Chapter 16


Santana was standing outside now, looking at the rubble. Her hand was still linked with Quinn's as the group took in their surroundings; the destructed building, the rescue workers, the line of people waiting behind a police line.

"QUINN!" She felt Quinn's hand tense, and looked where the voice had come from. The Latina could see a small brunette and a tall blonde struggling to get away from a police man, and over to where their friend was standing.

Santana could see Quinn smile happily, and felt her move away. But she stayed in place and let go of the other girl's hand.

She saw Quinn running forward, looking back for just a moment, and they locked eyes.

Santana smiled sadly.

This is it. Last time you see her, Lopez.

Quinn gave her another smile, and ran on towards her friends.

Santana moved away to the left as quickly as she could, even though she felt a coughing fit come up.

Move it, move it, the coughs don't matter, just get the hell away from here before anyone notices!

She looked behind her. The entire group had gone over to the police line, were nurses were waiting to take care of them. She saw Fran and Frank standing together beside an ambulance and couldn't help but smile as she ran on.

Those two make a seriously cute couple… Going to the hospital together… God, I wish I could've…

She quickly shook her head to get the thought out of her head, the movement not exactly helping her coughs as she finally reached the road. She could still hear the sirens of the ambulances, but at least she couldn't see them anymore.

And they couldn't see her.

Her legs slowed down. With her head thumping hard, she moved across the street, still roughed up, and called a cab.

When one finally pulled over, she nearly fell in the back seat. Last thing she heard was the driver ask her where she had to be.

She mumbled "Riverside Hospital". Then she fell into a deep slumber.


"You took a cab, in that situation? When there were ambulances waiting for you? Are you out of your mind?" Quinn was looking at her with a shocked expression. "Did you want to die?"

Santana sighed again. "I was dying Quinn, I told you before. I just wanted to spare you the moment when I actually did die…"

Quinn was looking at her in silence, trying to understand the girl's actions, and at the same time encouraging her to go on. She knew the story wasn't done yet.

"I thought I died then, Q. I thought that was it, just me and some taxi driver who probably couldn't give a shit. But that wasn't it."

She started playing with the blonde's hand. "Apparently the guy freaked out when I'd gotten in, y'know, coughing blood all over his car and stuff. But the Frankenteen actually pulled through for me."


"Yeah, I met him afterwards. He's like, ridiculously large, and has this brain-dead look on his face, but, you know… Apparently I'm still here thanks to him. He told me the story himself, was pretty proud of it apparently."

"So, what happened?" Quinn was pretty anxious to know. This was the gap in Santana's history the blonde had been trying to fill.

"He raced to the hospital. When he got there, he apparently ran into the emergency like a madman, saying how this chick was dead in his backseat and all. So the doctors ran out, and some nurse suddenly recognised me as brain-tumour-girl, so they quickly brought me in for surgery."

Santana breathed in deeply, and clasped Quinn's hand even tighter.

"I… They tell me that,… a couple of hours into surgery, something happened. I mean, I was already having lung-problems 'cause of a broken rib, which didn't exactly get better, and then I started… haemorrhaging… y'know… Bad stuff. And my heart couldn't really keep up. So I… died…"

Quinn's hand started squeezing Santana's so tightly that the Latina thought she'd never be able to move it again, but she didn't say anything about it.

"You… died?" I… lost her?

Santana nodded. Some tears visible in her eyes.

"Yeah… My heart stopped, but… after a while, they got it going again. I was dead for just under 3 minutes. Then they got it back to beating, but I…"

"You weren't back…" Quinn felt her own tears stream down her face again as she saw Santana struggling to keep her own face straight.

The blonde couldn't take it anymore, she removed her hand from the Latina's and pulled the girl in for a hug.

Santana hid her face in Quinn's neck as she started sobbing. She was mumbling through her sobs, but Quinn didn't understand any of it. Her heart just broke for the usually so strong girl.

