Don't Speak

Chapter 11

Maura stirred slowly. As she rose towards consciousness she identified the lingering sensations of pain medication again, but they were less pronounced than her last awakening. Before she had regained enough awareness to open her eyes, she became aware of a weight pressing down on her hand.

Suddenly wide awake and panicked that Lucas or Jane was back, Maura yanked her hand away, her shoulder protesting the sudden movement. Her blurry eyes couldn’t immediately identify the figure in the room, and she instinctively tried to sit up in the bed and pull away. As her breathing accelerated and her heart pounded, she recognised a familiar stressed voice.

“Maura, calm down, it’s Angela! You’re okay! Stop thrashing sweetie, you’ll hurt yourself!”

A gentle hand pressed on her good shoulder, directing her body back to the bed. Maura clenched her eyes shut, using all her willpower to arrest her body’s fear response and calm down. It was a surprisingly difficult task, which indicated to Maura that she had been traumatised more than she realised by the events of the past few days.

After several long minutes, Maura managed to calm her breathing and unclench her hands. As she loosened her grip on the rails at the side of the bed, she realised that Angela had been gently clasping her hand and running a soothing hand over her hair, whispering words of encouragement and safety. The words hadn’t been audible over the roar of blood in her ears, but now the sound was comforting and appreciated.

Angela smiled widely when Maura finally opened her eyes, the relief evident on her face as Maura slowly relaxed. “Maura, are you okay? You look terrified!”

Maura nodded stiffly, her muscles still tense. “I’m sorry, Angela. It isn’t you.”

Angela made a dismissive noise as she shuffled closer, putting a warm hand on Maura’s cheek to wipe away the few errant tears that had escaped without Maura’s knowledge. “I know. Don’t apologise. They told me that you were attacked in your own house. I can understand being a bit jumpy after that.”

Jumpy was a gross understatement of how Maura felt, but she chose not to try to correct Angela. Instead she continued to concentrate on her breathing as she tried to assemble her scattered thoughts into some kind of order. “What time is it?”

Angela pulled back to a less threatening distance. “It’s around ten in the morning. You’ve been asleep for almost a day.”

Maura tensed again, her hand shooting out to grip Angela’s urgently. “A day? Who is with Jane? Is she still at the station?”

Angela winced slightly at the strength of Maura’s grip before smiling reassuringly. “She’s okay. She’s with Frankie. Don’t worry, I made sure she was safe before I left her.”

Maura’s stomach churned, her hand losing all strength. She had no idea how to tell Angela that Frankie might have had something to do with Jane disappearing in the first place, and that she might have just given Jane back into the care of her captors.

Angela frowned, seeing the colour drain from Maura’s face. “Honey are you alright? You look pale, do you need to see the doctor?”

Maura swallowed thickly, considering her options. “No, I’m okay. I think I’m just hungry.”

Angela brightened immediately. “I can fix that. I brought you a salad and a lasagne, I wasn’t sure what you’d be in the mood for.”

Angela gestured to a bag sitting on the shelf next to the bed. As Maura followed her gesture she realised Angela had also somehow found and brought her phone.

She thought quickly, realising she needed a moment alone. “Would you be able to get me some juice? I think it would be better for my stomach.”

As expected, Angela jumped up, bustling out quickly. Maura wasted no time in grabbing her phone, smiling as she saw it had enough battery left for a phone call. She found Susie’s number and dialled.

Susie answered after three rings. “Maura? Are you okay?

Maura was relieved to hear Susie’s voice. It sounded less pained, which meant the break in her jaw was minor enough that the swelling must have already started to diminish. “Yes, I just woke up. Angela is here. Do you know where Jane is?”

“She’s at her old apartment. It was great that you bought it and kept it vacant; it gave her somewhere to go that was familiar. Frankie took her there yesterday night and stayed the night, along with Angela. She mentioned to me yesterday that she planned to go and see you this morning, so I’m sitting out the front to make sure he doesn’t take her anywhere.”

Maura sighed in relief, her tense body relaxing onto the bed. “Thank you Susie. I was so worried when I saw Angela was here.”

“I know, I almost panicked when she said she was leaving Jane alone with Frankie. But I’m fairly sure she hasn’t been left alone with Detective Lucas since she got to the station. He took her there straight after they were at the hospital with us, then she was debriefed all night and well into the day. Lieutenant Cavanaugh only let her go home around two in the afternoon yesterday.”

Maura considered the timeline. “Do you know what story Lucas gave as to where Jane has been this whole time? They must have seriously questioned his story to have kept her there for that long.”

