Chapter 9

They had only started inching the woman out of there, when Quinn felt something crumble somewhere above her to her right, causing the beam to shift to her side, sliding away from the rock. Her heart nearly stopped in fear as she saw the beam move down on her, and she took a deep breath as realization hit her.


Quinn closed her eyes in fear, waiting for the hit to come. She could hear Hannah scream, and Bill and Frank shout from somewhere behind her.

But the hit never came. She was waiting for the pain to come, but when it didn't, she still hardly dared to open her eyes. Her body was frozen in shock, and it was only when everything calmed down that she dared to breathe again.

"Santana…" Quinn could hear the shock in his voice as well, and it woke her up right away, causing her to look around her.

The beam was only a few inches away from her hands and Hannah's leg, but it was still lifted, even though it didn't look all that stable anymore. Hannah's leg was still free, and as she looked around her Quinn could see that besides shock, the girl was fine.

Both her, Frank and Bill were still frozen in place, but they were all looking in one direction: Santana's.

Quinn turned to look at the place where the Latina was apparently still standing.

"Oh god, Santana!" Quinn felt her eyes get wet at the sight. The small brunette was on her knees, pain obvious on her face. She must have placed herself underneath the beam's end the moment it began to fall, because the beam was now leaning on her right shoulder, her body almost buckling under the weight. Even in the dark, dusty place, she could see Santana's wounded hand shiver as it was trying to keep the beam in place.

"Shit, Santana let go!" Quinn wanted to get up from her place, but Santana stopped her in her steps.

"NO!" She was obviously struggling to talk, so she continued quickly. "By the time any of you has helped me with this thing, we will have dropped it or something. So just get her out quickly and fucking tell me when it's done so I can drop this shit."

The three of them were still in complete shock, but when Santana shouted "NOW!", they immediately went back into action, the guys pulling her as fast as they could without hurting her. Quinn was still stabilising the leg, but she couldn't help but sneak glances to her left, trying to see how Santana was holding up.

"Okay Santana, we're almost there!" Bill shouted, with only a few inches left.

"Just.. Hurry", came Santana's strained voice, and Quinn's heart broke.

Let her get out of here, oh god please! She's gonna be crushed to death. Just get her out!

"She's out! Santana, drop it she's out!"

They quickly pulled Hannah even further away from the beam, not bothered by the lack of space anymore now, so that Santana could drop it without having to worry about them.

Quinn looked on worriedly as she saw Santana struggle with the beam. She wanted to go and help her, to do something, but once more…

"Don't! Stay back, Quinn. You could get hurt!"

Quinn wanted to retort, but she knew Santana was right. She couldn't do anything. Why can't the roles ever be reversed?

Santana didn't really know how she was going to pull this off – literally. She really wanted to get rid of the stupid weight, it was seriously getting ridiculously heavy, but she didn't know how to do it without seriously hurting herself.

Fuck – fuck – fuck, I can't do this. They're finally out of the way, but I just don't know how to do this shit. Think, Lopez, think! Just let it slide of or something… But what if it hits my leg? I'll never get out of here then… So I should literally jump to the left… which isn't exactly easy when you're on your knees… I need to get up a bit more, on my feet, and then throw it off… Right, piece of cake.

Quinn was shocked as she saw Santana try and move up. She wanted to ask her something, but she knew the Latina was the only one who knew how she was going to get the hell out of there.

Santana was struggling to lift herself up; the movement wasn't exactly helping with her other injuries. She wanted to at least have her right foot on the ground, so that leg wouldn't be left behind under the stupid beam.

Okay, lifting… Come on foot, get under there… Come on, you got this… On the count of three. One – two – three…

Santana pushed herself off on her right foot, pushing the beam off of her with all her power as she did so.

The others could see her push the thing off, the action followed by the loud crash of the beam falling to the ground, and a cloud of dust wafting up.

The four coughed loudly, waving the dust out of there faces. Quinn squinted her eyes, trying to find Santana. They couldn't see nor hear her, and Quinn especially was really starting to get worried.

"Santana?" She took a step forward, carefully, her hands in front of her, in case she hit anything. "Santana? Please, just say something!" She kept staring into the dark, dusty room as she came closer to the beam.

When she felt the beam against her foot, she shone her cell phone light to be able to see a bit further, but the dust made her unable to see much.

"Santana?" Her voice was much fainter now. She was seriously worried.

What if she got stuck? Maybe she's completely crushed by the beam? Oh god, I don't even want to think about it. What if she-

"*cough* Over here."

Santana was lying on the floor, her back against the wall. Quinn finally saw her move slightly, and immediately rushed to her side.

"Oh my god, are you okay? I mean, you're obviously not, but-"

"Q, relax, will ya?" Santana chuckled slightly, although her short laughter ended more in a cough than anything else. "I'm fine. I mean obviously" – eye roll – "I'm not." Even Quinn had to laugh now.

"I'm just dead beat, you know. Sleeping would be nice, maybe a hot bath, or some food. But I don't think I can really do that yet, so just help me up and let's get back to our group of misfits, shall we?"

