This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

Oooh Swindle!

There are these gigantic red machines with one huge round hole similar to a camera. They could be about Bumblebee's size! Woah woah woah. What are these aliens called? "Ivy, stop zipping around Swindle!" One Decepticon shouts at me, while I look around the shorty Decepticons. They could have been cloned from the same fragging mold or something, they remind me of some Animated Decepticon but I can't name who.

I stop.

"..Ooh Swindle!" I remembered the episode where he debuted…aww this is making me sad knowing TFA is over. Drats the number three! Just drat that fragging cursed number that won't ever bypass to 4. It's the curse of Hasbro. No Transformers cartoon besides the Generation 1, will ever reach a Season 4. I remember how the Death of Prowl sparked my frenzy to killing off a bunch of OC's, eventually writing about death slowly becoming more fascinated by gore. Yep, I can write horror. Now off my subject. "Why is Swindle all red instead of being tan, purple, and dark gray?"

The gigantic scouts are gazing at me.

"Those are drones, on both sides." I heard from one shy pitched Decepticon.

…And he was never in the movie? I hadn't seen this 'version' of Swindle in a very, long, long time. Come on, this is really giving me a backlash not knowing that a merchant guy is now a bunch of drones in some other continuity until today! This is more terrible than tasting Energoil.

"….What do you mean by drones?" I ask, getting a glare from all the Decepticons. "I am not that much of a hardcore Transfan. I've just seen all of Robots in Disguise and the Unicron trilogy, oh, even the movies."

Actually…I haven't finished watching Dark of The Moon. I'm placing my bets that if Micheal Bay makes a sequel it's likely to be named "Rise of The Dinobots", "Return of The Autobots", or "Rise of The Decepticons". Something….that the man who loves explosions can screw up. ROTD would be the initials for the Dinobot theory. And ROTA for the Autobot theory. The thing is…Eh. I don't want to repeat myself on a particular subject.

"They are remake-able and cause harvoc." Megatron's voice startles me. I didn't expect him out of the blue since The Fallen had ordered him and a few other Decepticons to get another source of food. That was like…twenty-four hours ago, at least. So this means he just got back with the others. It's been a while since The Decepticons went to the center of Cybertron, probably a week or two.

"Oh, so they are Decepticon Stormtroopers."

Megatron turns himself towards these drones.

"What did you find on the planet, Red leader 1?" He asks, now this begs into question are they called Swindles? Decepticon Storm-Troopers labeled with the name 'SWINDLE' so misleading in so many ways. I'm probably the first fangirl to have misunderstood what the name stood for. It could have been much awesome if this had been a really based off-animated counterpart.

"Monsters." One of the Swindle's from afar comments.

"They attack when it's Pitch Black."

"And they fear light."

My eyes may have shined.

"RRIIDIIDDCCCKKK CHRONICLES!" I squeal. "Pitch Black is literally awesome. I suggest you guys watch it! Because there's this awesome dude who's capable of seeing through the dark thanks to his gooogles that may make him look strange when in the dark after a car accident or a plane crash. Did I mention he's really epic with taking down beasts like a warrior?"

By this time every 'con had covered their audios.

"Is she done yet?" I heard The Swindle ask, speaking some other sub-text asides to 'Is she done yet'…Woah, I understand Cybertronian partially! I understand the native language of the Cybertronians! Ojmiprimus ohmiprimus! This is far more impressive than any Transformers Fanfiction that my eyes have ever laid eyes on. Asides to the repeatedly redone fan fiction Outcast, The Fanfiction featuring Amanda and Prowl, the stories by Aquaformer on DevianArt, including a 'Sari and Prowl going Into Buzz Light-years universe' fan fiction.

"I'm done squealing, you twee-birds." I stick my tongue out at them.

Megatron glares at Starscream, as if he knew something I didn't.

"She didn't get that from me." The much shorter Seeker shrugs, his feet make a slight whir and click when they moved slightly forward. "The Cyber-chicken 'Con probably increased her vocabulary most likely. He's been teaching her cybertronian wild-life."

The slow-reacting Swindles appear generally surprised. The Cyber-Chicken Con's been taken the strangely living cybertronian chicken alive by energoil seeds. And guess what! The Cyber-Chicken can lay eggs. This is so farfetched. Who would have though Bayverse logic could become this absurd?

"How…can a human understand.." Red Leader 1 asks.

