This is Crazy, but I'm in the Bayverse!

How hard was it to say bye?

A/N The chapter, that you all have been waiting for...*Drum roll* Featuring lyrics from JUST A DREAM BY NELLY! ….Yes. Megatron finally got the song. Takes place about a day after Ivy's departure.

She's finally gone,Megatron thought in relief looking to the sky, We can finally get the boy...but my master has told me otherwise. The underground base is empty of an organic presence. But the apprentice feels grief. Not relief. Not a chipper or a squeal is heard from the absence of a single organic. He went to the surface wanting to get rid of the feeling he has been getting. No longer would Megatron see a gigantic tumble of wires fall down from the side of the wall and the cables unravel to reveal a little human.

The loss of Decepticons plus heavy causalities has a tremendous effect on the remaining.

"How do you think the torturer Con reacted to the Quintession?" A survivor asks another.

"Hey may have said something along the lines of 'Impossibru' or didn't have a word to say." The other Survivor watches the burning flames melting the armor and bodies down into what could be referred to as Scrap Metal or material for more armor. "Knowing….that mech clocked out before he could attack…I call that a terrible demise."

The other seems surprised.

"How do you know?" The first survivor asks, sounding surprised.

"I..." The second Survivor looks to the floor. "Hide in the basement." He did sneak one peak to see how it went. What he saw terrified him to his very fundamental core to watching deaths and causing them to do so.

Surprisingly, watching tornado documentary/movies the Decepticons made an underground tunnel for shelter just in case some impossible event happened. They didn't take things for 'not possible' after the Jaguars made themselves known several weeks ago. Starscream did not notice this construction going on since he, himself, had been attemping contact with other surviving Cybertronians. The Swindle scouts proved to be a doubtful group to trust after what had happened with Red Scout Five.

"What's up Megs?" The Farmer asks, coming out of no-where.

"Do not call me by that nickname." Megatron sneers, not preferring to be called a pet name.

The Farmer shrugs.

"Everyone's been calling you that lately sir," He holds Henry's newly hatched Cybertronian chick. "Doesn't it look potenitnal for a massive fighter?"

Suddenly, a song started playing in Megatron's helmet. The one and only song he had asked from Soundwave to upload and send to him. What-Megatron's optics grew startled, looking right behind his shoulder. What is this music coming from? A few more lyrics into the song pass. ...Nelly made this. He recognizes it from the singer's voice that he had played multiple times for sick Ivy some solar cycles ago.

So I travel back in time,

"Not at all." Megatron rudely said. He saw no potential in animals related to those from Planet Earth.

The Farmer did not like this.

"I forgot to say, remember the Earth Globe."

When's she's coming back

no one knows,

and I realize, it was only Just a dream, "...It can speak!" The Farmer interjects, patting the little chick. "Don't mind him, mighty warrior; you'll get twice as big as me."

Megatron grew irritated.

"How do you turn off music?" Megatron attempts using any gadget or audio part built into his helmet..

I was at the top,

Now it's like I'm in the basement.

The music gets scrambled with the lyrics.

I swear now I can't ttake it,

that somebody's got my baby

Baby, I can't think

I should put it down,

Because I still feel it in the air.

"What music?" The Farmer repeats. "Megatron are you listening to a word I'm saying?..."

Eventually the music became allowable for Megatron to listen.

My love of my life,

my shorty and my wife,

"Hey what's up with Megatron?" Starscream asks the farmer, noticing how easily the Tyrant seems to be so silent.

"He's taking back his initial comment about Freddy not being a warrior when it matures!" The Farmer cries, walking away from the rather short seeker.

Starscream watches the over-reactive Decepticon depart the room.

So I travel back 'n time,

When's she coming back,

no one knows,

and I realize it was only just a dream

Megatron could imagine her asking, "Why are you acting like a zombie on painkillers?" and "Hey dude, you still there? Knock knock, who's there? Open the fragging door that's who!" Neither of those statements amuses him, as she claimed to not be a comedian. However, some Decepticons among his troop assumes she was not a fruit of no humor, but that of a natural born comedian from watching too much Comedy Central.

"Megatron, are you losing it?" Starscream asks Megatron, waving his servo in front of his face. "Meeegaatrrrrroon, wake up." The seeker frowns noticing the apprentices optics were in a daze, left in a trance to be exact. A hint of emotion is seen from one of those rounded red optics, a rare sign from Megatron, The Fallen's apprentice, is displaying…sadness?

He hadn't seen this kind from Megatron in stellar cycles.

Starscream snaps his digitals.

Megatrons flaring red optics reignited.

"Why do you have a banana peel on your helmet?" Megatron ask Starscream, a little in a haze.

Starscream feels his helmet.

"I don't have a…banana peel on my helmet, sir." The seeker gives Megatron a weathered look; He wonders if his long-time co-leader has begun losing his vision or his optics are dimming slowly into some kind of condition. Maybe Ivy's unusual humor finally got to him. "I can tell…you've been thinking about her. You can't hide it Megatron, I know you as you know me."

The Apprentice looks over to his shoulder.

"Just a dream…" He looks over his shoulder. "Starscream, something's off…"

Starscream raises an optic ridge.

"When I knew Ivy would leave..." The Apprentice's digits fidgeted, portraying he's very shy and embarrassed to admit this. "Let's say my reaction was gloomy instead of being happy about it." Megatron admits to the seeker. "I do not know what's becoming of me…Do you have any idea what this is?"

