Chapter 11

Quinn was sitting at a coffee booth in the city. She was lost in thought, waiting for her friends to finally show up. Valentine's day was only a couple of days away, and her head was flooding with memories of last year's Valentine's, when she met her-

And lost her too.

She sighed audibly as she replayed last year's events for at least the thousandth time in her head. She was able to block the memories after a couple of weeks after the mall had crumbled in, but because the one year-anniversary of that event was coming up, she couldn't stop thinking about it.

They had gotten out, they were finally out of the hell-hole. Everyone ran towards the doctors and rescue workers and friends. Everyone, including me, hurried toward the people waiting for us.

Except for Santana.

Quinn put her hands in her head, shutting her eyes tightly as regret flooded her.

Why did I let go of her hand? Oh, god, why?

After all this time, she couldn't even cry about it anymore. That horrible night she made her way back to the hole they had come out of, ignoring Brittany and Rachel's worried calls, but she was quickly intercepted by some kind of rescue worker that grabbed her and lead her into an ambulance.

Quinn had kicked and screamed, crying Santana's name. But the doctors just gave her a tranquilizer, explaining to her friends that she was probably just in shock about the whole experience.

That wasn't even the problem, damn it!

When she had finally come back to her senses, she was in a hospital bed, her friends right beside her.


Quinn blinked a couple of times. Everything around her was white, she had trouble making out any forms but she could see some people standing next to her.

Where the hell am I? What happened? Where's-

She sat up suddenly, regretting her own sudden movement as she felt a pain in her shoulder. The wound she had gotten earlier when the ceiling came down on them was bandaged now, but it seemed like the pain had gotten worse than when they were still in the basement of that stupid mall.

Two people quickly made their way to her side, and Quinn now realized Brittany and Rachel were the ones sitting by her bed. She was quickly engulfed in a hug by the two of them, and gladly hugged them back.


She couldn't help but chuckle as she heard the taller blonde mumble something in her hair.

"What was that, Britt?"

Brittany continued hugging her from the left side, with Rachel still nuzzled into her right side, but she moved her head up a bit so that Quinn could understand her now.

"I said, that I'm soooo glad you're okay, Q. We didn't know what was going on, and then you were out, but then you wanted to run again and they said you were shocking or something and we just-"

Quinn froze as Brittany remembered her of that night. The two girls noticed the blonde tense and sat up on her bed next to her, their eyes questioning her.

"Quinn?", Rachel asked tentatively. "Was there another reason why you had wanted to go back there?"

The hazel-eyed blonde took a moment to collect her thoughts. She took a deep breath before asking Rachel some questions.

"Rach… The, um,… Other survivors. Were they brought in here as well?"

Rachel slowly nodded. "Yeah, they figured it would be easier if the group stuck together, you know, for questioning, and-"

"How many?"

Rachel stopped talking as Quinn interrupted her, looking at her with her brows furrowed.

"What do you-"

"How many survivors were brought in here?"

Rachel glanced at Brittany before answering, concern obvious on her face.

"Well… The officer said you had told him there were 11 survivors on the phone, so they made sure all 11 of them were brought in here."

Quinn's jaw tightened at that, and her hands clenched into fists, turning her knuckles white.

No way… Where- How- What the hell is going on?

"Quinn, are you okay?" Brittany put her hand on the girl's, obviously stunned at her friend's distress.

Quinn was doing her best to keep the tears in. She had no idea if she was scared right now, sad, angry at Santana or angry at herself.

"There were 12 of us", she hissed, looking at a spot on the wall, avoiding eye contact with her friends.

"No sweetie", Rachel put her hand on the blonde's shoulder now. "There were only 11 of you, you told us on the phone. There was no one left on the premises after you were put in the ambulance."

Quinn shook her head. This couldn't be true. Did she imagine it? Did she imagine meeting the love of her life? Tears were dripping out of her eyes by now, but she didn't care.

She had a fierce look in her eyes as her head shot up. She had to know. He would know.

She looked into Rachel's eyes.

"Was a guy called Frank brought in?"

Rachel was startled at the question. She wanted to ask Quinn why, but at the fierce look in the girl's eyes she could only nod.

"Eh, yeah… He's been around here a few times already, but we told him you were still asleep, because, well… you were. The last two times he was pretty – eh – excited, but in a bad way, I guess, and he just rushed in and out, telling us to alert him when you were awake. But I don't think we should, though, he looked pretty frantic and I don't think that in your situation-"

"Get him for me."

Rachel locked eyes with Brittany in surprise.