"Long story…" Megatron said. "Did you find the ship intact?" ignoring me completely. That is so Megs. Ignoring a Human when they were in the middle of some important discussion that didn't need Organics. Guess there's a few things in life you don't experience when least wishing or expecting it to happen.

Leader-1 nods.

"Scout Five had detoured the ship," Wwoah. So many… cowards in one scene. There's like eight or eleven of these guys in this room. The second Swindle beside the leader had added. I'm guessing this is Red Scout-2. "We lost communication once he got to the belly."

Everything is looking slightly dizzy….I should go sit down somewhere that does not have so many gigantic robots. Granted seeing gigantic robots when dizzy is not healthy for the human eye. Keeping my balance is rather hard aiming for a chair leg unoccupied. Almost 3-D looking from Dark of The Moon this time completely-absolutely real, bumping against the chair made it more abundant it wasn't just my imagination. About the dizzy part not the Transformers reality thing.

"Did you get in?"

Megatron's deep, heavy voice made the air suspenseful and hard to: cry, scream, or cheer like the entire movie's atmosphere. It's as if weight had given to all sides of the room or things become sinisterly dark. I feel control to my body clutching the handle of the chair. Wait…I'm not in a chair. I am sitting beside a gigantic leg of a chair. This is…odd.

"Yes, but..."

Smoke comes across my view.

"We were outnumbered…" Red Leader 1 replies. "Those beasts sent us retreating before we could recover the ship and steer it out."

I glanced down to my hands. A color is vibrating all over me. Um…What is going on? My hands are shaky. Maybe the mind-traveling powers are coming into gear. My eyes widened. As if it had been a scene ripped out form Transformers Animated or Transformers Energon my view changed from normal blurry vision to Clear HD version with complete redness soaking it up like blood. Except, there is nothing dripping from my 3-D glasses; Brazing hot iron felt as if it had been pressed against my face. It hurt. It really hurt!

"Hot hot hot hot hot hot." My hands are burning. And yet, nobody is reacting to this, they are in a hot discussion in how to eliminate those beasts so they can get the space ship from there. None of them show any signs of worry. The atmosphere from being transported from 2007 to 2008 quickly came to; it's an eerie feeling that first knocks any current comfortable feeling down, sounds most people wouldn't hear—not a broken elevator noise—similar to some mechanical-battery commercial almost replaces every voice in the room, there's some light that beats through my red eyesight.

This can't be happening.

"We left one behind."

Everything gets bright and blurry.

"And lost fifteen of our troops."

The Conversation going on just gets foggy and pieces of it lands into oblivion. A better explanation is sleeping and hearing snippets of what's going around me. Though in this situation, the person is wide awake, and had already gotten a ton of rest. I'm guessing Scout-Five is who they left behind. Making this more clear there 'are' or 'were' more of them since they lost more on this long trip.

"How hard was it to slaughter the monsters?" I hear Megatron ask.

"…We didn't slaughter any, Megatron."

I don't want to go, landed into my mind.

"What's with the bright light?"

Wow, who knew it's hard to identify which Decepticon is saying what, when everything is cloggy. My gut tells me I was about to go right now, to somewhere, in matter of seconds. The timing felt evident to say one word. Wonder how long it can take for a person to conjure one word before something happens. Possibly it could be two or five seconds.


The Fallen watches the event from a video camera installed into the underground of Cybertron. He narrows his optics at the video. As if it had been something… that he, The Fallen, felt challenging towards an idea for what he knew. And what was supposed to happen He replays the event several times from the projector that he had sent the streamed video to. His reaction is more surprising than Optimus Prime revealed to have flames in the first movie.

"This is not expected," He growls.

Several engineer's finally came from the feet away of the in progress shell.

"That you are obsessed with this earthling?" One asks, grumbling in their native language. "You must be soo into her."

The other engineer's chuckled.

"I am not obsessed!" The Fallen denies, turning the lights off through a setting on the chair.

The two engineers are startled by the sudden light being shut down. Some mutter: "He so is." Among themselves very so quietly. The light coming into the room is from the entrance creating an oval like shape around the Fallen's chair.

"It's happening way too fast." The Fallen mutters, ignoring the reckless engineer's comments pertaining to his fascination towards an old, ancient foretelling. His claws barely moved an inch. "The Project must be done by the month of…" A map of the entire galaxy fills the entire room displaying several planets in their rotation. Jupiter is seen, Mars,Pluto, Saturn,Mercury,Uranus, Earth, and an unusual planet shaped like a rounded pumpkin. "Candy."

