Chapter 13

Quinn was pacing back and forth in her appartment. After getting Santana's message, she and her friends were completely dumbfounded.

Rachel had wanted to call her right there and then, and started rambling about possible reasons for Santana's departure, and how she could have gotten away that fast.

"Maybe she's some kind of special agent, with a secret identity, or maybe a superhero, or maybe she has some type of deep, dark secret, or maybe…"

She had kept on summing up the most implausible reasons, until it went that far that even Brittany thought her ideas were too fantastical.

Frank had actually been following her ideas with great interest, and had also been urging Quinn on to call her right away, or even offered to call Santana instead of her, so that he could give her a piece of mind.

Quinn had been too baffled to respond at first, and couldn't answer any of the questions after she got over the initial shock, because her friends didn't even stop their incessant rambling to breathe.

It was Brittany, again, who eventually came to the rescue, in her own Brittany-way. She turned her back on the two blabbermouths, engulfed Quinn in a bear-hug, and whispered softly in her ear.

It'll be okay, Quinn. Don't listen to Rachel's weird theories. I don't think my leprechaun would even be able to follow the cotton candy in her head. I think you should just go home, relax, and then call her. You know you want to, even if she's acting all weird and stuff. Okay?

And then she had let go and given her a sweet smile, and Quinn had started on her way home, ignoring Rachel and Frank's calls, and glad that Brittany had apparently stopped them from coming to her.

That's how she had gotten here now, walking back and forth in her apartment, clutching the book to her chest.

She had typed in the numbers on her cell a hundred times by now, but kept pressing the delete button.

I can't do this. What do I say? What will she say? She left me, she just left me, and now she's just sitting on a freaking terrace looking all fine and dandy, like nothing ever happened at all. And then she leaves me, again! Breaking my heart, again!

She stopped her mental cursing for a moment and paused her steps, looking at the book in her hands.

Okay, fine, so this time she didn't just leave me. She wanted to contact me in some way… But if she wanted to do that, why didn't she just stay where she was and talk to me? This is seriously so freaking confusing!

She started walking again, and typed the number in her phone for the hundred-and-first time. Her mind was racing again, and before she even registered what she was doing, she accidentally pushed the green button instead of the red, and the dial tone rang through the silent air of the apartment.

Oh, sh-


Quinn froze. She had never thought she would hear that voice again. And now, after almost a year of complete silence, she heard it. She gasped audibly, staring at the phone.

"Quinn? Is… Is that you?"

The blonde snapped out of her daze when she heard her name. Santana's voice was soft as she asked the question, and Quinn's heart melted at the sound. She almost forgot about the phone in her hand, and didn't realize she had been quiet for too long.

"Um, okay… Since you're not answering, I'm guessing that you're still mad at me, and I get it, so I'll just… Let you be, you know. Bye-"


Quinn hastily interrupted. She did not want the girl to go away again, not now she finally had her in some way at least.

"Don't… Don't go… Not again…"

She sounded really weak as she said that, and sank to the floor against the back of the couch.


"I can't believe I'm finally hearing you again, San. I thought… We thought you were…"

A silence followed and Quinn felt old tears sting her eyes. She couldn't bring herself to say it.


Santana obviously did not have this problem, and Quinn felt like crying again, but forced herself to keep control. She had heard the sadness in Santana's voice, and this time, she wanted to get to the bottom of things.

"Yeah, exactly. What were you thinking Santana? What happened? Why did you suddenly disappear on me? Did our relationship really mean that little to you? Or-"


This time it was Quinn's turn to be interrupted. It was just one syllable, but the blonde could hear Santana's voice crack on the other side of the phone.

"Don't think that, Quinn, don't ever think like that! I didn't leave because our relationship meant only that little to me, but because it meant that much!"

Quinn let the words sink through. "So, it was some kind of fear of commitment? You were afraid of what we had so you decided to call it off like that? 'Cause if that's the reason, I really don't think I can talk to you right now!"

She was getting seriously pissed thinking about it. They had all thought Santana was dead, or part of some kind of sect or something that would make her run.

