Chapter 15

Santana sighed at Quinn's question and squeezed the girl's hand again. The blonde was still crying about Santana's confession, but her tears were silent and her eyes were trained on the Latina in front of her, who still refused to look her in the eye.

She sighed again and went on with her story, trying to explain as much about everything to Quinn as possible.


Santana hadn't been able to stop thinking about Quinn the entire time they were walking. She was seriously happy they had gotten out of that elevator, but she wasn't really sure why she had done it. She had actually seriously done this for one girl, but now she was kind of getting cold feet.

Was it really okay for me to take charge here? I mean, seriously, I don't know shit about this type of situation. It beats curling up in a corner and crying, though. Although I could have cuddled up to Quinn and died together with her, though… That would've been nice, maybe… NO! Lopez, no way you're thinking like this. The girl, no matter how cute and gorgeous she is, cannot die with you! Seriously, pity party much? She lives and finds an awesome girlfriend and gets a family and shit. Or boyfriend… Wow, she might not even be gay, what the hell am I thinking? Focus, Lopez, focus!

She noticed Quinn's fidgeting and spoke to her about it.

Did I just catch her staring at me? Nope, nuh-huh, not possible, not happening, she's tired, that's it.

"Okay guys, I think this would be as good a time and place as any to rest up a bit. We've been walking for like over 2 hours now, and some rest from all the friggin' rock-climbing wouldn't be bad. If you've got any water, share it, but be sparse! No need to die from dehydration."

As the others sat down together, she moved away from the group. They were all seriously getting friendly with each other, which was actually kind of nice, but she was the leader; she couldn't be a part of it. And besides, friendliness is not a good thing right now.

She sat down on a rock a bit away from the others and looked at her own phone.

Past two… I should be in surgery now… Translation: I might already've died right now. And, actually, twice too… Wow, Dios must really like me…

Quinn came to sit with her, making Santana's heart flutter, but at the same time giving her the need to push the girl away.

No, no, no, don't care about me, that's not okay! I mean, fine, my hand hurts like hell and I feel like I'm in way over my head, but you can't… Wait, did she just say she knows how I feel? Oh, hell no!

"You know, huh? Really?" She smiled sadly and shook her head. "So you've had the responsibility of 10 freaking other people on you often then, huh? You've had to weigh everything you did or said, because apparently you were their only hope?" You've been told that you might die in only hours? You've met a girl that actually wants to care for you in those last hours and know that you should push her away, but that you don't want to at the same time? "I don't think you get it Quinn!"

She was still angry as she looked away from the blonde, who was obviously thinking about what she had said. She hoped what she said would be enough to push Quinn away, but those thoughts were crashed as she felt a hand beneath her chin, forcing her to look up into beautiful hazel eyes.

Santana hardly even registered what Quinn was saying at that time, because she was too caught up in the other's gaze.

She cares… She wants to care for me… Shouldn't I let her? Just for a bit? It would be nice, right?

She drank just to please Quinn, but was startled when the other girl noticed her hand was in pain.


Next thing she knew Quinn was taking care of her wrist, which kind of looked worse than Santana had thought – not that it mattered, though – and broke down in tears.

Santana really didn't do tears, especially not on her behalf, so she made a decision.

"I said… You can take care of me… I kind of even think you're the only one who can right now. Just…" At this she looked into Quinn's eyes. She knew she was blushing, but she just couldn't help it."Just be around me throughout this thing, 'kay? That'll be enough for me." For now. Be around me for now. After we get out of here, we'll go our separate ways…


They were walking together at the head of the group, and Santana still had her head in the clouds after that hug she and Quinn shared.

Best. Moment. Of my life. Or death, however you wanna see it.

Suddenly Quinn apparently decided it was time to start the game of "twenty questions" or something.

"Oh, hold up, how do we go from what's your favourite colour to what's your story?"

"Oh come on, we're way past that superficial stage already, right?"

"Fine then. What exactly do you want to know about my life?"

"Where are you from, what do you do in life, and why did you look like you were trying to be invisible just now?"

Santana looked at her in surprise. She did not see that last question coming.