The engineer's gasp.

"We can't finish something this fast!" They whine. "Give us a longer deadline within that month!"

"That would be a grave mistake…." The Fallen retorts. "For your lives."

The Main reckless engineer stood firm.

"The month after 'Candy' , it'll be done by then!" He made a gamble: An impossible gamble. "If we do not complete it by that time, you can let Megatron and the others offline us at the spark in whichever order they prefer. But we cannot finish it in one month." The reckless engineer takes a breath. "In two months and one solar cycle we can complete this!"

The Fallen contemplates.

"Are you crazy?" A frantic engineer asks the reckless engineer. "You are putting our lives on the line for a no-go!"

The Reckless engineer shook his helmet.

"I take your words under your reputation you get things done fast." The Fallen breaks their frantic reactions into two even if it did not make sense. They saw him as an insane Decepticon who should have been offline way before this time had ever come to pass. "Make room for a Cybertronian subject. Do not leave the interior complete or the chest. It must be big enough for a small figure."

And then Kabaaaam. I found myself on the planet from Pitch Black….with a broken Swindle a few feet away. "…Hmm…that's…unusual…" I run to the abandoned robot. When arrived closer to the robot who strangely is discarded in the middle of some rocky mountain area. It didn't look close to alive. "Those animals would have eaten it by now. I thought they could tear through metal and feast on flesh."

Stick…where's a stick when you need one? There are some rocks lying around. Well this will have to do. Just then something told ,y brain there is something else to do before getting a big rock. "Wait…I got to do something….very corny and cheesy." I look straight to this. I take in a breath. Then exhale. "Warning: SPOILERS ahead for the events of TF2 and TF3 for those who have not seen the movie."

Strangely I'm looking at landscape.

"Why am I looking at a landscape?..." I turn back around towards this gigantic scout machine. "Yep. Grab a rock and hit it the helmet area that assumingly will awaken the offline shell…Which is nonsense. But it's worth a try." Taking a reasonably big rock from the ground seems weightlighess and light. Did I get superstrength out of the blue or something?

Not all big rocks are light!



The shell stirs to life and pretty soon it makes sure all body parts are in position.

I look up to the messed up Swindle. Who really isn't the Swindle I would have imagined to him being. Bayverse is so complex and screwed up nobody could figure this big guy is actually a namesake to his Animated counterpart. Having one eye shaped like a camera is totally strange, including his theme-color reflectively a red and dark gray. Reminds me of…Redsiren , just totally different.

And that I'm stuck on this planet that becomes dangerous at night with this drone.

"Can you speak?"

The broken Swindle points at its helmet

"I cahiaan ter'hie."

…Looks as if it's Speedy to the rescue, quite literally. Attempting to fix some vocal cords isn't my specialiality but I can try. Then, having this situation bestowed to one girl; I scurried up his armor startling the age-less swindle looking rather confused and puzzled at once. Just a rounded-transparent-glass eye glowing red at the center similar to Shockwave made chills go up my skin. Gulping. My hands jabbered into the visibly open wound showing wires and some mechanical-robotic parts I can't identify. There's a small box shaped almost to the tea like a radio station speaker. Licking my lips at the rounded circle holes and triangle shaped holes at the top can make anyone queasy.

When they do not know what the pit is which.

"Wh-ahur—ich y-hau-urr-duhiinngg?"

"Fixing your voice box, Swindle—Red Scout 3?" I look at it. "Am I correct?"

"Scahouurttt fe'hi'eve."

The pronunciation for the word five gave me an idea. But, whichever path this idea gets me to…it may have to wait for a really long time until I can brainstorm about it. No-one is an expert at repairing robots, besides Ratchet. Nervously my fingers put the wires into little holes getting zapped by some electrical reaction from the box itself. Clear-through tubes stick out from the tip so they were connected to what assumingly is meant to be connected trying my complete best to repair them, well; really I just wrapped ones incapable of being fixed into a twisted knot. This is one poor Red Scout Five.I slid off to the side after doing some difficult wrapping.

"Speaking better?" I wipe off some dirt from my hands.

"Ca'en ah seheak."

