Chapter 5

"So,… what's your favourite colour?"

Santana looked at Quinn in surprise, lifting one eyebrow. The two of them were walking at the head of the group, crawling over more and more big rocks.

"Don't you think we've gotten pas this 'becoming friends'-stage already, Q? I mean, not to burst your bubble here, but we have been on a survival together for a little over four hours now, and we've hugged and all, so I don't think this is really, like, necessary."

Quinn chuckled at Santana's sarcasm.

"Why wouldn't it be necessary? Right now I don't know anything about you, or you about me for that matter, and I just… want to get to know you."

Santana just rolled her eyes at that, but the darkness of their surroundings was hiding the little blush that was spreading on her cheeks.

"Why would you want to get to know me…" she whispered softly.

"What did you say?"

"Eh, I said, 'ask away then!'"

Quinn was pretty sure she had heard something different the first time, but she decided to let it drop as she saw the way the brunette was smirking at her. God, that smile…

"Okay" Quinn smiled back at her "So, what's your story?"

Santana laughed at that. "Oh, hold up, how do we go from what's your favourite colour to what's your story?"

Quinn laughed with her. "Oh come on, we're way past that superficial stage already, right?"

Santana rolled her eyes at that. Way to use my words against me, Q.

"Fine then. What exactly do you want to know about my life?"

Quinn thought about this for a little while Santana was helping her up on a particularly big chunk of concrete.

"Where are you from, what do you do in life, and why did you look like you were trying to be invisible just now?"

Santana looked at her in surprise. She did not see that last question coming.

"Okay, so… I've always lived around here, in a small town close by. I came to the city for my job as a translator about a year ago, and now I'm here."

Quinn rolled her eyes smilingly at that. Wow, way to put the story of your life down to three sentences. Hold on…

"So why were you almost invisible then?"

To her surprise, Santana looked away and blushed a bit at that. She started walking a bit faster, Quinn following right after her. She almost bumped into the her as the brunette suddenly stopped.

"So, are you gonna answer me n-"

"You have got to be kidding me…"

Quinn looked around to see that Frank was being his obnoxious self again, but this time not even Santana answered him as they all stared in the same direction. Quinn followed their line of sight, her mouth falling open in shock.

According to their surroundings, they should almost have arrived at the end of the hallway, with the staircase just behind a door, finally a way to get out of that hellhole…

But that was not what they were seeing right now. Santana had worked hard to keep their hopes up just a little bit, to keep them motivated throughout the trip through what they collectively called Hell, just to be able to keep them going. Just to be able to get to their goal: the staircase.

"We're doomed… It's official now, we're really seriously doomed." One of the two healthy girls – Ally? – stared in front of her as well, in too much of a shock to even start crying.

Quinn couldn't really disagree with her this time; the corridor was now completely covered in huge chunks of concrete and rubble, blocking their way towards their only exit. She looked sideways at Santana and saw the girl looking at the mess as well, shining her cell phone's light across the wall that had doomed up in front of them.

See, even she looks scared. What should we do now, we'll never get out of here! No, stop! Get a grip Fabray, don't act like they all do! Look at them!

Quinn eyed the others. Some of them were still staring at the rubble, almost catatonically, but the others just looked at Santana, almost pleadingly, waiting for her to do or say something. The fear in their eyes was clear, too clear.

Quinn walked closer to Santana, wanting to comfort the girl, but she stopped dead in her tracks as the Latina moved forward to the rubble.

The others didn't even talk at this anymore. They just couldn't. Their only hope had apparently just given up, they were all tired and just wanted to be alone with their thoughts.

Most of them had slumped to the floor hugging, hanging onto each other for dear life, sobbing. Quinn could see that Frank and Fran were embracing each other as well, but she couldn't even think about that right now.

She looked at Santana. The smaller girl was still looking up and down the concrete.

She's so small… Why did I only see right now that she's so small? How could she possibly take care of us all?

Quinn wiped her hand across her face, surprised to find out that she was crying. She took a deep breath and slowly started walking towards Santana. She had promised she would take care of her, and so she would. Just as she put her hand on the Latina's shoulder, they heard a loud rumble coming from somewhere to their right.

Everything went fast after that, too fast for Quinn to register anything clearly. It was like everything around her happened in a strobe light.

She saw Santana look at her in fear. She felt herself being pushed back. She heard screaming over the loud noise. She saw parts of ceiling fall right in front of her. She saw the others being pushed against the good wall as well. More ceiling fell as she saw Santana pull Ally and her friend towards the wall. She saw the girl's fierce, but fearful face.

Then she saw nothing. Everything went black.

When the rumbling stopped, Quinn started to get back to herself again. Her breathing was heavy and loud in the silence that surrounded her.

She was curled up on the floor, and as she opened her eyes slightly, she saw dusty heads lying next to her, sluggishly looking around as well to find out what happened. She wanted to ask them if they were okay, but all that came out of her mouth was a dry cough, the dust that was around them having made its way into her lungs.

At the small movement of her chest, the blonde noticed a dead weight above her. She shifted her head to the right, and was surprised to see Santana's head lying right next to hers, the girl's eyes closed.

She opened her eyes wide in surprise and moved some more to be able to see what had happened. The Latina's body was lying on top of her own, covered in more dust and some dangerously large rocks.

"Help…", Quinn husked out, her voice hoarse. "Everyone, help!" Her voice was louder now, and the panic in it made the others look at their situation, a look of panic in their eyes as well.

The members of the group scrambled over to them. Bill, Ally and Frank started to pull the rocks of of them hastily, their faces filled with fear and concern.