She figured she would focus on the first two questions, and ignored the last one. She quickly explained about her home village and her job as a translator, but of course Quinn picked up on her avoidance of the other question straight away, so Santana started walking a bit faster.

I can't… I can't tell her, no way! I need to lie, but how the hell do I lie when she goes all pouty-face on me… Shit!

She didn't have time to think about it further, because they were at the end of the road… Literally…

Shit, this isn't good… She froze in her steps. No no no, this can't be happening. Q has got to get out of this place! Let's see…

She heard Quinn cry behind her, and went on vigorously to try and find a way through, when she heard it again. A rumble…

She looked behind her and shouted at the others. They had to get to the good wall!

She dragged Quinn against it as chunks of rubble started falling from the ceiling, and quickly went back to pull in Ally and her friend. When she saw a crack right above were she had left Quinn, she felt fear and adrenaline surge through her veins.


She quickly moved over to the blonde and threw herself on top of her. Then she blacked out.

Next thing she knew, Frank was bending over her. Her back and ribcage in general hurt like hell, and she had serious difficulty breathing.

She made eye contact with Frank. He saw her trouble breathing as she lay on the floor, and the pain on her face. She immediately tried to mask her pain with a glare in his direction.

"Tell me Frank, how is she? Just tell me something!"

Frank shook his head at Santana.


"Fine!" Santana quickly shot in, hoarsely, as she sat up, still glaring at Frank, warning him not to say anything else.

Fuck this hurts! But, no stress, the motto of this year is "broken anyways, man up, Lopez!". Or something like that… Shit, still on the floor, not good for the image…

She put her hand on Frank's shoulder and made to stand up.

"Santana, maybe you shouldn't…" Frank tried to say, but a fierce glare from Santana shut him up.

He whispered to her. "Santana, I know we've had our differences, but you condition…"

Santana just simply shook her head "no" and pulled herself up. Frank knew he didn't have anything to say anymore, so he helped her. She immediately went over to Quinn, who, she was glad to find out, was fine, except for her shoulder.

Quinn quickly pulled her into a hug, crying, after Santana had made sure she was okay.

"I thought I… I thought we'd lost you!"

"I thought I'd lost you too…"

She locked eyes with the blonde, happy that the girl was alive, and got lost in the moment. A bit too lost…

I don't want to die… I want to be with this girl… Why can't I be with her, why?

She quickly checked herself, before she would break out into tears.

Nope, not possible, no way, and you know it. She lives, you die, that's the way it is, no changing it. All you have to do is make sure she lives.

She stood up again and spoke to the others. She would find a way to get them out of here.

So she went to the side, checked out the wall, found the gap and tried going through it.

It was narrow, but doable. Her lungs hurt as she struggled to catch her breath, but nothing she couldn't help her.

She almost did a victory dance as she came around the corner and got out of the other end.

They still had a chance!

She could still get her out of here!


"And after that I found out… About part of it at least…" Quinn had spoken really softly, breaking Santana from her thoughts.

She had paused a little while ago when she was thinking about how she was glad to get Quinn out of there.

"Yeah", Santana answered, "you found out I was pretty roughed up… You were so angry, I seriously thought you would explode." She frowned at the thought, but then her face relaxed into a smile. "It was pretty nice though, you taking care of me afterwards."

She glanced up into Quinn's eyes, a playful smirk on her face, which the blonde couldn't help but return as she herself thought back to that time. The place and situation weren't ideal, but she really did enjoy running her fingers across Santana's skin, and obviously Santana had enjoyed it as well. Then she thought of something else.

"Our discussion before that… That was the first time you cried after… everything, then?"

Santana looked down again. "Yeah… The whole 'I'm no superwoman'-thing… I really wanted to be though, you know, untouchable and stuff. 'Cause that was all I had… I would die after, and nothing would be left of me, so… Yeah…"

Quinn nodded and squeezed the girl's hand again. They sat in silence for a while, until Quinn felt the need to continue.

"So… When we found Hannah…"

Santana gave a lopsided smile again, her eyes focused on her lap.