…Great. He can't speak English. So I look over his shoulder seeing the sun is setting. "Um Red Scout Five, we may need to hide in some cave. Just so we won't be eaten." It makes me shudder. Really. Who wants to be on a planet where animals with no regards to humans just to eat them reside on? I don't want to feel the pain when I die. I just want it quick and painless, just death to be fast enough I won't feel pain. Wonder how long it will take for those Decepticons notice I'm no longer there? "Also try making contact with the Decepticons to let them know you are not dead."


Megatron looked over his shoulder, "I can rip you apart limb—" A bright light makes him shield his optics that sent some electronically screech busting his audio's and the other Decepticons. He uses his other servos to cover the audio's he had remaining. It's as if a nuclear bomb had been initiated.

"Oh my primus, what was that terrible sound!" Red-Leader 1 covers both his audios. The blast had cleared through the large and wide area of underground Cybertron. Several other individuals underground could feel this echo including The Fallen and Engineers.

"My audios; they hurt!" A Swindle runs in circles purposely deaf probably

The Seeker, Starscream, looks around as if he couldn't hear what everyone is speaking storms off to another room. His optics is clueless looking. "Great, I have to replace my audios!" He threw up his arms into the air lashing out at the ceiling. He complains, making the floor tremble and rumble echoing his fury over his hearing being blasted off. His claws are on top his helmet comparatively telling without words the sharp-razor annoying screech is going through his helmet.

"What the frag happened?" Red Scout Eight yells.

"I don't know!" Red Scout nine yells back. "Someone yelled Megatron's nickname!"

"Speaking of which-" Megatron does not see Ivy close-by. "…Where did she go?" He didn't see her energy signature on his radar. Something feels completely off. Megatron experiences 'worry for Ivy' in his spark. Why am I feeling these emotions for her? He shook his helmet in utter disbelief. She's not part of this universe, there's no future between us—I despise organics. I do not like them as my brother does. She's an idiotically human. I'm a Cybertronian. A relationship cannot grow between two beings from two different universes, when the other will forget the other when they leave. He saw the Scout Swindles yelling at each other because their audios were too damaged.

The Cyber-Chicken 'Con comes in petting the hen.

"What happened?" He looks around petting the startled Cyber-chicken. "…And why is it so loud? Where's The Fast Speaker?" He is really more confused than ever right now. Naturally if he does not have the bird around something really horrible will happen, more like, slaughter.

Megatron remembered what The Fallen had said: "Do not grow too attached…to the mutant." He had to steer his thinking pattern from experiencing emotion about this 'girl'…The Girl who knew so much. He turns himself towards The Cyber-Chicken Decepticon. "She left." He watches The Decepticon gets stunned as if not expecting him to say that.

Starscream comes back from the room.

"You Red scouts, stop yelling!" The Seeker shoots at their helmets.


Three helmets fell on the floor.

"And get in the room so I can perform the same operation!" The Seeker points to the room and did some hand-signs that he had learned from the internet so they can understand what he is saying.

The Scout based Swindles share a look.

"….Can't we get the Doctor?"

Megatron snickers; they both did not really like the Doctor, aka Scalpel. The look on Starscream's faceplate gave him a clear knowledge that he wanted to be fast away from the small medic. When the Doctor was done he usually had a few part left over when summoned to put them back together.

"Forget about the Doctor." Starscream replied. "Get in there."

The Swindles shuffle into the room.

Two megacycles have passed since getting stuck on a deadly planet, with a Red scout whose voice box has been terribly messed up by me. For those who do not know what Megacycle means or are downright confused; in Animated, it means hours; for the Bayverse , I really do not know. Stellar cycles means years. Solar cycles are days. Dacacycles is ten days. That's all from Transformers Animated time-meaning. I have yet to find out what's months in Cybertronian time.

"Yu-hur s-ac-ured?"

I jump up.

"How can I not be scared?" I retort, "It's dark out there and your lights may turn off unexpectedly!"

Red-Scout five's camera like optic blinked at me. Now I know why kids and teenagers are scared of the dark, not because it's a natural fear. It's likely there are probably dangerous animals lurking in the dark just anticipating eating a human. Like the Boogie man, Fredie kruger, and snakes that eat you unexpectedly. Don't ask about the Snake part…I watched a really bad Syfy movie. Ewwww. That movie was on for two Saturdays, so I winded up watching Comedy Central for a week and one day woke up finding out I left the channel on Syfy when it had been turned off. Guess what movie was on. Hostile, the first movie. Right away my hand turned it off. I ended up in a bickering mind decision session whether to continue watching it or not. Then….I returned to Syfy by watching the movie.