If it was just some silly freaking fear, she could have just sent us a message, anything, to show she was alive! This was just… AAH!

"Quinn, no… That's not what it was, honest! I wanted to commit to you! I wanted some kind of happily ever after for us! It's just the ever after part that would have been a problem."

She had mumbled that last part, but Quinn had heard it clearly, and she felt her anger fade away. What did she mean by that?

"Santana, what do you-"

"Don't ask me, Q, not yet. I want to tell you, honestly, just… I don't think it would be okay oer the phone."

Quinn nodded softly, before she realized Santana couldn't see that.

"Okay then… Can I ask you something else though?"

"Sure, shoot!" Quinn could hear a bit more enthusiasm in her voice now.

"Okay, so, why did you run earlier? And, like, how? Rachel thinks you must be some kind of ninja-super-CIA-agent because of that."

She could hear a chuckle on the other end, followed by a short silence. She knew it is impossible, but she could swear she heard the girl blush through the phone.

"Santana…", Quinn sing-songed teasingly. "You promised you'd answer!"

"I did not!", Santana scowled, "but fine, I guess I kinda owe you for not pressuring me. It's just, I was… Nervous I guess, and kind of… scared? Yeah, scared."

Quinn was baffled at the statement, but kept quiet, hoping it would encourage the girl to continue.

"I had pretty much given up on you after I couldn't find you, 'cause, you know, I didn't know your last name and all, and I'd pretty much expected to never see you again… So when I was just sitting at the book café, I thought I heard your voice, but pretty much didn't think anything of it. I mean, I had fake heard your voice before, so I figured it was probably another wishful thinking thing. But then I heard another girl say your name, and I just… I kind of stopped thinking but thought too much at the same time, you know? And I figured you had a girlfriend and that you might have seen me, but I didn't want to talk to you personally if you did have a girlfriend, and then I just put my message in the book and took my stuff and hid out in the bathroom inside."

So no ninja-moves, Quinn thought.

"Santana, Brittany's just a friend of mine…"

There was a short silence on the other end again.

"… Really?"

"Yes, really! I haven't been able to forget about you, San. I wanted to be with you, I wanted to be your girlfriend and-"


Quinn had just flopped that out, and she couldn't really make out the emotion that was laced in Santana's voice. Was it fear? Hope?

"Yeah, girlfriend… I mean, I know we just, you know, kissed and everything and held hands and stuff, and that we never really officially used the G-word, but I kinda figured that we were- I mean, we could be… girlfriends."


"What was that, San?" Quinn was worried. It sounded like Santana was crying, but even in the hell-hole last year she hadn't really cried.

"*sniff* I want to see you… D'you think we can… Meet up or something? Sometime? Quinn?"

Quinn's heart started beating seriously fast at Santana's words, and she thought it was beating so hard and loud even Santana should be able to hear it through the phone. She noticed then that Santana was still waiting for an answer.

"Yes! Yes, I'd love to meet up. Are you free tomorrow? For dinner maybe? Or not dinner, if that's like moving too fast. Maybe drinks then? At my place? Or if you think that-"

"Quinn!" Santana chuckled on the other end, stopping Quinn's attempt at a new world record in fast-talking. "Chill out, okay. It's a Sunday tomorrow, so how about we go out for lunch or something? Then we can still have the afternoon to talk, and… stuff."

Quinn breathed again. An afternoon is less date-like, so she won't have to worry about that. All she'll have to be nervous about is what Santana has to say about her leaving, but she's pretty sure by now that Santana'll be equally nervous, so it should be fine.

She sighed and smiled. "That sounds great. How about that sandwich bar next to the park? At 1?"

"Perfect." She could swear she could hear Santana smile through the phone. "I'll see you tomorrow then?"

"Yeah, tomorrow. Bye, San."

"Bye Quinn" She was about to hang up when she heard Santana's voice again.. Oh, and Quinn?"

"Yeah?" She quickly put her phone to her ear again.

"… I don't think I'll ever get tired of hearing your voice."

Quinn felt butterflies in her stomach, and they were going crazy when Santana finally hung up.

This is going to be a long night…

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