This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

The Candy Planet

A/N if something like this happened in Transformers Prime, for me It would be watching the finale episode to start it and mind-travel in a way.. But...since I do not like Transformers Prime there's ZERO chance I would write it.

"It's tough to say,


To those who care,

But, I gottta go my own way,

And be who I am," –Lyrics of the Chapter

Megatron comes from The Fallen's room. He never had felt so gloomy in his life. Why did he feel gloomy? Today is the day Ivy leaves, Assumingly. The Fallen had deduced time may not be on his side anymore meaning she could leave quicker than expected. Why do I care? He fusses over a minor organic mutant. Decepticons do not care about organics. I should be happy Ivy's leaving today. "Megatron, her fingers are sewn together," Starscream complains to him. "May I kill her now? Or can you please get the girl her own bathroom? It disgusted me seeing her urinate in the so called 'toilet' by accident—"

He looks at Starscream, baffled.

"You caught her… peeing?" Megatron repeats, partially stunned and disgusted by Starscream.

The seeker shrugs.

"More like pooping." His large and bumpy armor shift, covering most of his vulernable cables and wiring that are the most significant building block in cybertronian anatomy connecting several parts to one another and sections from different parts of the jet mode seen vastly at different angles. "You should have seen her white face!" He laughs. "And the thing is…. she thanked me for scaring her!"

"…Starscream leave me be before I think about offlining you." Megatron warns him, disgusted about humans even more.

Starscream hurries off for his own life.

A little oveerr twenty-eight minutes later…

A Decepticon is looking at Ivy, strangely. She has on a yellow headband having two little horns on each side, cardboard shoulder armor being yellow, a simple version of chest armor being yellow with a black stripe at the middle, her pants are rolled up. She even had gotten fore-arm armor and repainted them to be yellow with a black stripe as did the feet-boots-version that resembled some vehicle.

"He must be staring at her horns." Starscream said, in Cybertronian, catching the confused Decepticon's attention

The Horn-stare 'Con stood upright, acting as if he had been listening to her the entire time, which is not true. "And that, my friend, is why there's TWO DAYS OF no school when it's Halloween!" Ivy cheers, holding up a big bag of the sorts. She's been living off the Energoil as well, Totally-un-aware the light saber handle in her right hand used to be the Popcorn bag that came with her into this universe.

This horn-stare 'Con scratched its helmet. "She says there's a Halloween planet making contact with Cybertron, it happens only two days once a stellar cycle." Ivy's headband slides down so she lifts it back up on the top of her hair. If a radiator could visibly shake and hop, it would mimic her to the tea. "Assumingly." The horn-stare 'Con finishes in English

Starscream frowns.

"How can she possibly kn—"

A herd of Decepticons ran over Starscream, more like trampled over him, just to get on the surface proclaiming things; "Trick or treat!", "I want to kick some aft!", and "Losers weepers, Starscream!" The Seeker stood up with an aching helmet. Thankfully his cervical, the neck, didn't get bent by the stampede. Ivy darts after the group shouting "Waait for me!" as she ran with her dark brown bag.

The Seeker rolled his optics. Ever since Ivy came into their universe things were not the exact tone pertaining to 'Decepticons'; Weren't they the ones who despised organics and saw them as vulnerable tools? Not Decepticons who easily fell for the trickery ways of foolish-small things. He looked forwards for Ivy to leave this universe. So she won't be in their way.

Megatron stood at what bridged Cybertron and The Halloween planet together. I have never seen this planet…before. The Leader's optic sizzled at the dark, hollow planet that has dark clouds hovering over lights out-lining several pumpkin shapes. The War that had ravaged Cybertron had kept many from noticing the marvelous-spectacle glowing planet. A planet forecasted for slim chances to coming into contact with Cybertron each stellar cycle; probably as rare for a Decepticon to deflect, almost like a rare stinky flower blooming once a year or not blooming at all.

"Are we going to stare at the planet or get on board?" A Decepticon from the group wonders out loud.

"Weeee!" Ivy ran over the bridging spike. Then she, well, floated over towards the planet flapping her arms because there is no gravity, The Decepticons are left flabbergasted from her remarkable ability to not die in open space where there isn't any traces of Oxygen. "This is epic, I can fly, and I can fly IN SPACE!"

