Chapter 12


"Quinn, it's Frank!"

Quinn looked at the other two girls, who were eyeing her worriedly. She nodded in affirmation and mouthed "It's Frank". At that, Rachel and Brittany were suddenly at the tips of their chairs, trying to get as close to Quinn as possible to be able to hear what Frank would say.

"Hey… er. Hey, Frank, what's the matter?"

"Are you free right now? In the city? Can we meet up somewhere?" Frank was talking really fast, and it was clear to Quinn that he was very excited about something – she just couldn't tell whether it was a good thing or bad.

"Yeah, I'm free, but…"

"Okay, great," Frank interrupted her quickly. "You know that florist between 26th and 7th? Meet me out front in ten, okay? Can you make it that fast?"

"Well, yeah, I guess, but… Frank, is everything okay?"

"Fine, yeah, fine," he said hurriedly. "Just get over here, fast."

At that he hung up, and left Quinn and her friends staring at each other for a few seconds, dumbfounded.

"What was that?" Brittany asked it. She and Rachel had obviously heard almost everything.

Quinn just shook her head, indicating that she didn't have a clue, and Rachel was finally the first one to snap out of her stupor.

"Well, whatever it was, he sounded pretty nervous, and whatever it was, I'm guessing we won't find out until we get there. So let's get going, stat!"

The three of them hurriedly left and hailed a cab to get them to the flower shop. When they got there, they could see Frank, as always in his fancy suit, but instead of his usual confidence, he was wearing a rather nervous look now, jumping up and down slightly.

They ran up to him. When he recognised them, they could see his face flood with relief.

"Quinn, finally." He hugged her tightly, catching her by surprise. After getting over the initial shock, she wrapped her arms around him tightly as well. She had really missed the guy.

"It's good to see you again, Frank. You remember Brittany and Rachel?" She smiled at him sweetly.

"Yeah, hey again, guys." He smiled at them, and Brittany waved back, but Rachel apparently decided she didn't have time for pleasantries.

"Okay, seriously, that is enough. Frank, I do believe we have come here for a very specific reason, and I do not see why we are standing here, chatting away, when you seemed rather extremely nervous on the phone?" Her voice was getting higher pitched at the end, and she was pretty much standing on her toes in excitement.

Frank snapped back to the present, his eyes wide open.

"Right, yes! Of course! Dammit, thanks Rachel." He snapped his head in Quinn's direction and put his hands on her shoulders.

"Quinn, before I tell you anything, I just want you to know I'm not sure of anything I'm about to say, and I didn't dare check out if I was right before you were here, in case she might run off again or something."

Quinn felt her heartbeat quicken as he talked.

Is he talking about Santana? Run off again… He's definitely talking about her! What's going on? Did he see her? Where is she? Fabray, stop staring and start asking!

"Where is she?" She blurted it out, still in shock. She felt Frank's hands press into her shoulders, and now also Brittany's hand squeezing hers hard. "Frank, where is she?"

She raised her voice now, her eyes full off… The thousand emotions she was feeling at that particular moment.

Frank turned his head to the other side of the crossroads. He pointed at the terrace of the book café.

"There, the one in the black blouse?"

Quinn didn't even need any directions. The moment he had turned his head, she had seen her. The raven-haired girl had her hair in a tight pony-tail, and was sitting with her back to them, obviously reading something.. But even from afar, Quinn knew it was Santana. She just felt it would be her.

She wanted to run across the street right away, her eyes trained on the Latina, but Brittany's hand held her back.

"Britt, what the hell?" Quinn yelled it out angrily. All she had on her mind was Santana, and now Brittany was holding her back from seeing the girl?

"Quinn, think for a minute! That's a road you're trying to cross. And you know those come with cars! Do you want to appear in front of your girlfriend flat as a fig?"

Quinn looked at her like she had grown two heads. "Flat as a… What are you-?" It was only then that she noticed that there were cars racing right next to her. She contained herself again.

"Oh, right… Thanks Britt." She murmured, looking at her friend in thanks.

Brittany's worried face lighted up immediately. "No problem. Now, let's go get your girl, shall we?"

The street was clear now, so they could cross pretty easily and the four of them ran to the café. But when they reached the sidewalk, Quinn stopped suddenly, causing the others to bump into her.

"Quinn, what's going on?" Rachel asked it, her eyes focused on the wide-eyed blonde.

"This can't be happening," she heard Quinn say. "She's gone again!"

They all looked ahead now, and saw that there was indeed nobody left at the table where Santana had just sat a few minutes earlier.

"No way." Frank was standing next to her, staring at the same spot. "But… but she was there! She was, just 5 freaking seconds ago!"

Rachel was looking left and right, scanning the environment. "This isn't possible. She is nowhere to be seen! She cannot just have regularly gotten up and walked away, unless she had wheels underneath her shoes!"

Frank and Quinn started looking around as well now, noticing that Rachel was completely right. They frantically searched every person, to see if anyone even remotely resembled Santana, but didn't come up with anyone.

"Uhm, guys?"

Brittany was standing next to the Santana's table, and tried to get the others' attention.

"I think I found something." The three others hurried to her side.

"Is it her?" "Where is she?" "What is it Brittany?" They asked it at the same time, but the only question Brittany could answer was the last one.

"I don't know where she is, but I did find something." She held up a book.

"A book? At a book café? Brilliant, just great,-" Frank's rambling was interrupted by Quinn. Frank apparently still thought Brittany was a bit of an idiot, but she knew better than to doubt the taller blonde.

"What about the book, Britt?"

At Quinn's words, Britt stopped 'glaring' at Frank, and smiled excitedly at the smaller blonde.

"Right, look Q, it's the book she was reading!" She beamed as she gave it to Quinn.

"Waiting for the Barbarians? That's great, B, but it doesn't really help, does it?"

"Of course it doesn't!" She was still smiling, while the three others just looked deflated. "No, no, you don't get it! It doesn't help now, because it's closed. Open it!"

Rachel interjected. "Britt, I really don't think opening that book will aid us in any-"

"Shh, Rachel, now's not the time to babble," Brittany quickly shot in, "look at the first page, Quinnie!"

Quinn opened the book and looked at the first page. Her hands started to shiver almost instantly. There, on the inside of the cover, was a message, obviously hurriedly written:




A/N: This is probably the shortest chapter I've done, so I'm sorry, but I just wanted to get this posted really. With a bit of luck, I'll be able to update again pretty quickly, yay.

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