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Ironic | J.Jk


"Are you Lee Y/N?"

I look up and met 7 pairs of cold eyes staring at me.

I slowly get my noodle-self up as I see 7 boys from school looking up at me. I raise my eyebrow and look at them. "If you know whoI am, why would you ask?" I roll my eyes as they glared at me. "Look little girl, we are going to say this nicely. Don't come close to Eunbi."

"Eunbi?" I slowly close my half opened eyes not interested. "The girl you beat up with the fly swatter." I scrunch my nose as I remember the roasted peanut. "The dying whale? I don't really care about her anyway. Plus im as straight as a circle, so you don't need to worry about me ever dating that peanut. I keep my noodle words, so don't worry."

"You think you're smart huh?" They come closer to me as they look down at my noodle height. "I'm not smart I'm surrounded by brainless idiots, which is why I appear smart." the giant idiot steps forward and is about to throw a punch when I grab his arm and twist it." Let me guess know you think you're smart?" I twist his arm further causing him to groan. "Too bad. No matter how smart you can be, I can be a thousand times smarter." I release his arm until I hear a bone crack. I look up to the rest of them and they all look at me with fear." So who's next?" I walk slowly towards them as all of them reach a wall, with nowhere to run. "Pathetic." I close the door behind me and hear all the guys run away.

As you make your way through the halls, you hear everyone murmuring while looking at you. You reach your locker and slam your backpack in there, before grabbing a lollipop and sticking it in your mouth. When you are about to arrive to the classroom a taller fight stops you." Ms. Y/N I heard you beat up one of your classmates." You look up at the principal with tired eyes, before shooting him a smirk. "Its true I won't lie."

His mouth slightly opens as he hears you admitting the truth. He had expected you trying to prove yourself innocent to then make you his slave. Nevertheless he was still going to try, but you were smarter than that. You had experience with these kinds of things so you knew how to get out of them. "But it wasn't at school, so you cannot make me do anything because it was not under your supervision."

Knowing he was the principal's son you pushed it even further. "Sure I beat him up, but doesn't that make him even more pathetic he couldn't even defend himself from a girl." You chuckle as you see the principal shocked. "Have a good day Mr. Choi."

You throw yourself to your seat and put your head down ready to end what hasn't even started. While the class was going on you started drawing out of boredom. The teacher who was giving the lesson noticed and decided to embarrass you. "Ms. Y/N show me how to introduce yourself in english." You rolled your eyes before meeting hers and getting up.

" Nice to meet you my name is Y/N Lee." You sat down as the teacher looks down shocked. "G -gg-good job."

You go back to your drawing and continue to ignore the lesson.

As the class ends you look at your drawing to see a black rose, its stem covered with thorns with wings and a snake coiling around it. You pick up the paper and ball it up before shoving it in your skirt pocket. When you get up you notice the boy from yesterday looking at you as you send him a glare. You exit the class leaving him there shaking afraid to approach you. "Too bad~ but its to sweet. Its to sweet." your noodle self begins singing until a figure blocks your way. "Look roasted peanut I know you love me so much and I love me too, but get out ma way." She stomps her stick like legs clicking her suicidal heel on the ground.

"How dare you beat up my boyfriend!!!" She whines as she looks at me with her peanut eyes. "Your boyfriend? That little boy was your boyfriend? Never mind. You guys are meant to be. A brainless idiot with a roasted peanut you guys will have beautiful kids." I go around her as I go to my locker and grab my backpack leaving the school.

I enter the coffee shop and order a black coffee. I slowly make my way towards the booth in the corner putting my things down taking a seat. While I drink the coffee I remember the drawing I drew and take it out of my pocket. My eyes wonder through the paper and look at every single thorn, counting seven in total. The wings were the only thing white along with the petals. The snake and thorns overpowering all the white and pureness of the image. I look at the window and realize it is past sunset and drag my breadcrumb self to the door. When I exit I bump into a broad figure making all my hot coffee contact his skin.

Looking up I see black orbs looking at me with a piercing gaze.

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