A few others share confused glances.

"I'm staying with Henry." The Cyber-Chicken raiser pets the mentioned Cybertronian animal.

"…No you're coming with us!" The Anxious Decepticon grabs The Cyber-Chick raiser and holds him above his helmet walking on the big long spike that's wide to be a bridge than what it is described to be poking lifelessly from Cybertron. The gigantic pumpkin from afar tells the landing would be safe for Ivy when Gravity returns to normal.

Several Decepticons roll their optics.

"I have a better idea," Megatron starts. "Decepticons, Transform and rise up!" Megatron transforms into his cybertronian jet-mode as did several of his other troops who had waited for his direct order.

The Fallen saw the complete shell, his optics look over to the engineers who seem eager to go home instead of death. There's only three days left until she has to be put into the shell. It must happen before or during the Quintession over-coming finishing touches on the intentended host of this large shell made to adapt to its previous form or turn into a Cybertronian; when things have shown to no longer be suitable for the human body, the change aka permanent transformation will be initiated. "You have done me well..."

The Engineers cheer at once. However, a few feared they wouldn't be let quite easily because the Fallen may have other ideas. If one knew a Decepticon and worked with them they would probably end up dead, left to be deserted by the Decepticon, and far worse: Experiment. No, actually it's being held captive under a bargain. No-one wanted to be their prisoners since they can be grizzly and cruel towards them. The Fallen had created the reputation long before he had been betrayed by his brothers.

"But you will not live to tell what you did." He taps his large claw on a button.


A wall from the rounded room behind the Fallen slides up. It shows two massive-cybertronian jaguars blaring their fangs and curled-metal ears attached to their heads like their earth counterparts. They seem well-fed and nourished. Their Long tails are much bigger and spikier than they had been reawakened from a deep slumber long ago. But still they have a slightly rounded ended tip of their tail.

"Now hunt them my pets!" The fallen orders The Jaguars. "Who knew they would be so useful." The Fallen muses to himself, while the engineers flee as they are chased by his two pets. Last month he helped the other Decepticons get the animals corned, and less than one condition he won't tell Megatron about their mistake, is that they let him keep two of them. The Decepticons did cause them to awaken from the body slamming on the ground and the tremendous craters they had created practicing 'Naruto' moves.

His optic lowers to the projected video cam showing the Candy planet connected to a huge spike from Cybertron. "Things must do until she gets back." His optics flare showing distinguished versions of red implicating what may happen this solar cycle will determine what will happen when she turns.


The Decepticons arrive on the Planet. Ivy's three fingers on each hand are oddly merged together. The only way she held her bag is by two fingers working together to do one action. Ivy didn't take any time to notice at all, she forgotten about her 'Q Me' all together carried away by numerous adventures and a generally well-hyper personality for a controlled eyed girl.

"...What kind of mockery is this?" The Farmer comments, looking at the decoration and awe the sarroundings brought in.

The surroundings is almost similar to 'Avatar' The Day-dreamer movie featuring blue aliens with tails capable of connecting to other animals so they can control and speak to each other. However their surroundings is more Halloween based, glowing at some areas and making some skeletons stand out from the darkness as light gray untouched material. Several objects hanging from vines gives a menacing appeal from glowing rounded gigantic-pumpkin object that have unusual facial carvings

From afar in a tangled plant-vine bush growing candy, there's a pair of odd shaped optics watching the group from the darkness at bay. This figure makes a small laugh sounding unusual as some parts in clear view click into place as did the brown pumpkin handle rotate moving some parts to other parts of this sea-dark face leaving nothing but optics and the mouth to be seen…A grin comes out revealing one tooth is golden as others are sharp-jaggered appearing as Decepticon teeth are seen from the movies. The golden one is likely a replacement for some tooth that had been lost.

The view returns to the Decepticons when the figure's head disappeared from perspective.

"This is…. AVATAR MOCKERY!" Ivy drew lengthy, skipping down from the large pumpkin. There are isles and isles of candy hanging from tree branches appearing to be genuine as they can be. "Caaaannddddy!" She jumps reaching up for a candy bar when it reaches upwards as if somebody is taunting her. The determined little human attempts multiple times to reach

The Decepticons walk right past the insanely acting girl to explore what this planet has to offer and what could be useful to restoring their home planet or advancing their energon harvesters that are not really seen every day in life. Several pumpkins slowly inch away from their original positions casting a sinister sound at once, only heard in movies featuring the darkness and unusually glowing lights.