When her cries died down, Santana shifted her head a bit so that she was still leaning into Quinn, but she could at least be understood.

"Ap-Apparently I had… brain damage. Serious damage… I went into a coma. Some of my friends came by to see me, but even they… they thought I was dead… They were devastated."

Quinn took in the information. "What about your parents?"

Santana huffed. "They kicked me out when I was 17. When Puck – my best friend – called them, they pretty much said that I had it coming, for being gay and shit."

Quinn couldn't believe it. She was angry at those people. Their own daughter is dying, and they don't want to see her? If I'd had the chance-

Santana felt her tense up, and moved up a bit so she could look Quinn in the eyes.

"Don't worry about it, Q. It's fine. I don't see them as my parents anymore anyways."

"That doesn't make it fine, San!" She was still angry, but her voice sounded more defeated than furious.

"I know, Q, but it doesn't matter. When I woke up, they called my friends, and they were there, so… It was fine…"

Quinn looked her in the eyes. "But I wanted to be there for you." Santana could see her eyes tear up again and quickly reached out to cup her face between her two hands, leaning in so close that their noses were almost touching.

Santana whispered: "I know… I wanted you there too…" A lone tear escaped her eyes. "I told you at the mall, didn't I? You're the only one… who can take care of me."

They gazed into each other's eyes as the words sunk in. They could feel each other's breaths on their faces, and Quinn felt like she was being sucked into Santana's eyes. Their lips came together in a soft kiss, and the blonde whimpered.

It had been too long. They'd wanted to do this an entire year, and now it felt like they were coming home.

Quinn brought her hands up to cup Santana's cheeks in her own as their kiss deepened, stroking away the tears that were there.

When they were out of breath, they broke the kiss, but they didn't want to let go of each other just yet, so they rested their foreheads against each other.

Santana gave a lopsided smile as she tried to catch her breath.


Quinn smiled back at her. "So?"

"It's almost Valentine's Day…"

Quinn's heart started beating faster, but she could swear that she heard Santana's heart rate go up as well.

"… Yeah?"

Santana slid her fingers down the blonde's cheeks to under her chin, and she tilted her head up, locking eyes with her once more.

"Would you like to go out on a date with me?"

Quinn smiled widely now, one of those 100-watt smiles that completely lit up her face.

"I' d love to…" She leaned back to kiss Santana once more… She could never get tired of this.


"Hey guys!" Quinn stepped into the bar.

"Quinn!" "Quinnie!" Rachel and Brittany shouted out as the blonde stopped at their table.

"You have a lot of explaining to do, young lady!", Rachel said as they all sat down again, a playful angry look on her face.

"I don't know what you're talking about", Quinn smiled as she gave the waiter her order.

"Don't be like that, Quinnie!", Brittany pouted, "We haven't seen you for days! All you've done is send us a text saying that 'everything went fine with Santana', and that we would see you after Valentine's Day. What happened!"

Quinn smiled even brighter at the memory of Valentine's day. She and Santana had just gone on a simple date with dinner and a movie, but she still thought it was the best date she'd ever had.

"I…", she drew out the sound long enough to make both Rach and Britt annoyed, "… had a date."

Her two friends smiled like Cheshire cats at the admission, and Brittany nudged her playfully.

"So… I'm taking it everything went well with Santana?"

"Well…" Quinn glanced up over Rachel's shoulder and smiled even brighter.

"I'd say everything went great with Santana." The voice came from behind the two friends, who snapped their heads around swiftly.

Quinn quickly got up and pulled the Latina in for a kiss. The other girls' eyes became big as saucers.

Quinn and Santana couldn't help but laugh at their expressions. They shot each other a loving gaze.

Best. Valentine's Day. Ever.


A/N: So, that was it! This might seem like a sudden ending, but I couldn't help it. My story was pretty much about the excitement of the basement-problem and then them finding each other again, and I just didn't want to stretch out the story line. So, I hope you liked it, and maybe I'll see you in another story soon!

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