"She deserved to leave as well. At that time I thought that if I could have it my way, I'd be the only one to die that day…"

"And when the beam fell…"

"It was me or you… Pretty easy choice, I'd say… I was dead anyways…"

"Why do you keep saying that?" Quinn's voice was filled with emotion. She understood Santana, to a certain extent, but she had never understood why the girl would give her life for her… Why the girl thought so little of her own life.

"I get that you thought you would die, but…"

"I didn't just think I was gonna die, Q. I was really dying at that time. I felt it everywhere, my head was thumping, I could hardly breathe…"

"But you didn't want to try and stay with me? You didn't even fight? Why were you so eager to leave me? Why did you go?"

She asked the question she had wanted to know the answer to for so long.

"I could have stayed by your side! I would have stayed by your side if you had let me. I would have gone to the hospital with you! I would have sat through your surgery! You should have let me!"

Santana stayed really calm as Quinn rambled on. Her answer to this question was very certain, she had known it the moment she had caught Quinn in that elevator.

She looked the blonde in the eyes. "It wouldn't have been fair, Quinn. To force you to sit through the surgery of a girl you'd only known a day? And yes-" she quickly went on as Quinn made to interrupt, "I know you lo- liked me enough to be willing to do that, but think about it… Watching me die would not have made you happy."

Quinn understood her in a way, but still… "But you're alive now, right? You're fine?"

Santana gave a dry laugh at that. "Yeah, I'm alive… now."

Quinn frowned at that. "What do you me-?"

Santana quickly cut her off. "How about I continue my story, y'know? Before we get into the gruesome details?" Her joke earned her a stern glare from Quinn, but the blonde did nod for her to continue.


"A bar…" They all went completely silent. "Signal… I have a signal!"

They all went crazy at that.

"Oh my god, don't move!" – "Shit, quick, sent the SOS!" – "Oh my god, let me see,… No wait, don't move, just… Oh my god!"

They were all crazy messes, and looked at Santana to silently ask her what to do.

The Latina scraped her throat. Her heart was beating loudly in excitement as well. "Try and sent the message. You changed it to 12 people and not in the elevator anymore, right?"

She was excited as Quinn said the message had gotten through, and joined the others in their excited rambling, but soon her mind was clouded again.

12 survivors, huh? For now, yeah. But I won't last the day… Quinn won't be happy… How the hell do I pull this off?

When they got to the staircase, they were hopeful again, and then they heard it. Some stupid Broadway-song: Quinn's phone.

Santana's heart started to beat rapidly as she heard Quinn's exited voice talking to her friend. Ideas on how she could get away from them were mauling around in her mind, but it was only when she heard Quinn get on the line with a policeman that she knew what to do, and determinedly she took over the phone.

Okay, listen up, copper. This isn't the time to use hard words of the police-lingo on us. We're tired, hurt, and seriously hungry. I'll tell you all you need to know, just let me do the talking for now, 'kay?"

The cop murmured a calm "yes, of course" at Santana's words, so Santana went and quickly explained the situation to him.

"Okay, so we've travelled from the elevator we were stuck in to the outer staircase that leads from the basement to the parking lot. We can't go up there, because the upper part of the stairway is blocked by rubble. There's 11 survivors, and pretty much all of them were hurt, so I suggest you bring a couple of ambulances here. Any questions?"

The cop answered some kind of okay and announced that someone would start cleaning up the rubble. She felt anxious now, and went to Quinn's side, locking eyes with the blonde.

She could see the question in Quinn's eyes.

Did she notice me messing up the numbers?

But then Quinn smiled, and grabbed Santana's hand as they stepped to the side.

When a bright light shone in on their closed of space, and they saw some kind of rescue worker step in, Santana felt her heart start beating.

She hung on tight to Quinn's hand, not wanting to let go, not yet.

But then they were led outside, and as the cold night air hit her, realization hit her as well.

I have to let go now. She lives. They all live…

Time for me to die…

A/N: So, I'm pretty sure this site hates me, because I keep trying to upload this chapter but it keeps uploading an older one for some reason, but ah well. Sorry for the dramatic ending, and sorry for all medical mistakes (especially in the following chapter). I'm no doctor, all I "know" comes from Grey's Anatomy and All Saints. So there.

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