"AHHH!" The Farmer shrieks, his chicken is bawking. "I'm going back!

The one eyed-torturer grabs The Farmer by his shoulder a second before he zipped. The Farmer falls on the ground creating a tremble. The Transverse plane, body wise, would make The Farmer's divided body into superior and inferior portions—not forgetting the receptor the structure that sends inputs to the control center. Why is it relevant? Knowledge is completely relevant in some cases.

"Owch." The Farmer's left optic budged making a twirly circle formed by some metal parts in the orbital cavity.

Megatron shook his helmet.

Why did we get a Decepticon who raises cybertronian chickens? Truth to be told Megatron finds this scenario completely strange than the parasagittal plane that makes left and right body portions unequal when divided in half by ending at the corner of the knee. Or the fact that the cartilage tissue is not a basic tissue type in human anatomy. He learned this from Starscream who had went online-when Ivy was sick-to learn more about human anatomy.

Let's call the strange designed Decepticon-who has the appearance of shockwave and Starscream combined—The Torturer.

The Torturer chuckles.

"Glad I'm not that anxious to get off here…right now." The Anxious Decepticon interjects. He earns states from the others who hadn't noticed in a really long time. We should call this Decepticon: The Porcupine Decepticon. "I….um…been playing 'Call of Duty' lately." This means he has been obsessed playing a video game for the past two months when things were going on.

Interesting fact, the Mediastinum, the region between the lungs from the breastbone to the vertebra, is the central area within the thoracic cavity containing the pericardial cavity that houses the heart. So this also means, anatomically speaking, the Pericardial cavity could be related to the spark chamber possibly. Tying in the best anatomical term to describe a structure towards the helmet/head as superior, as navel's anatomical term is umbilical interestingly. Plus the anatomical word for the back is Dorsal; best reminder is to think of a shark's top fin aligned to the back.

Ivy skips past the Decepticons.

"I'm calling the big pumpkin!" She shouts in glee, "Slowpokes!"

Some Decepticons wondered if the organ system that regulated the body's activities through hormones, the Endocrine system, ever had some effect on her personality on some occasions. A case of wondering about humans can be in a full circle, as the brain and spinal cord are located in the dorsal cavity. Starscream rolls his optics wanting to have killed her already rather than letting her live. For a while Starscream hadn't been giving her any injections due to believing he had no reason why.

The branches lean forward as the Decepticons trudged through.

Ivy, on the other hand, didn't have a problem running towards the gigantic Jack-Lanturn.

"Hey, it's getting tight in here!" A Decepticon cries out, getting poked at by several branches. To note it's important to know that the Right upper quadrant does not belong to the nine-Abdnominopelvic regions. The ventral cavity does not have an abdominal cavity, The Decepticon's armor is wicked like having parts belonging to some kind of sleek-racing vehicle rather than a military vehicle, a window shield is seen at both sides of his chest armor connected to the rails gliding down indicating his vehicle mode is an armored race-car.

A fact to know if the body does not maintain homeostasis it will cause illness, including that Homeostatic mechanisms does not control the muscle movement as they control blood pressure, body temperature, blood sugar levels, and the breathing rate. The Decepticons are being cornered branches without candy which also means these branches are the protectors of the main food source.

"Decepticons, attack these lifeless branches!" Megatron orders his men.

Collectively the organs inside the thoracic and Abdnominopelvic cavities are called Viscera. Just to clear any confusion the basic structural and functional units of an organism are cells. Now let's depart from this anatomical reviewing and back to the Decepticons, who are busy making a clearing in human standards by getting rid of trees. Starscream rips out a large tree by its roots as it tries to choke him via branches.

"This is why I hate organic tree's," The Seeker rips it in-half further finishing it off by using his blasters. "They are annoying."

The porcupine Decepticon rolls up into his spikey electrical unit based object. He then discharged a massive amount of thorns more than a cavalry could provide in army cases or military, whichever term is suitable. The moving trees are sent tumbling backwards screeching in pain. Megatron's opponnets are rather easy to shoot down by using his super charged cannon attached to one of his arms. Atoms combine to form molecules interestingly. How trees get personalities is a thing beyond explanation.

