Don't Speak

Chapter 18

All three women continued to stare at the video in disbelief after they watched Jane die, the sound of sobbing breaking the silence. There was no doubt in any of their minds that the wound had been fatal.

Maura’s hand drifted to her cheek, touching the place that Jane had caressed as her last act. The cheek was now saturated with tears.

Lucas paced angrily next to Jane’s body. He bent over Maura, screaming in rage, before standing upright and running his hands over his face.

Seeming to make a decision, he crouched over Jane’s body and grabbed the rebar still protruding from her back. Using the metal as leverage, he pulled the limp body off Maura and lifted it over his shoulder. Once he had a good grip on the fallen detective, he quickly moved out of the view of the camera.

Nina frowned. “What is he doing? He took Jane’s body!”

Susie nodded. “And look, Maura, your leg is cut now. But there’s no debris stuck in it.”

Maura looked at the image, and despite the tears clouding her vision she could make out the pool of blood starting to spread from the gash in her leg.

Lucas re-entered the frame, no longer carrying Jane but still looking furious. He stood over Maura, taking in the injury to her leg. He glanced around the room, finding a piece of jagged metal lying on the floor. He quickly retrieved the piece, returned to Maura’s side and stabbed the wound with the piece of shrapnel.

All three flinched as one, Maura’s hand shooting to grab her scarred leg.

Lucas stood over Maura again, seeming to consider his options. Instead of attacking her again, he moved to a location off the side of the frame, away from the exit. He reappeared moments later, casting a sneer towards Maura’s prone body before hastily leaving.

Seconds later, the basement shook as the second bomb detonated. The picture was again occluded by dust and debris, before the video abruptly ended.

Maura took a shuddering breath, her voice haggard from the weight of her emotions. “He didn’t expect anyone to come and find me so soon after the explosion. If Korsak hadn’t disobeyed orders and protocol, I would have bled out and he would have succeeded in killing me.”

Susie’s mouth gaped, the distressed criminalist obviously trying to find words but failing. Nina’s voice cut through the silence instead. “But he failed. He messed up. He didn’t manage to kill you, and we now know what he did. And we have the proof.”

She walked back to the console where her download had finished, gathering her equipment. “I got everything they had on Subject 314, as well as a chunk of general stuff about the facility. I think we should go, before someone comes looking for us.”

Maura wiped her face, before standing authoritatively. “No. We need to finish looking around down here. I don’t want to miss anything.”

Susie stood by Maura’s side, nodding silently in agreement despite her obvious discomfort at the thought of staying any longer.

Nina considered for a moment before conceding. “Alright, but let’s make it fast. I don’t want to be here any longer than necessary.”

Before they could move, Maura’s phone pinged with her message notification. She frowned, not expecting anyone to be contacting her.

The message was from Angela, and Maura’s breath caught as she read the words.

Jane’s gone. Lucas came and took her. I tried to stop him, but he had a Taser. I passed out, and I don’t know where they went.

Maura looked at Nina, fear all over her face. “You’re right, we need to go. Lucas has Jane, he Tasered Angela and took her. They could be coming here.”

Susie’s eyes widened in fear, and Nina opened her mouth to answer, when they all heard a noise and froze.

They could hear someone walking through shattered glass.

All eyes snapped to the door leading to the corridor they had originally come through, remembering the glass on the floor.

Wordlessly, Nina hefted her backpack onto her shoulders and drew her gun, directing the other two under the consoles. They ducked under the desk, remaining as silent as possible while Nina took up a firing position behind another console. Maura slipped off her sling, not wanting to be encumbered by it if they had to run. Any pain caused by the added weight on her shoulder was instantly blocked by the adrenalin flooding her system as she waited breathlessly.

A figure appeared in the doorway, holding a gun and searching the room. Nina squinted, realising who it was. “Frankie?”

Frankie frowned, lowering his gun. “Nina? Hey, what are you doing down here? Where is here?”

Nina hadn’t lowered her gun. “You first Rizzoli.”

Frankie frowned again, his eyes flitting to the weapon. “Uh, what’s with the gun?”

Maura stood cautiously, drawing Frankie’s attention. “Frankie, you need to tell us why you’re here. How you knew about this place.”

Frankie holstered his gun, holding his hands up in surrender. “I followed Nina. I was in the bullpen, I heard her yelling into her phone about you guys doing something dangerous, so I followed her. I know you’ve been keeping me out of the loop for weeks now, so I didn’t think you’d tell me what was going on if I asked.”

Maura and Susie looked at each other doubtfully. It sounded like something Frankie would do, but they hadn’t had time to find out if he was affiliated with the facility they were standing in.

Maura decided there was no time to be anything but blunt. “Frankie, I need you to explain why Jane attacked you. I need to understand why she said you hurt her.”

