office building, and then I wake up in some random hospital outside of the city."

Bentley cleared his throat before speaking up.

"Well, after you showed me that transmitter that was attached, I was working on trying to see if I could hack into it and track where you were going, just in case we needed to find you."

"Did you?" asked Sly.

"Not directly. I did some research and found out that it was actually a transmitter that Interpol used to use before upgrading, so I was able to hack into their database. By the time I got in, though, I only barely managed to catch the signal shutting down."

Sly was admittedly surprised that Bentley managed to find him so easily, but then he realized that being the genius that he was helped that out quite a bit.

"So, what happened next?"

"I was getting to that! Anyway, I wanted to stay and let you do your thing like you wanted us to, but Murray managed to convince me to go find him. So, we drove off and managed to make it to the office building that you two were at, but the police had already closed it off and there was a crowd, so we couldn't just walk in."

"So…if you couldn't get into the building, then how did I end up in the hospital?"

"The police brought you in. Once Anton hit the ground, they went inside and helped you out into an ambulance once they found out you were still alive. We followed them to the hospital and kept watch."

"Oh, so that's how they knew I was there!"

At Bentley's questioning look, Sly was forced to elaborate.

"When I woke up, I heard two Interpol agents coming to pick me up for murder."

Sly glanced away, a worried look on his face as the fact that he was wanted for murder registered in his mind.

"I wouldn't worry too much about it, Sly. You just have to be a little more careful not to get caught."

Sly scoffed.

"Yeah, I doubt Carmelita would be so lenient next time she sees me now that she probably knows what I did."

The van fell silent as the gang thought about the implications of their adventure. Finally, Sly cleared his throat as he attempted to change the subject.

"So, when are we getting back to Paris? I miss the old safe house."

"I was thinking probably tomorrow. We'll spend the night back in Long Island, and hopefully get a boat back to Europe in the morning."

"Sounds good. Say, there is one more thing I wanted to know. How long was I out, anyway?"

Bentley and Murray traded looks before Bentley answered.

"Four days. I managed to catch a glimpse of you when they were carting you into the ambulance, and it wasn't a pretty sight."

Although Sly was caught off guard by the amount of days he was out, he soon realized that probably would have happened with how he ended up after the fight.

One Month Later…

It took a while due to the amount of time that the Cooper Gang spent on the road, but they finally managed to settle back into the old safe house. Bentley had to readjust to having all of his computer equipment back, which thankfully didn't take him long. Murray, meanwhile, immediately set to work on repainting the van to look like its old self, which he managed to complete a few days after their return.

As for Sly, he was forced to spend a majority of his time inside the safe house. When Bentley finally got all of his computer equipment set up to the point where he could use it comfortably again, he decided to hack into the hospital's database and pulled up Sly's records to see exactly how bad it was.

At first it wasn't so bad, but when Bentley noticed the multiple broken ribs and fractured skull, he immediately shut Sly down from any physical activity. Sly obviously argued, but Bentley stood firm, locking away Sly's cane, which they managed to retrieve from the police lockup before leaving the US.

As the days passed, Sly began to grow increasingly antsy, wanting nothing more than to spend some time outside, but even pleading didn't change Bentley's mind.

Finally, after what felt like forever to the master thief, Bentley finally gave the go ahead, and Sly shot out the door like a rocket.

Although he still felt a little tender, Sly wasn't worried, climbing up a light post and hopping on to the roof of the safe house.

After spending a few minutes staring at the setting sun, Sly took in a breath, eager to finally get moving.

"Watch out, world. Sly Cooper's back in action!"

The End

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