Maura could hear exasperation in Susie’s voice. “He went with amnesia. The story was that Jane woke up in a hospital in New York with no idea who she was and no idea how she’d gotten there. She blamed a serious head injury that took a few months to recover from. Then she claimed she found an apartment and has been working in various jobs to get by ever since. Detective Lucas claims he saw a picture of her on a Facebook page, a picture which was somehow deleted since then, and went to New York to find her a few months ago. He claims he found her a month ago, but she didn’t believe him, and he stayed to try to make her remember. She supposedly suddenly remembered her name and the general details about who she was three days ago, which is when he brought her back to Boston.”

Maura rolled her eyes at the absurdity of the fabrication. Amnesia was far more complex a condition than depicted in the movies, and rarely resulted in such a conveniently specific memory loss. She wasn’t surprised that the story had been scrutinised so carefully by Jane’s superiors. “Does she claim to remember who everyone is?”

Susie sighed again. “No. She claims to remember how to do her job, but no details about the people here. That includes her family. I had managed to get here and sit with Angela by the time Jane was released from questioning. She pretended not to know who Angela was. I think it really upset Angela. She also didn’t react to Frankie from what I’ve been told. She didn’t seem to recognise him, or try to kill him.”

Maura filed that change in Jane’s behaviour away for later. “Did Lucas notice that you were at the station? Where is he now?”

Susie sounded smug. “He really didn’t think this through. He’s been reprimanded for disappearing without permission or notice to go and look for Jane. I think he expected to be treated like a hero for finding her, instead he might be looking at a suspension. Apparently there were a lot of resources wasted searching for him, and Lieutenant Cavanaugh isn’t happy. I haven’t seen him since the hospital, and I’m pretty sure he’s not thinking about either of us at the moment. I think he was sent home about two hours after Jane was released.”

Maura smiled at the news that they weren’t in immediate danger from Lucas, although she worried that his anger at how he was being treated could cause problems later. Her assessment of his low intelligence appeared to be correct, given how inept his attempt to cover up Jane’s whereabouts had been. “That’s good to hear. I’ll send Angela back to Jane soon so you can go home and get some rest. Thanks again for looking out for Jane.”

Maura could hear the smile in Susie’s voice. “You aren’t alone in this Maura. We all care what happens to Jane. You don’t have to be the only one trying to help. I know it felt like you were the only one that kept hoping, but we’re all thrilled that she’s alive. We’ll figure this all out in time.”

Maura could hear the reproach buried in Susie’s light tone. “I know, and I promise I’ll wait to be released from the hospital this time. I trust you to look after things.”

Maura heard the distinctive sounds of Angela Rizzoli returning to her room, chatting with nurses on the way. “I have to go, I’ll text you when Angela leaves.”

She ended the call just as Angela entered. The relieved smile was back on Angela’s face at seeing Maura. She handed over the bottles of juice and settled back in her chair, starting to dig through the bag for the food she’d brought.

Maura took a sip of the orange juice Angela had brought, surprised to realise how hungry she actually was. “Thanks for getting this for me, I’m feeling better already.”

The smile on Angela’s face widened. “You actually look better too, you’ve got a bit more colour. Did the doctors say how long you’ve got to stay for?”

Maura vaguely remembered a doctor visiting before Susie had come in the previous morning, but despite having no idea what they’d discussed, she knew enough about her own injuries to be able to give an accurate estimate. “I believe I’ll be able to be released in two days’ time. They will want to ensure I don’t encounter any complications with an infection in the wound, and they will also need to ensure that I have recovered from the blood loss. After that I should be in for a relatively simple recovery, since the bullet went cleanly through without severing any nerves or hitting any bones.”

Angela’s smile had fallen dramatically at the mention of Maura’s injury. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t be here for you sooner. It must have been so awful getting shot, and by the man who should have been there helping you too.”

Maura couldn’t help shifting uneasily at the reference to Lucas. “What did they tell you about how I was injured? Honestly it’s all a bit fuzzy.”

Angela finally found the salad she’d been digging for and set it out as she talked. “Well I was told a few things by a few different people. Lieutenant Cavanaugh told me that some woman broke into your house and was attacking you, but you managed to call Susie at the station. Detective Lucas had just gotten back with Jane, and they came with Susie to help. Susie got hit across the face and fell when they got to your house, and somehow in the scuffle Detective Lucas shot at the woman and hit you instead. After that the woman got away. They haven’t managed to track her down yet honey. I’m sorry, but you’ll be safe here.”

Maura suppressed a grimace as she remembered how safe she’d felt during Jane’s last visit. “I guess that sounds right.”