The torturer put his two of his servos together whispering something.

Before the trees that were around this Decepticon could react, there came multiple clones of him around everywhere from big puffs of gray smoke. Now making it close to impossible to decide which one is him. The Torturers clones use their wide-wicked looking blades to cut down the screeching trees, who did strike the Decepticons at some areas landing a few bruises on their body and armor. The torturer's clones wrap the trees into a huge circle. The other newbies work together back-stabbing other gigantic ones.

In eleven minutes there was no tree's around them.

"-g-g-Great." A Decepticon pants. "That took more thinking than I had assumed."

Megatron's steaming cannon is taking a break.

The apprentice drops a trunk of a tree bark.

"This could not have been an coincidence." The Apprentice mutters to himself, looking over to see Ivy holding a big full bag held up by her hands. "...How is she going to leave today if she keeps getting out of danger?.." Ivy's surprising ability to stay out of the Decepticon's way shows a string of…determination? ..Nah , it may have shown her capability to be drawn away from it rather being part of it.

The organ system which contains the skin and it's derivatives is the integumentary system which Ivy has.

"I got a bunch of candy!" She squeals in delight. "So much candy!" There's chocolate around her mouth.

"…She is so crazy." The porcupine said.

The Farmer, who wasn't part of combat because he had been knocked out, stood up.

"Henry!" He goes to the pile of tree's searching for his chicken. "HENRY!"

The Decepticon's attention drifts away from Ivy to the Farmer.

"…He's worried about the chicken, really?" Starscream groans, seeing him as aN insane Decepticon who worried for the sake of a small cybertronian being. "Seriously get over the little animal."

"It's—" The Farmer throws back several branches. "My—" The other Decepticons dodged the large root from a tree. "PARTNER!" He is dubbed insane by the others because he saw things they couldn't, farmer claimed to hear voices, thought the chicken could become a gigantic robot, and spoke in gibberish at times. He wrote strange things on the wall. They (The Decepticons) are not sure if he could be a warrior at all.

Megatron rubbed his temple.

"We shouldn't have used the Allspark at all." Megatron said, merely agreeing with the Porcupine Decepticon's argument that if they did not use the Allspark at all they wouldn't have a crazy-manaic-insane Decepticon relying on a chicken.

The Torturer and a black-white Decepticon pulls The Farmer from the pile who spoke in gibberish.

"HENRRYYY!" His servos frantically flew. That one word is what everyone understood. "I want my partner back!" The Farmer's strength causes the other two Decepticon's digitals to get bent hard so they go. "I'm going to find you—" The rest he spoke in gibberish something about 'they', 'conspiracies', 'wanting',' hostility', and so on.

Metabolism is a chemical process that requires energy.

The Farmer merely ran into the part that hadn't been cleared.

"He must have a disease affecting the limited area of his body," The Torturer notices, "Affirmatively local."

A few Decepticons nod.

"This turns out to be a not-such-a-good idea to get supplies from." Starscream fires at the pile of trees making it blaze into a fire within a few seconds. The ground is merely dirt glowing a green and purple like crystals behind a cloudy glassware. "This planet is useless. No wonder we never noticed it."

Megatron already did not like it.

"Return to Cybertron, this is no place to be on." The apparentice, namely Megatron, said.

Negative feedback is a good way to maintain homeostasis while positive feedback tends to take a system further away from homeostasis, which is actually true as Aging is a normal process related to a reduced ability to maintain it. Molecules combined to form the cellaure level of organization. Again, we should stop drifting away into anatomy.

Ivy has not spoken at all.

Her bag is spilled on the ground.

"He'll find his way back." Starscream snorts, turning away having to forgotten Ivy.

The Decepticons start leaving, with no sign of an organic was following them. The Torturer looks over his shoulder actually wondering about Ivy. She's so small, but others couldn't miss Ivy on the ground floor. Because she's so uncontrollably hyper; that one time the entire underground base has been decorated in bright pink, Megatron awoke that solar cycle as the one and only Decepticon painted in hot pink.

"Umm…Where's the girl?" The Torturer asks.

Megatron groans, stopping in his tracks.