However, The Freddie Kruger VS Jason movie was a good Syfy movie. It's got some good character development and the storyline actually made me cheer for the Jason dude. Hahahaha The ending is quite classic and hilarious featuring Jason coming out with Freddie's head who laughs. Freddies head was decapitated and he was still living; because, he fooled Jason by disguising himself as his mother. He wanted people to fear him again, so, Kruger went to an extreme. A baaaaad extreme.

"Wh—iee dun'inch wii gue bahck fahur Tee sehiep?"

I look up at the struggling to speak Swindle. For his size and model, it's guessable he's got a perfectly extremely clean hot-shot vehicle. What mostly is more important is this scout's vehicle mode could be a weapon not a vehicle or jets like most Decepticons are in Bayverse. Interesting enough most people call this version of Transformers 'Bayformers'.

"Why don't we go back for the ship?" I repeat what Red Scout-Five said. This is so unexpected. "It's swarming with those beasts, your leader said so himself." I wrapped my arms around my legs. There's only hope on the side that we'll make it through the night and find our way off this planet.

Red-Scout-Five holds up its index digit. "Bahuut wiii diden't haave smaul orrgaicks." It shakes its index digit back and forth giving an impression what this scout in mind involved me being the bait luring the predators from the ship. If I managed to live and get back that is.

….This dude seriously should send a transmission to Megatron, this only thought came into my head.

"Send a transmission to The Decepticons, again."

Red Scout-Five shrugs his shoulders.

"Fi-hine." He turns himself slightly away from me. "Rad-scahet-feehiiveee secill on-lehine, tranzmiizziong tu Ciberrtrawn, rad-scat-fehiive here."

This makes me wonder how the world I understand every fragging word he's saying. Red-Scout-Five's car doors lower and his helmet lowers down when his servo came down from the audio part. He didn't seem all too happy. Something told me it didn't get received at all. His single optic gazes down at me like he wanted to put his idea into motion.

I put my hands on my face.

"Aw slag!" I curse, feeling a little sarcastic. My hands slid down from the face to the floor. The Lightsaber thing in my jean pocket is almost extra luggage…but….wait a nanosec. "Fine; let's go get ourselves killed!" I take out the lightsaber handle from my pocket.


"Nuhu werriez," Red-Scout-Five reassured me. "Cehest canuen can taaik caire uff atchakers frum tee sekie."

He has chest cannon? I look up seeing he did have one. Alright, Speedy, this the most important task in your entire life. You cannot latch on somebody's back screaming 'ohmigod" over and over. Getting up on my feet, hands made a startling clinging sound. It also signaled whatever action and adventures my eyes have seen they may come in handy. Sometimes people do not require sight to see their opponents. They need sound.


"I got a lightsaber or something," I come to the mouth of the cave. "Are you ready, Red Scout Five?"

"Aye aie captian."

Did he just do a Spongbob Squarepants?

"…Lead the way." I step to the side of the cave's mouth. He just lost all brownie points Brownie Points is another way of earning one's trust. People might get it if is used properly. This ISN'T a mockbuster, this is reality! To think I thought this Swindle counterpart would have been more…Serious for the situation maybe? His comment totally ruined the moment. Hearing growls from outside made it slightly intimidating going into the open.

But, for a girl who had mostly no friends as a child and had been bullied for a good portion of her life, this is just another obstacle.

Seriously. Why did she shout the little nickname instead of my full name? The apprentice, who is supposed to be leading the Decepticons, looks over his shoulder seeing the Cyber-chicken in a tough patch with the Anxious Decepticon. It's not as if she's losing her memory about the physical reminder I left on her about calling me "Megs".

"Megatron, is something wrong with your audios?" Starscream asks the apprentice. He waves his servo in front of the leader's optics. He had to be sure this isn't just the result of some packed air disturbance didn't break Megatron's hearing completely.

Megatron's optics jerked.

"No." He glares at the seeker. "Where did Soundwave lose Ravage on this time?"

Starscream looks surprised.