Quinn smiled at the Latina's jokes, glad she seemed to be okay at least, except for the tiredness of course. She bent down to grab the girl's left hand, but was surprised when Santana pulled her next to her, hugging her close.

"Cuddling would also be nice right now", she whispered softly, her eyes lazily looking into the blonde's.

Quinn wrapped her arms around the small brunette, carefully cradling her close. "We can actually do that one, for a bit at least."

Santana leaned in and gave her a soft kiss. It was just a very sweet, loving kiss, making them both feel more relaxed than they had been the entire day, even though they were still lying in the middle of the rubble.

When they broke the kiss, they both had goofy smiles on their faces, and stared at each other for just a little while longer. Santana was the first one to break the silence.

"We should probably get going now. I'm glad Frank didn't interrupt us this time, but I'm pretty sure he's leering around the corner, waiting for an even more intimate moment before his obnoxious ass jumps in again."

They laughed as they started getting up again, Quinn holding the girl tight as she helped her up. But even though she was very careful, she could still see the Latina wince in pain as she got up.

"Shit, sorry San, did I hurt you?"

Santana couldn't help but smile at the girl's worried expression. "Chill, Q. Everything hurts right now, but just being with you is making it a hell of a lot better."

Quinn blushed at the statement, smiling. "Well aren't you suddenly the big romantic?" She nudged the brunette playfully. "What has gotten into you?"

The Latina smiled sadly. "I guess being nearly crushed by some stupid beam has made me realise that our time together is too short not to enjoy it, y'know."

Quinn's eyes went big in surprise, her smile never leaving her face. She swiftly pecked Santana on the cheek. "Aw, aren't you the sweetest. And don't worry," she took the girl's hand in her own, "I'll never ever let you go."

Santana's smile went sad again, but Quinn couldn't see her sadness for very long as the brunette threw herself in her arms and whispered softly.

"You better…"

Quinn wanted to ask about her weird response just now, but Santana had already taken her hand in hers again and started walking towards the hole that would lead them back to the group.

"There they are!"

With a bit of trouble, especially for Santana, the two crawled back through the hole, to see that the group was sitting close together. Hannah's leg was already bandaged and put in splints, and she looked a bit more at ease now that she wasn't stuck anymore.

"You alright, Santana?", Mary asked her, seeing that the girl looked extremely tired.

Frank shot in as well. "We heard you answer to Quinn, so we know you were pretty much okay, and we figured we'd give you some-" he wriggled his eyebrows suggestively "- alone time."

They all laughed at that, Santana and Quinn joining in on the laughter after a few seconds.

"I guess we weren't that subtle then, were we?"

The others smiled in response. "No, you weren't, but it's cool."

Frank moved forward a bit, and looked Santana straight in the eye. "If anyone deserves to find love in this hell-hole, it's you."

Santana blushed at his words, and felt Quinn squeeze her hand gently.

"Well," Santana answered, going back to her normal, sarcastic mode, "I don't think I'm the only who found love here, though, am I, Frankie?"

Now it was Frank's turn to blush and smile, looking at Fran, who was blushing fervently as well.

"I guess not, not. But still, Santana." His tone went serious again as he locked eyes with her. "You do deserve it, after all you've done for us. If you hadn't come along, we would still be stuck in that elevator, or we would've tried to go through the ceiling or something and we would've died. No-", he went on quickly as he saw the Latina try to speak up, "- you know I'm right. We would be dead without you. And I know that even now it isn't sure that we'll get out of here, but at least we know we can keep going now… And it's all because of you. So, I think I speak for all of us," he went on, looking around him now before making eye contact with Santana again, "when I say thank you. Thank you, Santana, for saving our lives. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts."

After his words, everyone went silent, and Quinn could see they all had tears in their eyes, including herself and Santana, and then Liz started clapping, and Ally and the teens joined in, and eventually they were all clapping loudly. Quinn stepped back as well and joined the group in their Santana-ovation, smiling and cheering her on as well now.

Santana was blushing hard and didn't dare look up at the others, not knowing what to say really. As their applause died down, she was still standing their quietly, so they waited for her to say something.

To their surprise, however, she suddenly came forward and threw her arms around Frank and Liz's necks, and soon they were all coming together, hugging and crying and laughing. They knew they weren't out yet, but in this moment, they couldn't care less. They were just happy.

Santana broke free from the many hands, and the group came back to their senses and gave each other some space again. The Latina subtly wiped away some stray tears, rolling her eyes at the same time.

"So.. I guess we're lucky that applause didn't cause another landslide of rubble, but I don't wanna risk being here when the ceiling does come down on us because of your stupid need to thank me."

They all smiled at her words; they'd been together long enough now to understand that Santana really appreciated it.

"So, I think we should get the hell going. That staircase should be somewhere around here, and I wants to get out of heres!"

"Yeah!" The others shouted enthusiastically, and were set to continue when Santana suddenly directed her attention to them again.

"One more thing, though, guys. You should all change that SOS text on your cell phones, 'cause they're gonna have to get 12 survivors out of here!"

And at that they went back on their way, full of hope of getting out.

A/N: Just wanted to say... I'm never using the word 'beam' again, ever.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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