"She'll find the farmer." Megatron reassures the troops "She'll find her way back. Humans have the tendency to find their way back home." I actually hope it's true. the Apprentice thought back on his comment. The Decepticons no longer were worried about the girl they just wanted to go home.

And when they were heading back to Cybertron Megatron made a surprising comment: "So do not worry about her."

Maybe Ivy has gotten to some part of Megatron's 'good' part of his evil spark.

I was taken from a bag of candy, A BAG OF CANDY! I'm surrounded by idioits. Fools, idiotic, baboons, whichever word is suitable to describe these pumpkin residents standing around me like I'm cotton candy. My body is not candy. It is not squishy to be eaten by robots. That is something any human can sleep on since gigantic robots are likely to not have the long and short intestines that help break down food or deliver it.

"You will help us enslave Cybertron's residents." One said, one tooth is golden looking.

"No way hozey." I growl, "It's against the code of honor for a Transfan to intervene in a fixed time point." Truthfully it's my code of honor. TimE AND Space could be ruined including the future if my intervention had been massive? Why out of millions of people was my mind chosen to browse from a relative universe without aliens, vampires, or Werewolves to a universe of complete danger?"

They laugh at me.

"I'm Hallowhine, son of the first Hallowehine leader of Candy," He pops an opened candy bar into his mouth. "Most say, it's unsanitary to live off candy."

I'm guessing these Cybertronains live off Candy, what a life of luxury these so called bad guys have. Wrapping me in energon robe is another curious thing, it stings each time I move and its tentacles tend to crawl up my body more. No wonder they were so easy to get me…I tore off candy from the branches getting some on me. How irresponsible am I? Completely a…wreck. Well that's how I see myself. A crazy human girl with at least two perceptions; A Hyper girl,A comedian girl, and calm-serious girl. Make those three self-perceptions as I see myself.

"We've studied you through the internet—"

My eyes may have widened.

"I was such a noob back then!" I cried. "Don't take those statements seriously."

They laughed.

"The Fallen's data files are vulnerable as you." Hallowhine clears his throat; my body is shaking by now in fear. Something about him made my skin crawl up. He really seems bad enough to create utter chaos. He leans his helmet forward showing his gleaming large golden tooth. "You, are an interesting specimen, to be around Decepticons."

"Yea-Yeah!" A shortery-unusual neck bent Pumpkin minion thing joins in. He seems wild and untamed

Bawk Bawk Bawk!

They got the chicken.

….They got the chicken.


"…Holy she—" I start, in disbelief. "You just unleased utter chaos by taking Henry too."

The tall one cackcles.

"It's part of the plan…Now…to unleash that quintession side." He takes out a sharp blade. His grin grows wide. No. no no no no no! This can't happen. They can't win. The future is in stake! My eyes squeeze shut. If they succeed…It's up to the Decepticons. Who knows if they could take down a Quintesson? They were so awkward when I became sick, neccasary new to the way of fighting, and clearly not great thinkers when it came a exhausted-furious girl or the concept of Transfan.

They had to do whatever this lead to.

"Give me my PARTNER!" I hear this shout, "Gaukdo lekoa dejuiapie."

Did he say "I will murder you?" Guess he did. He does not sound SANE at the moment!

"Kill him!" Hallowhine said, pointing his blade at The Farmer.

"NO!" I don't want to see a Decepticon die in front of me.

He just can't.

Whatever the Farmer did in the crowd, there were some tough beatings and armor meeting each other. A single blast from him sent them flying off the crazy Decepticon. The Chicken bawkedd. I feel a sharp thorn-like blade make itself known into my shoulder. Hallowhine is clutching me. Something is radiating off The Farmer who really who seems angered, his entire body is glowing a dark purple.

"Gahi Dehio Mequik Parhteuir, NOW!" His weapon retract into something wide and vastly large enough it seems like a blade straight out from hell or the Darkness. It's perfectly wicked. Strange black writing is all over The Farner's armor. This is when I realize The Chicken is the Farmers lifeboat to the reality keeping him in check.

He could be saying "Give back my Partner!" I guess.

"Or helo kique alous!"

"…Dear PRIMUS more ideas!" I'm starting to think of a time traveling alien reptile species with humanoid appearance that has an unstructured language. Fraggit, Their skin is based on elements. Darn it. Drats it. This idea won't even make it to be written by me at this state of mind!