"Are you sure you want-"

"Rachel, please," Quinn was honestly pleading now, tears still in her eyes. "Get him for me, I… I have to know."

Rachel nodded and quickly went out the door to find the guy. Quinn was left with Brittany. The taller blonde still had her hand on Quinn's, and she looked like she was about to ask her something.

"Quinn, why-" Her cautious question was interrupted by someone storming into the room, closely followed by Rachel, who was obviously not pleased by the guy's behaviour.

Quinn couldn't help it, but she was really glad to see Frank. Even though she had know Rachel and Brittany a lot longer, he was a familiar face she needed to be able to understand what the hell was going on.

He was at her bedside in only a couple of seconds, and planted his hand on her shoulder, looking her into the eyes. He was also dressed in some type of hospital robe, but Quinn ignored that because of the serious look in his face.

That look told her everything, but she still waited for him to say the dreaded words.

He opened his mouth a couple of times, seeing the fear in Quinn's, and eventually he dropped his gaze to her bed, knowing that she didn't understand either.

"She's gone, Quinn. They never brought her to the hospital. I explained the cops, the doctors, that there was supposed to be one more person. But they didn't believe me. Said I was hallucinating or something.. That you told them on the phone there were only 11 of us. And I know-" he said, when he noticed that she wanted to interrupt, "I know she was the one who told them, I know."

He looked up at her, his tired blue eyes as teary as hers now, and he ran his hand nervously through his hair.

"Santana's gone, Quinn, and nobody knows where she is…"


Quinn sighed again, and took her hands from underneath her to have another sip at her coffee.

They had explained everything to Rachel and Brittany, who believed them as they saw the hurt in their eyes. Rachel had even gone up to the police again to demand that they look for the Latina. But the cops were to busy helping other people who were also hit by the building. There were just too many victims for them to care about, so they just let it be.

The next day, all of the survivors – but one, of course – came into Quinn's room, all looking down, sad and gloomy.

They were saved, sure. She had saved them, like she had promised. But then she was gone, and they didn't understand it. Where had she gone? Why had she done it?

They knew there must have been a reason for her to bail on them, but they just couldn't get it. They all mourned her loss, like the loss of a best friend.

Or, in Quinn's case, the loss of her one true love.


Quinn felt a hand on her shoulder, and softly smiled up at the two sets of brown and blue eyes looking at her.

"Hi guys."

They looked at her tentatively as they sat down.

"How are you feeling, sweetie?"

Brittany asked it. They had helped her get through the first horrible months without Santana. The three of them, together with Frank and Fran, were looking around, searching on websites to fin something about a Santana. But without her last name, and because of some other more famous 'Santana', they couldn't come up with anything decent.

She had let it fall after that, still reading the papers meticulously of course, but not looking like her life depended on it anymore, and she had started dealing with her loss.

Now, however, all her feelings came back again as memories flooded her brain. And her friends knew it.

"Fine, I guess… Can't stop thinking about her, though, with that day coming up and all."

They nodded in understanding. Of course they knew what day she was talking about. Whereas the blonde used to love Valentine's Day, now she couldn't even say the word without feeling empty inside.

Her two friends got this, and avoided the topic as much as possible. Especially the topic of Madame Soleil, the medium that they idolized even more after Quinn had told them about Santana. Quinn didn't want to hear it, but obviously the woman's prediction had been right.

Brittany had pointed it out a few days after, when Quinn finally gave them the book she had bought in the mall that day. But the smaller blonde was just pissed at the suggestion, and demanded that they never talked about that again either.

So they didn't.

Even though the last couple of predictions might be interesting for Quinn, just like last year's was, they didn't say a word.

"So…" Brittany said, after a bit of an awkward silence. "Have you guys heard about that movie? I mean, seriously, Puss in Boots sounds great. I already told Lord Tubbington that he definitely should come with us to watch it! What do you think?"

After that, their conversation went on a lot more easily, and they went back to normal, Quinn almost forgetting about what had happened.


Suddenly, the sound of a phone ringing was heard.

We found love in a hopeless place,

We found love in a hope-less place,

We found love in a hopeless place,

We found love in a hope-less place,

The two other girls went silent as Quinn quickly looked for her phone. After almost half a year of silence, she couldn't believe that he would just call her right now, out of the blue. But she was right.

It was Frank.

A/N: It's not very long, but I really had to write on after reading your reviews. I seriously couldn't stand the thought of anyone thinking that my awesome Santana wasn't real.

So there, no imagination, no ghost, just a bit of mystery ;)

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