Morals and Quandaries

Chapter 6

Sly and Murray finally returned to the temporary safe house a while later to find Bentley still in the same place that they saw him in when they left. Bentley heard the door close and looked up at the two of them.

"Oh good, you're back. How did it go?"

Sly walked over and set the jar on the table, surprisingly looking none the worse for wear.

"Outside of the fact that Murray needs to learn to tie tighter knots, it went pretty smoothly."

Even though Murray knew that Sly was right, he still gave the master thief a glare for bringing that up.

"Alright then. It's nice to know that you guys can still pull off a heist with improvised equipment. That shouldn't make it an issue for any future heists we go for while we're still busy dealing with Anton."

Bentley grabbed his chair and attempted to pull it closer to the computer by hopping. Eventually, Murray walked over and pushed the chair in, earning an awkward cough from Bentley due to the turtle's slight embarrassment of having to rely on the two of them without his chair.

"Thank you, Murray. Now, I need to look around on ThiefNet and see what kind of prices we can get for this jar, so if you guys want to take a load off in the living room, feel free."

Murray opened his mouth, intending to ask to stay in here, but Sly grabbed his arm, shaking his head when the hippo looked at him. He then jerked a thumb towards the door, and the two of them headed through it into the main room of the house.

As the two of them sat down at the table, Murray was the one who spoke up first.

"What gives, Sly? Bentley looked sad, and I wanted to spend some time with him to cheer him up."

Sly sighed before replying.

"Look pal, I appreciate you looking out for his best interests, but I'd rather you give him some space so that we can get a good price for the jar. Besides, the chair's going to be coming tomorrow, and once we put all of the parts and stuff back on, he'll be back to his old self, technically."

Sly glanced at Murray, knowing he probably shouldn't have added the technically, since the hippo still hasn't quite gotten over his role in Bentley getting paralyzed. Thankfully, Murray didn't make the connection, and Sly decided to move on.

"So, what do you think of Switzerland so far?"

"I like it, but I kind of wish that we weren't stuck in here all of the time. I want to be able to see the sights, ski on the Swiss Alps…you know, things like that."

"Sorry about that, buddy. Maybe once this whole thing with Anton rolls over, we might pack the van up and go on vacation here. I'm sure Bentley might even find some enjoyment out of a place like this!" said Sly.

"That sounds awesome! I can't wait!"

Sly smiled, happy that he managed to cheer up the downtrodden hippo, but before he could continue on with his conversation, Bentley called in from the other room.

"Hey guys, can you come in here for a sec?"

Sly and Murray stood up and returned to Bentley's room.

"I've found us a buyer!"

"Really? That was fast. How much are they willing to pay?" asked Sly.

Instead of answering, Bentley turned his laptop to face the two of them, and Sly whistled as he looked at the selling price.

"Twenty five hundred coins? That'll last us for a while."

"I was even surprised myself. This jar must be extremely rare for someone to want to pay that kind of money for it. Shall we take the money?"

"Heck yeah, we should!" said Murray.

"Alright then. We should at least get a box to hide it so people don't get any ideas. Have you seen any around, you two?"

Sly only thought for a moment before remembering.

"Yeah, I actually do remember seeing a box that someone threw away while we were getting our supplies."

"Great! Would you mind going out and grabbing it?"

Sly was about to immediately say yes when he paused, taking a look outside the window to see if there was anything suspicious going on. When he couldn't find anything out of the ordinary, he turned back towards Bentley.

"Yeah sure, I'll go ahead and do that."

Bentley looked at him weirdly for a second, stopping when he realized that he only being careful.

It didn't take Sly long to find the spot where he spotted the box. Thankfully it was still nighttime, so everyone was asleep and he could easily study it without being interrupted.

So, when he finally walked up to the box in question, he picked it up and took a look at it, judging whether it would be a good fit for the jar. However, he was completely unaware of the fact that there was a red dot slowly centering itself right on the back of Sly's head.

It turns out that Anton was watching the gang's every move through the main part of the town, ever since Sly and Murray completed the heist in the museum. However, his slow pace in getting from roof to roof prevented him from finding out where they were hiding, a fact that annoyed the psychotic wolf greatly. He told himself that he needed to figure out a way to be able to traverse rooftops faster, as the years away from Interpol weren't kind to him. He was still very strong, but his agility suffered.

He was about ready to pack up his sniper rifle and search for their safe house on foot, when he noticed Sly coming into the town once again. Curious, he looked at Sly through the scope on his rifle and kept an eye on him as he slipped through town, stopping next to some trash and studying a box.