He could have said "Or I will kill you!"

"What do we do boss?" A scared minion asks.

"Give him the chicken," Hallowhine said. "And let him warn the others…The Quintession is coming. Throw it to him!"


Someone threw the chicken at him which the Farmer caught, then became nothing more of is mere threatening appearance. He became the coward he was before. Not the crazy dude who can kill everyone. At least they can be prepared when I…'the' come to face them. Not in a good way.

"Henry!" He hugs the big Cybertronian Chicken. "You are okay, it's me."

The chicken bawked.

"…Farrmer, remember the earth globe!"

They cackled.

"Now run you little coward." Sharp pain came from my shoulders. Then other thoughts from different minds invaded my mind. They had been re-wakened. Watching the one who really does not bother being part of the action run away did help a little with the pain.

"NO!" I scream.

They back away from me.

"No one can help you right now…not in this ugly state you are in."

…Now let us take the throne, you human.

Hahahaha they will be so caught off-guard.

Mind: Megatron…Starscream…Fallen…The others…

Now it's as if today is really the last time I've seen them all, as a human.

I lifted up my hands seeing they were becoming tentacles. Another pain came from my lower body…The energon whips were falling off. My body is widening. Becoming metal actually. My body falls over hearing them snicker and mutter about my transformation. Everything is becoming really dark…dark as in the one that people fear. I don't want to be a-lone again…I don't want to be an outcast anymore...I don't want to go into the darkness—NO! The little pain left over tells me…They've taken over my mutated body.

"…Qunitession destroy Decepticons!"

I hear them 'cheer'.

"…Megatron must kill me…"

The Decepticons did not bother thinking the worst can happen right in this solar cycle. They didn't bother asking about the engineers who seemingly went missing after they had gone to Candy.

"Soundwave to Megatron, the music video will be arriving in a few megacycles."

"…You said that exactly two months ago!" Megatron transmits back. "You are so laggy."

"It's at 90% finally." The Satellite's message seems a relief to Megatron. Even though Ivy's exact absence served as a tool meaning: I don't need this song anymore. However, because it's on the way to finally reaching him there's no way it could be canceled. Soundwave's had been doing this for a very long time. "I see you have picked up her urban slang."

As much as Megatron hated to admit, Ivy being around the Decepticons exposed them to new words.

In a way, she rubbed off her internet geek side.

"End Transmission."

….Somewhere else under Cybertron…

The Torturer is playing a mind game with another Decepticon, this time being what two characters in Naruto participated in, except for this being Susukes's older brother and Naruto's team leader type of ordeal. Their optics are strange looking, as if they were figuring out ways to mentally beat each other.

"…What are you two doing?" The Porcupine Decepticon asks, curious what he is up to.

That kind of broke their mental bond with his interruption.

"We were doing a mental combat!" The other snaps at him. "Grrr, now we do not know who did the first strike."

The Torturer taps his digits on the long flat table.

"You are really a buzzkill." The Torturer commented, looking irritated than not.

Both their optics are back to normal, as in the robotic-structured Bayverse version where they are not like glass material containing a powered electrical source meaning life is still here or their side. The Decepticon who had been participating in this contest looks over to the left seeing The Farmer got back—without Ivy.

"The Quintession is coming!" The Farmer screams, running past them.

Starscream comes out from another room.

"What…Quintession?" Starscream had come when The Farmer was already gone. He remembered the incident back at the Quintession planet. That clear memory, when her body glowed a light blue randomly when Megatron and He were trying to decide what to do with the girl, had not left the seeker.

Others who hadn't been informed about Quintessions had stopped what they were doing.


Energy blasts are coming from the hallway that toppled over fairly large tables, the Flat screen monitor attached to the wall now fell from it ripping out a handful of material, undeterminable screeches are easily heard coming from the source. Several Decepticons duck for cover instead going out to face this attacker

"Quintessions take down!"

Starscream dreaded this speech.

First, you must ask yourself, how can one Quintession take down whole group?

Let's fastforward….38 Minutes later….

