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Ironic | J.Jk


“Isn’t it ironic how we always seem to trust the wrong people?”

Mystery / Romance
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"Hi I am a bread crumb and my hobby is to poke things with a stick, but I haven't found a way to make money doing that, so I'm in school." I say as I look at everyone through my half open sleepy eyes. The teacher nudges me as I turn to her. "Your name?" I nod remembering. "I forgot to say my name, but I'll probably remember after school." I simply shrug as the teacher glares at me.

A roasted peanut speaks up her from seat as I give her a bored look."Who are you?" I roll my eyes and respond. "Your grandma." She glares at me as the whole class laughs. "How old are you?" "Older than how may guys you probably have slept with." The teacher interrupts before she can start whining like a dying whale.

"Please take your seat at the back of the class." I make my way to the back, when I see the roasted peanut stick out her leg. This hoe. I take out my stick and start smacking her with it. " Stop!!" I glare at the roasted peanut before I look at the teacher. I make my way to my seat, and throw my stuff to the ground. "Class lets begin." I ignore Ms. Snakeu and drift of to sleep.

"Here" a file is thrown in front of them, as the leader ,known as RM, picks up the file. "Alyssa Park, 17 years old, daughter of the master. What are we supposed to do with her?" The elder in front of them smirks and sits up. "Simple. Just find her and bring her here."

The group of young vampires smirk as they look at him. "But its harder than you think." The smirks vanish of their face as confusion replaces it. "Whats so hard about finding a little girl?" The grandpa-looking vampire, known as yoongi, asks.This time the elder laughs.

"There is no picture of her, and she is known as the second most powerful vampire, after all she is the one in line for the throne. No one has ever found her, the closest we know is the country she lives in. "

All the vampires have an expressionless face as they look at him." When do we start?" The elder looks at them and smirks.

"Right now..."

I spread my arms as I look up at Ms. Snakeu in front of me. "Hello Ms. Snakeu" I wave my stick in front of her. "Had a nice sleep throughout my lesson?" I look at her blankly as I shake my head tiredly." No Ms. Snakeu I would appreciate if you would talk less louder it makes my ear bleed." She glares at me as I get up. "Goodby Ms. Snakeu"

As I exit class I see the roasted peanut standing in front of me. "You think you were cool in class?" I shook my head. "I don't think. I know." She starts laughing as she spits when she opens her mouth. "Dirty water in my faceu." I wipe my face as she grabs my hair and pulls it.

"Look you might not know who I am, but you know now. I am the queen of this school, so respect me." I start looking at my invisible watch in my hand as she pulls my face infront of her. "What are you waiting for?" I stare at her blankly as I respond. " I'm waiting for the time that I actually give a crap about what you are saying."

People are already making a circle around us as they see her pulling my her, while I stand there looking at my surroundings boredly. I pull out my fly swatter as I smack her with it. "This cockaroach. Stop pulling my hair. I know you are a bald peanut, but still come on in just a noodle stop stealing my fabulous hair." I leave the scene as I hear a dying whale whining and yelling.

"Baby, you have no idea how much I missed you." I throw myself on the bed and hug ma pillow. I look below it and see a bag of potato chips. This is cannibalism. Wait... Does that mean I'm going to jail? Nahh. I have to much swag." Swag." I am laughing as I watch Tom and Jerry playing on the screen. As I am about to reach another chip I hear my doorbell ring.

I immediately grab my stick and hide under my pillow, crying. I knew it. I was going to jail. This is what happens when I eat my family. I was just so stubborn to eat these potato chips.

After crying, I get up about to leave my room, when I look back. "Babies I'm so sorry. I promise that my bread crumb self will come back to lay myself over y'all again. Until then, farewell." I dramatically open the door, as I face the people in front of me, with my eyes tightly closed." I'm ready take me to jail." I open my arms and throw myself to the ground. I look up when I see no one dragging my noodle self of the floor and into the jail.

"Are you Lee Y/N?"

I look up and meet 7 pairs of cold eyes staring at me.

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