When they were finally able to get all of the rubble of of Santana, they laid her down on her back a bit further away, where there was less stone on the ground. Frank hovered over her, blocking her from the blonde's sight. Ally quickly rushed to Quinn's side.

"Is… Is she…?"

The blonde sat up straight. She wanted to go get closer to the Latina, but a sharp pain in her shoulder stopped her.

"We need to get you fixed first, honey. Liz, come help?" Her friend came to her aid right away and the two of them wanted to start pouring some water over her shoulder, but Quinn shrugged them away.

"No, stop… Tell me Frank, how is she? Just tell me something!"

She was pretty much in tears now, and Liz pulled her into a hug, nearly crying as well.

Frank finally found his voice again.


"Fine", a hoarse voice interjected. "I'm fine, so just… stop crying, okay?"

Quinn looked up at this, together with the others.

Santana was sitting up, her hand on Frank's shoulder. For as far as Quinn could see in the dim light, she looked awful, but there was no damage visible. She was even trying to stand up already.

"Santana, maybe you shouldn't…" Frank tried to say, but a fierce glare from Santana shut him up. Quinn could see him whisper something, but she was too far away to understand anything. As the Latina curtly shook her head no, Frank just looked down and helped her up.

She immediately went over to where Quinn was.

"Are you okay?", she whispered softly, her good hand covering the girl's cheek. She wiped a couple of tears away. "You didn't have to worry about me, you know."

Her dark eyes locked with the blonde's hazel ones as she said that. Quinn threw herself in the girl's arms as she saw the sad look in her eyes. She didn't even feel the brunette wince as she hugged her tightly, sobbing loudly now.

"I thought I… I thought we'd lost you!", she cried into the girl's neck, her body shaking with the thought of losing her.

"I thought I'd lost you too…" She only barely heard Santana mumble against her head.

Quinn let go of the hug at this, and saw in Santana's eyes all the fear (and passion?) she knew were visible in her own. But the moment was only very short, and soon enough the brunette had her walls up again.

She distanced herself from Quinn and stood up again, looking around the dusty space. All the others seemed to be okay, except for some minor injuries and the obvious shock on their faces.

Santana breathed in deeply. She had to pull herself together and think of something. They would not die this way. Especially not…

Quinn saw the Latina clench her fists again as the fierce look made its way onto her face.

"Okay guys." Santana's voice wasn't as loud and convincing as it had been before, but everybody listened closely to her anyway as she faced the group again.

"I know shit looks bad right now. We're all pretty shaken up, tired and hurt, and it seems as if our last resort was lost."

She sighed deeply and looked down for a bit, noticing how the others were doing the same thing as they thought about the way their last hope had left them.

"But," Santana continued, earning their attention again, "I still refuse to die here, like this. And I know-", she added quickly, as she saw some of them were starting to speak up, "- I know that it seems hopeless now, but just… Don't give up yet, okay? Just give me one more chance to try and make this right."

Quinn saw that the girl's face was hard and looked almost certain of herself, but when she looked down, she saw that her hands were shaking because she was clenching them so tight.

She feels guilty… After all this, she still feels responsible, and it kills her to fail. What the hell made her be this way?

She wanted to agree with Santana out loud, when someone else beat her to it.

"I agree with Santana." Everyone was surprised to see that Frank had spoken up.

"I also don't feel like dying down here, and frankly, she's our only hope." He was facing her now. "You've earned our trust when you got us out of that freaking elevator, even though that seemed impossible at the time too. I'll trust you with everything now as well…"

Santana looked relieved as she saw that everybody around her nodded. They would give her another chance.

She swallowed deeply and addressed them all again.

"Okay, thank Frank, all of you. I think you all should get rested and healed up first. I'm going to wander around a bit to find… something. Just leave it to me, okay?"

They all nodded as they saw Santana move out of the light in the direction of the wall of concrete that was blocking their way, until she was out of sight.

Quinn watched the brunette in awe as Ally and Liz finally began taking care of her wounded shoulder.

Hardly anybody talked now; they all wanted to be alone with their thoughts.

Quinn's mind, like all of their minds, went firstly to her friends and family 'outside'.

I'll never see them again.

It wasn't a fearful thought anymore, like it was when they first got stuck in that elevator. It was just sad now, and almost… accepting. She still wanted to believe Santana, and the girl had given her a bit of hope that they might survive this, but…


She thought about the girl. The Latina was amazing. Everything about her made Quinn feel… something. Her smile made her melt, her blush made her adore the girl, her toughness just made her… swoon. The thought of losing her earlier…

Quinn shook her head to herself…

What is happening to me? I only met this girl a few hours ago, but the thought of losing her, it just kills me. I should be thinking about Rachel and Brittany, about never seeing them again, but instead, she just doesn't leave my mind. This has been one hell of a Valentine's day…

Valentine's day… Losing someone on Valentine's day… Losing love-

Oh hell no, I cannot seriously be believing that stupid Madame Whatshername's prediction? That's just stupid! I am not falling for-

"Santana!" Wendy (one of the two teens) shouted as she saw the girl come back to them.

Everyone looked at her as she walked back into the light, facing the group again. Her breathing was loud in the silence that no one dared to break.

Eventually, Frank couldn't take it anymore.

"So.. Is there another way out?"

A/N So thank you all for the reviews! The story is really interesting in my head, but getting it out on 'paper' is actually a lot harder than expected. About the piece of bone thing: let's just say I liked the drama of it all :) Besides, I think a lot of my ideas don't really work in real life, so just suspend your disbelief and it'll be fine.

If you want to know exactly who was down there in the basement again, here are their names:

Santana – Quinn – Frank – Fran – Bill – Mary – Ally – Liz – Jill – Wendy – Johnny

Cheers :)

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