The remaining small Deepticon group are huddled in a gigantic closet. Scared for their lives. All are shaking. Not wanting to get into that dead zone again. They got a closet made into the back of the lunchroom because Ivy insisted they do that, as she quoted "You never know when small things come in handy." After The Porcupine Decepticon had asked her. Starscrem and Megatron are outside. The Torturer's offline, permanent dead shell is seen lay in the hallway where others are seen. The Porcupine and The Farmer are in the closer with the other remaining Decepticons.

"…You should have told me why she needed those shots." Starscream said, his large blaster that once had been small is seen hooked to his shoulder. "You knew it all along, Megatron, why did you keep that?"

The two are hiding behind a wall, as several shots are seen exchanged.

A few Decepticons were still out there, not giving up a fight.

Megatron is silent for a few seconds.


"…Sometimes the best of our pride gets to us, to something we don't want to admit." Megatron finally said. He looks towards Starscream who seems to have this composure of 'you-admitting-to-caring about-her?" and this overwhelming disbelief expression seen in his optics alone.

There are things that Starscream does not understand about Megatron.

This happens to be one of those things.

"…You sound like your brother." Starscream points out. "A little more…" He waves his servo. "Show of defeat, per say."


A Decepticon comes from the smoke covering an injured wound to his thigh. His armor is seen cracked. Parts of his armor have been visibly ripped off. This is not an average Quintession at all. Only a human can know the vulnerable areas of a Cybertronian from writing pairing stuff or doing some research. The Decepticon fell to the floor coughing out energon.

"We must kill her." Megatron grabs a large discarded shield. "As an Apprentice of the Fallen….I must do the hardest decision that may affect everyone." He earns a nod from Starscream. They both head into the crossfire—Starscream grabs his own protection being a large arm—together.

The Quintession knew its firing is a success.

"Hahaaa!" The first head laughs, "This will go out perfectly."

This mutant like Quintession has several tentacles and armor.

"Decepticons are approaching!" The second head acknowledges.


The laser blasts did not hit but seem to have reflected off the metal to hit thewalls chipping off more metal than not. "Isn't it that obvious?" Starscreams voice is heard, pointing out something so clearly identified with their signatures. Repeating a fact that's known is so stupid including what any transfan can associate. Shots ring out from his direction at the Quintession that uses a spare handle object-left behind from the previous host—conflicting with the attack itself.

"Too obvious." Another voice adds.

"…KIL—KI-KILL ME NOW!" The third head shrieks, sounding frightened. "Ple—elease!"The Two higher ranked Decepticons could tell a part of the original host existed, matter of speaking, in the third head. A random Quintession would not display fear in the mist of battle between other species.

…..Nine minutes later…

….The Fallen's room…

Starscream and Megatron walks into The Fallen's room. Megatron held what seems t be left over of a Quintession without armor. It didn't wiggle or budge. One tentacle held the handle tightly. The Fallen can tell the mutation had finally come early, creating a massive loss of Decepticons. It will take some time to resupply their troops.

"…You knew this all a long." Starscream growls at the Fallen. "I don't see how your plans can be—"

"Put her into the shell," The Fallen instructs them, ignoring Starscream's comment "There's a program already in place."

Placing Ivy's body into a shell would eliminate the Quintession program all together.

"I do not trust him this much," Starscream's armor seems to have scratches and bruises all over. He hadn't been spared of the pain one determined Quintession could pull….The Candy Planet has separated from Cybertron in the past Megacycle.

"He knows more than I do." Megatron said in a low voice, putting the small body into the shell.

Megatron and Starscream back away as the blinding light blue light blinded their optics leaving the fallen exposed to this blinding light. The Lightsaber handle reappears on the servos, they become smaller and smaller essentially decreasing the mold into the shape of a rather small humanoid being that is not naked at all, she had the physical appearance of her regular human form with the Turtleneck and jeans. Her hair is definitely shorter. Her eyes slightly open attempting to regain consciousness.

"…Thank you…" Ivy sounds weak. "Megs..." Her eyes slowly close. "Goodbye…" She makes a weak sigh, and then Ivy's head rolled over to the side. Her body instinct told her she wouldn't have been there for long. Her body seemingly glows startling the two Decepticons into backing up away from her.

The Fallen cackles.

"This is just perfect, the beginning of everything," The Fallen cheerfully notes, knowing he may be free of his chair in the upcoming months. "And the Harvestor!"

Ivy is gone in a flash.

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