Frankie’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Jane didn’t attack me, she’s hardly spoken to me since I saw her at the station.”

Maura huffed in irritation. “I meant at my house. She grabbed you and tried to choke you, before Lucas got to her and turned her into the shell she is now!”

Frankie rolled his eyes. “Maura, that wasn’t Jane at your house. That was someone else. We’ve all seen Jane, she doesn’t look anything like that.”

Maura wordlessly turned to the surveillance console, quickly restarting the video they’d just watched. Frankie turned his eyes to the screen as Maura fast-forwarded the clip to after the first explosion.

Frankie watched open mouthed as Maura explained. “This is the day Detective Lucas attacked us. He planted two bombs in a building he knew Jane and I were going to visit, and he set them off.”

On screen, Lucas entered the frame. “He then attacked me, but Jane fought him off.”

Frankie flinched as the knife ran across Jane’s face. “This is how she got the scar across her face. I’m sure you must remember from when she grabbed you.”

Frankie nodded, his face growing more furious by the second. When Lucas stabbed Jane through the back, he yelled in rage, his hands curling into angry fists. A few rogue tears escaped his eyes, rolling unheeded down his cheeks.

Maura was scrutinising his face in surprise. “You didn’t know, did you? You didn’t know how she ended up here?”

Frankie turned a furious glare onto Maura. “Of course not! If I’d known I would have killed that bastard!”

He turned back to the screen, which Susie had stopped on the image of Jane draped over Maura, the rebar piercing both of them.

After a moment of thought, he turned back to Maura, his voice shaky and confused. “So, Jane looked pretty hurt in that video. How is she still alive? And why does she look like she used to?”

Nina cut in before Maura could answer. “So, to be clear, you’re saying that you hadn’t seen Jane from the day she disappeared until the day she tried to strangle you?”

Frankie looked hurt. “Of course not! I’d have brought her home! It was killing everyone not knowing, especially ma!”

Maura believed him. Despite the fact that there was no concrete evidence supporting the conclusion, she believed that Frankie had never, and would never, do anything to harm Jane. Glancing at Nina and Susie, it seemed as though they did too. But Maura was never one for relying on instinct alone, so she still wasn’t completely sure they could trust Frankie with everything.

She sighed, remembering they were on a deadline. Maura realised that either way, they couldn’t leave him behind, either to team up with Lucas or be hurt by him. “Okay, we don’t have time for this now. We need to get out of here.”

“It’s a little late for that, Dr Isles.”

Lucas emerged from the black route, standing behind not-Jane. He was holding a gun, but hadn’t bothered to raise it yet. Nina instantly pushed Maura and Susie behind her, pointing her gun at not-Jane.

Maura heard Frankie’s gun slip out of its holster, and was relieved to see him point it at Lucas, not at them. She gestured to Frankie, who moved closer to the trio.

Frankie frowned at not-Jane, who was wearing a blank expression. “Jane? What’s going on? Why aren’t you with ma?”

Lucas laughed cruelly. “She got bored of the old woman. She’s with me now.”

Maura’s blood boiled, her tolerance at an all-time low after watching how Lucas had ruined their lives. “She’s not with you! You killed her! You blew her up, sliced up her face and then stabbed her in the back!”

Lucas’ eyes flicked towards the monitors. “Well, someone’s been watching my greatest hits! What are you going to do about it?”

Maura reached into her bag, pulling out a stun gun. “Whatever I have to.”

She fired the gun, hoping to hit Lucas, but not-Jane stepped quickly in front of the shot. The electrodes hit her torso, electricity surging through the woman as Maura pressed the trigger.

All four onlookers were shocked to see Jane’s appearance flicker. As the electricity crackled, the façade of normalcy that she was wearing shorted out in patches, revealing glimpses of the scarred woman that had first returned to their lives. Everyone could only stare as the image continued to oscillate between not-Jane and the hairless, damaged woman Maura suspected was the real Jane. Frankie glanced at Maura, the realisation in his eyes showing her that he wholeheartedly believed her now.

The moment was broken when the stun gun abruptly ran out of charge. Not-Jane didn’t appear bothered by what had happened, continuing to stare blankly at the four stunned people. Lucas smiled at them around her, clearly amused by Maura’s failed attempt to injure him.

He turned to not-Jane, speaking in a business-like voice. “Subject 314. Assault mode activate. Incapacitate targets Chang, Holiday and Rizzoli.”

His expression turned feral. “Kill target Isles. I’m sick of you not dying, doctor.”

Frankie leaped into action, grabbing Susie and Maura’s arms and pushing them towards the yellow path, yelling for Nina to follow. She responded by firing at Jane, aiming for her legs, before following.