"Lose wha—Oh…ehhehe." The seeker rubs the back of his helmet. Then he taps his digits together rather awkwardly. "It's a planet proved to be not a planet in 2006. And it's far off—"

"Ravage is on Pluto!" Megatron said in disbelief. "He can't take care of a Cybertronian pet a lone without ejecting him untimely." The bond between Soundwave and Ravage is strong just as it is to Scorponok and some other Decepticon. He shook his helmet. "I'll get the dog, this cycle; next cycle it happens it's your turn Starscream." Even though, Starscream literally did everything in the first movie for Megatron and The Decepticons.

Starscream seems actually relieved.

"And don't fail me, again;" Ravage is part of Soundwave and made to be part of him after they had learned about his potentially brilliant advantage towards the Autobots and organics/other opponents."….Making the latch-chest system for Ravage and Soundwave much more effective!" Yes, Starscream had been part of the reason why Ravage can become part of Soundwave through some questionable means.

The Decepticons who are around were laughing; Starscream heard this type of speech before several months ago before Ivy came into the picture. Megatron leaves the underground base. The Seeker glares at the extra batch of giggling Swindles, are sitting in front of some massive computer that could have been ripped straight out of a Star Wars Movie or Star Trek franchise. Mostly they are stationed and trained to be adapted on using this technology especially at times of war or to operate a massive ship above the ground floor.

The Seeker shakes his helmet, mumbling "Must I do everything?" He returns his attention from himself.

"You, yes you!" He points at one startled Swindle guided by his spark telling him to turn on some part of the computers. "Turn on the communication for all channels directly for Swindle Red Scouts!" Even though he is the second in command Starscream still proved useful for the Decepticons. He did want to- be leader of the Decepticons for stellar cycles. However Megatron is the apprentice of the Fallen. Something in the Seeker's spark told him he had to get that communication up out of the blue.

And he couldn't backstab the Fallen, who saw Megatron for his own good.

"-, rad-scat-fehiive here."

That is the first string of dialogue to come from the computers.

"What… that language?" Starscream asks, generally confused.

One of the Swindles looks up to the seeker.

"Sounds like Emoraxian language, except for the Fe'hieve part." The dorky-sounding Swindle Red Scout comments. "Yes. There is an actual civilization named Emoraxians. I can't tell what they are. They are like…Elemental-time-travelers." The Dorky Swindle-red-scout shrugs, making motion with his hands attempting to describe the race known as Emoraxians.

Starscream rolls his left optic.

"So where this transmission come from?"

A few beeps and button pressing later, "Oh it's from the…Pitch Black planet." A shaky Swindle backs up acting pretty scared and not willing to go back. Fear is definitely present in this atmosphere. The planet may have an actual long name. However, since it's dark looking when the sun is down its referred to as 'The Pitch Black planet'. When there is a backstabber seeker around this means it won't be that scary.

Or…will the situation get more frightening for Ivy and Red Scout Five?

"Knowing the Fallen…." Starscream mutters. "Not it."

"Not it."

"Not it."

A few other Decepticons come into the room.

"Not it what?" One repeats.

Starscream's optics brightens making their mechanical noises. "You are going to Pitch Black and retrieve the scout and the girl!"

Hunting out in the dark with a gigantic robot that has his lights on really isn't helpful, because he keeps trying to step on me! When the fragging light goes out of no-where it startles me like the pit and the pendulum! "Dun'iz ve cahared." Red Scout five reassures me. Clash of claws on the ground made an unsettling stir. Fear runs up my back. Gulping is the only reason my entire body is being held together. Not buckling and falling on the floor is one of the preventable scenarios.

"You breathing down my neck is certainly not helping." I grumble, noting over his stinky breath. "Eww you smell Swindle-five." I smell…I SMELLED SOMETHING! I froze. I can't smell I can't ever smell. What's…happening? "…I can smell. Oh my primus. What's going on with me?"

Swindle Scout five gives me a confused expression.

"Whiee zu faheic-tic?" Swindle Red Scout-Five asks.

Taking the handle from my pocket. Why bother telling you can't smell to a gigantic robot?


Creaking, loud slitting sounds come from around us. A beast leaped from the darkness a gigantic blast from Red Scout Five sent it flying back into the darkness. "You got the force. You go the touch." The words of Star Wars and The Touch from the 1986 movie came into my brain at once; courage is needed, as a wise robot once said "From here, the fight will be your own."