Angela looked troubled as Maura started eating, carefully shuffling closer to the tray without jostling her shoulder. “Maura, I also talked to Frankie. He said you’d called him over earlier that morning, and that the woman was already there. He said she attacked him, and you wouldn’t listen to him when he tried to convince you that she was dangerous.”

Maura froze mid-chew, worried about what else Frankie may have said. Her worries were justified when Angela continued in a worried tone. “Honey, he said you thought the woman was Jane. You know that wasn’t Jane, right? Jane came to help save you from that woman, she would never hurt Frankie.”

Maura swallowed with a gulp, thinking quickly to avoid a direct lie. “I’m not exactly sure what happened with Frankie. I suppose I could have been mistaken about something. The important thing is that Jane is back.”

Angela’s face lit up with a smile again, but Maura was surprised to see it fail to reach her eyes. “She is back. I was so happy to see my girl alive, I could hardly stay on my feet. I don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard in my life.”

Maura couldn’t resist prodding when Angela stopped. “So how did she seem?”

Angela sighed, her eyes meeting Maura’s knowingly. “Not like herself. I know she has amnesia and all that, but….I don’t know. She didn’t seem like the old Jane at all. She was being so polite to everyone, and she was so quiet, not talking unless someone asked her a question. And when I charged in for a hug, she hugged me back, in front of everyone. She didn’t squirm, or groan, she just hugged me. Jane’s never voluntarily hugged me when there were people that could see since she was about three. And even after we took her home, she kept asking about Detective Lucas. I know he found her, but the way she seemed fixated on him just seemed….off.”

Maura couldn’t hide the relief she felt at hearing that Angela hadn’t bought the reprogrammed personality that Jane seemed to have after Lucas’ orders. “I didn’t think she seemed herself either. I’m worried about her. I don’t think we should leave her alone until we understand what’s going on.”

Angela nodded seriously. “I agree. She’s with Frankie right now, and I’m going to go back there as soon as you’re done with lunch and I’ve called someone else to come sit with you.”

Maura was just finishing the salad and felt too full to start on the lasagne. “I’m really fine, Angela. I’d much rather you go and be with Jane. She needs familiar faces if she has any chance of recovering her memories, and you’ll make sure she’s safe as well.”

Angela’s face turned hopeful. “And you’ll be out of here soon, and you can see her too. Maybe she just needs to spend some time with her best friend. I don’t think she could ever forget you.”

It was a concerted effort to hide her reaction, managing only a small gasp. Maura flashed back over the past few days, between the bald, scarred Jane who had shown how much she still cared, and the robotic obedient Jane who didn’t hesitate to harm her. If Maura had to see Jane again before she knew what was wrong, she had no idea how either of them would respond, however she now knew her instinctive reaction to the thought of seeing Jane was fear.

Angela didn’t notice Maura’s gasp and looked thoughtful for a moment, before she stood and started packing up. “If you’re sure, then I will go now.”

She pulled a cooler out of her bag, presumably containing more food, and placed it on the table. “Now you just call me if you need anything. I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve tried to do for Jane. Between making sure she still has her apartment to all the time you’ve spent looking for her over the years, she couldn’t ask for a more loyal friend.”

Maura stiffened involuntarily as Angela leaned in for a hug, which made her stop and opt to squeeze her hand instead. Maura smiled apologetically, and waved as Angela turned and walked out.

As she relaxed and appreciated the silence in the room, Maura wondered if she should have tried to tell Angela about her worries concerning Frankie. If Angela thought he could be trusted, she might leave Jane alone with him, and that could be potentially disastrous if he was in fact working for her abductors, or with Lucas.

However, there was no argument she could think of to convince Angela that her son would ever hurt her daughter, at least not with the complete lack of evidence she currently had.

Unless they discovered some hard proof, Susie would need to continue to supervise Frankie’s visits with Jane from afar. Unless Lucas made a move, they didn’t have much choice. Once she was out of hospital, she would be able to assist. Maura sighed in consternation, tired at the thought of how difficult Frankie’s involvement would make things. The sooner they found a way to get some real answers, the better.

Maura decided to check her work emails, since she’d been out of action for a few days and hadn’t been particularly attentive during the week leading up to her injury. There were several sets of lab results, requests for reviews of cases, meeting requests and lots of miscellaneous things for her to attend to. With a sigh, she opened the first email and started reading.

Around an hour later, her arm was too tired to keep holding the phone. Placing it on her table, she stretched her arm carefully, noting that her shoulder was less sore than it had been when she first woke up.

As she lay back on the pillows, considering taking another nap, she heard footsteps approaching her door. Her body tensed as she saw the face of her visitor.

Her attempt to keep her tone light failed miserably, and her voice came out in an alarmed squeak.


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