This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

How Furious can a mutant be?

A/N The Fallen's reviewing over a encounter he's had with Ivy, set twenty four hours before "Hallowhine"

"Why the hell did you transmit my secret to Red Scout Five?" The Mutant yelled at him, a Star-Wars handle is in her right hand instead of being in her pocket. "I 'coulda get killed back there!"

The Fallen chuckled watching the tiny human standing on the floor, fuming and spazzing out in anger.

"It amuses me to see how reactive you get under a accident."

The mutant's hazel eyes sparked outrage.

"An ACCIDENT?" She roared at him. Her body was visibily shaking, "Call it a death sentence mister!"

The Decepticon, who's been torturing her by defying logic using Bayverse logic, peeped into the room. Drawing on The Mutant's attention as the engineers are shadowed off by the darkness as they are busy working on the shell, that is their last project to accomplish before the Candy Planet came in contact with Cybertron. A deal is a deal, especially when it includes Decepticon.

"You called for me?" He asked, his fiery red optic glowed brightly sending some of his armor to be colorfully picked up by his solid glow.

The Mutant growled.

"Yes, tell her how you asked me to know what she's becoming." The Fallen instructed the Decepticon.

The Mutant's eyes grew huge.

"!" The Mutant's ears puff smoke as if she was a train put on some highly decreed substance. "You...Ba-""..What did I do?" He looked at the Fallen, apparently puzzled as Ivy was held back by her exhausted strength to not attack a gigantic machine in her current state. He couldn't tell what the frag happened to her. No longer did The Mutant wear 3-D glasses, now, they had become part of her facial region above the Orbital sockets. The Fallen did not answer. "Oh...that transmission..who did it go to?"

The mutant could have burst into tears at this point.

" you...think?" She didn't sound so bubbly and energetic anymore, the mutant has this weary and untrusty atmopshere from not getting enough sleep. Her eyes may have glowed a bright red. " glitchead!"

The Mutant has enough strength to leave the room crying.

The Decepticon turns himself slightly towards the Fallen after The mutant left.

"What's this about 'Red Scout five' this organic speaks of?" He is undoubtedly confused. "Never heard of him."

"He was an Autobot spy, completed by two voice boxes-" The Fallen began, though he is interupted by the young-well-confused-aware Decepticon. "A traitor who took on the armor of a fallen Scout. He had been from the Autobot faction to get data about our understood perfectly. She won't even trust any-Cybertronian completely Those who are complete strangers… to her."

And now he understood, somewhat.

The Fallen knew, he just knew it, The Candy planet would make contact with Cybertron. Watching the Darkness and reviewing some old data files prove little comfort to his declinedd state, knowing what little she can do in this stage of life reassured him the things a Transfan can do is very limited. She can't fall in love with gigantic robots. That's only possible when she has become a gigantic robot. In time...The mutant may become one.

In time, she won't be around anymore.

Soon, Megatron and the Decepticons would rise again against the Autobots.,

And then, Optimus Prime will have fallen.

"...And I will be waiting for the last confrontation we share." The Fallen is generally aware what can happen at that point:

Life or Death, for either-The Fallen and Ivy-alien-alike individuals.

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