This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Just regulure solar cycle after

The Decepticons stood gaping at the monitor showing the end credits to an old Naruto episode. Their mouths are dropped, their facial expressions generally are presented to be shock, and a few are horrified. Pretty stunned on the recent events that happened in the episodes since it had been Ivy's idea to watch a few episodes starring young Naruto Uzimaki from the leaf village who had some red tailed fox sealed in him.

"...Did...he...really hh.. die?" A Decepticon wonders aloud. "He has a fragging major entity inside him!"

"Silly, the title character cannot die," Another, being the anxious Decepticon, reasons. "Ivy knows what exactly happens at the end of this life point in Naruto's terrible life. Am I right?"

Ivy is lifting boxes and boxes on her head to some part of the base. She can hear from afar.

"Yes...but it's...really sad." Ivy's voice becomes low. "For this episode, I mean!"

The Decepticon, who really wonders a lot, whispers into the audio of some different Con. They nod when he completely explains what question he has, then, they gazed at Ivy (Who returned from putting the boxes wherever) knowing this question would do the most canidate reaction from the race of humanity; from Ivy. Their optics gleam from being recently washed by a source that is unknown. A source that happens to be only known by the Decepticons, obiviously.

"What is the power source of Chakara and," The wondering Decepticon pauses. "...Who's Megatron's favorite character from Naruto? No passing, you little girl." Ivy frowns being called a 'little girl' indicating her maturity level is not fully of an teenager. "You know him way too well from your world. As you have said numerous times. Now use your little noggins."

Ivy does not seem pleased. "Fine." Her eyes became imaginary daggers. "But don't think I won't forget about your low-vocabulary." Then she becomes strangely and unusually silent. Her eyes seem to wonder off and on at the sides as if deciding how to explian a topic that is so complex and simple in the words of The Leaf village ninjas. The Decepticons share glances startled by her rather secluded and dormant like state. It's as if she is sleeping with her eyes wide open.

The Decepticons arrived to the surface

"All right," A deep voiced Decepticon starts, turning around. "Who wants to try out that Shadow-clone Jutsui?"

The individuals in the group raise up their gigantic arms.

"Good, then use holograms." He turns around, "And in one...two...three..."

In a minute he is a lone.

"Now the game really begins!" He slids down his edgy-visor over his optics and his pointy armor remsembling some flight vehicle indicates he's got bigger shoulders than rather any Decepticons on the Dead Planet. His mold is smaller than Megatrons. His armor is dark gray, and his secondary theme-color is a dark orange. His chest armor is not spikey but flat similar to Starscream. He has a helmet combination of Shockwave and Starscream, bearing one optic. The Target could be a stranger for appearances, but, he is no stranger to small gestures towards others.

Figures are seen hiding behind the safety of the spikey land-surfaced ground areas. Rounded red dots are seen poking from the sides staring at this really strange-formed Decepticon. Their breath is seen in thick smoke. Two of the same Decepticon share a quick nod. Then they dart out from different spikes right at this unusual target strikes a punch at one that sizzles away to be revealed as a hologram. A hologram! He realizes, turning around only to be hit at the faceplate that makes the effect of rippling water as crater like effects settled onto the armor.

"Hah, and you said the blade Susake used is worthless!" The opponent mocks the unusual Decepticon. He sticks his robotic-unusual tongue out at target like a child instead of a fully grown man.

The target grunts, kicking in the opponent's pectoral.

"Shadow Clone Jutsui!

The Target punches nothing but is hit at the helmet rather hard.

"Oh great, they are using holograms!" He thinks fast.

Apparently everyone is using their holograms, and lunging at the unusual one in the group. Cat-jaguar like sounds is heard from afar. The Target does some Ninja moves straight off from Naruto; Kicking the rib cage and sending them flying by punching the waist after slamming down into the ground, smash them into the air colliding them with another chipping off some armor in the process, and finally punching them upwards at their mental areas into the sky. They all fall, with traumatic force in the ground in a large crashing sound wave. Groans are heard from around the almost invisible target that blows steam off his long flat-digits.

Mrawurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrr

"...Um...Who's stomach growled?" One scout-sized Decepticon asks.

Nobody said a word. Their optics look over to see several-huge feline figures hunched over the spikes dangling their tails and gleaming large set of jeweled sparkling sized fangs set to be menacing on purpose. Merely a gulp is what makes the scene tolerable and the logical sense of chilling fear is encounter able. Especially to be read about when alone in a dark night where no lights are active while only a heavy fog prevents exit. A heavy atmosphere filled in fear slowly creeps over the first layer of Cybertron's dead land.


They ran faster than what humans could expect out of gigantic robots.

Growling coming from the spikes became clearly loud and apparent. A few Decepticons zipped up, then ran and ran fast as they can from the horrifying scene unfolding. Some of the Decepticons who were unable to run are killed by the Cybertronian Jaguars who have parts belonging to fish and other ocean-based animals that are predators in the ocean. None of them are small in a dog size but twice the height of an average lion. The heavy tremble sends debris falling into Cybertron's lower quarters. None have tails of a shark, for they do not have shark modes as their predecessor 'Sharkticons' do have.

The Cybertronian Predators rip out the spark of their prey and chomp it into pieces.

"DECEPTICONS DON'T RUN!" A high pitched coward declares.

"WE DO NOW!" Came a retort from The Target.


"In two solar cycles!" Another replied. "With more supplies, tops!"


"How long do you think they've been on here?" The 'with more supplies, tops' Decepticon asks.

"The tops 'Con asks, you make me laugh!" A mocker Decepticon laughs it off. "DECADES! Long when there were seven Primes still hanging around on this planet and the entire universe searching for another source of energon. There are plenty of suns. Do you think we-"

"NO!" Came the answer from them all.

The loud, fearful high pitched mrwar is heard.


The unusual Target is alone.

"Shadow clone...juitsui!" He's surrounded by himself in several white puffs feeling slightly awkward yet rest assured whatever he had in deadly processor would work against whoever he saw fit. His optics narrowed at these perfectly cloned versions of himself. How can he tell they will be extremely fit for his energy? ""

All of the clones wave at him.

When they came back down to the surface. Ivy is tapping her foot waiting to explain what is Chakara. Her eyes seem controlled. Yet the expression on her face indicated this girl has some pretty important news to explain and cannot stop for the chance of her life to tap her feet and count to ten within five minutes. She would be done in two minutes. She hated to recount time and time again when nobody heard her words.

"Chakara is your energy that is connected to your muscles, nerves, heart, brain, and what not! It can become something summon able that can hurt others and perform other unbelieve-able things. Cloning yourself, transforming your clone-" Ivy giggles remembering an episode from Naruto. "And creating energy from your hand or climb on a tree's bark without a harness or help!" Ivy blurts. "And Megatron's Favorite antagonist could be the dude who's an alley to the woman with that mask!"

They stare at her.

"Yes, I'm a Naruto geek!" She raises both arms in the air. "Haven't seen the new Naruto in a while."


Ivy didn't see why they are stunned, her eyes blink. Her hands go behind her back and slightly tip herself forward as in the style of a business man. "Um yes," She drones out the 'e' in yes very long endlessly. "It's-a-really-good-show; I've-seen-the-movies-from-Cartoonnetwork, and-WILLING-to-watch-it-on-Cartoon-movie-night-mul tiple-times."

They fled back up to the surface, this time, to take down those rascals.

"What?" Ivy looks in all directions. "Did-I-speak-too-fast-again?" Which of course; Ivy had really spoken faster than the speed of light, faster than blurr, speedier than any fast human speaker in the world.

She just didn't know they are dealing with Cybertronian Jaguars.

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