Smiling evilly, he knew he had a good opportunity to take out one of the Cooper Gang, so he went prone and slowly centered the laser sight right on the back of Sly's head, slowly pulling the trigger.

However, in his effort to avoid missing, Sly finished his inspection of the box and put it under his arm, walking off just as the bullet passed by him and hit the wall. Unfortunately for Sly, Anton's rifle was silenced, which prevented him from hearing the sound of the bullet.

Although Anton was annoyed that he missed, he was okay with the fact that Sly wasn't alerted to his presence, which meant that he could plan out another attempt on the lives of the Cooper Gang without them escaping.

As he packed up his rifle and walked towards the door inside the building, he chuckled darkly to himself, knowing that it was only going to be a matter of time before all three of them were going to die by his hands.

Sly arrived back at the safe house with the box in tow to find that Murray wasn't in the main room. He figured that Murray was most likely spending time with Bentley, so he sighed as he went into Bentley's room.

"Hey Bentley, I got that box for you." said Sly as he walked into the room.

"Great. Just stick it over here, and we'll deal with packing it up tomorrow morning."

Sly did as asked, placing the box next to Bentley's chair, yawning as he stood back up.

"Welp, I think I'm gonna head to bed. Want me to help you upstairs, Bentley?"

As much as Bentley didn't really want to have to rely on Sly or Murray, he figured that since his wheelchair was coming tomorrow, it wouldn't be much longer until he can fend for himself again, so he shrugged.

"Alright, I suppose I've spent enough time on the computer for one day."

Sly picked up Bentley, and the two of them headed upstairs to the bedroom they found, Murray following behind them a few seconds later.

Although there was only one bedroom in the house, there were in fact more than enough beds for the three of them, which Sly thought at the time they found it was pretty convenient. Bentley dismissed that thought as more of Sly's pessimistic attitude about the house.

Anyway, once they reached the bedroom, Sly placed Bentley on to one of the beds, and he and Murray followed suit on their own beds, with the three of them falling asleep pretty quickly.

The next day came, and the three of them were awoken with the sound of knocking on the door. Not wanting to take any chances, Sly grabbed his cane and slowly made his way downstairs, peeking through the front door to find nobody there.

Thinking that they were probably hiding by the door frame, Sly held his cane like a baseball bat, intending to smash it into the face of whoever could be at the door.

However, it was all for naught, as when Sly opened the door and swung his cane back; all he found was a large box and no one else in sight. He lowered his cane and looked at the box curiously for a second before he figured out that the box fit the dimensions of the wheelchair Bentley ordered.

Sly walked back inside the house and stood at the bottom of the steps.

"Hey Bentley! Your wheelchair's here!" he called out.

"Finally! Bring it upstairs! I want to see what it's like!"

"Alright, give me a minute! I need to get it out of the box first!"

Sly grabbed the box and pushed it inside the house, checking to make sure no one was around before closing the door behind him.

Sly looked around the floor he was on, trying to see if he could find a crowbar or something that he could use to open the box. When nothing showed up, he sighed, returning to the steps.

"Hey Murray, you think you can come down here for a second?"

"Hang on, I'm still getting ready!"

As Sly stood there, wondering what Murray needed to do to get ready considering they were sleeping in their clothes; the hippo came downstairs, looking a little sleepy-eyed due to having just woken up not too long ago.

"What do you need?"

Sly pointed to the box.

"You think you might be able to pry that box open? I would do it myself, but I couldn't find a crowbar anywhere in the house."

"Sure thing, Sly. The Murray will get that box open no problem!"

Murray walked over to the box, cracking his knuckles and shaking out his arms before searching for a way to get in between the cracks. However, all of the edges were nailed down pretty tight. Murray turned towards Sly.

"Hey Sly, I can't find an opening. Do you have any other ideas?"

Sly quickly formulated a plan and walked over to the box, knocking on different places on the box before finding an area that sounded less thick than the others.

"We should be able to break into the box if you kick hard at that spot right there. I'll go around and brace it from the other side."

Murray nodded, and backed up from the box a few inches. Sly went around behind the box and grabbed on to each side, digging in his heels as best as he could.

"Ready, Sly?"


"Here I come!"

Murray hopped forward, kicking his foot as hard as he could at the spot Sly pointed out. He ended up having to do a few kicks, with Sly managing to hold his ground by some miracle.

Eventually, Murray finally managed to break through. As he pulled his foot out, he began prying the other chunks of board off of the box, pulling the chair out once he had enough room. Thankfully, the chair was unharmed.

"Thanks a bunch, pal. Let's go take this up to Bentley. He's going to be so thrilled."

Murray smiled, and the two of them brought the chair upstairs to the eagerly awaiting turtle.

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