Starscreams optics may have burgled. He knew all too well what these signs were.

"..Megatron it's very simple." He pats the mechs back. "You are experiencing feelings for her, as what humans define as…love." The Seeker puts his hand away from the Apprentice who gave him a 'what are you talking about' expression. "Megatron, Since She's been merged into a complete cybertronian walking Pretender and been transported…somewhere…Your spark is well. Aching for her."

Only The Fallen knew where she went and he wasn't talking, just that she was in the right hands.

He listens to the Seeker's advice but something in his spark warmly told him he passed up on something he couldn't ever pick up; as in a relationship. That was a once in a lifetime chance when being around Ivy and her developing brain/personality. She wouldn't remember necessarily everything that happened around three or two months for being in the Bayverse for the first time. Everything she basically knew is gone. Wiped away. But there is still a chance that may have not passed up, because things can be possible in this universe.

"How is it even possible…" Megatron mutters, looking over. "How can I get myself…off this feeling?"

Starscream didn't blink.

"You may want to do hypnosis to get rid of any memory pertaining to her…or forget about her." Starscream tells the much taller Decepticon. "But you will remember her. So this makes your 'feelings' towards her likely…To be around for a long,long, long cycle. It's unclearable Megs."

I was thinking about HER,

I was thinking about ME.

I was thinking about US,

What we were supposed to be,

Megatron walks away from Starscream. The music is replaying in his helmet. He had to think this over before doing anything else that may cripple his mind or remove any tactics he gained from the past few months. He looks over his shoulder seeing Chickens using the training center. They summoned fire from their beaks hitting the practice dummies straight at their chest plating knocking the downright.

…Chicks knocking down dummies…Maybe I'm wrong about their strength. Megatron thinks to himself. He looks over to the gigantic globe hooked to the ceiling. It's golden as it can be. The apprentice tilts his helmet at this spectacle. However, Africa's consentient seems out of place, almost as if it had been moved intentionally. If memory serves right…Africa's not supposed to be near North America.

And I realize,

It was only jjust a dream

So I travel back in time,

When she's coming back,

No one knows,

He grabs the moveable continent piece form the globe. Though it only retracted to reveal a secret tunnel of the sorts, though its rectangle shape gives am appeal that it held only a box containing some pictures. Did Ivy hide this? He takes out the box from the tunnel like hole. The box is small, brown, and wooden with definite carvings that were pretty neat itself being vine-like and shapes of a rose is seen. He definitely didn't believe in ghosts, that's for sure, even when the troops were found hiding in the closet a week ago scared looking white as a bed sheet and claiming that they saw ghosts of the fallen Cybertronians who died on Cybertron.

He opens the lid.

Swindles are pulling more hordes of offlined shells to the top. Ready to burn dead shells that were only for useful to recycle for into new, and improved armor. Starscream remembers how Ivy's 'so called deluinsional' minds lead him and countless others nearly on a mission that could have been jacked up. But it wasn't. The last part of the mission involved just the Decepticons while Ivy stood on the sidelines preferring not to be involved because of her size. She could have gotten killed in the fight for her own knowedlge

Starscream held a piece of a mirror.

"Just a reflection…" He mutters to himself. "Not a an invisible snake lurking around."

::Starscream…don't even look in the glass!::

::. Why not?::

::The snake will make you stoned, as in Harry Potter stoned!::

He heard something slither on the floor around him.

::Starscream , trust me, just this once. You've died in nearly ALL Transformers franchisem sadly.::

OOooh that burned!

::Now Icecream close your optics::

"My name is not Icecream yo—" Starscream smashes his foot into the middle of the snake. "IMBECILE!"

Hearing a snake's growl did little to the gigantic seeker. He quickly ignited his calcneal sending blazes away from the animal shrieking in pain and agony. His optics are nowhere in sight. But the Seeker can do without sight taking down a little to minimal threat after all; Megatron had gone to some planet on a lone mission from the Fallen and he expected nothing in his room to be disturbed. Well this is where the snake is going; out of all rooms underground Cybertron. Ivy's sticking at the HQ like a coward, with most of the Decepticons, watching from afar how Starscream dealed with it.

"Die you wrappy-slippery- invisible organic!" Starcream held the tail area of the snake.

::Starscream, you are—ahahaha—holding the tail!:: He hears the torturer laugh from the interncomn.

Yes, Starscream must do everything.

::hHAHAHAHA!:: Ivy's tiny-hyper-amused laugh is heard as well.

The seeker's closed optics buzzed together partially ticked and humiliated. "Whoever let it come down here will be offline personally by me through their spark, cervical, umbilical ripped out, optics ripped, mouth torn to shreds, AND THEIR ENTIRE Dorsal cavity yanked out from their shells!" Starscream shoots at the metal-cybertronian glowing snake that has rounded holes glow purple, green,red, and a light blue to it's sides.

The seeker sighs, "That farmer…how in the world he found me in the snake's nest is beyond me." Starscream puts the mirror back into a survenier box that has a lot of collectables ranging from skulls, sharkticon fin, jaguar tooth, a voice box, a generic made kleanex, and a crab's wrecking object. Truthfully, Ivy's slight involvement propelled some-events into happening that Starscream hadn't credited her for. Finding the Beast Planet turned out to be easier than they thought retrieving their own men from her guidance.

Even though, she didn't want to be the person who made history on the clock.

"Hey Starscream, what's the name Icecream referring to in this report?"

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