Not-Jane crouched slightly, holding her arms away from her body. Maura was horrified to see the skin of her forearms split open along the back, revealing long blades laying between the radius and ulna. The blades swivelled around actuated joints behind her wrists to extend over not-Jane’s hands, locking into place with a metallic clink. She completely ignored the bullets hitting her legs, which ricocheted with more metallic noises. Without a sound, her face still an impassive mask, she kicked off her shoes and launched into a run, pursuing the group as they fled through the yellow door.

Maura caught a glimpse of Lucas chuckling like a sadistic madman before they passed through the threshold.

Frankie was yelling at Maura and Susie to keep going, running just behind them with his gun still drawn. Nina was bringing up the rear, her expression tending towards panic. Maura glanced behind them, and saw not-Jane pass through the door and start gaining on them. Maura could see not-Jane’s eyes robotically flicking between her targets, obviously evaluating the situation and creating a strategy to ensure they all ended up impaled on those terrifying blades.

They had entered a large open office space. There were cubicles set up in the centre of the room, with private offices and meeting rooms lining the walls. Frankie saw the open layout and had an idea. “Spread out! Maura, keep running straight for the door!”

Everyone obeyed, too scared to disagree. Maura kept running, while Susie ducked to the left and Frankie flashed to the right. Nina followed Maura for a moment before turning left as well.

Maura glanced over her shoulder again to note that not-Jane had followed Susie. She realised that each of Jane’s steps was propelling her further than should have been humanly possible, each stride long and robotic, suggesting that the enhancements she had noted were increasing the strength of her legs. Not-Jane was suddenly only a step behind Susie, who turned and screamed when she saw the blade swinging towards her. Frankie opened fire, but not-Jane had surprised him with her speed and it was too late.

Maura screamed and turned her path towards them as the blade dug into Susie’s leg, followed by a second blade spearing through Susie’s shoulder. Susie shrieked in pain, writhing against the metal, before not-Jane dropped her to the ground.

Suddenly Nina was there, firing quickly at not-Jane. Her shots weren’t meant to disable this time, they were all head or torso hits. Not-Jane staggered away from Susie, the force of the shots propelling her into a cubicle wall.

Maura reached Susie as Nina’s gun started clicking, cuing her to reload. Frankie reached them a moment later, tossing his gun to Nina and scooping Susie into his arms. The group started moving again, rushing towards the lifts. Susie was whimpering in pain, clinging to Frankie’s neck like a lifeline.

Maura reached the lift room first, sprinting to the elevators and mashing both up buttons frantically. The lights above the elevator showed they were both on their way down from the first floor.

Maura huffed in frustration and turned back to see Frankie clear the door, still holding a bleeding Susie. She stepped back towards them, grabbing her sling with the intent to put pressure on Susie’s wounds.

Seeing Maura turn back, Frankie yelled for her to stay put, not slowing his pace. Nina cleared the doorway several seconds after Frankie, diving out of the way of a vicious slash from not-Jane, who was right behind her. Nina rolled and came up firing, her shots propelling not-Jane backwards and through the door. Maura could see patches of metal showing through the skin of not-Jane’s face where the bullets had struck, but the injuries didn’t seem to be slowing not-Jane’s assault. She continued to pursue them mechanically, not seeming to feel fatigue or pain, her face still in the same emotionless expression.

Finally the lift arrived. Maura backed through the open doors, moving to the control panel in order to close the doors as soon as everyone was on board. She yelled to Nina, who glanced in her direction and started sprinting after Frankie.

He slowed slightly as he reached the lift, gently putting Susie down. She was still bleeding from both wounds, her body trembling in pain and shock. Frankie and Maura turned back to watch Nina’s progress, knowing they had to get away from not-Jane and Lucas before they could help Susie.

Nina was halfway across the room, running at full speed, but not-Jane had regained her footing and was pursuing her, gaining ground with every step.

Frankie threw a determined glance at Maura. “As soon as she’s in, close the doors. Help Susie. Help Jane.”

Before Maura could respond, Frankie launched out of the elevator, aiming straight for not-Jane. She screamed in horror as she realised what he intended. Nina only realised what had happened as she passed him, hitting the back of the lift as she failed to arrest her speed.

Frankie was yelling “Go, go, go!” back at Maura as he collided with not-Jane. There was a sickening crunch and Frankie screamed in pain, falling to his knees, but he successfully ruined her momentum, managing to maintain a grip on her waist and stopping her from following the others. His eyes found Maura’s, pleading silently for her to run.

Maura screamed again in desperation, but pushed the button to close the doors, hating herself as she abandoned him. The last thing they saw as the doors slid shut was not-Jane reaching down to grab Frankie by the throat, his eyes looking up at the shell of his sister with resignation and abject fear.

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