I have my own fight inside of myself. Intently and unmistakably. If anyone could understand this concept it; may be a god-send to relate this pain and fury that's coming from me….suddenly. I'm not on my period. I haven't been…am I skipping a period or two? "You are the …." My hands are shaking. "One who wished for Transformers to exist." Regaining my bearings in what felt mostly as seconds flew by when the beasts lunged at us. Ducking away from Red Scout-Five blew away several chances finding the gigantic robot, again.

The slithering and chilly feeling comes up my back. As in "I-AM-FRAGGING CORNERED!" feeling.

"Think Ivy." My eyes close. And like the DD (Daredevil) movie everything turned into something similar he saw through his day, except for me. The lines are red instead of blue. Hearing Red Scout's fives makes me a little more fearful fighting this group of opponents. "Think fast!" Optimus Prime's theme jumped into my head. One monster leaps at me; my fingers loosen, and then one presses a button on the handle when Drool dripping from the monster's mouths makes it much frightening. But, the apprehensive instinct to kill overcomes that fear. "TASTE MY LITTLE FRIEND!"

Electricity jolts from the lightshaber like opening decapitates the beast leaving a blood splatter from the separation. Oooh so this is what it feels like to murder an animal. Things just got hotter. Instead of running away from these beasts; I ran straight at them ignoring the sizzling from the electrical whip. Nothing can turn my attitude at right now. Alluding to any problems is not necessary. The only problem in the entire galaxy is for me not to speak so fast.

"READY-OR-not-here-come- IVYYYYYYYYY!" Yes. I'm the craziest Transfan anyone could go across and interact, especially in combat. Four have been take down. Something hits me at the side sending me into what seemingly is a crumbled mess of rocks. Must have gotten a bruise not laceration, doesn't matter right now. It's getting safely to the ship that truly matters. Swinging the electrical whip through the animals is an easy job it-self going through their hard-thick armor revealing some disturbing body parts let alone the darkness being interrupted by sound. Now, understand, when sound are emitted Bats using it as an advantage to plot their course and get out of the overpass of material in their way.

Ca-zaciile goes my electrical whip striking off the tail of some unworldly beast.

The glow between me and the Alien is more empowering similar to a movie to ask. They need to watch the predator do his thing. You are not afraid of the dark, are you? Is a tagline that comes to use in some epic, Riddick like movie. I hope. Fear is not present. Fear is my imagination In the face of danger and monsters, there's only two logical endings: Death or survival.


The beast snaps his jaw at me attempting to snap off one of my limbs. A quick kick into its head quickly eliminates the problem together. Another zap from my one-and-only cybertronian whip breaks the tail in two. Could have done it better Bumblebee had offlined Ravage in the second movie! Grabbing the tail squirting some stench didn't come to mind as gross or disgusting, but, a potential weapon slid into my hands when the beast fell over. Another came to just to wind up electrocuted falling over on the floor sideways. In a way the extra tail weapon is a baboon stick capable to wrap another tail around it similar to wrapping pasta around Chinese sticks. Quickly I stabbed the tail right through the monster's chest area as the cackle from my whip electrified from hitting some other beast being apparent by its loud strike and screech emimenating out of one. Then I ran on the foreheads of these monsters like Jackie Chan would have done in The Cartoon Series "The Adventures of Jackie Chan" and his many movies that are out here.

Another rams at me.


I threw the tail at this beast




A whipping blast blows by as a tumbled group of beasts were sent flying away. "Nubudey teries reeping my cehest out aned gehets away wehith et!" Red Scout Five cries, shooting more cannon blasts from his chest revealing a herd of them just waiting to attack. "Gut on me lei-g!" He yells so I got onto his leg and the handle with the electrical whip became an ordinary handle. Man this is awesome! My arms were wrapped around His foot. Feeling the breeze from the wind never had felt so easy before. We could have been flying through the air but we were not flying in the air at all: Red Scout Five should have an athlete mold, not a scout mold like Bumblebee! Looking up to the scout; I understood how Sari, Cody, Bud, Lori, Spike, Carlos, and so many humans found hanging around the Autobots so fun…Kicker on the other hand is capable of detecting Energon.

I, on the other hand, just know too much.

"Helod o'in tehigeit!"

He flips over a gigantic blockage assumingly. My eyes squeezed shut. Primus, I hope to live to tell Megatron it's not fun to be a human despite being one.

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