Searching for Family


Katarria grew up with her adopted Father and Sister in the muggle world before finding out that she was a witch. Deciding to accept her place at Hogwarts in order to find a link to her past. The only clue she has is a necklace that she was wearing when she was found at the age of two years old wondering around the streets of London.

Fantasy / Adventure
Beth Burke
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Chapter 1

Kastarria woke up and sat on the edge of her four poster bed in the Gryffindor girls dormitory and thought about how her life had drastically changed in the last year. A little over a year ago she had woken up on her 11th birthday with her adopted father and sister in what she knew now to be the muggle world. That day a strange woman had arrived and informed her that she was a witch and was accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Kastarria had never known who her real parents were since her earliest memories were of being in an orphanage. One day the orphanage had taken the children to a local park and she had played with a girl. The two of them had played all day and she had met the girls father, who was a writer from London. A few days after their trip to the park the man and his daughter had some and adopted her. She had lived with them since she was three years old. Her only clue to her past is a necklace that she was found wearing when she was brought to the orphanage.

This woman seemed to say that her parents or at least one of them had been a witch or wizard and now she was going to the same school they had gone to. Her adopted father had given her the choice to stay or go. She had chosen to go and see what she could learn about her true parentage.

Last year was her first year at magic school and it had been quite a change in her life. Although that might have been partially due to the friends she made when she got to Hogwarts. Hermione was always focused on classes however the other half of her tight little group was not as focused. Harry and Ron were good friends and she knew they would have her back no matter what happened. They had started the year out being rather annoyed by the boys until they had helped Kastarria save Hermione from a troll on Halloween. After that they had become good friends.

Harry and Kastarria bonded over the fact that neither of them had a chance to know their real parents. Kastarria teased him that he at least was with family and he teased her about the fact that her non-blood family was a whole lot nicer than his blood family. After their first year at school Harry was like a brother she never had.

Ron was another story, they were friends mainly because he was friends with Harry and he was more like an annoying brother she couldn’t get rid of. However he was a very loyal friend. If anyone of their group was in trouble Ron would not hesitate to help in any way he could, as long as it had nothing to do with homework.

However they did have small tendency to get them in some interesting situations. During their last year the small group had helped to save a very valuable item called the Sorcerer’s Stone. while the group did this they had some interesting adventures including helping with a baby dragon, playing a giant game of chess and solving a potentially lethal game of logic. Through it all the only became closer friends.

Now here she was here waiting for her best friend Hermione to wake up so they could go eat some breakfast before heading to class. There were some kids in their year that thought Hermione was a bit bossy and annoying but she thought Hermione was clever and interesting, as well as the fact that she was also raised in the muggle world and this was all new to her too. The other part was that Hermione pushed her to try harder in class, or to try in the classes.

The problem was not that Kastarria was not smart, she was very smart. The problem was that most of the other students were slower that she was and she had a tendency to go at the pace of the rest of the class. Hermione would not allow her to not do her homework or to not try her best on that work. Her best class, although she was not sure she liked the teacher, was potions. Professor Snape never exactly gave her compliments but he never cold find anything wrong with her work, unlike the rest of the Gryffindors. She also always got a strange feeling when ever Professor Snape looked directly at her.

Once Hermione was finally up and dress the two girls made their way down to breakfast taking seats next to the rest of their little group Harry and Ron. None of them really got any mail, but Kastaria loved to watch the owls fly around the Great Hall. As she watched the owls fly and deliver their packages she begins to play with the chain around her neck.

Hermione watched he for a moment before asking "I have meant to ask you about that necklace, where did you get it?"

Almost dazed Kastarria looked over at her "What?" she asked

"Your necklace" Hermione said "Where did it come from? It is very interesting" She asked

"Ohh" Replied Kastarria now understanding what she had missed before "I don't know really. I have always had it."

Hermione looked closer at the locket on the golden chain. "You have had this since before you were adopted?" She asked

Kastarria nodded

"Maybe it is from your birth family" Said Ron excitedly

The girls looked at Ron as though he had just said something completely obvious.

"What?" Said Ron and Harry laughed, shaking his head.

"Have you ever tried to find out anything about it?" Asked Harry

"Yes" Answered Kastarria " I tried finding the symbol on the front in the Library in London and could never find anything."

The locket was fairly simple with what looked like a seahorse with wings, however she now thought it could be a dragon with crossed spears behind it.

"What is inside?" Asked Harry

"I don't know" Kastarria answered "I have never been able to open it."

That comment seem to capture the attention of all three of her friends as they began to come up with reasons that the locket won't open.

"Do you think if you could get it open you might find out who your real parents are?" asked Ron

"That is what I have been thinking for awhile" Kastarria answered

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